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New Emotions

Chapter 2 - Let's Rumble

By Riley


Boromir could not sleep. His gaze was locked on the Elf that lay on his back: eyes open and hands resting upon his breast. Legolas was asleep, no doubt, the Man could tell easily when this other creature was awake or sleeping. He often kept watch on him during the night; his eyes simply could not stray from him and it was the only time he had when other members of the Company couldn't take notice to his adoration for the Elf.

Tonight, however, his gaze wandered to another being; Aragorn. Boromir felt jealousy run through his veins from the compassionate stare the Ranger was giving the sleeping Elf. And after watching Aragorn tend to Legolas' wound earlier... Boromir sighed and rolled over on his side. He could not endure such heart-ache no longer.

As he closed his eyes his mind produced the image of Legolas intertwining his slender fingers within Aragorn's, drawing the coarse hand back to his silky face. It was like a knife stabbing an already opened wound - it bothered him greatly to see the Elf display such affection towards the other human. But not all was lost for nothing else happened. And Legolas seemed to distance himself once Aragorn had finished babying him.

A small whimper from behind brought Boromir out of his thoughts. He sat half-way up and turned his attention towards Legolas, full of worry for him. He desperately wanted to know what brought him such uneasiness. He opened his mouth to express his concern for him but another had beat him to it.

He watched furiously as Aragorn threw the small blanket he had off of his body and crawled quickly on his hands and knees to Legolas' side. "Legolas, what's wrong?"The Elf, who was now sitting up, gave a baffled look to his friend and smiled heartily, "nothing, my friend, I merely said, 'Ow', from grazing my face against the ground."Oh," Aragorn replied softly. He felt his cheeks turning red from acting so hastily and for allowing his emotions for the Elf to come into the open like this. He had felt blessed for Legolas allowing him to stroke his face earlier that he let it go to his head.

Legolas titlted his head and stared at the Ranger within the moonlight. He could see very well that his face was flushed and was biting his tongue. "I am full of thoughts as to why you treat me so."

"I don't understand what you mean," Aragorn replied curiously.

Legolas sighed and chose his words wisely. "Earlier today you were lashing out on me for things I know not of. Then you act as though I did nothing wrong when I was injured. Now you rush to my side as if I were your child. Aragorn... I am much older in age than you and I have been a nightmare to many of my opponents, yet you treat me as if I'm glass. I am not the delicate creature you think I am and I can prove it if necessary."

Aragorn laughed. "Is that a threat?"

"Take it as you will," Legolas replied with a determined look. "I do not find it a laughing matter."

This tickled the Ranger's heart greatly for he could not stop laughing. Legolas, who was nearly fuming, rose to his feet and grasped Aragorn's arm roughly. "Where are you taking me, Oh Mighty One?"

"Away from the others. I do not wish them to hear your calls for help once I've finished with you."

Aragorn was still finding Legolas' actions to be comical as he was led away from the Company. Perhaps the others would have taken it to be worth a giggle or two themselves but Boromir wanted heads to roll. He rose silently and followed the other two beings. He wished to see if Legolas had some feelings towards the same sex for if he did, a rivalry amongst friends would be happening rather quickly.


Legolas led Aragorn to a somewhat open area within the wood. The ground was of dirt, but not many rocks lay there and a stream was not too far away as well. The Elf took a few steps back from the Ranger and pushed the sleeves of his tunic up past his forearms while glaring at the Man.

"Legolas, we are not going to fight one another." Aragorn stated sternly.

"No, we are not." Legolas replied. "We are just testing our strength. And I am proving to you that I am not glass."

Aragorn sighed... he did not want to do this, but he soon found his heart go into a thunderous beating from the determined look Legolas was giving him. It made his graceful features amongst his face even more succumbing. And here Legolas was, almost begging for physical contact, how could he say no? If this Elf wanted this Man's hands upon him... then he should have it. "Very well," Aragorn replied with a broad grin.

The two studied one another for a few moments. Each wanting the other to feel intimidated by their thoughts and no action, but Aragorn was yearning to touch Legolas, it was becoming very hard to distract himself from sexual thoughts with the Elf's eyes locked upon his: the Elf's tongue licking his lips: the Elf's hands that were rubbing against his thighs... "C'mon already," Aragorn teased. "Show me what you got."

Legolas charged towards Aragorn and forced him into a headlock before the Ranger even knew what happened. The Elf was fast, he had to give him that much, but Aragorn manuevered himself just as quickly out of the lock and slid his foot underneath Legolas' bringing him down onto his back. "Give up yet?"

Legolas did not reply but shot back up to his feet in one swift motion as he grabbed Aragorn's arm from behind and brought it behind the Ranger's back applying some pressure. Aragorn winced in pain. "Do you give up?" The Elf mocked.

"Not likely," Aragorn replied through clenched teeth. He used his other hand and grabbed Legolas by the hair, pulling hard. Legolas' head fell down from the tugs and he shut his eyes from the distraction. Aragorn released his grip quickly but brought his elbow back into the Elf's face. Legolas was surprised and he let go of Aragorn and found himself being dropped down onto the ground once more. Aragorn was soon on top of him, pinning his arms down into the dirt above his head. "Surrender?"

Legolas felt something wet dripping from his nose and licked his lips to find the sweet taste of blood. He was losing, and he was wounded, but he caught the small glimpse of concern from Aragorn and used it to his advantage. "My nose..."

"I'm sorry, Legolas," Aragorn said softly, loosening his grip on the Elf's arms. "I did not mean to hurt you."

Legolas knew Aragorn would take the bait and he quickly pushed with all his strength and rolled over. Now he was the one straddling Aragorn. A look of victory was embedded amongst his face.

Legolas smiled.

"Why you little..."

"Surrrender?" Legolas now teased.

Aragorn was enjoying every moment of this but he found he liked being on top better, so he gave a small smile and rolled his eyes at the Elf. He was the stronger of the two and found it quite easy to throw Legolas off of himself and retake his position on top. "My dear Legolas, you are not as delicate as I thought but I am stronger than you. You must accept defeat."

Legolas sighed. He was very stubborn at times, especially now but he nodded his head and closed his eyes. "You win... this time."

Aragorn stood to his feet and brought Legolas up with him by the hand. "I had fun and I accept the challenge for a rematch."

Legolas smirked. "Good, because I do believe it'll be more physical. "Well, just a warning to you..." Aragorn said softly. "I like being on top and I do not see you overpowering me."

"We shall see," Legolas replied with a flushed face.

"Yes, we shall... but let us tend to that nose of yours."

"Of course," Legolas replied with a smile. "I hope it is as comforting as the last time I was tended for wounds."

A blush against Aragorn's face was now clearly showing even in the darkness.

As they stood in silence, a wave of stubborness engulfed Legolas, he desperatley wanted to show his strength to the Ranger. He was not a weak being, he was a talented Elf with a deadly aim.

When they began to walk past the stream, Legolas tackled Aragorn to the ground, the Ranger was surprised but held his own and grasped the Elf tightly. They rolled together into the stream, each battling for the upper level when finally it was Aragorn who straddled Legolas tightly, pinning his arms in the few inches of murky water. "You do not give up easily," he said with a chuckle.

"I should've had you," Legolas grumbled.

Aragorn bent down close to Legolas' ear and whispered softly, "That's something to think about."

The Elf did not reply. He remained quiet and calm. Aragorn was not sure what to do next. He wanted nothing more than to press his lips against the Elf's and feel the heat they could produce. The Ranger felt he was in a trance from Legolas' facial features... God, how he loved his face.

"Aragorn, this water is not welcoming. I surrender... for now. But I shall work on my skills and look forward to our next match."

"As shall I," Aragorn replied, coming out of his daze. He stood to his feet and once again, brought Legolas up with his hand. "Now, I insist on treating that nose of yours."

"I would have no else but you treat me."

Aragorn sighed. He was dying on the inside from the remarks Legolas was giving him. He wanted to get right to the point and take his words as 'sexual' statements, but he didn't. He just followed Legolas back to camp and looked forward to touching his face once again. The sun would be rising soon and a new light would come with it, perhaps it would be the day to let his heart talk for him...


Boromir was a sea of emotions. Upset with what Legolas and Aragorn had been doing and more upset with the flirtatious remarks but there was something to be happy about... Legolas was definitely fond of other males.

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