Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 19 - Breakfast, As Defined By Haldir

By Morgana


In the early hours of the morn, Haldir snuck out of Elrond’s bed. Smiling warmly at the half-Elf, who was still lost in a deep sleep, he slipped into his clothes. Tiptoeing toward the door he felt grateful that his injury no longer hindered him. He followed the sweet scent of freshly baked bread to the kitchens.

Last night, after he had cleaned them up, he had distinctly noticed the heavy, dark circles under Elrond’s eyes. They had urged him to let his new lover sleep, whilst he collected their breakfast. Elrond had mentioned preferring a somewhat romantic lover and he was determined to do his best to please the half-Elf.

Entering the kitchen, he addressed one of the cooks. The Elf quickly agreed to prepare a breakfast tray for Elrond and bade him to wait. Nibbling on some bread, he inclined his head in greeting when Elladan entered.

"You are up early, mellon-nîn," started Elladan, "And what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you still be resting in the Healing House?"

"Your father discharged me." A smug grin almost surfaced on his face, but he controlled himself, as he didn’t want the twins to find out yet. He had always prided himself on being discrete and tactical. Elrond would want to tell his sons himself.

The cook presented him with a tray filled with delicious food items. Especially the baked omelets smelled temptingly. The cook had also added some small, grilled sausages. When he had held Elrond last night he had wondered about the half-Elf’s too thin body. Rest and food what was Elrond needed!

He took his time making his way back to Elrond’s quarters. He didn’t bother to knock and simply entered, putting the tray on the half-Elf’s desk. Soundlessly, he moved back to the bed. Elrond, lying flat on his back, sported an impressive morning erection and the half-Elf moaned softly in his sleep.

Wiggling an eyebrow, Haldir grinned wickedly. Being careful not to rouse his lover from his sleep, he knelt on the bed, studying the half-Elf. The long, dark hair was tangled and Elrond’s lips were still slightly bruised and swollen. He looked good enough to eat -- and a seductive, already erect half-Elf was just what Haldir wanted for breakfast -- before digging into the real food.

On all fours, he crept closer. Making sure he wasn’t putting any weight on the half-Elf, he carefully straddled him. To him, Elrond was like a vintage wine, an acquired taste, wasted on anyone who didn’t see the true inner beauty shining through the stern features. Without realizing it, he had lost his heart to the half-Elf. He just hoped Elrond would guard it wisely.

Leaning forward, he licked his lips, grinning mischievously. Elrond was thrusting slightly, begging to be touched. Haldir quickly obliged him. Using the tip of his tongue, he licked the head of his lover’s erection, drawing a delirious groan from his sleeping lover. After bestowing more cat-like licks to the hard flesh, he pulled back and exhaled deeply, sending cool air over the inflamed head.

Elrond arched his back, thrusting harder and squirming beneath Haldir.

Haldir, always striving for perfection, closed his lips over his lover’s hot flesh. Relaxing the muscles in his throat, he took his lover deeply. A tormented whimper left Elrond’s lips and the half-Elf’s hands found their way into his silver-hair. Hard himself, his erection strained against his leggings.

One of Elrond’s hands gently caressed his hair, whilst the other urged him on, mutely begging him to set a firmer and faster rhythm. Licking up and down his lover’s length, Haldir wrapped his fingers around the hard shaft, stroking lightly.

Elrond was lost in this erotic vision. A hot, eager mouth engulfed him and he thrust deeply, trying to find relief. Part of him wondered if this was a dream or reality, but he was too close to the edge to give it much thought.

His eyes opened, when a digit probed his entrance, expertly sliding inside. Instantly he grew aware of the silver-like hair that caressed his body. /Not a dream then. No, definitely not a dream./ He sighed blissfully when Haldir moved his finger inside his passage, confidently locating his hidden gland.

Staring at the bobbing head, he surrendered to the sensations coursing through his body. He couldn’t remember ever having been this thoroughly possessed before. Haldir played his body cunningly, keeping him on the edge. "Ha…ve… mer…cy…" whispered Elrond, panting hard, regretting the fact that Haldir’s face was hidden behind a curtain of liquid silver.

Taking pity on his lover, Haldir brushed the sweet spot inside the half-Elf’s body repeatedly. Elrond tensed, and his hands -- buried in Haldir’s hair -- tightened, tugging at the long strands. Reading the signs of impending release correctly, Haldir prepared himself to swallow every drop of his lover’s essence.

Elrond had managed to push himself half upright, overcome by the urge to see Haldir swallow. "Ai…ya… Hal…dir…" A passionate fire consumed him, as he reached orgasm and he groaned helplessly when Haldir pulled back, licking him clean. The silver-haired Elf bore a remarkable likeness to a large, predatory cat, licking his lips after removing the last droplets of come from his softening member. "Nîn-naur…" This fire had never before been kindled inside him.

Haldir leaned in closer, still on all fours, and claimed his lover’s lips, allowing Elrond to taste himself. Pressing the half-Elf down onto his back, he kissed his new lover breathless. When he finally pulled back, he contentedly noticed the sated expression in Elrond’s blue eyes. "I might not be a romantic, but I *am* a good lover," he stated confidently.

Elrond agreed with a lazy tone to his voice. "You are, nîn-naur. There is a passionate fire inside you that makes me feel things I have never felt before." Raising a hand, he brushed back a wayward plait. "You are beautiful, Haldir of ‘Lórien."

Haldir grinned cockily. "I know I am," he said teasingly.

Elrond chuckled amused. "And I am most fortunate that you chose to share that fire with me." Haldir might act cocky, but he saw beneath it and realized the Elf’s true, generous nature. "Thank you for waking me in that way, but I must warn you --I might get used to this wake up call."

Haldir licked his lips suggestively. "We will see about tomorrow morning then."

Elrond sighed deeply. If he hadn’t felt this satiated he might have grown hard again. Opening his arms, he pulled Haldir on top of him.

Haldir gladly blanketed the Elf, ignoring the stain that now formed on his leggings. He scowled at Elrond playfully. "You could have cleaned up first. I do not have a spare set of clothes."

"I will let you borrow some of mine," said Elrond teasingly.

"We are hardly the same size." Enjoying their bantering, Haldir raised an eyebrow suggestively.

When Elrond finally realized the pun and was about to make a remark, Haldir silenced him, kissing him deeply.

A sudden commotion coming from the doorway made them stop. Elrond cocked his head and startled. What were the twins doing here?

Elrohir swallowed hard, growing nervous at having caught his father at such an intimate moment. Elladan suddenly elbowed him in his side and he cleared his throat.

Elladan tried to save the situation. "We… thought you might like some… breakfast… But it seems you are… occupied otherwise." He managed not to blush and complimented himself, realizing Elrohir had grown flustered.

"Aiya…" Elrond panicked. He didn’t want his sons to find out about Haldir in this way. Certainly not when their relationship was only a night old!

Haldir caught their panic and decided to take action. "Place the tray next to mine, pyn-neth and then leave us." Leaning in closer again, he ignored the startled expression in the large, expressive blue eyes and pressed his lips against Elrond’s.

Elladan felt somewhat relieved now that they were given a way out. The fact that Haldir continued to kiss their father pleased him. /He seems proud to have Ada for a lover and this is what Elrohir and I set out to achieve. I should feel pleased!/

Elrohir quickly placed the tray next to Haldir’s and giggled nervously. Pulling at Elladan’s tunic, he dragged his twin into the corridor, quickly closing the door behind them. "My brother, that was…"

"Too much…" finished Elladan for him.

"Way too much information. Did you see how startled Ada was?" A wild giggle escaped his throat. "By the Grace of the Valar, Haldir gave him a passion mark. Did you see that?"

Elladan rumbled, "I did not look *that* closely, Elrohir. Seeing Ada in that situation was…" Rendered speechless, he shook his head.

Elrohir giggled, folding one arm around his brother’s shoulders. "I always thought Ada would be the one on top!"

Elladan’s eyes widened at hearing his brother’s words. "I cannot believe you ever thought about that!"

Elrohir shrugged his shoulders, still laughing bemused. "One wonders!"

"Well, I do not!" Elladan shuddered slightly. "Let us join today’s patrol. I need to clear my head and the wind in my face is what I need, right now! I do not want to be anywhere near Ada’s bedroom at this moment!"

Still amused, Elrohir laughed warmly. "Ah, brother, find comfort in the fact that Ada has found love after all, or would you have preferred for him to remain lonely? He might not admit it, but losing Glorfindel to Erestor must have caused some emotional turmoil."

Elladan nodded once, instinctively knowing that his brother was right. "I am happy for Ada… for both of them." Smiling at his brother, they stepped into the courtyard to join today’s patrol.


Like Haldir, Erestor had also risen early and was now preparing the tea that would prevent his lover’s morning sickness. While seated cross-legged on the bed, he studied the golden-haired beauty that was curled up beneath the sheets. Glorfindel had never been more attractive to him.

"Melamin? Wake up, I prepared your tea, which you should drink *now*, before the morning sickness hits!"

Erestor’s voice woke Glorfindel and his eyes grew focused again. The first thing he saw was a cup filled with bitter-tasting tea. Pushing himself into an upright position, he propped some pillows behind his back. Feeling the first wave of nausea, he quickly sipped his tea. A few moments later, his stomach settled down. "I would be miserable without this tea." It kept him from throwing up all morning. Moving about, he groaned softly.

The sound instantly worried Erestor. "Is something wrong?"

"I am still tired." Glorfindel forced himself to finish the tea and handed the empty mug back to Erestor. "And I am hungry."

Erestor handed Glorfindel the warm porridge the cook had prepared for the blond.

The blond sniffed the air disapprovingly. "I do not want to eat that."

"It is healthy. You need to maintain your strength. If you eat this now, I will find some more sweet cake for you later." Erestor hoped the bribe would work. When Celebrían had been pregnant with Arwen, she’d had mood swings and he feared Glorfindel might develop them as well.

Glorfindel mumbled some protest, but ate more than half of the porridge. "I feel full," he remarked surprised. Erestor handed him some fresh orange juice and he sipped the sweet liquid, having to pause regularly. Involuntarily, one hand settled over his stomach again. "It is growing."

Moving slowly, Erestor raised a hand and placed it atop of Glorfindel’s. "Your *son* is growing," he corrected in a kind voice. "Maybe it would help if you named him?"

Glorfindel shuddered. "What name should I pick? Elven or Uruk-Hai?"

Erestor cringed. Seeing the lost expression in those azure eyes, he slowly enfolded the blond in his arms, rocking his lover reassuringly. "I love you, *and* your son."

Glorfindel hated being this emotional, but he just couldn’t stop his tears from falling. "I wish I had your faith."

"Who needs faith when you have love?" Erestor drew in a deep breath and rocked his lover as Glorfindel cried softly. /I assume this is your first mood swing. Elbereth help us./

Pulling himself together, Glorfindel wiped away any remaining tears. "I never cry," he panted softly, trying to calm his breathing.

Erestor pressed a chaste kiss on top of the blond’s head. "I have the feeling you will cry many more times before this baby is born."

Glorfindel gasped, recalling Celebrían’s unpredictable moods. "Elbereth, nay -- not that!"

"I am afraid so." But Erestor made sure he said it with a loving smile on his face. "We will cope with them." Stroking a silky lock away from Glorfindel’s face, he tried to offer his lover the porridge again. "Can you eat some more?"

Glorfindel shook his head. "I still feel full. And I want that cake you promised."

"I will get it for you later." Erestor felt amazed, seeing a brilliant smile surface on Glorfindel’s face. Reading his lover’s moods would be hard, if not impossible for the next few weeks, but he would try hard. "Would you like to take a bath now?"

Glorfindel looked shy all of a sudden. "Shouldn’t we return to our duties? You cannot continue to pamper me until it… -- he -- has been born." Knowing Erestor wanted him to stop thinking about the baby as ‘it’ he corrected himself. "We cannot be idle the entire time. Someone has to be coordinating the patrols and Imladris’ defenses, and Elrond needs you to—"

Erestor cut him short, kissing him on the lips. A soft ‘oh’ escaped Glorfindel, who then returned the kiss, deepening it. Pleased with the result of the kiss he had instigated, Erestor regretted pulling back. "I assume that is a yes?"

"Aye…" Glorfindel smiled happily. "And are you sure we are not needed?"

"Elrond and the twins will have to manage without us. It will be a good learning experience for Elrohir and Elladan." Erestor rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom to fill the pool.

Glorfindel still felt tired when he joined Erestor in the bathroom. Thoughtfully, he slipped out of his sleeping robe. Being naked around his lover was becoming easier. He no longer felt the shame or unease he had initially felt. But when he stepped in front of the mirror, his features contorted. His abdomen showed a very distinct swelling. "How many more weeks do you think?"

Erestor sighed and took Glorfindel into his arms. "I am not a healer, but judging the speed by which the baby is developing I would say a few more days at the most."

"Days? Saruman did not want to wait too long for his… creation to be born," said Glorfindel, flinching. "At first, I did not believe him when he said I would become pregnant…" His voice trailed off as he was losing himself in his memories.

Erestor mentally prepared himself, sensing another mood swing. A moment later, tears reappeared in the blond’s eyes and Glorfindel angrily wiped them away. "Do not fight this, melamin," advised Erestor, "The pregnancy will take its course." He guided Glorfindel to the pool and watched him sit down in the warm water. "Are you comfortable?"

Glorfindel nodded, but a hint of misery remained in his eyes. "What should I do when it… -- he -- is born?"

"We will love your son. And you should think of a name for him." Reaching for the soap, Erestor began to wash the blond’s hair. Although he would love to join his lover in the pool he didn’t dare create such a delicate situation when Glorfindel was this emotional. Only the Valar knew what memories still lingered in his lover’s mind and he didn’t want to evoke them.

Enjoying the attention, Glorfindel closed his eyes, surrendering his lover’s tender care. "I do not deserve you…"

"Yes, you do," said Erestor bemused. After rinsing Glorfindel’s hair, he got to his feet. "I will leave you soaking a little longer, but I will return shortly."

Glorfindel, who had been lured into dozing, looked at his lover suspiciously. "Where are you going?"

"I want to talk to Elrond. I need to tell him that we cannot perform our duties for the next few months."

"Months?" echoed Glorfindel.

"You cannot go back to work when the baby has been born. He will need you close."

Suddenly it hit Glorfindel fully; this child would always be part of him -- his life. Saruman had ruined his life, forcing him to carry this monstrosity. "I hate him!" he hissed angrily.

Erestor understood at once. Once more, he lowered himself onto his heels, caressing Glorfindel’s face. "Do not give into hate. It will poison you from the inside."

Glorfindel sighed. Rationally he knew Erestor’s council was sound, but emotionally… "I hate him! Hate him!"

Seeing the intense emotions in his lover’s sapphire eyes, Erestor realized he had to postpone his visit to Elrond. /Please, Elbereth, do not let these mood swings grow worse. I am not sure how long I can handle them. I will be worn out when the baby is finally born and Glorfindel needs me in a good shape, not exhausted!/

After shedding his sleeping robe, Erestor descended into the pool and gathered Glorfindel in his arms. "I know you hate him, but try to focus on the good emotions -- like my love for you." Subconsciously, he used the link to calm his lover and to reassure him. Glorfindel finally calmed down and rested his head against Erestor’s shoulder.

"I love it when you are this close. I do not know why or how, but when you are close I feel at peace. I feel warm."

Erestor bit his bottom lip -- he desperately wanted to tell Glorfindel about the bond Mandos had created between them, but the Vala had demanded his silence. "I also love having you this close and I am not planning on ever leaving your side."

Glorfindel snuggled up to Erestor. "Elrond and I talked about… giving birth."

"What did he say?"

"He doubts I can actually give birth. He will have to… cut me open and retrieve the baby." Glorfindel shuddered. /That is if the little monster does not tear me open first!/

Hearing that, made Erestor swallow hard. "I will always be at your side." Glorfindel still had a long and painful road ahead of him. "Elrond is a very skilled healer. He will take good care of you and your son." Glorfindel shivered in his arms. "Would you like to leave the water? Maybe a walk in the gardens will lift your spirits."

"I would like that." Glorfindel looked at Erestor guiltily. "And we should talk to Elrond to let him know he is without a seneschal."

"Replacing you will be difficult."

"I hope Elrond finds someone. I would hate letting him down."

"I am sure Elrond understands." Erestor slowly left the pool, pulling Glorfindel along with him. After wrapping the blond in warm towels, he shooed Glorfindel into the bedroom to dress him in comfortable robes, figuring his lover wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a shirt and leggings, for then his distended stomach would show too clearly.

Glorfindel slipped into the green robes, which Erestor handed him. Acting on impulse, he wrapped his arms tightly around the dark-haired Elf. "I do not want to be this… emotional -- unpredictable. I am so sorry…" Seeing Erestor’s reassuring expression, he quickly added, "I love you. I am sorry for putting you through this, but I need you close and… Did I already say I love you?"

"Aye, you did, but do not hesitate to say it again." Smiling brightly, Erestor returned the hug. /Oh, Elbereth, give me the strength and patience to deal with his mood swings!/

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