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New Emotions

Chapter 1 - Discoveries

By Riley


Aragorn pushed the Company onward forcefully. Gandalf was no longer their guide and the Ranger was now in the lead. His heart sank with many emotions from the ill departure of the wizard but he pushed them away; he had a group to lead. There would be time for mourning later. He had to think of the present right now and that meant getting everyone to a safer place. It would not be long until those Orcs came marching out with hunger for flesh and blood: THEIR flesh and blood.

He kept his head up and walked quickly, not even turning around to see how the others were doing. He wished not to see their mournful faces; their tears of sadness; their weary bodies that did not want to go forward; or their search for comfort amongst him.

Walking seemed like the best answer to him.... until a delicate voice travelled through his ear drums: into his body and heart. There was only one voice that could do so and it did not belong to his beloved Arwen. Ah, beloved.... that word did not suit her anymore. He longed for the day of his return to her when he could fully deny her mortality. He had loved her once and still cared for her deeply, but another being came into his life without warning and stole his heart. Aragorn would not allow Arwen to give up her immortality for him. He was no longer IN love with her and it would be wrong to allow such a thing.


Again that voice disturbed his heart; a good disturbance that is. He could feel his blood rising to his face from it. Soothing is what it was but the Ranger cleared his throat and contained his wild heart. "Yes?" He replied as he continued to stride forward.

"Aragorn, the Hobbits are weary, and Gimli's legs need a rest. We can't keep this pace up forever. Let us take a breath."

Aragorn smiled inside; take a breath... oh, how he'd love to take this being's breath - with his own lips. He craved the aroma of it within his mouth, and he longed to devour those soft, pink lips with daring nibbles from his teeth.

He pushed those thoughts away and ignored the request, pushing along harder until he felt something gripping his forearm; something slender but forceful. A grip he wished to be bestowed upon him in a lust of sweaty bodies and moist trails of affection. Even through the cloth on his arm he could feel the heat from the other's grip and it nearly aroused him. He looked down a few inches and stared into the eyes he'd come to adore. "Let go of me," he snarled while yanking his arm back to his side. Acting aggressive was his cover-up for the longing emotions he held for this creature. "You will follow my lead with no questions, Legolas!"

The Elf stared back with hurt. "Have I ever not followed your lead? Why do you act so harsh? Have I offended you, my friend?"

"Yes!" Aragorn exclaimed before he realized he spoke aloud. Legolas had offended him with his beautiful face; his jawline begged for the Ranger's tongue and those eyes were nearly seducing him as they spoke. They yearned attention and love. And the blond hair that flew down to his waist wanted to be curled up within Aragorn's fist while making passionate love. He'd never dream of hurting Legolas, but the desire to pull on his hair while reaching the heights of arousal were almost too much for the Ranger to bear. "I mean no... we will take a short rest."

Legolas watched as Aragorn stromed off and sat on a boulder. Confusion set in and he became very agitated with Aragorn's behavior and he became upset with himself. The last thing he wanted to do was upset a friend, especially one he respected so much, but he realized Aragorn did not want to discuss it. Legolas made it a point to stay a distance away from him for the next few days.

He brushed past Boromir to tell the Hobbits and Dwarf that their small break had finally arrived. He did not take notice to the look of compassion Boromir gave him nor the concerned look Aragorn gave over his shoulder.

Boromir wanted to latch onto the Elf and comfort him. He had seen the hurt in his eyes when Aragorn lashed out on him and it drove him mad. No one should talk to a creature as delicate and beautiful as Legolas, he thought to himself, not even their new leader. So, it was with that thought that Boromir approached the Ranger.


"What is it, Boromir?" Aragorn replied annoyed.

"What's going on with you?" He asked calmly. "We are all suffering from Gandalf's departure but you need not take it out on us.... Especially Legolas."

The 'especially Legolas' part intrigued Aragorn greatly. He stood to his feet and looked his comrade in the eye and it was then he noticed something he never saw before. This other warrior had feelings for the Elf as well, it was clear now and it nearly ripped the Ranger's heart out of his chest. "And what singles Legolas out from the others?" He asked.

Boromir sighed and broke his glance from his friend. "He's just different."

"Look at me, Boromir," Aragorn ordered.

Boromir complied and returned his gaze but he no longer saw a friend: he saw a competitor. A river was raging in Aragorn's eyes and Boromir knew it was from him mentioning Legolas' name. A wave of protectiveness and suspicion flooded the Ranger's eyes and for a second, Boromir lost his breath.

"That's what I thought," Aragorn said quietly as he retook his position on the rock; his back towards the other man.

Boromir sagged his shoulders and walked away. He had been dealing with much fear of telling Legolas his feelings, but now he hit another obstacle; Aragorn. He didn't know when he fell in love with the Elf: their first metting: during their journey: along his side during battle: or at night when he watch the Elf lay with open eyes as he dreamt of things Boromir wished to know.

He had to bring his hands behind his back on many occasions to keep them away from the Elf. He longed to feel his silky skin: his long strands of hair: the bottom of his torso and even further... into the depths of a body he lusted like never before.

The thing that troubled him more than Aragorn was not knowing how Legolas felt. If only he could bring himself to tell him of his feelings, than he'd know. A valiant warrior he was in the battle field but with love, he was a coward, and he knew Aragorn was going through the same battle.


Legolas, Gimli, and the four Hobbits sat by themselves near a large evergreen tree. Merry and Pippin ate the small provisions they had with haste while Frodo and Sam lay on their backs looking at the clouds. Their thoughts on Gandalf, no doubt.

Gimli was studying Legolas's face. Something had been troubling him since he announced Aragorn's acceptance to their request of a breather. "What's troubling you, Elf?"

Legolas gave his new friend a half smile and shrugged, "nothing of importance, I assure you."

"If you say so." The Dwarf replied hesitantly. He did not feel like prying and felt as though his friend was mourning Gandalf's fate. How wrong he was he had no idea.

"We've had long enough!" Aragorn shouted from ahead. "On your feet!"

Boromir followed his lead. The Hobbits were behind him followed by Gimli and Legolas took the rear; the farthest place away from Aragorn.

They were not a great distance away from a large wooded area when night came to them. They were all weary and still full of grief for their fallen friend, but that did not stop the enemy. Legolas sensed something from behind and he stopped to listen. He stood there unmoving for a while with no one else noticing until Aragorn looked over his shoulder to check on the Company. He could see the Elf standing in the moonlight, as if he were bathing underneath the moon. Everything about the Elf was glowing and it caused the Ranger's heart to pound madly.

Boromir stopped as well and turned around to see what his friend was staring at and he too became entranced with Legolas. Both men stood there wide-eyed until Legolas shouted, "Orcs!"

"To the trees!" Aragorn hollered. "We'll lose them in there!"

The Company took off with great speed, Aragorn pushed the Hobbits in front of him and Boromir sped along with Gimli while Legolas shot a few of his arrows at the Orcs approaching quickly. They were nearly to the trees, but a small group of the beasts made their way to them.

Aragorn used his sword to parry many off and death came to many Orcs. Boromir battled by his side with the same ease as well. The Hobbits used their short swords and took down a few Orcs on their own, giving them great joy. Gimli wielded his axe and surprised a great deal of Orcs with his strength. Legolas continued firing his arrows with deadly accuracy.

The Company was doing well but a large group of Orcs were coming down from the hill quickly. "We have to get into the trees!" Aragorn shouted as he slayed another Orc.

Legolas was grabbing an arrow from his quiver when an Orc shot out from nowhere giving him no time to place it in his bow. The Elf adapted and stabbed his arrow into the beast's eye. The Orc went wild with pain and clawed Legolas's face with its hand. The Orc then met its fate from Anduril. Aragorn grabbed Legolas by the arm and half dragged him into the forest with the others.


After running deep within the wood, the Company settled into a thick branch of wood secluded from the rest of the forest. They set up a small camp but lit no fire. All were weary and in need of much rest. Little was their talk as the Hobbits and Gimli found sleep the quickest.

Legolas was sitting up against a tree with Aragorn by his side tending to his wound; while Boromir watched from afar. "Don't trouble yourself, Aragorn," Legolas said softly. "Tis just a scratch."

"It's a scratch that causes pain, Elf or no Elf," Aragorn grumbled. "You should be more careful out there."

"I hardly ever get wounded," Legolas shot back. "And this will heal quickly."

"You still need to watch yourself," Aragorn warned while mixing some herbs together.

"Why do you think of me as some delicate being who can't carry his own weight? I have proven myself time and time again on this journey and I will not be treated as a child."

Aragorn sighed as he grazed his rough fingers against Legolas's wound with the treatment he had just mixed. "Your skin is delicate; smooth... and warm." He murmured softly.

Legolas stared at Aragorn. The harsh Ranger who had been lashing out on him suddenly changed into a tender, caring man. Within the moonlight Legolas could see the compassion streaming from Aragorn's eyes; along with worry.

Legolas winced from the medicine flowing into his cheek. "Does it hurt badly?" Aragorn asked as he withdrew his hand.

"No," Legolas whispered as he embraced the Ranger's hand with his own pulling it back towards his face. "Keep doing what you were.... just with less worry."

"I fear my worry will always be great with you," Aragorn said softly.

They stared at one another but remained silent for the remainder of the treatment. Boromir grunted with disgrace; he wished he had been the one to slay the Orc who gave such pain to the one he loved. And he wished he were the one cradling the Elf's magnificent face. He then vowed to have a moment with the Elf much like the one Aragorn was having right now. His turn would come and then he'd show Legolas exactly what love truly was.

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