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New Emotions

Chapter 5 - Kiss My Ass

By Riley


Aragorn pulled tightly on the fabric of Legolas' pants-snapping them harshly against the Elf's slim waist. Legolas gritted his teeth and held back a cry of pain as he turned his head round and glared at the gloating Man. "Though you're a quick healer, this will be tender until morn." Aragorn stated as he gently brushed his hand against Legolas' wound: the Elf had lost count as to how many times the Ranger had rubbed his hand in that certain area.

Legolas nodded his head and stood to his feet slowly. It was not a terrible wound, but it did bring him much discomfort. It seemed to be burning angrily since Aragorn's treatment but he did not wish to whine about it. Sitting down cross-legged to wind down was out of the question as was relaxing on his back. He contemplated on what to do with himself when he heard the rest of the Company returning towards the fire.

"Ah, you are decent now?" Gimli said with a chuckle as he took his seat near the flames of heat.

Legolas' reply was a heavy sigh. He did not wish to converse in a battle of sarcasm as his bottom area still acknowledged its pain throughout his body. He watched the Hobbits cram together round the fire and welcome its heat with gracious smiles. "Come sit by us, Legolas!" Pippin exclaimed.

Legolas grumbled a reply that was not understood by anyone except Aragorn. The Ranger was very aware of the Elven language and gave a snicker. "Here, you still need to take this, my friend." He said while handing him a flask.

"What is this?" Legolas queried while sniffing the liquid.

"An elixir to ease your pain. Drink it, Legolas." Aragorn ordered.Legolas did not hesi

tate for the pain was more than what he had thought it would be. The liquid ran down his lungs gracefully and he welcomed the heat it brought to his stomach. "Thank you, Aragorn. I welcome the relief."

"It will also help you sleep." Aragorn stated as he took the flask from the Elf's hand.

"Are you mad?!" Legolas hissed. "What good shall I be asleep if our enemy approaches tonight?"

"Fear not," Aragorn replied softly. "I do not think the enemy will be upon us tonight but I have ill feelings once the sun rises. You are weary, Legolas. And I am afraid you will be of little help if sleep does not approach you soon."

Legolas glared unruly at the Ranger: his eyes shown hurt and deception. He bit his lip and took hold of the river raging inside his body. The last thing the Company needed was an argument amongst friends, but the Elf was hurt - emotionally. "Aragorn, I am of gratitude for your healing efforts but you should not of made a decision such as this without my consent." He said calmly. "I am not a child and though you do not foresee evil approaching, I feel it as we speak. There is something ill in these woods as I've told you before."

"I know..." Aragorn said softly as his grey eyes shown their compassion towards the Elf. "But I am in command and I believe I am right on this. I do not wish to act as your father, as you put it, but trust me, Legolas. Tomorrow shall not be a day of ease."

Legolas stared at the Man intently; wondering how he was the same creature with whom he had succumbed a part of his desire to. He longed for the being who laughed aloud and acted upon his heart; not this authoritative figure.

The Prince sighed and bit his lip once more. He held a great deal of respect for Aragorn and did not want to irritate that fact. He trusted him more so than anyone else but his childish behavior was becoming aggravating. Legolas was beginning to see two personalities from the Man though only exercised upon himself. "I wish not to argue with you, Strider. Legolas "stated as he brushed by the taller Man and grabbed his water canteen.

Aragorn looked at him with confusion; he had called him by a name the Elf had never used before. And it appeared as if Legolas was upset with him. This Elf rarely showed his emotions so vividly but alas... Legolas was displaying them now.

Aragorn watched as Legolas brushed past him once more striding away from the fire. "Where are you going?"

"I am in need of water," Legolas replied dryly without turning his head. "Do not fear, I shall be quick."

Aragorn sighed heavily and turned round coming face to face with Boromir. "You act upon your jealousy." The other Man whispered; his eyes cold and narrow."What? I do no such thing." Aragorn replied irritated.

"You do not play fair, son of Arathorn." Boromir snapped as he walked past the Ranger towards the path Legolas had taken.

Aragorn ran a hand down his sullen face and sighed. He could not control his new behavior towards the Elf whether it be for good or worse. He was so hypnotized from his Elven grace that his mind did not think things through. He suddenly realized what was going to happen if he didn't take control... He would lose Legolas.


Legolas kneeled down on the ground carefully and dipped his canteen into the small stream: his fingers welcoming the cold liquid. Though the forest was still unsettling towards him, the water was refreshing. He tightened the lid and placed the container to the side. He immersed both hands into the stream and brought them back up to his face. The water soothed his face and he smiled from the cleanliness, but he let a small cry escape him as his buttocks slipped off the foot it was resting on and hit the ground harshly. This injury, though small, was proving to be most painful. He leaned forward and applied all of his weight against his forearms; waiting for the pain to cease.

"Legolas? What are you... doing?"

The Elf craned his his neck round and met Boromir's gaze. "Retrieving some water."

Boromir laughed heartily as he approached his comrade. "I know there is a huge difference between Man and Elf and I admit to not knowing many ways of Elves... but I do think both our kind fetch water the same way, and it isn't done like this."Aye, you're right." Legolas said softly. "I am just waiting for my body to lessen in pain."

"I see," Boromir stated as he widened his eyes and peered over the Elf's behind.

"You find this amusing?" Legolas questioned.

"You could say that, though I can think of a better word for it."Really? What?" Legolas asked innocently until he lifted his eyes to see the Man giving him a sly smile and a wink of his eye. A deep blush swept over the Elf's face. "Oh, nevermind."

"I fear I can not let the matter go so easily," Boromir whispered as he knelt down next to him. "I was hoping to spend some time alone with you. Were you not?"

Legolas did not get a chance to reply from Boromir softly applying his lips to his own. It was a sweet kiss yet purely dangerous as well. Electricity shot through the Elf and he jumped from their contact, stifling a cry of agony - ending their kiss.

"You are bothered that much from it?" Boromir asked with concern."It is my wound, Boromir, not your affection."

Boromir sighed with relief and then smiled. "Allow me to ease your pain."

"Help yourself." Legolas replied, soon regretting it. He was gifted with the ability of speaking the Human language rather well but he was yet to understand its slang.

"You are old with age yet as innocent as a child. I fear you will break me, Legolas."

"Break you?" The Elf asked with a worry tone. "Have I done wrong?"

"Shhh..." The Man commanded before kissing his lips once more with grace. An overabundance of heat engulfed the two males and their kiss deepened until Boromir pulled away. He dipped his hand into the stream nearby and traced his fingers against the Elf's lips. "Your lips are like fire, Legolas," he whispered into his ear; plunging his tongue towards the Prince's eardrum.

Legolas released a moan into the air and wiggled his head away from the Man. "Your beard..."

"I should think you to fancy it, Legolas. Or should I say you *will* fancy it within time." Boromir teased as he nibbled at his neck.

Boromir positioned himself behind the Elf and draped his arms around his lithe frame. Legolas tensed, and Boromir whispered softly to him, "I will not hurt you." There was more truth to that statement than what the Elf realized for Boromir seethed with jealousy whenever Aragorn babied his wounds. The last thing he wanted to do was cause another reason for it to happen.

Boromir placed his hands under Legolas' forearms and pushed them up into the air - placing them back down on the ground so the Elf lay on his stomach. He then pulled up Legolas' tunic and sighed with amazement from his silky back. The moon cast its light onto them and Boromir could not remember seeing anything as beautiful as this Elf's skin. His urge to bite hastily was knocked away from him biting his tongue. His lips collided with the skin and he tasted the silk hungrily.

Boromir's soft flesh crashed against the Elf's spine with lust. His lips explored every inch of his back, pleasing himself and Legolas. It tasted of sweet wine to him and he could not help but devour it like a wolf would its prey.

Legolas felt comfort from Boromir's hungry touch and did not feel anymore pain. He relaxed his body and anticipated each kiss.

Boromir gently pulled down on Legolas' leggings and ran his tongue wickedly around the Elf's wound. He favored this spot of flesh as its taste increased his adrenaline. He could feel his arousal against the Elf's leg as it yearned to pierce into the area his tongue was close to exploring.

Legolas felt more than relaxed to the Man as he rubbed his hands feverishly against his back and continued rolling his tongue with desire.


It was falling drastically from the Man's brow.


His body roared from the fiery body beneath him.

Boromir moved his hands further down the Elf's body and grew anxious to meet its destination, but a voice from behind nearly frightened him to death. "Ah, this is *not* my day!"

Boromir sighed with frustration. "Gimli!" He pulled Legolas' pants back towards his waist and sat straight up. He fought back the urge to tackle the Dwarf from interrupting his session with Legolas. "What are you doing?"

"I was told to bring back some water, and let me tell you... I am going to kill that Ranger myself!"

"Not if I beat you to it." Boromir grumbled. He then focused his attention back to Legolas who had not yet moved. "Legolas?"

The Man bent down and studied the Elf's face. A small smile was etched upon him and his eyes were open but distant. He then listened to his breathing and found it to be in a relaxed rhythm. "Sleeping! He's sleeping!" Boromir cried.

"Maybe you should try turning the Elf over next time... worked for Aragorn." Gimli muttered.

Boromir glared at the Dwarf who quickly fetched the water he was seeking. He then heaved the Elf onto his shoulders effortlessly and walked back to camp. Fully intent on giving Aragorn the lecture of his life.

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