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Chapter 5

By Amber


Aragorn sat on a low hanging branch of a tree. The moon was bright tonight, so he could see quite well without the help of a fire. Shifting restlessly, he peered into the distance, trying to see if whoever had come to take away their horses would return that night. He wasn't in a good mood, and the fact that someone had stolen their horses wasn't helping, but in a strange way, he was almost glad someone had taken them. He felt awful, having to watch Legolas and Gimli together on Arod, their horse. He wondered, if he hadn't done what he did to Legolas, that he wouldn't have read anything into it, but just seeing them two together... Gimli was almost *hugging* Legolas! Aragorn knew that the reason Gimli had to hold onto Legolas was to stop himself falling of the horse, but jealousy clouds judgement, so common sense took a back seat to distorted reality in his mind. Switching his position, so he was now facing the two sleeping figures, he let his gaze fall upon the object of his desires. Asleep, he looked so peaceful, the raw emotional pain that had marred his beautiful face during the day was now gone. At this thought, Aragorn felt slightly ashamed, knowing he was the cause of Legolas' pain. Legolas stirred in his sleep, and Aragorn removed his gaze and went back to watching the dark.


As the moon lowered over the edge of one of the mountains, he sensed a presence behind him. Without turning around, he knew it was Legolas. They had agreed before to split the sentry duties for that night between the three of them. He had agreed to go first, Gimli wanted to go last, so that left the second watch to Legolas.

"You can go to sleep now Aragorn." His voice was cool, disconnected and emotionless, causing Aragorn to wince. Turning round to look Legolas in the eye, he found that Legolas wouldn't meet his gaze

"Won't you talk to me?" Aragorn asked, a pleading note in his voice. Still not looking directly at Aragorn, Legolas replied,

"What's there to talk about? You've finally realised that you have a girlfriend. Just go to sleep." Undeterred, Aragorn continued to talk to Legolas.

"Did Gimli tell you about Arwen?"

"YES!" Turning on Aragorn, Legolas glared at him, an angry look in his eyes.

"I can't *believe* you didn't tell me about her! What did you think you were doing? Was I just someone you could take your sexual frustration out on?" Legolas gave a choked sob, and ended his tirade. Aragorn stared aghast as a bitter tear started to run down the elf's sweet face. Legolas turned away from Aragorn, and went to sit down next to one of the trees. With a sigh, Aragorn moved towards him, and laid a hand on his shoulder. Legolas shrugged it away, and continued to gaze into the night.

"I'm sorry, Legolas. I know I should have told you about Arwen, but I wasn't even thinking about her when I was with you. I was just confused when I pushed you away. I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" asked Legolas cynically. Legolas shifted his gaze to look at Aragorn, "is that going to make it better?"

"Please, Legolas, just give us a chance. However much I love Arwen, I feel for you even more." Aragorn knew he was begging, but he had to get Legolas back.

"There's an 'us'?" Legolas stood up and started to walk away from Aragorn.

"You haven't even considered how Arwen will feel. She was willing to give up her immortality just to be with you. Don't you think that she might possibly be a bit upset?" Legolas suddenly stopped walking, and faced Aragorn,

"And how do I know, that if I ever did get back with you, that you won't decide to run off with whoever catches your eye next?" With that, Legolas stalked off. Aragorn put his head in his hands and tried to think of something to tell Legolas, something that would make him believe that Aragorn really did love him.


For a few moments, Aragorn just stood there. Finally he went to look for Legolas. it didn't take him long. Legolas still upheld his responsibilities of keeping watch, and stood just a short distance away from where they were camped. Aragorn approached him, and stopped when he was standing near Legolas.

"Are you just going to spend the whole night following me around?"

Aragorn took a step closer to Legolas. He didn't draw back, which Aragorn took as a good sign.

"Legolas, Arwen can tell when I'm being sincere. She'll learn to accept the fact I'm with you.." Legolas didn't reply, he just continued to stare into the distance. Aragorn took another step towards Legolas, so now they were standing so close, that their bodies almost touched. Legolas didn't move a muscle.

"I can't change what I did in the past, and I can't predict the future," Aragorn continued, and lowered his face towards Legolas, "but I can do something about the present." Legolas turned to face Aragorn. Brown eyes met blue.

"Please, Legolas, can you forgive me?"

Slowly, Aragorn moved his mouth over the elf's, smiling inside himself as Legolas responded. After a while, Legolas broke contact, and looked down at the ground. Aragorn moved one of his hands in a stroking motion down Legolas' face before cupping his chin and forcing Legolas' head upwards to meet his gaze. Smiling down at him, he whispered,

"Are you ok now?" Legolas smiled back up at him and shrugged.

"You know, it's going to take a lot more than just a kiss to make it up to me." Aragorn thought he saw a suggestive gleam in Legolas' eyes.

"I know," Aragorn replied, "but I promise I'll fully make it up to you."

Aragorn reached for Legolas' hand, and together, like they had done at the beginning of their relationship, they made their way back to where they were camped.

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