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This is for anyone who likes angst (especially slashchick and Amaryllis!)

(Note to Gami-chan - I meant that I didn't call Legolas 'young' in chapter 3)


Chapter 4

By Amber


Breathing heavily, Legolas slowly drew himself out of the water. Wiping the tears away from his face, he dried himself, dressed and made his way back to where they were camped.

It didn't take long for him to reach the ring of fir trees where Gimli was keeping guard. Legolas noticed that Aragorn wasn't there. He wondered where he had run off to, and felt slightly worried. He didn't want Aragorn to get into trouble, however much he had just hurt him. Feeling downcast, Legolas walked towards where his bow and other belongings were, trying to avoid Gimli's gaze.

Gimli noticed that the normally lively elf did not seem his usual self.

"Is everything alright, Legolas? I thought I heard shouting by the lagoon." Concern flooded Gimli's voice. Legolas turned his tear stained face towards Gimli, trying to shield himself with his long, blond hair and looked at him out of his red rimmed, mournful eyes. He looked heartbroken.

"I... I'm ok," he replied hesitantly, trying to sound like he really *was* fine, but failed completely.

"You're not," Gimli replied, his voice sounding calm, but the look on his face showed he was worried. In the short time he had known Legolas, he had never seen him like this before.

"Its just that I'm ... He said... I thought," Legolas tried to put a coherent sentence together, but his emotions soon overtook him, and tears once again began to slide down his face. Soon his whole body was shaking with the sobs he was trying to hold back in. Gimli trotted over to where Legolas was standing and laid a hand on his back, making Legolas sit down. Crouching next to him, Gimli moved Legolas' head onto his shoulder.

"Let it go," he whispered. Soon, Legolas was crying softly onto Gimli's shoulder.


Aragorn was resting against a tall oak, a short distance from where they were camped. He had dressed, and was now trying to think over what he had just done, trying to forget what he felt for Legolas, but his thoughts kept on being interrupted by visions of a beautiful, innocent elf who had tears running down his face. Finally he gave up trying to cheat himself, and admitted, that however much he loved Arwen, he loved Legolas more. Determinedly, Aragorn made his way back to where they were located, hoping to find Legolas there. He would explain to Legolas why he pushed him away, then try and make it up to him. Somehow, he would get Legolas to realise he loved him.

Swiftly, Aragorn made his way through the forest, to the ring of fir trees, and the stopped short at the image that met his eyes. Legolas was asleep, his head resting in Gimli's lap. He felt the blood drain his body, and just stood their, watching, as one of Gimli's hands smoothed out Legolas' hair. Finally, Gimli looked up at the pale, shaking figure of Aragorn. The look on his face was one of contempt. Suddenly, a rush of anger surged its way through Aragorns' body. Stalking over to where Gimli and Legolas were, he began to shout,

"What do you think..."

Gimli motioned with one of his hands to keep quite, "Shhhhh! You'll wake up Legolas!"

Aragorn lowered the tone of his voice. "... you are doing to him?"

Gimli raised an eyebrow. "I'm comforting him. *Someone* upset him." Then ignoring Aragorn, he turned his attention back to the sleeping form of Legolas.

Aragorn remained motionless for a moment, just staring at them in disbelief. Of course, he couldn't have expected Legolas to want to rush straight back into his arms after what he had done to him, but he hadn't expected *this* either. Slowly he turned around, and made his way to where he was going to spend the night. Sitting wearily down amongst the few things he had brought with him, he felt something trickle down his cheek. He reached up with his hand to brush it away, and then looked at the tear resting on his finger. He couldn't even *remember* the last time he had cried. Sighing, he lay down on the ground and tried to sleep, forcing himself not to think about the golden haired Adonis that lay just a few feet away. It was going to be a long night ...

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