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New Emotions

Chapter 6 - Greenleaf Chooses

By Riley


Gimli walked in record speed for a Dwarf: his short legs striding along as if he were taller in height by at least two feet. He was burning with rage for being used by his fellow comrade, Aragorn. The Ranger had obviously sent him for water to intrude on Boromir and Legolas because he lacked the courage to do so himself. Gimli was not upset for the Elf's and Mens' actions, he could care less as long as it didn't interfere with their journey, what upset the Dwarf was having to be put in the middle of it all. He wished for no such thing.

Gimli had been battling his subconscious over the Elf for quite some time now. Legolas was slowly turning into a friend that Gimli's mind wanted to reject, yet he couldn't; his heart would not allow it. There was something different about the Prince that made Gimli treasure his company. He knew his ancestors would be ashamed with the knowledge of a Dwarf befriending an Elf but a friend Legolas was and if it was meant to be than so be it.

But Aragorn and Boromir were different... the Dwarf had no ill feelings for them but their heads were not in the right place. He grumbled at the Mens' stupidity for thinking the rest of the Company to be blind over their battle for Legolas. Gimli and all four Hobbits were very aware of the two warriors competition and only wished the Elf would choose all ready so this madness could end; only Gimli knew it was not an easy choice for his friend and it was a decision that needed more time than pushing but it still didn't mean he couldn't hope Legolas' heart would succumb and acknowledge its desire.

Upon entering the camp, Gimli strutted over towards Aragorn, who was sitting next to Frodo by the fire. "Here!" Gimli snapped while throwing the water skin to the Ranger's feet. "The next time you want me to gather water... fine! But don't send me off as some spy!"

Before Aragorn had a chance to reply, Gimli had turned his back and grumbled a few words in his own language; storming away from the fire. The Ranger stood to his feet to go after him but his attention was drawn the other way when he heard leaves crunching on the ground. He turned to see Boromir approaching with Legolas slung over his shoulder. "What happened to him?" Aragorn asked with concern.

"Nothing to fret about," Boromir sighed as he caught the Ranger's worried tone. He gently placed the Elf next to the fire on his side. "He fell asleep... from your treatment, no doubt."

"Oh," Aragorn replied while looking the Elf over quickly with his grey eyes. He unknowingly sighed with relief from the Elf not being harmed but it was short lived when he tilted his head back towards Boromir. A firm glare was being thrown his way; the relaxed lines amongst the Ranger's face tensed up. "I need to speak to you privately, Aragorn." Boromir demanded as he walked heavily past the Ranger.

Aragorn casted one quick glance towards the Hobbits before following Boromir; they would not be far from camp - merely out of the Hobbits earshot was all.

Aragorn came up behind the other Man almost silently but did not startle him. Boromir turned around and placed his face inches away from the Ranger's. "Your jealousy goes too far!" Boromir hissed. "This can not continue!"

"Do not accuse me of something to which you are just as guilty of." Aragorn replied calmly. "I know it was you who sent Gimli into the wodds when I was with Legolas. If you can not withstand my actions to keep myself adrift than you best quit now."

"Are you threatening me?!" Boromir cried.

"Nay, I do not wish for ill feelings upon us, my friend, but I am tired of denying my heart what it desires."

"As do I!" Boromir exclaimed. "An enemy of yours I wish not to be, Aragorn... yet how is such a thing to be avoided? We desire the same passion."

Aragorn bowed his head and sighed. "He must choose. Only Legolas can end this now. We give him the time he needs and while he decides, we both agree not to tempt him. We both stand aside and let him come to us. Agreed?"

Boromir nodded his head and gave a sigh of his own while extending his hand out to his friend. "This may be the only thing we agree on right now, Aragorn, but alas... may the better man win."

Aragorn grasped the Man's hand and shook it with a smile. "May the better man win indeed."


Legolas woke from the heat of the sun's rays upon his face. He blinked a few times and sat up to gather his surroundings. He realized he was back at camp when he saw the Hobbits sleeping soundly a few feet from himself. Gimli was closer, to his right, laying motionless and Boromir was asleep as well.


The Elf felt a greater heat upon his cheeks but it was not from the sun. He was remembering what had happened last night with the Man. He recalled the soft kisses that trailed down his back for what seemed forever; a few shivers encased his spine from nearly feeling the Man's actions against his body all over again.

He chanced a glance towards the sleeping warrior and sighed. The Man looked to be at peace with himself - he lay on his side with his eyes shut pleasantly: his lips were pursed together as if they were the gentlest set of lips a being could have but the Elf knew they were more dangerous than they appeared. Legolas' feelings for Boromir were still coming to his surface undetermined but he longed to know exactly what happened last night for he could not remember.

What the Elf did recall was not being able to sit comfortably as he was right now. He let a faint smile appear on his fair face as he murmured a few words in Elvish for his appreciation of being a quick healer.

"I'll need to recheck your wound even though it does not disturb you as much."

Legolas turned his head round to Aragorn and nodded. He had not been startled by the Ranger's words for his Elven senses had known someone was watching him since he awoke. He rose to his feet soundlessly and followed Aragorn to the end of the camp where a few smaller trees divided them amongst their sleeping comrades.

Legolas slid his leggings down a bit for Aragorn to inspect his injury. To the Elf's surprise, the Man was quick about it and did not touch his bottom area once. Aragorn pulled Legolas' pants back up while standing up from his knelt position and spoke softly, "it is completely healed, Legolas."

Legolas turned and faced the Ranger with sincere eyes. "I believe you quickened my discomfort, thank you."

Aragorn smiled warmly. "I did very little. It is due to your Elven grace that you no longer have pain."

"Still, I thank you, Aragorn."

The Ranger nodded his head and broke eye contact with the Elf. He could not find the words he wanted to use to excuse his actions as of late. He owed the Elf an apology for his jealousy. "Legolas... are you still sore with me?"

Legolas studied the Man before him intently. Aragorn was not a man who showed his inner emotions too clearly, but he could see - no, Legolas could feel the Ranger's sincerity and it touched his heart deeply. "Nay... but I do not commend you to act as such again."

Aragorn lifted his head back up and lost himself in Legolas' eyes. The fear of losing him to Boromir almost brought tears to the eyes that hardly ever shed them, but he stood strong and pushed his feelings back into his body. He had been blessed to hide himself from others with his presence still noted; it was perhaps a skill that surpassed his tracking ability.

"Aragorn? Could I ask you something?" Legolas nearly whispered.

"Of course."

"How did I get back here last night? I fear I can not remember for my memory is not of use."

Aragorn flinched slightly; the image of Boromir carrying Legolas brought on more jealousy and it took all the strength he had to give a calm reply. "You fell asleep while retrieving your water. Boromir brought you back himself. I suggest you ask him for the night's missing details." Aragorn then turned his back on the Elf and returned to the Company leaving Legolas behind.

The Elf, for the first time, felt something he hadn't since he came to know of the Man's feelings towards him; guilt.


Aragorn had rushed breakfast so they could try and reach the end of the Wood by night fall. He and Legolas both had ill feelings of their enemy approaching. The Ranger led the Company with Legolas and Boromir trailing at its end; causing the Man's heart to pang with discontent but he forced all his emotions towards the day's journey.

Legolas seized the opportunity to question Boromir about his clouded memory. "Boromir, did we do anything last night?" He whispered after walking in silence for nearly an hour.

The Man smiled. "We did many things, Legolas."

Legolas sighed. It was not the answer he was looking for. He chose his words wisely before he spoke again. "Did we engage in any physical activities?"

Boromir laughed and ceased walking. "You do not remember?!"

Legolas turned scarlet. "I only remember very little..."

Boromir could see how uneasy the Elf was becoming from his lack of knowledge about their session. He would've loved to of toyed with him more but his heart got the best of him. "Nothing serious happened, Legolas. You fell asleep before you gave me a chance."

Legolas smiled. "My apologies, Boromir. I was not-"

The Elf did not finish his sentence - his brow creased with concentration as he leaned into the gentle breeze drifting by; listening with caution.

"What do you hear?" Boromir questioned.

"A song..." Legolas replied softly. "But it is not one of the forest. It is full of sorrow and it is..." Legolas trailed off as his Elven eyes looked ahead to where the Company was trekking. They were clearly visible to him yet Boromir couldn't visualize any of them.

"It is what?!" Boromir cried; not one who held patience for such matters.

"It is best we catch up to the others," Legolas finally replied. "We are at risk by ourselves. Come, Boromir."

Boromir stared blankly at the Elf as he watched him walk before him. He was confused as to why Legolas had rubbed him off; it was not like him to do so. He followed Legolas in silence, wondering what it was the Elf had heard.


"We can take a short rest here," Aragorn declared when they reached a small clearing. "Light no fire." He said sternly when he saw Merry and Pippin ready to do so. The Hobbits grumbled their dissatisfaction but didn't dare agrue with the Ranger. Instead, they ate what they could from the pocket's in their cloaks and talked quietly with Frodo, Sam, and Gimli.

Aragorn saw Legolas and Boromir standing away from everyone else; neither seemed to acknowledge the other and Aragorn's heart smiled, but acting as the leader he was, he ventured over to make certain of no ill feelings amongst the Company.

"We have little time to eat," Aragorn stated once he was at Boromir's side. "You both shall join the Company, nay?"

Boromir squinted his eyes at Aragorn as if in code. He was encouraging Aragorn about the discussion they held last night. Aragorn shook his head at first; completely confused as to what his friend was trying to do until the other Man tilted his head towards Legolas and gave him another firm look with his dark eyes. Aragorn nodded his head and sighed.Legolas was staring at the two men baffled. He knew they were trying to communicate with one another without him catching on, but the Men were very poor at doing so. "If you wish me to leave, I will do so." He said softly as he began to walk away.

"No, wait." Boromir stated while gripping the Elf's forearm. "The three of us need to discuss something."

Legolas straightened his back and stood proud. "Of the forest? I still sense our enemy but they have yet to-"

"No, Legolas." Aragorn interrupted in a serious tone. "We need to talk about us. Boromir and I have decided to stop encouraging you with our actions to let you choose."

Legolas scowled."How noble of you." He replied flatly.

"It had to be discussed without you," Boromir snapped. "And we can not go on like this any more. You must choose, Legolas. Surely you have stronger feelings for one of us, nay?"

Legolas looked to his feet and did not reply. He did not like being put on the spot and he did not like this conversation. His heart was doing somersaults from the choice he had to make but it ached not from the knowledge it withheld but from the pain it would give to another.


The Elf's eyes met with the Ranger's. "Have you a least bit of affection towards one of us more so than the other?"

Legolas still remained silent; his eyes glancing from one grey pair to the other. He then envisioned himself as an arrow unable to meet its target. He was gliding through the air gracefully and the leaves were whispering soothing words, but his chest ached from the confinement his heart was in. It could not escape and be free with purity for whatever decision he made, there would be heartache.

"Legolas, open your eyes!"

The Elf did as he was told to see both Men looking at him with much concern. "Who do you choose?" Boromir questioned. The Man wanted to shake the answer out of the Elf from his heart pounding so hard but he remained calm and anticipated Legolas' voice.

"I... I... choose... neither of you." Legolas answered quietly before walking away.

Both Men looked at each other with open mouths and wide eyes. This was not the answer they were looking for; most certainly not.


Night had approached the Company far earlier than what they would have liked and Aragorn was nearly fuming from having to spend another night within the unknown Wood but there was nothing he could do to change their options.

They lit no fire but did not suffer greatly for the wind was gentle and the air was not overly chilly. The Hobbits slept by one another wrapped in their cloaks. Boromir lay on his back staring at the white stars above him; lost in his thoughts. Aragorn was doing the same only a good distance away from the other Man.

Legolas volunteered to take the first watch as he could not find sleep. He had walked away from the camp to find some seclusion yet he stayed close enough if trouble arised. He sat cross-legged in the grass with his eyes closed; listening to the forest and not his heart. Not much could be heard with a Dwarf approaching who failed miserably at trying to go unnoticed.

"What do you want, Master Dwarf?"

Gimli placed a hand over his chest. "Blasted, Elves!"

Legolas smiled. "Why are you not sleeping? We have a long day tomorrow and I suggest you seek some rest for your short legs will slow us down even more."

Gimli sat down next to Legolas and nudged him in the ribs. "Watch yourself there, Elf, for I may not be fast but am truly lethal."

Legolas welcomed the sarcasm and smiled once more. "What troubles you?"Gimli sighed. "Ah, my friend is the one who needs to speak, not I."

Legolas peered over his shoulder as if to see someone else standing next to Gimli but found nothing and gave the Dwarf a questioning look.

"You, Elf!" Gimli exclaimed. "You can speak with the forest: soothe animals: hear the unheard, yet you can't put two and two together!"

Legolas turned his head away and sighed. "I am of little words tonight, my friend. Your efforts shall not succeed with me."

"I know what ails you so not many words are needed." Gimli said softly. "You must tell me why you deny your heart its happiness for I do not understand."

"How do you know what I am going through?" Legolas asked with surprise; focusing his eyes back towards the Dwarf.

"Incase you've forgotten... it was me who caught you at times I shouldn't of." Gimli replied with a smirk. "And today I overheard your conversation with Aragorn and Boromir. Legolas'" eyes widened at that comment but Gimli shrugged it off and continued. "You deny yourself after all that has happened? Why is that when you love one and not the other?"

"I never said I loved either of them." Legolas stated sharply.

"You didn't have to." Gimli whispered. "I can see it in your eyes and I am lost as to how you choose to ignore it."

Legolas gasped.

"You may have keen Elven eyes, my friend, but I can see the unseen too." Silence crept up on the two friends as they sat together and listened to the wind and of the leaves rustling above them. Their friendship was just beginning yet it was stronger than their desire to accomplish this journey.

"You can share your fear with me, Legolas. I shall never tell another soul."

Legolas stared forward and nodded his head. He didn't realize until now how greatly he wished to talk about his problem so he accepted the Dwarf's offer. He did not have to look his friend in the eye to know he spoke the truth, the Elf knew Gimli could be trusted, so he spoke from his heart for what seemed the first time in his entire life. "I imagined myself in their place instead of my own..."


"And I know I could not bear to see the one I love with another; especially on a quest such as this. I think I would rather die."

"This worries me, my friend." Gimli said seriously. "For if you grieve you shall die, nay? I wish not to see that happen."

Legolas snickered, "I thought you not to care about Elves, Gimli. How is it you know what shall bring death upon me?"

Gimli felt his face redden from the Elf realizing how much their friendship meant to him. "I believe it was Sam who told me so. You know he is fond of Elves."Of course," Legolas replied with a smile knowing the truth. "But you need not worry about me like that, I am all right."

"Are you?" Gimli asked.

"Aye... but I shall need some time and hope my love understands."Gimli's reply was a heavy sigh.

"I can understand that but you still put the other in pain as well. Does he not deserve happiness from you?"

"Perhaps..." The Elf replied. "But I can not watch the other grieve for I care deeply for him and wish not to see such a thing."

"I fear I am of little help," Gimli confessed. "I hold no answers."

"You are of help by lending your ears, my friend." Silence.

Minutes passed by with no words exchanged amongst the Dwarf and the Elf until Gimli chuckled."What is it you find to be of laughter?"

"I was just thinking... if you do not choose either of them perhaps you still may meet a part of your desire."

"What are you saying?" Legolas asked with a baffled look.

"Perhaps Aragorn and Boromir will stray from you and advance on one another. It would be a site your Elven eyes would appreciate, nay?"

"Gimli!" Legolas exclaimed. But the Elf was not mad for he was smiling and he laughed; heartily. It had been too long since the Prince felt something tickle him as much as this and he welcomed it.

The Elf and Dwarf rolled with their chuckles and for five minutes, put their fears and worries aside and enjoyed each other's company.

Behind them stood a being who had been able to creep up behind the Elf without going noticed. He looked on with doleful eyes for he now saw what he feared to be true. Though no names were given by the Elf as to who he loved... he knew it wasn't him. He turned round and headed back towards camp; his mind a cluster and his heart nearly broken yet he could not be mad at the Elf no matter how much he wished to blame him for his misery. He lay down on his back and denied the tears that wanted to trace his cheeks. He closed his eyes and came to terms with what he had to do when the sun rose - he had to let Legolas go.

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