The Prince and the Slave

Part 12

By Shinri


Ron sat on the floor on his hands and knees. He brought his hand up to wipe his own split lip off. He couldn’t believe Harry had hit him. “WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?”

Harry looked down at Ron. He took a deep breath before speaking in a normal tone. “Ron, what is your problem with Draco?”

Ron snorted. “He’s just a slave.”

“Damit Ron. He is not just a slave. He is a person. A Person.” He noticed that Ron had gone into a sitting position so Harry got down on the floor with him. He took Ron’s hand in his. “Why are you like this to him Ron? You’ve never treated a person like this, slave or no slave.”

Ron looked down at the floor ashamed. “I know Harry. . . It’s just…”

“Go on Ron.” Harry knew that Ron had a problem showing his deep emotions. Sure he had an easier temper, but Harry knew that Ron kept things that really bugged him hidden. He watched as Ron took a few breaths and waited to collect his thoughts.

“I guess. . . I guess I’m jealous.” Ron’s ears turned a little pink. Harry knew that this was one thing that Ron would hardly ever mention.

But one thing confused him. Why would Ron be jealous? Ron was his best friend. “Why would you be jealous Ron?”

Ron shrugged. “Maybe it’s the way you look at him?

Harry was confused. Surely not. . . “Ron. . . You don’t like me as in like me do you?”

“AGH. . . NO” Ron looked appalled.

“Oh. . . Good.” Harry would have laughed if the situation weren’t so bad. “I was afraid you had feelings for me or something. I only see you as a friend.”

Ron let out a small laugh. “Don’t worry Harry. I don’t think you ever have to worry about that.”

Harry raised a brow. “I’m that bad huh?”

Ron waved his hand. “Of course not Harry. I just think I will stick to those of the opposite sex.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “Fine, but still, what did you mean when you said the way I looked at Draco?”

Ron started to rub his hands together. It was a trait he did when nervous. “I just thought that Draco was going to become you new best friend I guess. I felt like he was going to take my place.”

“Ron, no one could take your place. You will always be my best friend. No one will ever replace you.”

Ron nodded his head. “I’m sorry.”

Harry kneeled up and placed his hand on Ron’s shoulder. “It’s not me who you should apologize too. I believe there is a blond in my room that has had his whole life turned upside down that could use that apology.”

“You’re right, come on.” Together they started for Harry’s quarters.


Draco walked through the halls back towards Harry’s room. He was pissed as hell right now. He could not believe Ron’s actions. He was just turning the last corner to Harry’s room when he was roughly grabbed by his collar and thrown face first into the wall. He fell to the ground and looked up to see who had done it. Draco’s face distorted in anger and fear. “YOU!”

The figure stood over Draco. “Ah, I see you remember me.”

Draco glared while rubbing his neck. He was still on the floor. “Yes, I remember you Peter. You’re nothing but Voldemort’s lapdog.” Draco received another punch to his face.

“We will see who is a lapdog.” He started to kick Draco in the ribs. Draco curled up into a ball trying to protect his stomach as the air was knocked out of his lungs. Peter reached down and started to drag Draco into Harry’s room by his hair. He was about through the door when someone spoke.


Peter turned to see the other guard running towards him. He quickly kicked Draco into the room and turned to address the guard. “The slave was trying to escape.”

“I don’t think so. It looked like he was going to the room.” The guard started to look suspicious, but before anything could be said Peter drew his sword and ran the guard through the stomach.

Peter smiled down at the guard and then took his knife and finished him off. Once he made sure the guard was dead he turned back to Draco. Draco was trying to crawl away from Peter, the whole time he was coughing and gasping for air. Peter let out a grin. “Don’t go anywhere.”

Peter walked over and kicked Draco on his head. Draco brought one of his hands up and shielded the part of the head that was kicked. He got enough air in his lungs to say a few words. “Please stop.”

“You want me to stop do you?” Peter kicked Draco a few more times before turning and shutting the door to the bedroom. He then turned back to Draco. He went over to him and grabbed his arm, bringing Draco to his feet. He dragged Draco and threw him against the wall. Draco slumped down and sat on the floor. There was blood coming from his nose. His nose was the first part of his body that impacted the wall. He saw Peter step towards him and brought his hands up to protect his face, but instead of fist all he got were words.

“I was surprised to see you here. I have been here for a few months doing my lord’s bidding. Then I saw you when you were walking out of the royal dining room. I knew then, by looking at you in slave’s garb that you must have run away from your father. Why?”

Draco took a few deep breaths before answering. “I will not be my father’s pawn or your master’s slut.”

Peter looked at him for a moment surprised. “Interesting. How did you learn of our plans?”

Draco brought his hand up to wipe the blood of his nose. “I over heard my father and one of Voldemort’s servants talking about what was to happen to me.”

“I see.” Peter stood back up. “There is no way I would be able to get you out of this castle back to my lord. I know what he would want. It looks like I am going to have to kill you little prince. But first, let’s have a little fun.”

Peter then started to kick and hit Draco all over his body. It caused his recent bruises to ache even worse and his lip that was already split reopened. It only took a moment for Draco to loose consciousness. Once Peter noticed that Draco was no longer awake he reached down and grabbed Draco and threw him on the bed. He placed his hand on Draco’s pants and started to pull them off. He only got them to Draco’s knees before the door was thrown open.


Ron and Harry were walking down the halls that lead to his room. Every now and then Harry would look at Ron and start to suppress laughs. After a moment Ron’s temper got the best of him. “What do you find so funny.”

Harry just turned to him and smiled. “Oh nothing much. I am just remembering the look on your face when Draco beat you.” Harry started to laugh out loud.

Ron just shook his head. “I don’t find anything funny about it.”

They turned the corner and entered the hallway that had Harry’s room. Harry was still looking at Ron. “It was just-” He was cut off by Ron interrupting.

“MY GOD.” Harry turned to look down the hallway and saw what the problem was. About ten feet away right in front of his door was a bloody figure. Harry started to run towards the figure but was yanked back by Ron. “No Harry, it’s not safe.”

Harry tried again to get away from Ron. “Ron, Draco might be hurt as well.”

Ron grabbed Harry’s shoulders and forced Harry to look at him. “Harry, Draco could have been the one to have done this.”

“He wouldn’t Ron. I know he wouldn’t. Please we have to find him.” Harry looked at Ron pleadingly.

“Fine but stay behind me. If anything happens you get out of here and find the nearest guard. Ok?”

“Ok.” The started towards the figure. Once there Ron turned the body over. Harry looked down and gasped. “It’s Tyler, one of the guards.”

Ron nodded and kneeled down and felt for a pulse. “He’s dead.” He was about to say something else when they heard a crash from inside Harry’s chambers. Ron signaled Harry to be quiet and grabbed the dead guard’s sword. He then pulled Harry behind him and slammed open the door to the room. What he saw shocked him. Draco was lying face down on the bed with his pants down to his knees. The figure responsible turned to look at them as soon as the door opened.

Harry took one look at Draco. “Draco.” He tried to get to Draco but Ron kept him back.

Ron glared at the man before he growled out his next sentence. “Get the hell away from him right now.”

Peter got off the bed and faced Ron and Harry. He pulled out his sword and pointed at Ron. “You had better leave before I kill you.”

Ron brought his sword out in front of him. “I am not leaving here without Draco.”

Peter grinned. “So I see that little traitor told you his name huh. I am surprised you didn’t send him back.”

Ron looked at Harry for a moment before bringing his attention back to Peter. “Back?”

Peter let out a small laugh. “So he hasn’t told you everything. Not that it matters. I was sent here to do a job and you have just made it easier.”

Ron took a step forward. “What job?”

Peter looked at Ron in the eyes. “Step away from the prince and I will show you.”

It only took a second for Ron to understand what he meant. Peter was sent here to kill Harry. “Over my dead body.”

“If that is what it takes.” Peter then charged Ron and they started to fight with their swords. Peter was using his superior strength to try and overpower Ron but Ron was using his speed to dodge out of the way.

Harry watched them from a few feet back. He didn’t have a sword so he knew that he couldn’t help Ron. He knew he should run and get help, but he didn’t want Ron and Draco to stay behind. Draco. Harry looked over towards his bed. Draco still had not moved. He turned back to look at Ron and saw that Ron was starting to get the initiative. They had moved off to the side of the room. Harry quickly ran around them and dashed over to the bed. He reached and rolled Draco over to his back and was pleased to see the movements of his chest.

“Draco.” He got no answer and looked closer. Draco was knocked out. Harry quickly pulled Draco’s pants back, and got ready to run with Draco. But before he got Draco up there was a scream from the other side of the room. He turned to see Peter on the ground and Ron standing over him with a bloody sword. Ron was panting and sweat was all over his face.

Ron reached down and checked for a pulse on Peter. “He’s dead.” He then looked over at Harry who was standing beside the bed that held Draco. “Are you alright Harry?”

Harry nodded. “Thanks to you Ron. But Draco is knocked out and there is blood on his face and he is beat up really bad.”

Ron walked over and inspected Draco himself. After a moment he pulled back up and faced Harry. “It doesn’t look like he received anything serious. I will run and get Madam Pomfery and some guards. I will also swing by first and get your father. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” At Harry’s nod Ron turned and ran out of the room.

Harry got up on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. He brought Draco into his lap and cradled him. He was thinking back over the entire situation. What had Peter meant when he said that Draco had not told him everything? He looked down at the blond in his arms. “Who are you Draco?”





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Harry quickly put his hand out and touched Draco’s shoulder only to have flinch back. Harry quickly withdrew his hand and looked at Madam Pomfery. “What’s wrong with him?”

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