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Chapter 6

By Amber


Aragorn sat down beside Legolas on the ground and slipped an arm around the elf's weary shoulders. The day had been tiring for everyone, and now Gandalf would only allow them a few hours rest. Gandalf ... Aragorn stopped to think at this point. None of them had expected to see Gandalf again after he had fallen into the shadows in the Mines of Moria, and they were all glad that he was alive and well. The Fellowship had looked to Gandalf for guidance when he was with them, and missed the wizards insight when it seemed as if the Balrog had killed him. Aragorn was startled out of his reverie by the feel of something hitting his shoulder. He looked down at Legolas' head which was now resting on him. Running a hand through the silky soft hair, he gently tried to awake Legolas.

"Come on, if you fall asleep like this, you'll wake up with an awful neck-ache tomorrow." Legolas yawned sleepily, removed his head from Aragorns' shoulder and then tried to stand up. Aragorn admired Legolas. Even in his exhaustion, he still moved like a cat, rising gracefully to his feet and stretching lazily. Aragorn got up from where he was sitting to stand next to Legolas. Gesturing with one hand towards the snoring figure that was Gimli and in the general direction of the bleak marshland, Aragorn continued,

"You're not going to get much sleep here. There's a river a short distance from here, which is a lot more peaceful. We can rest there for a few hours"

Taking Legolas' hand, he led him down towards the river bank.


The river wasn't a place of remarkable beauty, but as they neared the evils of Isengard and Mordor, the clear, flowing waters stood as a symbol of purity. Legolas knelt near the edge of the river, being careful not to get too close to the muddy shores, and trailed his hands through the waters. The drops of water on his skin glistened like liquid diamonds in the pale moonlight. He looked up at Aragorn with a sad smile on his face,

"As we get closer to Sauron, Middle-Earth seems to get uglier with every step that we take, but this," Legolas indicated towards the river, "reminds me that there is still good in the world." A faraway look entered his eyes and his voice grew distant, as if he was remembering something "It reminds me of Mirkwood..." Legolas shook himself, as if to get rid of whatever visions had entered his mind. Aragorn felt sympathetic towards the elf. As a Ranger, he was used to wandering through Middle-Earth, fighting whatever battles had come his way, always filled with the vengeance to claim a throne that was rightfully his. Legolas seemed to have led a much more serene existence, and although he was well skilled in the arts of warfare, he appeared disturbed by the perpetuating violence and the evil that plagued the land.


Legolas got up from his position by the river and went to sit by a tree, his back leaning against its trunk. "Even the light of the moon appears to be harsh and cold instead of gentle and soft." With a sigh, he stretched out on the grass with feline grace, blonde hair spread around him like angels' wings, the darkness of the night contrasting with his fair skin which seemed to glow, and glanced at Aragorn.

Aragorn hadn't moved from where he had been standing, and was gazing at Legolas, almost mesmerised by his delicate beauty

"You won't get much rest tonight if all you do is look at me," Legolas stated bluntly. A hint of blush crept its way across Aragorns' face, and he made his way to where Legolas was lying. Aragorn sat down beside Legolas so he could look him directly in the eye,

"Believe me, looking at you is *very* relaxing." Legolas attempted to glare at Aragorn, but the laughter sparkling in his warm, brown eyes betrayed him. Grinning at his lover, Aragorn stretched out next to him. Gathering Legolas into his arms, he gently kissed him on his cheek. Legolas shifted his position to bring their lips into contact. Opening up for the elf, Aragorn gave a shiver of ecstasy as he felt Legolas' tongue gently explore his mouth. Running his hands up and down Legolas' back, he attempted to draw the elf even closer towards him. Desire burned through his body, but Legolas withdrew from Aragorn. Aragorn gave a pout and started to complain. Legolas silenced him by placing two fingers over his lips.

"I know what you want, and I desire it to, but you still have things to think over. Anyway, it would be wise tonight to rest. We will need all our strength for tomorrow. There are still many battles to be fought"

Aragorn pretended to sulk, but he knew what Legolas said was true.

"Now sleep," Legolas commanded

"Anything you say," Aragorn replied drowsily. Smiling sweetly at him, Legolas cuddled up to Aragorn, and rested his head against Aragorns' firm chest. Aragorn wrapped his arms protectively around him, and soon the elf was in a deep sleep.


Sleep did not come as easily to Aragorn. Legolas' words had reminded him that instead of holding a blonde male, he should be with a dark haired female. Heaving a sigh at the complications of life, Aragorn drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

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