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Chapter 7

By Amber


Aragorn sat amongst through the ruins of Isengard, feeling too weary to move. Listening with one ear to the mindless chatter of Merry and Pippin, he reflected upon the past day. It had been hectic and exhausting; meeting Theoden in Rohan, the treachery of Grima the Wormtoungue, the battle at Helm's Deep with the Orcs. Aragorn let his thoughts wander back to the fight. He had felt tired there too, when he had stumbled on the stairs at Hornburg, but once again Legolas had once again saved his life from the Orcs. Legolas... Aragorn quickly looked around, surprised to see that the golden haired elf was missing. Calling out his name, he got no reply. Nudging the half-asleep Gimli, who was lying down next to him, and asked him if he knew where Legolas was. Annoyed at being disturbed from his rest, he answered grumpily,

"He just went for a walk. He said he couldn't stand the smell of our pipe-weed, so he went to get some fresh air." Aragorn nodded his thanks and let Gimli return to his sleep, but he only felt partially satisfied. For some reason he couldn't explain, he felt worried about where Legolas was.


Legolas stirred. His head ached. Slowly opening his eyes, he was surprised to find himself sitting in a room. Surely he had been outside just a few moments ago? Trying to look around, he winced at the sudden movement. Raising a hand towards his head, he felt cold metal biting into his wrists. Looking down at his hands, he discovered they were handcuffed together and chained to the wall. His feet were in a similar predicament. Chains were wrapped around his ankle and fixed to a bracket on the wall. Tugging at his restraints, he found that the chains wouldn't budge an inch. Fear wound its icy claw around him and he felt himself starting to hyperventilate. Forcing himself to remain calm, he slowly turned at the sound of a door being opened. Grima was holding it open, and through it walked Saruman, an evil smile on his face. Grima leered at Legolas, before exiting the room, shutting the door behind him.

Saruman slowly paced the small room, not even glancing in Legolas' direction, before finally stopping directly in front of him and knelt down to face him.

"How are we then, *Master* Legolas?" The sarcasm in his voice was apparent.

"What am I doing here?" Legolas asked angrily

"What would you like me to do?"

"Let me go!," Legolas spat back at him.

Saruman eyed him with a cool indifference

"Such bad manners from such a graceful creature." Suddenly, he leaned closer towards Legolas, and a wild gleam entered his eyes, "so maybe I should teach you some manners."

Controlling his mixed feelings of anger and panic, Legolas tried to reply evenly, "You can't keep me here forever. The others know that you are up here. When they discover I'm missing, they'll come looking for me." Saruman just laughed.

"I have no intention of keeping you here forever. And what if I decide to change your appearance?" At this Saruman leaned even closer to Legolas. Legolas flinched and tried to turn his head away from the old wizard, but a strong hand held him firmly in place.

"You know how Orcs were created, don't you Legolas?." It wasn't much of a question as it was a statement. Legolas felt a shiver rack his body, fearful at what Saruman would turn him into.

"Your *friends* wouldn't recognise you then, would they?" Suddenly, Saruman stood up,

"But have no fear, I wouldn't want to ruin the features of someone as beautiful as you," the evil look returned to Sarumans' face, "I have a far better use for your good looks." Saruman began to open his robes, and Legolas shook his head as Saruman approached him,

"No... You cant..."

"But I can!" Saruman yelled triumphantly. Standing in front of Legolas, his obscene erect cock was dangling before Legolas' face. Revulsion swept through Legolas, and his mouth remained tightly closed, refusing to do Sarumans' bidding, not caring about what punishment the wizard would mete out on him , as long as he didn't have to do *this*.

Saruman had other ideas though. Closing his hands around the elf's throat, Legolas instinctively opened his mouth. Seizing his opportunity, Saruman rammed his cock into Legolas' mouth.

"Just suck and don't bite, my pretty," he hissed, "otherwise you'll be an Orc before nightfall."

Legolas felt sick. This was a punishment he did care about. A continuous mantra ran through his mind "Nonononononononono...," in denial of what he was doing and what was being done to him. Trying to ignore the cold, uncaring hands that reached underneath his clothes to touch his pure skin. To ignore the throbbing organ in his mouth that threatened to choke him. To ignore the bitter, salty liquid that ran down his throat, making him want to vomit.

After he had come, Saruman released him, and dressed himself again. Grinning victoriously at the elf with tear stained eyes, he started to make his way out of the room, but a voice stopped him.

"Saruman!," the voice commanded.

"Curse him!" Saruman muttered through clenched teeth, "What is Gandalf doing here again?" Legolas looked up, a faint glimmer of hope starting to shine inside him.

"Saruman!" The voice sounded nearer...

Suddenly the door to the room was flung open, framing the people standing outside it; Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Merry, Pippin, Theoden and Eomer. Aragorn gasped at the sight of his lover chained to the wall, and rushed in to free him. As soon as Legolas was free, he rushed out of the room, and stood shivering outside on the stairs. Aragorn watched him anxiously as the others tried to talk to Saruman. The dark crystal that was thrown at them seemed to signify the end of their confrontation, and without looking back, they left Orthanc.


Once back on their horses, Gimli tried to talk to Legolas, "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," came the non-committal reply. Moving his horse closer to Legolas', Aragorn noted with unease that Legolas was trying to subtly move away from him.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Legolas almost shouted, "I just need to be on my own now." Aragorn looked at him, hoping that the concern he felt for Legolas showed in his voice.

"Just don't do anything you'll regret now. Time will heal..." Aragorn never got to finish his sentence, as Legolas interrupted. Turning on Aragorn, an icy fire blazing in his eyes, he snarled,

"Time? Don't talk to be about time." Increasing the distance between them, Legolas called back,

"I'm an immortal, remember? I have *forever* to forget!"

Aragorn could only watch, the faint hint of tears pricking at his eyes, as the elf rode ahead of him, and seemingly, out of his life.

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