Author's Notes: This piece was originally posted on under the pen name OIn Silverfury.This is not so much a story as it is an exercise for writing sex scenes. It's AU because it occurs in a vacuum within the LOTR universe. This is not meant to make any sense whatsoever. It was written purely for fun and should be taken that way.

Disclaimer: All of the LOTR characters and place names belong to Tolkien.

Of Elves and Aphrodisiacs

Chapter 2

By Tricia


Boromir dropped his hand from his aching erection and took a deep breath. His body was trembling as he crouched behind the bush. He would do well to slow himself down before he spent himself prematurely. Gripping his knee with whitened fingers, he continued to peer through the foliage at the two elves he had stumbled upon.

Haldir had pulled his thumb from Legolas' mouth and now slid it in a wet arc across the other elf's cheek. "I think that this time I would draw out your pleasure," Haldir murmured. He released Legolas' hardened cock and was rewarded with a pained cry. Haldir pressed a finger across the trembling lips. "Save your breath, Legolas. You will have much need of it by the time I give you your satisfaction."

Legolas' blue eyes were bright like the hottest part of a flame. "Do not tease me, Haldir. You know that when I am like this it is nothing less than torture for me."

Haldir smiled, a wicked smile that brought up Boromir's lips as well. "Is torture such a bad thing?" he purred. He bent down and brushed his lips across Legolas' open mouth. "Even when it feels so exquisite? Even when it fills me with desire that burns hotter than Anar?" He kissed Legolas briefly, his tongue sliding visibly between their two mouths. "You act upon my blood more potently than any drug I could use upon *you*. I find that I am caught with a terrible need to possess you."

Legolas arched beneath him in frustration. "Then take me, by the Gods! Ai, but your words do nothing to sate this ache in my loins."

Haldir laughed thickly, drawing back. "Ah, but I *will* take you. Do not fear. I will take you so thoroughly you will remember the feel of me for many days hence." His fingers played with the ties on Legolas' tunic. "But first, let me play with you awhile." His voice lowered. "Let me see how hotly I can make you burn."

Legolas groaned in obvious misery. Haldir was far too adept at this game, Boromir decided with sympathy. But his sympathy was swiflty replaced with anticipation as the larger elf loosened the ties on Legolas' tunic and impatiently pushed it up. Legolas stripped himself of the garment and lay in pained expectation as Haldir looked down upon him.

Boromir took himself in hand again as Haldir's fingers dragged up the pale, smooth chest. The pink ripeness of Legolas' nipples stood out enticingly from his firm chest. Legolas gasped as Haldir took one and rolled the hardened nub between his fingertips.

"You are sensitive," Haldir commented, his eyes engrossed with what he was doing. "You enjoy it when I pinch you thus." Legolas clutched at the earth with clawed fingers. "But I would prefer to taste you, I think." Ignoring, or perhaps encouraged by Legolas' hitched breath, Haldir bent his head and flicked the very tip of his tongue against the pebbled nipple.

Legolas bit his lip, his hands coming up to fist in Haldir's hair. "Yes," he urged, his lower body twisting restlessly as Haldir's tongue flicked teasingly back and forth. "Lick me harder," he gasped, tugging upon the fair hair. "Let me feel your tongue."

Boromir had to stop again. By the Gods, he groaned inwardly. This was too arousing by far. Sweat sheened his forehead. He mopped distractedly at it with the back of his sleeve as he watched the point of Haldir's tongue circle round and round the dusky aureole of Legolas' nipple.

Legolas raised his hips up, blindly seeking contact. His head drove back into the soil, his mouth open to emit gasping breaths. Haldir teased and flicked his nipple until it stood out like a ripe berry from Legolas' chest. Then Haldir kissed a path across his breastbone and began to taunt Legolas' other nipple.

"Curse you, but you know I like this too much," Legolas panted, shutting his eyes. "You know too much of what pleases me. 'Tis hardly fair."

"This has nothing to do with matters of fairness," Haldir replied, his words muffled against Legolas' skin. He delicately bit the very tip of the nipple before him. Legolas arched. "This is about the pursuit of pleasure, dear cousin. Yours and mine. Mayhap I will make this good enough that I will no longer need to 'coax' you the next time, eh?"

Legolas opened his eyes and looked down upon Haldir's bent head. "Mayhap you should leave off of drugging me and see how I respond without it."

Haldir laughed then, the sound unexpectedly bright to Boromir's ears. "Something tells me that its influences are already beginning to wear off." He grinned slyly at Legolas. "But that is all right. Keeping you on the edge of its power will make for more interesting sport, I think. Resistance holds an allure of its own, after all."

Boromir could see Legolas' jaws clench at the words. The man had to smile. Haldir was right. His elven companion was undeniably appealing when he resisted. Legolas burned with a fire intriguingly at odds with his delicate, almost ethereal appearance. It offered a challenge that could not be refused.

Haldir dropped his head and bit down suddenly. Legolas cried out. "Do not forget that it is I who will give you your release," Haldir warned darkly. He climbed up Legolas' body until he was lying full length upon the smaller elf. With a knee, he pushed Legolas' legs apart and settled himself between them. Bracketing Legolas' head between his hands, Haldir rolled his hips against the other elf. Legolas' lips parted. Haldir did it again, dragging their erections together, watching Legolas' face as he did so. A becoming flush spread across Legolas' cheeks. He closed his eyes.

"Nay," Haldir objected, holding still. He waited until Legolas dragged his eyes open. "I would watch you as your passion builds."

Legolas colored further, but did as he was told. He held the other elf's gaze with near desperation as Haldir continued to rub their hips together. Boromir could see a shudder pass through Legolas as Haldir pumped against him. The elf bit his lip, but did not break eye contact.

"That's good," Haldir breathed, placing a light kiss upon the corner of Legolas' mouth. "Keep feeling it, fair cousin. Imagine how good it will feel when your body takes me inside. When I am hard and thick within you, pushed so deep you cannot draw breathe." He ground his hips harder. "Oh, yes. Imagine it, dear Legolas. Imagine what it will feel like to be at my mercy, my cock stroking your pleasure over and over again."

A trembling whimper escaped Legolas' lips. Boromir nearly exploded at the sound. The man had to sit back on his heels, so much desire coursing through his body that his legs lacked the strength to hold him.

Haldir's lips had found Legolas' throat and now nibbled there, as though sampling a sweet delicacy. Legolas gripped the other elf's shoulders as lips and tongue explored the vulnerable length of his neck. Haldir's hips continued to roll slowly against him, the pace unhurried, teasing. Legolas' eyes finally closed as the wet length of Haldir's tongue lapped at the hollow of his throat like a cat discovering a pool of honey.

"Oh, Gods," Legolas moaned as the wet tongue lapped and swirled. "Haldir, please!"

"Mmm, but you taste sweet," Haldir whispered huskily, laving the racing pulse. "I would like to play a game with you, fair cousin. Would you care to play?"

"No!" Legolas choked out, obviously dreading the nature of Haldir's proposed game.

"You're playing it nonetheless," Haldir told him with a quiet chuckle. He raised his head to meet Legolas' eyes. "I would like to lick you, Legolas. Twelve times."

Boromir arched an eyebrow.

"Within those twelve licks, I expect you to come for me," Haldir continued, both his eyes and voice dark as a storm cloud. "If you don't come, the punishment will be severe." He paused, as if waiting for a question, but Legolas was silent, staring at him warily. "I will make it a bit easier for you, dear cousin. You may choose where I lick you. Here"--he ran his tongue over the curve where Legolas' neck met his shoulders--"or here." He ground his hips down.

Legolas responded with a throaty affirmative. Boromir shook his head in amazement. Who could have guessed that such lechery existed within the race of elves? Boromir had thought such carnal excess was the sole domain of men. He was thrilled to discover how very wrong he was.

"I see you have a definite preference," Haldir mocked as Legolas' hips pushed against him.

Legolas' hand caught Haldir by the hair as the larger elf started to kiss his collarbone. "N-nay, I will this," Legolas ground out with obvious effort. He spoke the words as though they were drawn from the bottom of a very deep well.

Haldir pulled free. "I see it wears off even more. But no matter. I will have you screaming by the time it fades completely. By then it will no longer matter whether you submitted willingly or not. I will have you begging for my touch."

So saying, he began to kiss his way down Legolas' body, pausing to lave each nipple in shining wetness before continuing down. Legolas' hand caught at his shoulders, but instead of pulling at the other elf, he held Haldir as the elf's tongue darted into his navel. Short, panting breaths issued from between Legolas' lips. Haldir pushed two fingers beneath the waistband of Legolas' leggings and slowly dragged them down.

Boromir found himself leaning forward, straining for a glimpse of Legolas' sex. When he finally saw the glistening shaft of pale flesh, he felt his own member pulse in response. Legolas was beautiful. Boromir was seized with a manic urge to swallow that stiff column of flesh and feel it press against the back of his throat. He tried to imagine what Legolas would taste like and found his mouth watering uncontrollably. Boromir was at once painfully, irritatingly jealous of Haldir as the elf pressed his lips to the shining tip of Legolas' cock.

"Ai!" Legolas cried out, pushing his hips up. Haldir leaned away, keeping himself out of reach. He grabbed Legolas by the hips and forcibly held him down.

"None of that," he chided.

As though performing an obscene show, Haldir held his mouth open above the very tip of Legolas' erection. His tongue came out and swirled around the smooth head. Legolas visibly trembled. Another swirl of the tongue and Haldir had Legolas panting and whispering uncontrollably to himself.

"What is it that you're saying?" Haldir asked with a small smile. His tongue darted out, slipping into the slit at the top of the straining flesh. "Hmmm, Legolas? Are you praying, mayhap? Praying for me to stop?"

"No!" Legolas cried desperately, enough of the drug remaining in his system to make him frantic with need. "Do not stop, Haldir. I beg of you."

Haldir sealed his lips over the slick head, his cheeks bulging as his tongue swirled within. Legolas shuddered and bucked, fistfuls of grass tearing free in his hands. Haldir released him with a fond lick. His lips were moist. "Ah, then you are praying for me to continue. You like this game, then?"

"Nay, I...hate this. I hate you," Legolas bit out. His face was wet with the strain of his prolonged arousal. A note of surrender crept into his voice. "But you have me at your mercy. I pray that you will end it quickly, for you are slowly killing me."

Haldir's eyes blazed. "Twelve licks, Legolas. That is all I will give you to end this." He bent his head. "Starting with this one."

He opened his mouth and extended his tongue, flattening it. He placed the very tip of it against the head of Legolas' erection then slid it slowly down the underside of the pulsing shaft. With maddening leisure, he ran his tongue all the way to the base, then back up again until his tongue curled away. Legolas' hips lifted, straining after the contact.

"That's one."

Haldir placed his tongue against the smooth head of Legolas' cock and swirled around it as he had done previously. But this time he continued downwards, sliding his tongue wetly underneath and around, swirling against the swollen flesh until he returned to the top again, where he circled the sensitive tip once more before pulling away.

"Oh, Gods!" Legolas moaned, his hips straining beneath the hands holding him down. "Do not tease. Do not tease me thus!"

"That's two," Haldir said and even Boromir hated him at that moment.

Holding himself away from the trembling body beneath him, Haldir made his tongue into a point and began to flick back and forth along the underside of Legolas' cock as though plucking a bow with his tongue. Down he went, flicking back and forth with pained precision, only to rise up again the same way. Haldir lingered at the head, plucking at the lip with his tongue.

"Three," Haldir said, smiling at the trembling elf before him. "And here is four."

Haldir swallowed him. Legolas nearly screamed. His hips flew up despite the hands that tried to restrain him. Haldir took him all the way into his throat, his lips sealing hotly around the sensitized flesh. Boromir gasped, his hand convulsing around his own cock. Boromir began to stroke himself furiously, knowing Legolas would not last to number twelve.

Five was a downstroke all the way to the base, Haldir's throat working as he sought to swallow Legolas. Six was up again, Haldir breaking away momentarily to dart his tongue into the slit. Back down for seven, this time with Haldir's hand between Legolas' wide-stretched thighs. Boromir could see Haldir's fingers moving in the shadows between Legolas' legs and could only imagine what the elf was doing to him. By the rising moans that tore from Legolas' lips, it was pleasurable indeed.

Licks eight and nine were more deep swallows as Haldir's hand moved rapidly between Legolas' thighs. Boromir shuddered, felt his body tighten unmercifully. Legolas would not last long. And neither would Boromir. The man stifled a groan. He bit down on his fist as his seed shot out across the leaves. He watched through heavy lids as Haldir tightened his lips and sucked Legolas demandingly into his mouth. Up and down, swift and hard. Legolas screamed, his back arching off the ground. Haldir held him down with both hands as the elf convulsed in his mouth. Unmercifully, Haldir continued to suckle on him, drawing every last drop of release until Legolas was whispering for him to stop.

Haldir pulled away with a last lingering lick of the tip, a smug smile upon his face. He moved up Legolas' body until he was lying over him again and stroked damp strands of golden hair from Legolas' cheeks.

"You win that game," he murmured affectionately, touching Legolas' quivering mouth. "But we will play another while you yet yearn for my touch."

"No," Legolas moaned in a strained voice, trying to twist away. But Haldir's hand found his exhausted flesh and began to stroke it. Legolas whimpered in rising passion and distress. Boromir could not believe it, but the drug still worked upon the elf, bringing his flesh to aching hardness once again.

"Shall we play another game?" Haldir asked, eyeing his handiwork with satisfaction.

Legolas turned his head away, face flushed with passion. Admiring the elf, Boromir realized that this was not, in fact, the end.

It was simply the beginning.

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