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Chapter 3

By Amber


That night they camped a short distance away from where they had fought a battle with the Orcs. They did not want to stay in that place, where the ground was stained black from the blood of the Orcs, but due to Aragorns' wounded leg, although he complained little of it, they didn't want to move too far that night either. So instead of spending the night in the copse, they spent it in a sheltered glade, next to a large lagoon.


Upon arrival, they wearily sank to the ground, exhausted from battle, but unable to fall asleep straight away. Gimli started to clean his axe, Aragorn tended to his leg and Legolas sorted out the arrows he had managed to salvage from the fight. Fearing another attack from the Orcs, they didn't want to light a fire, so they worked by the faint light of the moon, but after a while, clouds passed over the face of the moon, and they were forced to stop what they were doing. Gimli agreed to stay up that night to keep watch, Aragorn stretched himself out on the ground, eager to fall asleep, and forget the troubles of that day. Legolas, although he felt just as tired as the others, did not want to sleep when he was covered in the dirt he had gained from their clash with Orcs, announced that he was going to bathe himself in the lagoon. Aragorn opened his eyes with faint interest when Legolas departed for the lagoon, but made no move to follow him. He still felt a bit shy of Legolas, as he was unsure how the elf felt about the kiss they had shared not so long. Also he was worried about what Gimli would think of them. Groaning, he turned over on his side, to avoid resting on his wounded leg, and finding that his thoughts were now filled with Legolas, he tried to fall asleep...


... And was shaken awake just a few moments later by Gimli.

"Did I wake you?" Gimli had an apologetic look on his face. Aragorn just rolled his eyes.

"It seemed as if you were awake as you looked restless. I just thought it would be a good idea to bathe your leg. It would help to relieve the pain. Anyway, you don't want to risk infection." Aragorn nodded dumbly, still half asleep. Then something alerted itself in his mind.

"Has Legolas finished?"

"No, but the lagoon is big enough for both of you!"

Grumbling a bit under his breath, Aragorn got up, and started to struggle out of his chain mail. Just leaving his tunic on, he made his way to the lagoon, leaving Gimli to guard their belongings on his own.


The lagoon was screened from where they were camped by a small row of ash trees. A carpet of lush, green grass led the way to the lagoon, whose calm waters looked cool and inviting. Aragorn spotted a slim, long haired figure perched on one of the moss covered rocks at the edge of the lagoon. Legolas. With a sigh, he stripped himself of the remains of his clothing and padded down to the waters. Suddenly, Legolas leaped of the rock and into the water, as graceful as a dolphin, hardly making a sound. He submerged, and Aragorn found himself catching his breath. The water ran down Legolas' alabaster skin, making him glow, and the drops that were caught in his golden hair glittered like gems in the pale moonlight that had reappeared. He wore only his leggings, and from where he stood, Aragorn could make out the elegant, flowing lines of Legolas' slender body. Aragorn felt a stirring in his cock. Feeling uncomfortable, he shifted his position, he couldn't go into the water like this!


Legolas slowly turned, and seemed to notice Aragorn for the first time.

"Aragorn?," he whispered, looking at him out of his deep, soulful eyes. Noticing the apparent invitation in his voice, Aragorn slowly made his way into the water, noting with satisfaction that the waters were as refreshing as he had hoped them to be, the cool waters also offering a relief to his rising erection. He quickly splashed the water over his face and body, not wanting to remain too long in the water with Legolas. Even after the kiss which he had initiated, he still wasn't sure about how far he wanted to go with Legolas, or how far Legolas wanted to go with *him*.


Suddenly he felt a pair of cool, damp arms encircle his waist. He froze. Soft, warm lips grazed his shoulder and neck. turning around, Aragorn found himself facing Legolas who had a flirty grin on his face. Forgetting his earlier cautions, Aragorn gave up to temptation. Drawing Legolas into him, and pressing himself up against his satiny smooth skin, he reached down to kiss the elf on his lips. Legolas opened his mouth for Aragorn, letting his tongue slide in. A moan vibrated through the two of them, and Aragorn delighted in the knowledge that the elf was just as hard as him. Rubbing against him, Aragorn revelled in the sensation of fabric against flesh, and moved his hands down to the waistband of Legolas' leggings. Resting his head on Legolas' shoulder, he whispered

"I love you."


I love you... I love you... he had said those words to someone before. Images floated through Aragons' mind. A pale face, dark hair, sad blue eyes... ARWEN! Gasping, Aragorn broke his contact from the elf and turned away from him.

"Aragorn?" Legolas asked softly, a look of confusion spreading across his face. Aragorn gave no response, only breathing heavily as he thought of the one he had betrayed.

"Aragorn!" Legolas called his name more urgently, and moved to touch him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Aragorn screamed and violently pushed him away, knocking him down into the water. Legolas gasped, more from shock than pain, and sat down heavily in the water, his hair pooling around him, and started to look up at Aragorn. And then Aragorn ran. He ran so he wouldn't have to see Legolas' hurt and pain, ran so he wouldn't have to see the elf's tears running down his pretty, pretty face...

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