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New Emotions

Chapter 3 - Confessions

By Riley


Aragorn's face shown many lines of fatigue as he stifled a yawn that yearned to escape. His eyes were dull but full of compassion as he applied the last of his healing efforts to the Elf's nose. "There now," he whispered, "that should do you."

"You are truly gifted," Legolas said softly as he brought his slender fingers to his nose. "The pain has already ceased."

"Too bad," Aragorn chuckled, "you shouldn't have gotten off so easily. You realize you brought this on yourself, nay?"

Legolas gave the Ranger a glare and smirked. "You realize I let you win, nay?"

Aragorn opened his mouth wide for a dirty rebuttal but closed it shut when he heard a few twigs breaking behind Legolas. He grabbed his sword and looked to push the Elf out of the way but Legolas had heard the noise as well and all ready had his bow aimed for a target. They both suppressed their lungs and waited for the intruder to approach, but a familiar voice rang out amongst the trees as the steps came closer. "Your weapons are not needed against me."

The Man and Elf both sighed in relief. "Boromir!" Aragorn exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Can't a man have some privacy to do his business without his comrades seeking death upon him?" He said sarcastically as he walked back to where his bedding lay on the ground. "Now let me sleep in peace. I wish not to hear any more noise. Especially the bickering of you two."

Aragorn gave Legolas a firm look which caused the Elf to shrug his shoulders. Why Aragorn was blaming him for the noise was beyond him. Legolas gave a small wink and returned to his bedding that lay next to Frodo. Aragorn sighed and settled down on his back; various thoughts wandering his mind before sleep finally overtook him.


Legolas sat away from the Company as they slept. His ears were focused on the wood that surrounded them. The leaves were whispering as they always had but he detected a foul voice to them. It made sleep impossible for him as the whispers sent a great deal of uneasiness throughout his body.

He began to think about the small quarrel he had with Aragorn. Without realizing it, he smiled. It had amused him at first but now he didn't know what he was feeling. Good things they were... things he never felt before. It was nice to have something besides fear travel its way into his heart. He was on this journey willingly and fought with a brave heart but it did not mean fear was absent from his body. It lingered there now more so than ever. This was a perilous quest that made him miss his home greatly, but he couldn't of asked for better companions. Even the Dwarf Gimli was becoming a trusted friend to which Legolas thought could never happen. The halflings made his heart sing with joy; especially Merry and Pippin. They still made jokes when in truth, they feared their next footstep. Aragorn was a mysterious man he thought but perhaps the most intriguing being he had ever met as well. He was learning there was far more to the Ranger than what he thought upon his first encounter with him, and he was enjoying every minute of it.

Legolas' smile broadened when he touched his nose softly; Aragorn's scent was still upon it. He inhaled deeply but jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Do not be startled, my friend."

Legolas placed a hand over his heart as it was nearly leaping out of his chest. "Boromir... I did not hear you approach."

"I know," the Man said softly as he sat next to the blond-haired creature. "I guess one can sneak up on an Elf afterall, eh?"

Legolas laughed. "Yes, I suppose so."


A small gust of wind brushed upon the two beings and Boromir could have died from Legolas' yellow strands of hair sailing into his beard; tickling his throat.

But then it ceased: the wind. And the hair fell back down against the Elf's back and the Man sighed.

He watched Legolas out of the corner of his eye. The Elf was touching his nose again. "Seems you have a knack for that lately?"

Legolas dropped his hand to his side and turned his head towards the Man. "What would that be?" He asked with confusion.

"Getting hurt," Boromir whispered. "Been happening a bit much, nay?"

"Perhaps," Legolas mumbled.

"So tell me," Boromir began with a smile, "how'd it happen?"

"Just an accident," Legolas replied uneasily. He suddenly felt as though the Man were seeking information from him which made him nervous. "Playing a game, I think is how your kind would put it."

"Ah, yes... I see." Boromir replied. "Battle of strengths, maybe?"

Legolas gasped. His attention was drawn now to Boromir who only looked forward and smiled. The Elf was startled to know someone - Boromir - had been watching him and Aragorn.

Boromir sighed heavily once more as he stood to his feet. He then leaned down next to the Elf and whispered in his ear, "I too, like to play games, Legolas. And do not think for one moment that I will fall for your ongoing submissive ways. I have seen you in battle, you are a fierce being, and that is what draws me to you."

Legolas sat until the sun rose, lost in his thoughts. He battled with the joy he had felt with Aragorn but could not stop thinking of Boromir; of his words and of his beard that sent shivers down his spine when pressed against his neck... along with the whispers into his ear.


"Legolas, have you not any sense to which direction we should go?"

Legolas sighed. This was the third time Aragorn had put him on the spot today. The woods they travelled in were not one to his liking and the voices he heard were not friendly. The rain that fell from the sky was clouding everything for him but Aragorn kept insisting he try to find his bearings. The Ranger was being very stern with him and it confused him greatly. "Nay, I hear mixed feelings from the leaves and that is all. I can not make ways with this wood, Aragorn."

"And they say you Wood-Elves beat as one amongst the trees!" Gimli grumbled as he brushed past the Elf.

Legolas sighed again as he stood still and watched the others tread forward. He was beginning to wonder if his skills were being clouded from the turmoil he was currently engulfed in. He would have continued sulking if not for one of the Company backtracking towards him.

"Legolas? Is all well?"

Legolas nodded his head and gave his friend a half-smile. "There is no reason for worry, Boromir."

"If it involves you, than there is much reason for worry," the Man replied softly. "What troubles you?"

"I am not certain," Legolas replied while tilting his head back. His eyelids flickered many times from the rain and his breath turned into smoke from the chilly air. It was a magnificent sight to Boromir, who found himself lost from such beauty. "These woods are not safe, I fear for us all."

"Do you have feelings for him?" Boromir spat. His heart pounded madly after he asked. He didn't know why he released those words into the air. Perhaps it was from the beauty he saw within the Elf... he had to know if he'd ever be able to caress it with his heart, for if not, why lose anymore sleep over it? His heart ached for the Elf so badly...

"I... I.. What?" Legolas fumbled. "Who do you speak of?"

"My sweet, Legolas," Boromir murmured as he brushed back the Elf's moist hair from his face; gliding his fingers through the strands gently until they met with the air and nothing else. "You think me to be blind? I see how he looks at you and I see how you adore him, but you are the blind one for I have nothing but all when I cast my eyes upon you."

Then without any warning the Man pressed his lips to the Elf's. The rain came down heavy now as they were locked together but it did not tear them apart. Boromir felt as if his lips were on fire where no amount of water could extinguish it. He had longed for these lips far too long and as he was living the dream, he still felt as though he were dreaming for it was the biggest adrenaline rush he ever felt.

Legolas was lost. He was surprised, to say the least, but a strong, pure emotion swept into his soul. He was returning the kiss with all he had until an image came forth... an image he could not be rid of no matter how good this felt. Reluctantly, he pulled away from Boromir, breaking their passionate kiss.

"... Aragorn," he whispered.

Boromir sighed, "I am sorry." He turned his back towards the Elf and began to walk away but a strong grip held onto his arm and turned him back round. "I'm not," Legolas said softly. "I didn't know... I mean, I didn't even know with Aragorn until... I am lost, Boromir. I am the one who is sorry."

Boromir smiled. "I can not tell your heart what to do, Legolas."

"I know... this is all so confusing."

"Really?!" A different voice said loudly.

Boromir and Legolas turned to see Aragorn approaching them. The rain seemed to come down even harder as he walked with great strides. They were all drenched yet they were all burning from desire. "There's nothing confusing about this, Legolas. You choose and we go on."

Both men looked at the Elf with anxious eyes. Legolas gulped loudly; heard over the rain. "Choose? I haven't even come to terms with this in my mind yet. You humans are pushy creatures."

Boromir was drowning in his emotions. He placed his hands behind his back to keep them away from Legolas - he desperately wanted to fondle the creature. He then bit his lip - he craved to taste the Elf's skin. He felt embarrassed somewhat from Aragorn standing at his side but another thought raised his curiosity and he turned to his friend. "Aragorn, what of Lady Arwen?"

This question also intrigued Legolas as his attention was drawn towards the Ranger immediately - waiting for an answer. "I have come to yearn another more so..." He said while making eye contact with the Elf. "We were in doubt of our relationship when I parted for this journey, but those things are not to be discussed right now. What we are to find out is who Legolas is fond of."

Legolas ran a hand through his long hair and frowned. "I know not what to say right now."

"What does your heart say?" Aragorn pressed, stepping closer. "What does it yearn for, Legolas?"

Aragorn was mentally kicking himself in the rear for not kissing the Elf last night. How could the Elf compare his lips to Boromir's when they hadn't been exercised upon him. But yet the Elf had whispered his name afterwards... but still, Aragorn wanted a kiss, just one kiss to settle the odds. He couldn't resist any longer - he pressed his body against the Elf's and brought his cold hands against Legolas' warm cheeks.

So close...

He leaned forward.

Their noses touched and they both inhaled one another's scent.

"If you three don't mind, we do have a Hobbit to protect!"

Three heads snapped back up towards a hill where Gimli was yelling from. "I think it best for us to take cover and keep our eyes open!"

Aragorn whispered into Legolas' ear before heading back towards the rest of the Company. "I owe you a kiss for comparison, Greenleaf. And if I were you, I'd anticipate it greatly."

A blush creeped its way upon the Elf's face as he watched the Ranger walk away.

"I haven't even begun my best lip-lock, Legolas." Boromir said with a grin. "You know Aragorn and I have always been fierce competitors always trying to outdo each other. Let me say that whatever he has planned is nothing to what I'll do to you."

Legolas' face turned crimson from that remark. He let the rain cool his body down as he walked slowly behind the two men his heart thrived for. Night would be drawing in soon and the Elf knew it was going to be a long evening.

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