The Prince and the Slave

Part 13

By Shinri


Harry held Draco close to him, and started to rock Draco in his lap. “Come on, Draco, you have to wake up.” He was brought out of his thoughts when the door was thrown open. He looked up to see Madam Pomfrey run into the room.

Madam Pomfrey took one quick look around the room before her eyes fell onto Draco. “Oh dear.” She quickly walked over to the bed and had Harry help her lay Draco back on the bed.

“He is going to be alright, won’t he?” Harry gave a nervous look at Madam Pomfery.

She didn’t answer Harry right away. Instead she finished her examination. “Yes, he should be fine. Though it looks like he has a concussion. We need to get him awake and keep him awake for a few hours.”

She reached over into her bag of medicine and brought out a vial filled with clear liquid. She then opened the vial and passed it back and forth in front of Draco’s nose. Harry watched as first Draco scrunched his nose up. Then Draco brought his hand up to try and knock the vial away. Madam Pomfrey sighed and brought the vial away from Draco. She shook here head and looked at Harry. “Heavy sleeper.”

Harry cracked a smile. “I know.”

“Well, not for much longer.” She took out a cotton swab and dumped some of the liquid onto it. She then held it real close to Draco’s nose. That seemed to do the trick. It only took about five seconds before Draco shot up into a setting position. He cried in pain and laid back down curling in on himself.

Harry quickly put his hand out and touched Draco’s shoulder, only to have him flinch back. Harry quickly withdrew his hand and looked at Madam Pomfery. “What’s wrong with him?”

Madam Pomfrey looked at Draco with sad eyes before turning back to Harry. “He is most likely in a form of shock. Remember that he was just assaulted. Just make small movements and be patient.” She saw the prince bite down on his bottom lip. She knew this was a sign of indecision. “Look, your highness, be there for him. He needs someone now and he doesn’t have anyone else. I will be in my office if you need me.”

Harry watched as Madam Pomfrey left the room, shutting the door behind her. He turned back to the figure lying in the bed, replaying her words through his head again. She was right. Draco didn’t have anyone. He sat down on the bed. “Draco. It’s just me, Harry. Come on, look at me.”

Draco uncurled his arms enough to let his head peak through. “Harry?”

Harry looked at Draco with sadness. Draco sounded so lost. “Yes, Draco, I am here.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he found his lap filled with a crying Draco. He adjusted Draco in his lap so that he was cradling him in his arms. He then maneuvered himself so that his back was against the headboard. He strengthened his grip on Draco. “I am right here, Draco. I won’t leave you.”

Harry allowed Draco to cry into his shoulder. He looked up as the door was again thrown open, his father, James, burst into the room. He ran over to Harry and started looking him over for any sign of injury. Harry was quick to put him at ease. “I am fine, father.”

James let out a relived sigh. “Thank god.” James turned to look at the body on the floor. He called out to the guards that were waiting outside Harry’s room. “Guards, come get this filth. I want him searched for any evidence of who sent him.” The guards quickly bowed to the king and one taking the arms and the other taking the legs they hauled him out of the room.

Once they had left the room, James turned back to his son. “Ok, tell me exactly what happened. All I got from Ron was that someone was going to kill you and he stopped them.”

Harry looked back down to Draco to make sure he was ok before he began. “Ron and I were walking back from the fencing lessons when we saw a body lying outside my door. We went forward and noticed it was Tyler. He was - he was dead.” Harry stopped for moment thinking back on the scene. It was the first time in his life he had ever seen someone murdered and it still shocked him to some extreme.

James seemed to sense Harry’s unease so he was quick to reroute Harry’s thoughts. “What happened after that, son?”

Harry was silently thankful for the change. “Afterwards, we heard a crash from in my room and Ron grabbed Tyler’s sword and we went in. Peter was standing next to the bed where Draco was laying face down. Peter had - had Draco’s pants down.” A tear fell from Harry’s eye.

James saw it and feared the worse. He glanced at Draco real fast and saw that he still had his head buried into Harry’s chest. He looked back at his son. “Did Peter… ah, he didn’t get the chance to do anything, did he?” He prayed that he didn’t. For both Harry and Draco.

Harry shook his head. “No, we were just in time. But-” Harry bit his lip and looked down at Draco again.

James saw that something was bothering his son. “What is it, Harry?”

Harry sighed and brought one hand up to run it though Draco’s hair. “I promised him that I would not let anyone hurt him ever again.”

James reached out and took Harry’s hand that had just left Draco’s hair. “Son, this was not your fault. You can’t watch him all day, every day.”

Harry nodded. “I know, but I still feel as if I should have done more.”

James sighed again. He knew this was something that his son would have to work out on his own. He gestured down to Draco. “How is he?”

Harry looked down at Draco and noticed that his eyes were almost closed. He quickly moved Draco so that he was sitting up on his lap. He shook his shoulder a little. “No, Draco, you can’t go to sleep right now. You have a concussion.” He felt Draco nod against his shoulder. He then turned back to his father. “As you can see, right now he is a little out of it. Madam Pomfrey said he is in a form of shock. That’s why he is not really responsive.”

James leaned back a moment. “Alright, I am going to go and wait for your mother to arrive. Ron went into town for me to get her. So you most likely will have a hysterical woman coming in here and fussing over you.”

Harry brought his hand up to massage his head. “Thanks for the warning.” When his mother got worked on something, she really got worked on something. His father ruffled his hair for a moment before turning and walking out of the room. Harry took the moment to look back down at Draco. Draco had stopped crying and now was just resting against his chest.

“Draco, I am so sorry.” He felt Draco’s head leave his chest and looked down. His emerald eyes met silver.

Draco looked up at Harry. “It’s not your fault, Harry.”

Harry thought for a moment. “But I promised you that no one would ever hurt you again. I broke that promise.”

“I don’t blame you, Harry. I forgive you.”

Harry embraced Draco. “Thank you.” For some reason, hearing those words from Draco’s lips made him feel a lot better. He looked down again and noticed Draco staring directly at him. He leaned down a little and saw as Draco leaned up a little. “Draco, I know nothing could ever work, but just for this moment in time, may I give you at least a kiss.”

“Yes.” Their lips came together for the second time in their lifetime.





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Now for the dreaded Teaser:

James nodded. “I agree Remus. Sirius, as soon as this meeting is over I want you to send a pair of your best riders to both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. If Slytherin and the Dark Kingdom come across the border, we are going to need help.” After seeing Sirius nod he turned to Remus again. “Remus I want you to put all forces on the border on full alert.”

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“Harry, you are going to have to ask Draco to tell you about everything. I am sorry to say this, but if you can’t get anything from him within the next few days I will have no choice but to send him to be interrogated.”

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