Author's Notes: This piece was originally posted on under the pen name OIn Silverfury.This is not so much a story as it is an exercise for writing sex scenes. It's AU because it occurs in a vacuum within the LOTR universe. This is not meant to make any sense whatsoever. It was written purely for fun and should be taken that way.

Disclaimer: All of the LOTR characters and place names belong to Tolkien.

Of Elves and Aphrodisiacs

Chapter 1

By Tricia


Boromir halted his horse and slowly eased his sword from its scabbard. It slid free with a soft metallic hiss, the only sound save for the snort from one of the two horses standing docile in the woods ahead of him. The horses were not tethered nor hobbled that he could see and this worried him. Where had their riders gone? Thrown? Or worse, attacked by orcs and their bodies left to lie? Boromir would take precaution.

He dismounted silently and stepped over the leaf-covered earth. He approached the horses and discovered that they bore the packs and blankets of the elves. That explained why the horses remained here so obediently. Their riders were of the Fair Folk.

Boromir had encountered few elves on his travels outside of Minas Tirith. The few whom he had come across had impressed him with their beauty and serenity. He would not mind passing the remainder of his trip in the company of such companions.

If only he could find them.

Intrigued, Boromir scanned the trees for signs of the elves. Unfortunately, he knew the earth would not mark their passing. If the wood would not reveal them, Boromir would have to find them on his own.

He chose a direction at whim and crept forward, being as quiet as possible, but conscious of how much noise he was making nonetheless. When he had begun to think he had chosen the wrong path, he heard noises ahead. They were the muffled sounds of struggle. He moved forward more swiflty.

The trees thinned abruptly and Boromir was forced to find cover behind a large bush. The sounds were louder, voices raised. Boromir peered through the leaves of the bush behind which he hid.

The site assailed him. He saw two elves, surely two of the fairest of their kind, engaged in struggle within the small clearing. Their golden hair swayed and tangled about their shoulders as their lithe bodies grappled for dominance. They seemed well-matched, though one appeared to be slighter than the other. The taller one grabbed a handful of the other's pale hair and yanked back, exposing the other's face. Boromir gasped. He was beautiful.

"Come, Legolas, you are no sport at all," the taller one chided. He bent and to Boromir's amazement, ran a tongue up the length of the other's bared throat.

The slighter elf called Legolas shuddered and renewed his struggles, tearing his hair free. He cast his hand up in a blow, catching the taller elf across the mouth. "Nay, Haldir, you seek sport from me which I do not wish to provide. You push too far."

The one named Haldir touched the blood that slid from the corner of his mouth. A dangerous sneer twisted his lips that set the hairs rising on the back of Boromir's neck. "You would draw blood from me already? But we've only just begun, dear cousin. You are anxious, I see."

Legolas' head snapped back with the force of the slap Haldir gave him. Legolas continued to fight as Haldir slapped him again. But this time Legolas swayed, his head dropping slightly. Haldir was quick to take advantage. He grabbed the other elf by the hair again and threw him forcefully to the ground, following him down.

Boromir found himself stunned by the scene before him. He had never seen elves fight amongst themselves. And watching the elf Haldir straddle his opponant, Boromir was beginning to think there might even be something sexual about this. By the Gods, he had never considered such a thing. He shifted behind the bush, his breeches growing unexpectedly tight of a sudden as Haldir grabbed Legolas by the throat and held him to the ground.

"Do you not yet realize that your resistance only serves to excite me more?" Haldir taunted, leaning out of Legolas' reach as the other tried to strike him. He rolled his hips, bringing the elves' bodies into alignment. Legolas suddenly stilled, panting. Haldir leaned over him. "Ah, but even your submission has its charms."

"Do not do this," Legolas panted, his hair lying in disarray around his pink-flushed face. Boromir did not think he had seen anything more beautiful. "The time before was a mistake. We both know it to be true. Do not compound a poor decision this way, Haldir. I beg of you."

Haldir shook his head, the glory of his silver hair sliding across his shoulders. "But you see, I remember it differently. I remember that you enjoyed it." His free hand caressed Legolas' face. "I would have you enjoy it again, though you may resist it at first."

He leaned back then, still keeping his grip on Legolas' throat, and reached for a sack Boromir had not seen lying upon the dirt beside him. The small sack seemed to distress Legolas, for he thrashed anew beneath Haldir. Boromir felt his throat go dry, watching the fair elf buck beneath the other. Surely Legolas must realize he was only making the situation worse for himself? His struggles were arousing Haldir. Even from the distance separating them, Boromir could see the evidence rising within the elf's leggings.

Boromir set his sword aside. He knew he would not have need of it for a while, at least. With only the barest twinges of shame, he undid the ties of his breeches and released his straining sex into his palm. He sighed briefly, relieved. Then sighed for a different reason as he began a slow pace upon himself while he watched Haldir reach into the sack.

"Please!" Legolas gasped as Haldir pulled his clenched fist from the sack. "Not again. Please."

"You beg so prettily," Haldir murmured, tightening his grip around Legolas' throat. He leaned forward. "But I would prefer to hear you beg for something else. Mayhap for me to impale you with my flesh, hmm?"

Boromir bit back a groan at the elf's words. His hand moved faster upon his flesh as he watched Haldir hold whatever was in his palm over Legolas' nose and mouth. Legolas gave a muffled cry and tried to twist away, but Haldir followed him, his cupped hand held firmly over Legolas' face. To Boromir's amazement, Legolas's struggles began to wane. The hands that had been fisted in Haldir's tunic loosened.

"That's it," Haldir breathed, barely loud enough for Boromir to hear. The elf's face hovered close to Legolas', as if reading signs in his eyes. "Breathe deeply, dear cousin. Do not fight it. You know you cannot resist. Let it take you. Feel how good it is. Breathe, my lovely."

Legolas groaned, the sound muffled beneath the hand covering his mouth. Boromir could see his eyelids fluttering as though he fought the pull of a drug. Which perhaps was exactly what he was doing. Boromir narrowed his eyes, watching more closely. He knew the elves were trained in the ways of herbs of which Men would never be privy. Did they know too, the ways of aphrodisiacs?

His suspicions were confirmed as the hands that had previously tried to push Haldir away, tightened and pulled him closer. Haldir chuckled, sliding his cupped hand from Legolas' face. "Welcome back," the taller elf said softly.

Legolas' response was a moan, his lips parted to allow a pink tongue to dart out anxiously. "Haldir," he whispered.

"What is it you want?" the elf asked in amused expectation. The way he sat back upon Legolas made Boromir suspect that the larger elf was not unfamiliar with this particular technique of "wooing" his partners.

"I want--I need--"


Legolas seemed unable to think clearly. No doubt an effect of the drug Haldir had used upon him. His slender hands clenched in frustration upon Haldir's tunic. "I ache," he finally managed desperately. "Please..."

Haldir stilled. "Tell me how you ache," he purred.

A red flush broke out across Legolas' cheekbones. "It burns..."

Boromir shuddered. How he wished he could throw Haldir aside and possess Legolas himself. The fair elf was too intoxicating as he lie helpless with desire. Haldir apparently decided the same, for he leaned forward and seized Legolas' lips in a possessive kiss. Boromir's cock grew harder as he watched the elf ravishing the other with his mouth.

Legolas' moans made Boromir's hand work faster upon his shaft. He watched, transfixed as Haldir continued to kiss him roughly, with no hint of tenderness. But Legolas did not protest. Nay, he seemed to be enjoying it. The slender elf's hips tilted upwards, forcing contact with the body above him. Haldir pulled away with a wet sound.

"You wish to feel me in you, don't you?" Haldir said roughly, releasing his hold on Legolas' neck to cup the other's face.

"Yes," Legolas moaned softly, arching beneath him.

Haldir traced his lips with his thumbs. "You wish to feel the heat of my desire pushed deep into your body. You wish me to conquer you, don't you, fair Legolas? To drive your body deep into the earth with the power of my thrusts."

Boromir tasted blood on his lips and realized he had bitten his tongue.

"Ai, Gods, yes!" Legolas cried helplessly.

Haldir pushed his thumb into Legolas' mouth. "Show me how much you want it," he said huskily.

Legolas shut his eyes and began to suck on Haldir's thumb. Boromir could see the elf's tongue slid out along the digit, running hungrily up its length then drawing it deeper between his lips. Haldir watched Legolas from beneath hooded eyes. His breaths came faster. Boromir watched as Haldir lifted slightly, his free hand moving between them. Legolas let out a throaty moan as Haldir wrapped his hand around the slighter elf's prominant erection. As he began to stroke the straining flesh, Legolas sucked harder, wetly. Boromir had to shut his eyes for a moment to regain control over his raging body.

"Suck me," Haldir muttered, tightening his grip to make Legolas cry out softly around his finger. "Show me how hard you would make me before I would pierce your body, Legolas."

"Gods," Boromir choked, unable to keep silent. He would feel sorry for Legolas if the sight of Haldir dominating him weren't so arousing. He had never guessed the icy Elves held so much passion. Need consumed the man to see the elves together, wrapped in intimate embrace. To watch them pleasuring each other for his own enjoyment...

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