Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 18 - The Art of Seduction... By Haldir

By Morgana


Haldir was growing impatient. The day didn’t seem to come to an end, and he was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the servant that would take him to Elrond’s chambers. During the last few hours he had thought of many possible ways to seduce Elrond, but much depended on the half-Elf’s mindset.

He was rather surprised that the fabled Lord of Imladris hadn’t taken any action yet, as the attraction was so obvious. /Can it be that he is still mourning the loss of his wife? But Celebrían departed many centuries ago./ He had lost lovers himself, but he had always allowed himself to love again, knowing his lost loves would want him to be happy. Wallowing in self-pity was an alien concept to him. Plus it was hard to pout or mock with his two younger brothers around. They always cheered him up when he felt listless.

A knock on the door announced the servant’s arrival, and after calling out ‘enter’ Haldir slowly got to his feet. His leg still throbbed, but he determinedly bit down the dull ache.

A rather handsome Elf with long, white hair bowed slightly. Amusement shone from grey eyes, as the other Elf took in his appearance. "My name is Lindir. Lord Elrond asked me to escort you to his rooms."

Haldir caught the playful note to the Elf’s voice and wondered about it. Had this one realized his intentions in just a few seconds?

"Please follow me," said Lindir bemused. He had helped the healers tend to their silver-haired patient, and he reckoned no one had told Haldir that he had whispered Elrond’s name during his healing sleep. Not even Elrond himself was aware of that fact!

Haldir’s slow pace forced Lindir to slow down as well, making sure their guest could keep up with him. In the end, he fell into step beside the guardian. "How do you like Imladris so far? I realize you have seen very little of our beautiful realm."

"I plan to make up for the loss once I am fully mobile again," said Haldir thoughtfully. "But what I have seen so far is beautiful indeed," he mumbled beneath his breath.

Lindir smirked. "Aye, our Lord is beautiful, as well as wise."

Haldir’s eyes narrowed. He knew a formidable adversary when he saw one. "And what is your… task in this household?"

Lindir laughed amused. "I used to be Celebrían’s right hand. After she left I took over her duties."

Haldir raised an eyebrow. So Lindir wasn’t without power and had direct access to Elrond. Maybe he could get some information out of the white-haired Elf. "Your Lord must have been devastated when his Lady left for Valinor."

"Aye, we mourned her departure, but she did not have a choice." Lindir had a fairly good idea where this conversation was headed and allowed it. "Frankly, I do not think Lord Elrond ever dealt with the loss."

Haldir licked his lips, steering the conversation in the desired direction. "Would it not have been wise to take a lover then to counteract the grief?"

Lindir grinned smugly. Oh, this one was truly transparent! "He did, but found no happiness in a casual relationship. His heart yearns for true love."

"Found?" Haldir wondered about the past tense Lindir had used. "He is no longer in this relationship then?" He reckoned that Lindir knew by now why he was asking these questions. The white-haired Elf struck him as intelligent and cunning.

Lindir inclined his head, watching Haldir intently. "At the moment his heart is available, but I doubt he will give it away in a fling. He desires more. Let that be a warning. You might mean well, Haldir of ‘Lórien, but no one wants to see him get hurt again. He is still hurting inside and we won’t let you add to his pain."

Surprised at the bold tone and Lindir’s directness, Haldir nodded once. "I won’t hurt him."

"Aye, but you will." Seeing Haldir’s indignant expression, Lindir explained, "You will return to the Golden Wood once you are fully recovered."

Suddenly Haldir wondered if seducing Elrond was such a good idea after all. Lindir was right; he would leave for Lothlórien within the next few days, leaving Elrond behind. "You speak wisely."

"I care for my Lord," said Lindir in a sharp tone. They had reached Elrond’s rooms and he knocked, announcing their arrival. "Do not play games with his heart," Lindir said as a final warning and then turned to leave.

Watching Lindir leave, he nearly missed the softly whispered ‘enter’. Composing himself, he opened the door and stepped inside. Elrond’s rooms were extremely spacious and luxuriously furnished. Beneath the window stood a table already set for dinner. In one corner he could see an ancient and impressive desk covered with papers. Behind it sat Elrond, who now rose to his feet.

Elrond drew in a deep breath, hoping he wouldn’t make a fool of himself during these next few hours. All he had to do was to stay calm and controlled until Haldir had left. Then he would probably never see the guardian again.

"Greetings, Haldir. I hope you bring a good appetite with you. The cook prepared salmon, freshly caught from the Bruinen."

Haldir inclined his head in greeting. "I thank you for your kind invitation to dinner tonight, Lord Elrond."

Elrond cringed. "There is no need for titles in here, Haldir." He raised a hand and signaled for Haldir to follow him to the table. "Does your leg still hurt?"

"Not enough to bother me," said Haldir, but he did feel relieved when sitting down. His leg still throbbed, but he didn’t want Elrond to know. The half-Elf would probably confine him to bed again. And what was a bit of discomfort when he could have dinner with the fabled half-Elf? "I am honored that you looked after me yourself."

Elrond seated himself, sweeping his long, formal robes aside when he made himself comfortable. "It was the least I could do. Galadriel thinks highly of you and she was rather concerned about you." Reaching for the carafe filled with sweet, but potent wine, he filled first Haldir’s glass and then his own. "The speed of your recovery pleases me, Haldir. It was fortunate that I found the remnant of that arrowhead. It continued to poison you."

As host, Elrond placed a rather large piece of smoked salmon on Haldir’s plate, and added several slices of freshly baked bread as well. "Please, eat. You need to make up for the weight that you lost during your healing sleep." In an unguarded moment, Elrond caught himself staring at the ‘Lórien beauty and it was his heart, instead of his groin, that stirred. The hazel eyes seemed to probe his soul and he quickly lowered his gaze, staring at his plate instead. He forced himself to eat a few bites, but he had lost all appetite now that the object of his desire was just a few feet away.

Haldir caught himself poking at the fish, but felt unable to enjoy it until this sensual tension between them had been addressed. Keeping Lindir’s warning in mind, he tried to come up with his next move.

Trying to think of a topic for their conversation, Elrond made the mistake of looking into Haldir’s smoldering eyes. /Aiya, he feels it too./ That complicated matters. Until now he had managed to fool himself into believing that the attraction wasn’t mutual.

"May I ask you something personal?" Haldir leaned back into the comfort of the chair, holding his glass, filled with delicious wine, in his hand.

Elrond startled, but then met Haldir’s probing gaze. "What do you wish to know?"

"How old are you, Elrond?" Haldir thought he might have found an opening for the conversation he wanted to have with the half-Elf.

Elrond raised an eyebrow, but deemed the question a harmless one. "Over six thousand years."

"Old enough to realize and acknowledge that we are attracted to each other, and yet you seem determined to ignore this sensual tension between us." He pretended not to notice Elrond’s apparent distress and continued, "Why is that?"

Elrond hadn’t counted on Haldir being that direct. He had thought that the silver-haired Elf would play along and pretend they weren’t drawn to one another. Uncertain how to handle this matter he decided to opt for honesty. Lying would only make this worse. "Aye, it is true. I feel this attraction as well."

"But you choose not to act on it. Why?" Haldir’s eyes narrowed, suddenly realizing how nervous the half-Elf was. The Lord of Imladris looked positively cornered.

Elrond sighed and shook his head. "This attraction will only cause us pain."

/Cause *us* pain?/ Haldir frowned. /You have been hurt in the past and I do not think it is solely because of Celebrían’s departure that you cannot trust again./ Pushing back his chair, he slowly rose to his feet, catching Elrond’s concerned look when he briefly swayed. After steadying himself, he covered the distance between them and remained standing next to Elrond’s chair. Extending his hand, he invited the half-Elf to rise from his chair as well.

Elrond released another troubled sigh and accepted the invitation, getting to his feet. He allowed Haldir to gather his hands in his and he quivered at the contact. "I cannot deny there is… some attraction between us." That was quite an understatement. He trembled with desire as Haldir tenderly rubbed his knuckles. Holding his breath, he watched, entranced, as Haldir raised one of his hands and then pressed a chaste kiss onto his palm. "What are you doing?"

Haldir shot him a wicked glance. "Acting on this attraction. We are old enough to know this does not happen too often. We should thank the Valar and enjoy what they are giving us." Pushing up the sleeve of Elrond’s formal robes, he exposed more skin. He pressed his lips against the half-Elf’s wrist, momentarily letting his tongue lap at the skin before gently suckling it.

Elrond closed his eyes in utter bliss. Never before had his feelings been this intense, -- not even with Celebrían. Was Haldir right? Had this been ordained by the Valar? /What a pompous thought. The Valar do not care about my needs. Why would they send this silver-haired beauty my way?/ Did he even stand a chance fighting this? And why, in Elbereth’s name, *was* he fighting this?

"Let me take away your troubles. Trust yourself to me. You know this is meant to happen. Why fight this?" Haldir had moved behind Elrond, whose eyes were still closed and he swept away the long, dark mane to press his lips against the column of Elrond’s neck. "Let me make you forget your problems. Let me make love to you."

The words shook Elrond from the bliss he had been in. Abruptly, he pulled away, putting some distance between them.

Haldir let the half-Elf move away, but kept a close eye on Elrond. The inner struggle that was taking place in the half-Elf was written all over his face. "Why are you so determined to fight this?"

Elrond stood in front of the window and stared outside, mesmerized. He wanted what Haldir so willingly offered, but he couldn’t take it. Movement to his right told him that the silver-haired Elf had joined him. Haldir placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing reassuringly.

"Pray tell me."

Elrond finally met Haldir’s gaze again. "In a few days you will leave for the Golden Wood. I am sorry, mellon-nîn, but I cannot set myself up for more heartbreak. My heart is already fragile enough as it is."

Haldir recalled Lindir’s words, realizing the white-haired Elf had been right. "Would it make a difference if I stayed?" Elrond laughed and Haldir startled at its bitter tone.

"Let us assume you were to stay another week. You would either grow bored or homesick and you would leave for Lothlórien at any rate. Let us not delude ourselves." Elrond barely refrained from shaking off Haldir’s hand. At this point the physical contact actually made his heart ache.

"Bored? I am sure you will find some duties for me to perform. It is not like I am without qualifications," mused Haldir aloud. He was surprised to find that he was willing to stay in Imladris to be with Elrond. He would surely miss his brothers and his Lord and Lady, but somehow Elrond seemed more important right now. "I have served my Lord Celeborn for many millennia, as his personal assistant and as his seneschal." Haldir was surprised when Elrond’s gaze suddenly locked with his.

"That might work."

"What might?" Haldir grew hopeful again, seeing the warm expression in the half-Elf’s eyes. Drawing Elrond closer, he managed to fold an arm around the half-Elf’s waist. Elrond barely seemed to notice.

"Glorfindel cannot carry out his duties for the next few months… maybe even years." Once the child was born, the baby would need Glorfindel close. "You might fill in for him until he is capable of returning to his duties."

Haldir nodded once and smiled. Although he was curious to learn what ailed Glorfindel it wasn’t a priority right now. "I will fill in for him." Haldir wasn’t sure what he had just gotten himself into, or how to explain this to Celeborn and Galadriel, but he would find a way. He just couldn’t stand the pain and loneliness in those blue-grey eyes.

While resting his hand at the nape of Elrond’s neck, Haldir leaned in closer and gently claimed the half-Elf’s lips. He suspected that a wild fire burned deep inside those cool blue eyes, and he didn’t mind being burned. Elrond’s lips parted and he accepted the invitation; his tongue now nudged against the teeth, gently, but insistently.

Elrond couldn’t believe that he was actually going along with this, but in the end, he parted his teeth as well. The need to be part of someone was overwhelming. And Haldir… -- Haldir was seductive, like liquid silver in his arms. The same arms that he had involuntarily wrapped around the Elf, holding him tight. Panting softly, his gaze pierced Haldir’s hazel eyes. He found lust and love there, mingled with curiosity and concern. /What kind of lover are you, Haldir? Possessive? Demanding?/

Haldir sensed Elrond’s surrender and pulled back, licking his lips. "Let me assure you that I do not take lovers lightly, Elrond Half-Elven. There have only been two and both died in times of war. Once you have me, you will find me possessive, but also extremely loyal."

"Oh, but I want that," whispered Elrond in an unguarded moment. Haldir’s talented hands had somehow undone the buttons to his outer robes and now slipped inside; rubbing his skin through the white linen undershirt he was wearing.

"Talk to me, lirimaer. Tell me what is on your mind." Haldir suspected that Elrond had kept things inside for much too long. "Do I please you? Do you want me? How does it feel when I kiss you?" Planting kisses on Elrond’s throat, he maneuvered the half-Elf toward the bed. The need to become one urged him on and he knew that Elrond felt it too. The half-Elf was now tugging at his clothes as well, quickly undoing all laces.

Laying the half-Elf down, Haldir indulged himself and studied his new lover. Long dark hair lay fanned over the sheets and hooded blue eyes stared at him pleadingly. The luscious, red lips were slightly bruised and the half-open robes made Elrond even more tempting to Haldir. He had to admit that he had expected things to develop differently, but he didn’t mind being asked to play this role. He had thought Elrond would want to dominate their first encounter, but the half-Elf’s surrender was too beautiful to ignore.

Raising his arms, Elrond urged Haldir closer and the silver-haired Elf obliged at once, lying down beside the half-Elf. Slowly, taking his time, he removed Elrond’s robes completely. The revealed body was muscular, Elrond’s abdomen flat, and the long legs wanted to curl around his. /How long since you made love? Really made love?/

"Undress me, lirimaer," said Haldir, lightly caressing Elrond’s chest with the tip of his tongue.

Elrond slowly sat upright and helped Haldir out of his shirt and leggings. Suddenly his brow furrowed. "What about your injury? You should be rest—"

Haldir cut him short, taking Elrond’s lips in a brutal kiss. Ignoring the throbbing in his thigh, he straddled the half-Elf. He pushed his arms beneath Elrond’s back and lifted him slightly, pressing him close. "I would love to take my time with you… To bring you to the edge and back again before making you come, but my leg does still hinder me."

"We do not have to do this n—"

Again, Haldir’s lips silenced him. A demanding tongue chased his, and in the end he moaned helplessly, rubbing himself against Haldir, who was hard as well. Haldir had to pull back when he grew short of breath and Elrond used that moment to whisper, "Open the top drawer of the nightstand."

Haldir obeyed and retrieved the phial filled with musky oil. Wiggling an eyebrow, he opened it and poured the liquid over his fingertips. "I assume you have done this before?" Lindir had hinted at a lover, but had not mentioned this lover’s sex.

"Aye, I have." But Elrond forgot to mention that it had been Glorfindel who had been on the receiving end. Haldir was the first to take him.

Haldir saw something in Elrond’s eyes that made him hesitant, but he couldn’t label the sensation. "Roll onto your side, lirimaer, that way there will be less pressure on my leg."

Elrond eagerly obeyed and pulled his knees close to his chest, giving Haldir easy access to the entrance of his body, trembling with anticipation. This was a first he had thought would never come.

Spooning behind the half-Elf, Haldir wriggled until his hard flesh lay nestled comfortably against Elrond’s buttocks. "You fill my every sense, lirimaer. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It feels like you are in my blood, my every vein. Your voice fills my ears, even when you are silent. I crave you."

Elrond curled his fingers around his erection, stroking slowly. He paced himself as he didn’t want to come yet, but he also knew there would be some discomfort during his first time. Keeping himself on the edge might help him through the initial pain.

Haldir, thinking he was dealing with an experienced lover, coated his shaft with the oil and then positioned himself at the half-Elf’s opening. He frowned, finding Elrond tense and unyielding, and an unpleasant suspicion formed in his mind. "You *have* done this before… haven’t you?"

Elrond sighed, realizing he had better be completely honest. "I have never been on this end before."

Suddenly Haldir understood. Smiling, he leaned in closer and licked the tip of Elrond’s ear. "You should have told me." He reached for the oil again and this time he coated one finger. He placed the digit at the half-Elf’s opening and massaged the guardian ring. "We can still reverse roles."

"Nay," panted Elrond softly, as that first digit slid inside his body. "I want this. I want to experience this."

"You want to let go for the briefest of moments," said Haldir in understanding. "I will take good care of you." Removing his finger, he added more oil and returned with two to stretch his lover properly. He pushed his other arm underneath Elrond’s body and then wrapped his fingers around the half-Elf’s semi-hard member. "I will make you let go. You will come in my arms and forget everything that troubles you. I will make slow, passionate love to you."

Haldir’s whispers relaxed Elrond and the hand that was stroking him was slowly taking him to the edge again. He quivered with expectation when Haldir removed his fingers. A moment later, the blunt head of the silver-haired Elf’s shaft was placed against his opening and he threw back his head, hoping Haldir would finally end their torment.

Deeming his lover ready, Haldir inched inside. He paused, feeling Elrond tense against him and gave his lover the time he needed to grow used to the invasive feeling. "You are beautiful in your surrender, lirimaer. I will always treasure this moment. Let me love you." Feeling Elrond relax minutely, he inched deeper inside. Pausing again at intervals, he matched his movement with the half-Elf’s breathing until he was fully sheathed.

Sweat had appeared on Elrond’s brow. Biting his bottom lip, his breath came in gasps. Haldir felt incredibly huge inside his body and he forced himself to relax.

Haldir chose that moment to pull out and thrust again. Angling his stroke, he brushed the hidden gland inside his lover’s passage.

Elrond’s eyes widened and his body trembled when that first wave of ecstasy swept through him. He had done this to Glorfindel many times, but he had never felt this sensation himself. /If I had known it would be like this, I would have asked Glorfindel to take me a long time ago!/

Haldir grinned into the dark, tangled mane and established a firm, but gentle rhythm. Now that he knew that his lover was inexperienced in this way of lovemaking he was extremely considerate, making sure he brushed Elrond’s sweet spot with every stroke.

In his hand, Elrond’s shaft had grown completely hard and the half-Elf was leaking pre-ejaculate, telling Haldir that his lover was about to come. While pistoning in and out of his lover’s body, he stroked harder, wanting the half-Elf to reach orgasm first.

Elrond shook in Haldir’s arms. The ecstasy that coursed through him robbed him of logical thought and he surrendered to the rocking motion. When he came, he screamed out Haldir’s name, shaking hard.

Haldir held Elrond close, making sure the half-Elf felt cherished and loved. It was hard though, because his lover’s inner muscles contracted around him and had brought him to orgasm as well. "Hush, lirimaer, everything is fine." The intensity of their lovemaking had taken him aback as well.

Elrond cocked his head and managed to catch Haldir’s lips in a bruising kiss.

Haldir smiled; Elrond’s eyes sparkled and he thought he even saw tiny specks, tiny stars in the irises. "You *are* an absolute delight, Elrond Half-Elven."

Elrond felt light, like he had been freed of a terrible burden. Wasn’t it ironic that he had found bliss in the arms of another ‘Lórien Elf? But there was no mistaking Haldir for Celebrían. This love was completely different. "I can… not… explain… this…" he panted, pushed to the limit of his endurance. This last week had been taxing. After worrying about Glorfindel, finding release with Haldir felt like an anti-climax.

Haldir heard Elrond’s pained mew when he pulled out. He had been extremely careful, but he couldn’t rule out that he had hurt the half-Elf. Quickly, he checked for blood and was relieved when there wasn’t any.

Turning in the embrace, Elrond made himself comfortable when they were face to face again. "Are you a romantic, Haldir?"

Haldir considered the question. "I have been told that I am direct… and possessive… demanding as well… No one ever told me that I am a romantic, but if you so desire I will try hard to please you." Smirking smugly, he pulled the half-Elf close. He draped his uninjured leg over Elrond’s hip, making sure the other Elf couldn’t leave. "You seem less troubled now, lirimaer."

"I feel less burdened," agreed Elrond, snuggling up to Haldir. "Did anyone ever tell you that you are cocky?"

"Many did," chuckled Haldir. "But I am glad that I acted on this attraction. If I had left it up to you we would still be dancing around each other."

"You are right." Elrond enjoyed being held close by Haldir. "I haven’t slept properly for days," he admitted. The last time he had slept had been in the Healing House when Elladan had watched over the two of them.

"Then rest. Go to sleep, lirimaer." Haldir pressed a kiss on Elrond’s brow, tightening his hold on the half-Elf. As Elrond fell asleep against him, he was overcome by an immense feeling of protection. /My, I think I love you, Elrond Half-Elven./

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