Glorfindel's Darkest Hour

Chapter 17 - Reassurance

By Morgana


Erestor grew instantly alert, hearing the door open slowly. His hand moved for the dagger, which he kept hidden beneath the mattress. He was always prepared for a possible attacker -- especially now that he was guarding Glorfindelís sleep. He arched an eyebrow at seeing first one, and then another twin shuffle inside. Both half-Elves looked shy and nervous and he knew he was partly to blame for that. He had scared them to death by attacking them in the dark of the night.

Elrohir gingerly made eye contact with Erestor and a silly smile surfaced on his face, seeing Glorfindel curled up around the dark-haired Elfís form. "Can we talk to you for a moment?"

"Aye, you can always talk to me. But why at such a late hour?"

Elladan cleared his throat. "We wanted to make sure that Glorfindel is all right. We were worried." They had waited until Elrohir had eaten and rested for a few hours and had then decided to check on their former tutors. They hadnít really had a chance yet to talk to Glorfindel and they hoped Erestor would reassure them that the blond was doing fine.

Resigning himself to their curiosity and concern, Erestor signaled for the twins to approach.

Elrohir and Elladan remained standing in front of Erestorís big four poster bed. Elrohir realized that he had never been here before. His eyes searched the rooms, realizing these quarters were more comfortable and luxurious than he had thought. First Elrohir, and then Elladan sat down at the foot end of the bed, watching Glorfindel sleep.

"Donít worry, pyn-neth, (young ones) he is doing much better," said Erestor reassuringly. "We even played chess, but he grew sleepy. Must have been all that warm milk he drank."

"Warm milk?" Elrohir grinned. "I cannot remember seeing him drink milk before. Glorfindel always preferred wine."

"Things are different now that Glorfindel isÖ pregnant," said Elladan thoughtfully.

Erestor nodded once. "He has a hard time accepting that he will give birth to this child."

"He is probably afraid that it is partÖ monster," whispered Elrohir shakily, seeing awareness return to Glorfindelís azure eyes. "He is waking up."

Erestor instinctively tightened his hold on the blond and smiled warmly at Glorfindel. "There is no need to wake up, melamin (my love). You can go back to sleep."

But Glorfindel had now located the twins at the foot end of the bed. "Elrohir? ElladanÖ What are you doing here?" He yawned, stretched lazily, and then realized that Erestorís arms were tightly wrapped around him. "Erestor? Why are they here?"

"They want to make sure you are recovering," explained Erestor patiently.

Glorfindel understood the twinsí concern and smiled reassuringly. "I am fine, pyn-neth. Erestor is taking very good care of me."

Elrohir returned the smile and slowly raised his hand, wanting to rest it on Glorfindelís arm. He watched the blond carefully, ready to pull back should Glorfindel become uncomfortable and flinch.

Glorfindel tensed slightly, but Erestorís presence reassured him and he didnít pull away when Elrohir rested a hand on his arm.

"Glorfindel, Elladan and IÖ. WeÖ We want you to know thatÖ" Elrohir pleadingly looked at Elladan, uncertain how to phrase this.

Elladan helped his brother out. "We want you to know that we will be there for you if you need us. Even if it is just to baby sit your son."

Glorfindel swallowed hard. "MyÖ son." His *monstrous* son!

Sensing Glorfindelís darkening mood, Erestor reacted quickly and rubbed the blondís arms. "Aye, your son."

"íTis hard to think of it in that way," said Glorfindel in a shaky tone.

"I understand," replied Erestor calmly. Addressing the twins, he said, "Glorfindel needs to rest and so do you. I suggest you go back to your beds, pyn-neth."

Elladan and Elrohir rose from the bed. Glorfindel tensed again as Elrohir leaned in closer, pressing a chaste kiss on his brow. "Take good care of yourself, mellon-nÓn." (my friend.)

Glorfindelís eyes began to swim, sensing some of the love that Elrohir bore him. A tear left his eyes when Elladan leaned in closer as well, pressing a kiss on his hair.

"We love you," said Elladan warmly, giving Glorfindel a wink.

"I love both of you," whispered Glorfindel, his voice trembling with emotion.

Erestor tucked Glorfindelís head beneath his chin and watched the twins leave. He felt somewhat relieved now that the two half-Elves were gone. Glorfindel needed peace and quiet.

"It was nice of them to drop by and check on us, donít you think?" said Glorfindel in a sleepy tone.

"Aye, it wasÖ But they disturbed your sleep." And the blond needed his sleep now that a baby was growing inside him. "Try to go back to sleep?"

"IÖ alreadyÖ" Another big yawn escaped Glorfindelís lips, as he began to fall asleep again. "LoveÖ youÖ"

Erestor smiled, hearing Glorfindelís breathing even out. Pressing a kiss on top of Glorfindelís head, he whispered, "I love you more than you will ever know!"


Reassured that Glorfindel was safe within Erestorís arms, the twins returned to their rooms. Arien would rise within a few hours and they wanted to catch some more sleep. After leading the patrols Elrohir was now entitled to some days of rest and it would be another few days before Elladan would be called upon to join the patrols. Both of them looked forward to spending time with their father and their former tutors. *And* they had to make sure their father admitted his feelings to Haldir.

Snuggling up to each other, Elladan buried his twin in a warm hug. "I missed you. I hate it when you go on these patrols without me." He had accepted that they would be apart at times, but he didnít necessary like it. Therefore, he cherished these moments spent with his twin.

Elrohir shrugged in his brotherís embrace. "I am back now." He always slept better in his brotherís arms and yawned. "Erestor had the right idea. We should go back to sleep." He rested his head on Elladanís shoulder and closed his eyes.

Elladan nodded. "Aye, we should sleep." Holding his brother protectively, he found he couldnít find sleep yet. "Did you see the way Erestor was holding Glorfindel? And the look in their eyes?"

"They are in love," said Elrohir, nodding against Elladanís chest. "I am happy for them."

"That means we have to make sure Haldir returns Adaís feelings."

"You cannot force love," said Elrohir softly, already dozing off. "If they are meant to happen, they will."

Elladan sighed, knowing instinctively that his brother was right. /I just hope Ada and Haldir are both attracted to each other. Ada needs someone to loveÖ and to love him back./ Worried, he followed his twin into sleep.


"Glorfindel? Melamin, wake up." Erestor had crept out of bed after Glorfindel had had another erotic dream, finding release whilst rubbing himself against him. Feeling somewhat shy, Erestor had left their bed to fetch them breakfast from the kitchens. He had also prepared the tea that would counter the blondís morning sickness. He sat down on the bed again, holding the cup with hot tea in his hand. "Wake up, nÓn ind." (my heart)

Glorfindelís mind slowly returned to awareness. "WhatÖ?" Not fully awake yet, Glorfindel pushed himself into a sitting position, afraid that morning sickness would hit any moment now, but the mere fragrance of the herbs seemed to appease his stomach. Wrapping his hands around the warm mug, he nodded thankfully. His mouth felt dry, and he nearly slipped back into sleep again.

"Stay awake long enough to drink the tea, melamin," said Erestor softly, supporting the blondís hands, which trembled slightly. "I assume this rules out getting up early in the morning from this moment on." Amusement colored his voice. "Elrond will have to find someone else to take over your duties for the next few weeks."

Glorfindel tried to shake the cobwebs from his head. Taking his first sip, he sighed happily. Despite the bitter taste he felt thankful that Erestor had prepared the tea. "I hate morning sickness."

"Finish your tea. I will prepare your bath in the meantime. Maybe that will wake you up." Erestor slid off the bed, whilst Glorfindel nursed his tea. Sleepy eyes followed his movements as he disappeared into the bathroom. He would love to share that bath with his beloved, but had no idea if Glorfindel was ready for such intimacy.

One of Glorfindelís hands settled on his swollen stomach, distinctly feeling the distention. "I think Elrond is wrong."

Although Glorfindelís voice had only been a whisper, Erestor had caught it. "In what way?" He stepped back into the bedroom, and found that Glorfindel was gently rubbing his abdomen through the fabric of the sleeping robe.

"It is growing so fast! Only a few days ago I felt nothing and nowÖ" His voice trailed off. Having finished his tea, he placed the cup aside and slowly rose from the bed. When morning sickness didnít hit him, he felt more confident and walked over to the bathroom, passing Erestor by like the raven-haired Elf wasnít even present.

Glorfindelís behavior worried Erestor and he followed the blond, glancing away when the Elda removed his sleeping robe and stood naked in front of the mirror. He didnít want to be caught staring and was about to turn and leave when Glorfindelís voice called him back.

"Stay." Glorfindel cocked his head, studying himself. All marks Saruman and the Uruk-Hai had left on his skin were gone. The only reminder of his ordeal was his swollen belly. Placing one hand on his abdomen again, he cringed; it seemed to have doubled in size since yesterday. "I doubt it will take ten to twelve weeks for this one to be born."

Erestor didnít know what to say or do. In the end, he walked up to Glorfindel and came to a standstill behind the blond. Staring at their joined reflection only one thought came to mind. "I love you so much."

Momentarily shaken from his troubled thoughts, Glorfindel smiled warmly. Acting instinctively, he reached behind him, took hold of Erestorís right hand and brought it in front of his body. Slowly, he rested Erestorís warm hand against his abdomen, letting the raven-haired Elf feel just how quickly the baby was developing. "It is a monster."

"Nay, it is not." Erestor summoned every ounce of his courage and wrapped both arms tightly around the naked Elf, pulling Glorfindel close to him. He rested his chin on the blondís shoulder and whispered softly, "He is your son. He will be as lovely as you are. Do not torment yourself like this. Remember your vision."

Glorfindelís sigh sounded distressed despite Erestorís reassurance. Only now did Glorfindel realize how close the dark-haired Elf was and how good it felt to be held like this -- to feel Erestorís fingers on his skin. "I owe you an apology."

Erestor frowned deeply. "Why?"

"I discovered I came in my sleep. And I know it happened once before. I did not do it on purpose." Glorfindel flushed and even the tips of his ears turned a dark pink. "I cannot explain it. I mean, I came in my sleep before, but I did not think it possible that it would occur afterÖ after what happened to me."

Erestor instantly soothed him. "NÓn ind, do not worry about it. I see it as proof of how much you trust me."

Horrified, Glorfindel realized he was growing hard again! Closing his eyes, he tried to will his arousal to go away. "I am sorry," he whispered brokenly. He tried to break free from Erestorís hold, but his lover wouldnít let him. His eyes flashed open and he gingerly searched the dark eyes, reflected in the mirror. There was no disgust, nor disapproval, only love and adoration -- plus something else that could be labeled as shyness or nervousness.

Erestor cleared his throat, growing flustered as well. "I would love to touch you and bring you relief, but only if you want me to. I will never pressure you in any way." Averting his eyes, he deeply inhaled Glorfindelís scent. His body was waking up as well.

Now that his curiosity was piqued, Glorfindel turned in the embrace until they were face to face. "Look at me?"

Erestor moistened his lips and forced himself to meet Glorfindelís sapphire eyes. "I do not know how far to take this. You will have to take the lead. I do not want to go too far and make you feel uncomfortable."

"I understand," whispered Glorfindel, raising a hand and settling a finger across Erestorís lips in order to silence him. "I know you love me and that you would never hurt me. I feel safe with you and I want to try this."

Erestorís eyes widened. "Try what?"

"Remove your sleeping robe, nÓn bellas. (my strength)" Glorfindel stepped away from his lover and moved toward the pool, now filled with warm, welcoming water. It was big enough to hold several occupants. "And then join me."

Erestor swallowed hard. He couldnít believe that Glorfindel was taking this step! Thoughtfully, he took his time to disrobe and when he was naked, he locked gazes with the blond, uncertain what reaction to expect. Certainly not the bright smile Glorfindel gave him, nor the blond raising his arm in invitation.

Slowly, he made his way into the pool, sitting down on the carved seats. The water now reached his chest and he wondered what to do next. He was so terribly worried about pressuring Glorfindel that he felt frozen to his seat.

Amused, Glorfindelís smile broadened. "I had not thought you shy," he whispered, inching closer to Erestor. Meeting the large, brown eyes, he reached out and tried to pull Erestor closer to him. But his lover seemed paralyzed, and in the end Glorfindel straddled the dark-haired Elfís hips, wrapping his arms around Erestorís shoulders and resting his head on his loverís shoulder. "Hold me."

Glorfindelís words shook Erestor from his temporary paralysis and he reacted by enfolding the Elda in a tight hug. He was doing his best not to grow aroused, uncertain how Glorfindel would react to feeling his hard flesh pressed against a buttock.

"I love you," whispered Glorfindel seductively. Erestor was much too passive for his taste. "You may touch me, nÓn bellas. Your touch wonít scare me or bring back memories; they have faded throughout these last few days. I want you to touch me. Will you make me beg?" To some degree he understood Erestorís hesitance to touch him intimately, but they had to put that behind them. Taking hold of one of Erestorís hands, he lowered it and curled his loverís fingers around his hard member. "Please touch me."

A lump of emotions formed in Erestorís throat. Looking at Glorfindel, he only found trust and genuine desire in the midnight blue eyes. "Are you sure?"

Glorfindel smiled and nodded once. "Absolutely." As if to prove his point, he reached for Erestorís semi-erect shaft. "Please do not be scared to touch me. I know the difference between being touched in love and in hate."

Erestor gasped; Glorfindelís fingers were curled tightly around his member, which had grown hard under the blondís cunning touch. "Aiye, nÓn ind." Moaning softly, he returned the pleasure and stroked Glorfindelís hard flesh as well. "Im mela lle. (I love you.)"

Glorfindel swallowed hard, seeing his loverís pupils dilate and the irises turn into the deepest black he had ever seen. Erestor seemed so hungry for his touch that it made him ache inside. Leaning in closer, he claimed Erestorís lips, possessing them completely. A moan, coming from his lover, slid into his mouth. When he pulled back, it was with a smile on his face.

The smile on Glorfindelís face, which could be labeled both predatory and seductive, took Erestor aback; he hadnít expected to see such an expression for ages after what the blond had been through. But it seemed that the bond Mandos had created was strong and it had healed Glorfindelís emotional scars. Suddenly his lover sped up and he matched his strokes to Glorfindelís. When the blond leaned in closer again, he expected Glorfindel to claim his lips, but instead the red lips sought out the tender skin of his throat, nibbling at first and then sucking the skin -- hard!

Glorfindel lost himself in the sensations and came in Erestorís hand. The intensity of his orgasm took him aback. Never before had he known such bliss, such complete ecstasy! Panting softly, he released the bruised skin from between his lips. Looking at Erestor, he found that his lover had not reached orgasm yet. Seeing the pleading look in the dark eyes, he kissed Erestor again, forcing himself a way past lips and teeth to chase his loverís tongue in a wild dance. While stroking harder, he suckled the tip of Erestorís tongue. Even in the water Erestorís essence felt hot as it hit his hand.

Satiated, Glorfindel gave his lover a lopsided grin. "Love youÖ" he whispered breathlessly, before resting his head on the other Elfís shoulder again. "I cannot rememberÖ it ever being this intenseÖ beforeÖ"

Erestor whispered softly, "It never was like this before." He felt tired, but in a pleasant way. He didnít mind Glorfindel wearing him down in this manner. "What would you like to do today?"

"We will visit the kitchens first. I am hungry again!" exclaimed Glorfindel, smiling giddily. The fact that he had been able to take this step with Erestor made him feel relieved. "And we should check on Elrond. You mentioned being worried about him and I have some questions about my pregnancy."

Involuntarily Erestorís hand came to rest on Glorfindelís abdomen. "You are right. The baby *is* developing at an amazing rate and I think that you had your first food craving last night." Seeing Glorfindelís puzzled expression, he explained, "The twins were right. I cannot recall you ever drinking milk before."

"My first food cravingÖ Aiya, what is next?" Glorfindel leaned against Erestor, letting the dark-haired Elf hold him close.

"Muscle cramps," said Erestor reluctantly. "And you might crave either more or less sex."

"More, definitely more," whispered Glorfindel, smiling. Now that he felt comfortable he wanted to confide in his lover. "When I have these erotic dreams I see us making love -- slow, tender love."

"And youÖ like that idea?" probed Erestor cautiously.

"Of course! I come, donít I?" Glorfindel chuckled softly.

Erestor licked his lips, uncertain if he should ask his next question or stay silent instead. "*How* do we make love?"

Erestorís question momentarily puzzled Glorfindel, but then he understood. "It differs. In my first dream I took you andÖ This morningís dream was about you making love to me." He nervously cleared his throat. "I liked both ways."

A soft smile shone from the depths of Erestorís eyes. "I would love that as well."

Considering their conversation closed for now, Glorfindel planted one more kiss on Erestorís lips before rising from the water and wrapping himself up in warm towels.

Erestor followed suit, towel drying his skin as well. He couldnít help stealing glances at the blond. "We will visit the kitchens first then?"

Glorfindel nodded his head once and his stomach growled hungrily. Absentmindedly his hand settled on his abdomen. Lost in thought, his eyes darkened with questions.

Erestor quickly joined Glorfindel and rested his hand atop of the blondís. "I will love the both of you."

Glorfindel smiled, kissed Erestor and followed his loverís lead to get dressed.


It was midday before one of the healers finally gave Haldir permission to leave his bed. Thankfully the healer had now left; the she-Elf had been staring at him, making sure he didnít overdo things. He had stared at her in turn and in the end she had averted her eyes, leaving him alone.

But now he was struggling with his clothes. A servant had brought him a new set of clothes, as Elrond had been forced to cut the fabric of his leggings to get to the injury. He had managed to slip into the blue shirt, but found himself at a loss when it came to putting on the leggings. His leg was still uncooperative and moving about too much had caused a constant throbbing in his thigh. Maybe Elrond had been right and he was pushing himself. Maybe resting for another day would have been the best thing to do.

But Haldir wasnít one to back down from a challenge, no matter how painful.

"Do you need any help?"

Elrondís soft voice took him by surprise. He hadnít even heard the half-Elf enter! "I am afraid so."

Elrond walked over to the bed where Haldir was sitting and helped the silver-haired Elf to put on the leggings. The entire time he tried to keep his thoughts pure, but that proved difficult when his fingertips brushed the soft flesh of Haldirís thigh. The touch traveled straight to his groin and, as if burned, he quickly took a step away from the guardian. "You still wish to join me for dinner?"

"Aye." Haldir shot Elrond a curious look. The half-Elfís behavior puzzled him; the attraction was still there -- even growing stronger.

"I will have dinner served in these rooms then. That way you do not have to walk," said Elrond. /What did I say? I should have told him dinner would be served in the dining room! What was I thinking? We should not be alone!/

Haldir didnít like that suggestion one bit. "In these rooms? Aiya, they remind me of my pain. I would rather venture outside. Maybe we can dine in your rooms? That would also give me a chance to explore the Last Homely House."

Elrond bit his bottom lip, never really noticing he was doing it, but Haldir did, and seeing it made his member twitch with anticipation. "Master Elrond, please do not keep me confined to these rooms. Now that I am healing I want to move about."

Knowing he couldnít deny his guest and patient, Elrond nodded reluctantly. "A servant will take you to my rooms at dinner time."

"I am already looking forward to having dinner with you," purred Haldir, leaving little to the imagination, as he licked his lips sensually. The game was afoot. He was determined to make Elrond his before Arien would rise again!

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