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New Emotions

Chapter 4 - Pucker Up, Greenleaf

By Riley


The night air was chilly even though the rain had ceased. The ground remained damp but the Company chose to set camp underneath a set of trees that were grand with limbs and leaves: shielding the moisture that had fallen so lavishly throughout the wood. The stars were absent and the moon wasn't casting any luminous reflections off the puddles of water that accumulated from the storm. It was a dreadfully dark night... a night where black riders could blend in dangerously amongst the forest and move as one, but Aragorn had felt they were secluded enough to light a fire. They had travelled deep into the wood and had not met upon any ill beings the whole day nor had they heard anything to think gravely upon either.The Hobbits were most gracious for the fire as the cold had gotten to them the worst; though not one complaint was uttered from Gimli as he sat himself next to Pippin and welcomed the small flames of heat. Aragorn and Boromir accepted the flames heartily as well; it felt good to warm their aching bones. Legolas, however, was not effected by the weather as his companions were. He sat off to the side by himself, leaning against a tree while eating a portion of his provisions. He was still having doubts about the forest and voiced his opinion earlier to Aragorn who took the Elf's words to heart, but still decided to bring some heat upon the Company.

Legolas caught the stares Boromir was giving him but paid little attention to them at the moment. He was still lost as to how he could even be caught in a complicated twist of lust during such a perilous journey; it was not like Elves to get sidetracked like this. But stop his feelings he could not nor could the two humans, for whatever reasoning. This had to come to a solution; soon.

Legolas knew he was important to this quest, as was everyone else of the Company in their own way, but his blood ran wild when his thoughts drifted towards the two human companions. He had known love before, of course, he had been a breathing creature for quite some time now, but in all his years he never found himself succumbing to such desires and what bothered the Elf most was that hardly any physical contact had taken place. Shivers.

Many of them traced their way up Legolas' back with that thought.


His body felt as if it were glowing brighter than the fire.

"What is it, Elf?"

Legolas turned his head towards the hoarse voice of Gimli. "Hmmm?"

Gimli shook his head. "You just flinched as if something startled you. What is wrong?"

Legolas shifted himself under the tree and tried to contain what little composure he had left. Aragorn and Boromir were focusing their attention towards him; again. He faintly caught Aragorn's glare and it made him redden more. "Nothing is wrong, Dwarf. Perhaps you are seeing things that are not happening as you usually do." Legolas joked, hoping the sarcasm would be brought back by Gimli and the subject forgotten.

"No, I saw you jump too!" Merry said in a matter of fact tone.

Legolas rolled his eyes at the Hobbit. "'Tis good to see you pay attention when it matters the least." The Elf mumbled as he rose to his feet and walked away from the Company.

"What'd I say?" Merry asked with a hurt look. "I saw him jump. What is wrong with saying what I saw?"

"Nothing," Frodo replied with a smile. "I think Legolas is weary. He is not at home with this forest. You did no wrong... I think."

"You think?!" Merry exclaimed.

Aragorn chuckled softly at the bickering Hobbits but grew concerned for Legolas. His eyes met with Boromir's and though no words were spoken, Aragorn knew the other Man would keep a close eye on things at camp while he set off to find the Elf.

Aragorn's heart was beating wildly as he walked through the forest in search of Legolas. He had been wanting some time alone with him greatly and feared he'd never receive it. He also knew Boromir was just as anxious for the same thing. A small jolt of jealousy lingered through the Ranger's body from just thinking about Boromir with Legolas...

As he walked through the silent woods he thought of Lady Arwen. She had offered to become mortal on his behalf and that was truly the greatest affection she could have shown him, but it was too much for him to take from her. He had loved her with all he thought love to be yet his conscience could not allow her to give up such a treasure; not for him. A long talk with their hearts awaited them when he returned from this journey. Friends they would surely remain but lovers no more; even if Legolas refused him.


How he came to yearn for him he did not know. It was more of a sickness in his heart now... never had he craved for anything so badly.


Aragorn sighed. Legolas' name seemed to beat within his heart.



His heart rate quickened.



He walked faster as it echoed through his mind... until...


The Elf was standing against a tree. His slender hand pressed against the bark: his head lowered: his yellow hair falling every way it should, past his shoulders... down onto his breast... against his cheeks...

"Aragorn..." He whispered without turning.

Aragorn somehow found his voice, admist all the strong sensations he was feeling towards the slim creature. "I am worried about you. What troubles -"

Legolas removed his hand from the tree and held it in the air; stopping the Ranger from speaking any more syllables. "This is wrong, my friend. We should be concentrating on our quest and nothing else."

"I know." Aragorn agreed. "I know... I often think how Gandalf would see me right now. Ashamed, most likely... but there is something burning inside of me, Legolas."

The Ranger stepped forward. The Elf turned around.

"It burns with desire, or at least I think that's what it is. It is a strong feeling I can not describe."

More steps were taken towards the Elf.

"It burns me deeply when I see you or even think of you. I know not what it is but I know I ache for your touch."

Coarse fingers caressed a silken cheek.

"I have yet to understand why this is happening now but it is happening, Greenleaf. I can't ignore it... can you?"

A pent-up sigh from Legolas was released. Aragorn egulfed his scent nourishly as he repeated himself. "Can you?"

"... No."

No more confirmation was needed for the Ranger. He placed a hand behind the Elf's head and brought him forward to devour. Their lips met and it was bliss. Both males grew passionate, yearning for the other's touch. Hands were moving along with their fire; rubbing absentmindedly against the other's skin.

Aragorn pushed Legolas back against the tree forcefully causing the Elf to wince. Aragorn thrived from his moan. He pushed his rugged body against Legolas' and traced his tongue wherever there was open flesh until it found its way back to the Elf's mouth. It collided with Legolas' tongue and they battled relentlessly.

Legolas ran his slender fingers through Aragorn's hair, gripping tightly when the Ranger pushed his legs apart and pinned him even closer to the tree. Their kiss broke and Aragorn locked his fingers with Legolas' and raised the Elf's hands above his head. "I told you to anticipate this, Greenleaf," he panted. "Am I meeting your desire?"

Legolas smirked.

The Elf's muscles tensed within his arms as he pushed against Aragorn's strength. The Ranger gave a baffled look when Legolas escaped his grip and pushed him to the ground. Aragorn now felt shivers dance along his spine as the Elf straddled him; his eyes being sincere and compassionate, yet a small touch of fire remained in them as well. It drove Aragorn mad and he wanted to scream from such a sight but he laughed and rolled over; reversing their positions. "I told you I liked being on top," he whispered into the Elf's ear followed by a teaseful lick of his tongue. He traced the Elf's ear and slid it down his neck and over to this throat where he suckled for a time before finishing its path back to Legolas' lips.

Legolas moaned in joy from the Ranger's use of his tongue: finding him to be just as skillful with it as he was with Anduril. Maybe even more so, he thought, as Aragorn worked his way down his chest. Aragorn ceased for a moment and tugged on Legolas' tunic but before he managed to pull it off, Legolas rolled over and retook his position on top. Legolas adjusted his weight on top of the Man, sending new emotions throughout all parts of their bodies even though it was a minor thing happening. Legolas than smiled as he studied the Ranger's face. "What?" Aragorn whispered.

"You look so delicate right now," Legolas replied softly. "I never thought you to be so."

"I am not!" Aragorn replied with a chuckle as he threw Legolas off of him harshly; recapturing his place of dominance above the Elf. He pressed his lips against the Elf's once again; more passionately than ever.


Aragorn stopped. "Don't even try that again," Aragorn said quickly before continuing his lip-lock. Legolas squirmed underneath him and moved his face away from the Ranger's.


"What is it?" Aragorn asked, still keeping a firm grip on him.

"My back," Legolas replied.

Aragorn slipped his hand under Legolas and searched for the problem. He felt some moisture upon his hand and brough it back round. With the little light the moon provided he could make the liquid out to be red. "You're bleeding," he said with shock. He gently rolled Legolas over on his side and felt the ground he was laying on. Aragorn sighed when he felt a cold, metallic object. "Your dagger," he said finally, "must've fallen out when I threw you. Let me see the damage."

Legolas grumbled something in Elvish that Aragorn could not understand as he looked to see Legolas' wound. He laughed aloud when he came across the injury."What?" Legolas asked.

"Ah, am I glad I am the healer of the group." Aragorn said with a wink as he leaned over to look the Prince in the eye. "It seems you cut your *lower* torso, my friend."

"How low?"

"Pretty low," Aragorn laughed.

"I am a quick healer, never mind about it."

"Nonsense! I insist on taking a look!"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Legolas said suspiciously."Just as much as you are." Aragorn replied as he bent down close towards his lips.

"Holy Elf!"

Aragorn and Legolas looked up to see Gimli staring at them, wide-eyed. Aragorn was really starting to become irritated with this Dwarf's unannounced visits. "I was just checking up on you two and... uh... I think I'll just go and... uh, die or something."

"That won't be necessary," Aragorn stated as he stood to his feet. "Seems Legolas here hurt himself."

"Ah," Gimli replied. "And you just happened to fall on top of him while helping him out?"

Aragorn gave the Dwarf a stern look.

"And you, Elf," Gimli said sharply. "You seem to like getting hurt as of late. Do I dare ask why?"

"Could we just get back to camp with less talk?" Legolas said as he rose to his feet slowly.


"Okay, Legolas, drop your pants." Aragorn ordered.


"You heard me."

The rest of the Company could not contain their laughter at the Elf. Though they gave him some privacy and left him alone to be treated for his wound. Boromir, however, kept a very close eye on the Elf and his... bottom portion. It would soon be his turn to share some time with the Elf, but he was a bit disappointed... Legolas having a sore bottom did put a damper on the activities he wanted to administer... He quickly had to think of some other exercises to do with the Elf. Oh, what decisions he had to make!

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