The Prince and the Slave

Part 11

By Shinri


Harry stood up and nodded towards his parents. “Mother… Father.”

He started to walk out but stopped at Ron’s next words. “Slave, you should bow down to the king and queen before leaving.”

Harry sighed. Here we go again. He turned to see a beet red Ron glaring at Draco. Draco for his part was glaring right back and his parents were sitting there taking in the scene. Draco stood with his back straight and looked at Ron. “A Ma-” Draco cut off what ever he was about to say and looked terrified for a moment before recovering. “I bow down to no one.”

Ron just went redder and took a step towards Draco. Harry was sure he would have done more then take a step if it wasn’t for his father standing up and speaking. “Ron leave him be.”

Ron looked scandalized. “But your majesty-”

James brought his hand up. “It is not mine or your place to say what Draco can and can not do. That is totally up to my son. And if Harry feels that Draco is wrong then he can deal with him.”

Ron glared over at Draco before turning and bowing to James. “Of course your highness.” He then turned and walked out the door.

The whole time Draco was standing next to the door. As soon as Ron left the room he turned to face the still standing king. He nodded his head towards him before walking through the door. James smiled and let out a chuckle before turning to his son. “He sure is a brave one isn’t he.”

Harry gulped. He hoped that his father did not ask him to punish Draco. He had a feeling that this was one thing that they weren’t going to able to meet half way on. Sure he could force Draco but he would rather not. He nodded to his father. “Yes he is. I am sorry father.”

James shook his head. “Don’t worry Harry. I meant what I said. What Draco does and doesn’t do is total up to you. I won’t intercede unless he endangers others. Just understand that you may have to face consequences if he steps too far out of line.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you father.” With that said he opened the doors and walked out. He saw Draco waiting for him next to the doorway. “Come on Draco. We have to meet Ron for fencing.” Draco nodded and started to follow Harry down the hallway.

Draco followed Harry down the hall keeping his position. His mind though was somewhere else. He was mentally kicking himself for his almost slip up he made back there. He almost spoke his last name. He knew that if they found out who he was that they would have no choice but to send him back to his father. And that was something that he could never allow. He was brought out of his thoughts when he banged into the back of Harry. He lost his balance and feel down on the ground on his arse.

Harry turned around and looked at Draco that was sprawled out on the floor. “Draco are you ok?”

Draco looked up at Harry from the floor. “I’m fine.” He grasped Harry’s hand that he had lowered and let Harry help him up.

Once up, Harry took a quick look over Draco. “Are you sure you are not hurt.”

Draco rubbed his behind and dusted off his pants. “Just my pride.”

Harry shook his head before nodding towards the door. “Well come on, Ron is probably waiting for us.”

Draco walked into the room after Harry. Once in he took a look around. The floors were made of marble and one wall was covered in mirrors. Draco took a moment while looking at this wall to make sure his hair was ok. Seeing that no disaster was in the making he continued to look. On the opposite wall of the mirrors was a wall full of weapons. There were weapons of all types. He looked into the middle of the room to see Ron standing there holding two fencing swords. The difference between a real sword and a fencing sword was that a fencing sword had no sharp edges and a blunted tip so it could not injure you opponent.

Harry watched Draco looking around. He smiled when he saw Draco check his hair in the mirror. He shook his head before waving his hand towards Draco to get his attention. Once he had his attention he spoke. “Draco, you can go sit against the wall with the mirrors.”

Draco nodded. “Yes master.” He walked over and took a seat next to the mirrors.

Harry’s heart clenched at Draco calling him master. He knew Draco was doing it so he would not have another fight with Ron. He nodded his thanks at Draco. With his parents he was not required to say master, the same when they were alone. Really he shouldn’t have to here but Ron was being a dick. He took his sword from Ron and put his helmet on to protect his face from any injures. He and Ron bowed to each other. “Ready Ron.”

“Alright.” With those words said they started. Ron was quick to take the offensive. The swords were clashing and they were both moving around the room. After about three minutes the match ended with Ron’s sword upon Harry’s chest.

Ron stepped back before he yelled out his victory. “RONALD WEASLY REMAINS THE BEST SWORDSMAN IN THE WORLD. HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUE-”

Ron’s yell of pride was interpreted by a loud snort that came from the figure sitting against the wall. Ron walked over to stand in front of Draco. “Got something to say SLAVE.”

Draco just glared at him from where he sat. He glanced over at Harry before lowering his gaze. He didn’t want to cause Harry a lot of trouble. “No.”

But Ron wasn’t going to leave it at that. He kicked Draco’s foot. “No, I think you do have something to say. What is it? Do you think you could beat me? Is that it?” He kicked Draco’s foot again. “Well is it?”

At the first kick Draco looked up. He looked over and saw Harry’s shocked face. Apparently Ron was stepping out of bounds. He looked back down. At the second kick Draco was starting to get a little mad. He looked up at Ron. So Ron wanted an answer did he? Might as well have a little fun. “Yes, I am better then you.”

Ron turned a little red before turning to Harry. “Harry give him your helmet.”

Harry took his helmet off but kept it on his hands. “Ron I don’t think this is a good idea.”

Ron just waved him off and took the helmet from his hands. “Nonsense Harry. This slave needs to learn his place.” He turned to see Draco had stood up. He thrust the helmet into Draco’s chest causing him to suck his breath in. “Come on then. Let’s see what you got.”

Draco saw Ron walk back to the middle of the room. Draco walked over to Harry. “Can I borrow your sword?” He gestured to the sword that was still in Harry’s hands.

“Fine.” Harry reluctantly handed over the sword, but before Draco could walk away Harry said one last thing. “Be careful Draco. Ron was right. He is one of the best.”

Draco gave him a small smile before glancing at Ron. “Don’t worry Harry. It’s him that will learn a lesson here not me.”

Ron watched as Harry and his slave talked for a moment. He caught the last thing the slave said and he snorted. We’ll see who is taught a lesson. He waited for him to walk up in front of him. “Are you ready slave?”

“Yes.” Draco brought the hilt of his sword in front of is face. This shocked Ron since it was a move that professionals did. Ron started to feel a little uneasy about this. But he would not admit defeat. He brought his own sword in front of him. Together the swiped there words straight down and to the side.

Ron made the first jab trying to score an early victory but Draco effortlessly blocked the move and countered with his own. Ron barely got out of the way of the sword by jumping back. For the next minute Ron’s blows were blocked one after the other. Harry watched in astonishment how the two seemed to flow around the room as if they were in a dance. After a few more moments though Draco’s swords rested upon Ron’s chest.

Draco stepped back and took of his helmet holding it in his hands. “Doesn’t look like you’re the best anymore.” He smiled at Ron but was shocked when Ron brought his hand across his face throwing him to the ground. Draco got up on all fours and spit out a little blood from his mouth. It looked like he had a split lip. He was about to get up when he heard an angry yell come from behind him.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” Harry was beyond mad. This was the last straw. Whatever was wrong with Ron was going to be found out right now. He watched as Draco stumbled to his feet. He looked once a Draco. “Draco go to our chambers now.” He made sure that the tone of his voice brought no argument and was glad when Draco nodded and walked out of the room. Once Draco was gone Harry waltzed over to Ron and punched him in the face. “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!”


Draco walked through the halls back towards Harry’s room. He was pissed as hell right now. He could not believe Ron’s actions. He was just turning the last corner to Harry’s room when he was roughly grabbed by his collar and thrown face first into the wall. He fell to the ground and looked up to see who had done it. Draco’s face distorted in anger and fear. “YOU!”





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Now for the dreaded teaser:

“MY GOD.” Harry turned to look down the hallway and saw what the problem was. About ten feet away right in front of his door was a bloody figure. Harry started to run towards the figure but was yanked back by Ron. “No Harry, it’s not safe.”

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