The Prince and the Slave

Part 9

By Shinri


Harry savored the blonde’s lips on his. They were so soft. He brought his tongue across Draco’s bottom lip and was pleased when his next pass meet parted lips. He slowly explored the mouth that was offering itself to him. Meanwhile, his hands were rubbing the blonde’s back. He pressed his body against Draco’s and deepened the kiss. He brought his hand down to firm globes and gave them a squeeze. The next thing Harry knew his arms were empty and Draco was on the other side of the room gasping and looking at Harry with fear.

Harry was confused. Draco was responding to the kiss. Did he do something wrong that made him pull away? He took a step towards Draco and saw how he tried to move back some more but was stopped by the wall. Harry, not wanting to scare him anymore, stayed where he was. He waited a moment giving the blonde time to calm before speaking. “Draco, did I do something wrong?”

Draco looked down at the ground before looking back up at the prince. “I-I’m sorry.”

Harry walked slowly over to Draco and used his fingers to raise his head so that he was looking him in the eye. Grey met forest green. Harry brought his hand up to touch Draco’s cheek. “No… It’s me that should say sorry. I took advantage of the situation.” Draco brought his hand up to pull Harry’s off of his face. He kept Harry’s hand in his and gave it a small squeeze. “It’s not you. It’s me. I just can’t be with anyone. Not unless it was forever.” Draco released Harry’s hand and stepped away from him. “You and I both know that we could never be officially together.”

Harry’s heart clenched. He knew that Draco was right. He would need to produce a heir. That would mean he would have to marry a woman at one point and he would no longer be able to be with Draco. He sighed. “You’re right.” They stood there for a moment letting each other think there own thoughts. Harry was the first to speak. “Come along then. Let’s go eat breakfast. We will be eating with my parents.”

Draco nodded. He was saddened that he could not procure a relationship with Harry; but, he knew what the consequences were and he could not face them alone. He knew that he would be alone once Harry married. He followed Harry out of his bedroom door making sure to keep a few steps behind him. He kept his eyes on the ground making sure that he could still see Harry’s feet so as not to walk into anything. He passed what he assumed to be the guards that were at the end of the halls as he heard them address Harry as “Your Majesty.”


Harry walked along the halls. Every now and then he would glance back to check on Draco. He was surprised to see Draco demeanor. Draco had said that he was never a slave, but from what Harry could tell, Draco knew how a slave should act. It made Harry wonder. Did Draco come from a rich family in Slytherin? One that owned slaves? Harry shook his head. The blonde was such a mystery. A mystery that he hoped one day he could solve.

His mind went over the events that happened awhile ago. He could still taste the blonde’s lips on his. Draco was heaven and now that he had tasted heaven he wanted to again. But he knew he would never force Draco. If only he was not a prince. He was brought out of his thoughts when he reached the doors to the family dining room. This one only had a small table and only the royal family ate here. There were no advisors or anything of the sort allowed in this room. It gave Harry and his parent’s time alone and away from protocol.

Harry walked into the room to see that his parents were already at the table waiting for him. He nodded towards his father. “Good morning father.”

James stood up and gave his son a hug. “How is my little Prongs today?”

Harry turned a little red at being called by his nickname in front of Draco. He glanced at Draco to see his reaction but noticed that Draco was still just staring at the floor. Looking back at his father he remembered that he had not answered his father. “I’m doing good father.”

James raised an eyebrow at his son. He had not failed to see the look his son had passed onto his slave. He knew that Harry like boys better then girls and it pained him that he would have to force his son into a marriage. But the alternative would be to face a possible civil war as people fought for the crown after Harry’s death. He looked back at his son and motioned at the table. “Shall we eat?”

“Of course.” Harry helped his mother into her seat and took a seat across from his father. He felt something brush against his leg and looked down to see that Draco had taken a kneeling position beside him on the floor. Draco had his head bowed down and was looking at his hands that were clasped together on his legs. Harry bit his lip and looked from Draco to his father. He did not want Draco to kneel down by him. He knew that it was common for a personal slave to do this but he didn’t want that.

James watched his son’s troubled face. For a moment he was puzzled until he noticed his son watching his slave. He sighed and looked at his wife. She had a bemused smile on her face. No help there. He pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before getting his son’s attention. “Harry, why don’t you have him join us.”

A blind man could have seen the smile that lit Harry’s face. “Really father.”

James could only smile and nod his head. “Why not.”

Harry stood from his chair, the whole time with a grin across his face. He put his hand down towards Draco and kept it there for a moment until gray eyes meet his and Draco put his hand into Harry’s. He helped Draco stand and escorted him to a seat that was across from his mother. He let go of his hand and pulled out the chair for Draco. He did not miss the small smile that graced the blonde’s face.

After Harry made sure that Draco was comfortable he went back to his seat. He looked back at his father. “Thanks.”

“Your welcome.” James then turned to Draco. “Is it true that you are mute?” The last time he had seen Harry the blonde slave had yet to wake.

Draco looked up from the table when the king addressed him. He was in the middle of emotional turmoil. He could not believe that he was sitting with at a table with royals, eating like equals. He was shocked that they didn’t treat him as what he was. Just a slave. “No sire. I am not mute.”

James leaned back in his chair a moment. “I am glad that is not the case. May I ask what your name is?”

Draco nodded his head. “Of course sire. My name is Draco.”

“What about your last name?” James saw as the slave tensed at this question.

Draco sat there for a moment without answering. He kept his eyes on the table when he answered. “I am sorry sire, but I can’t answer that question.”

Harry and his parents looked confusedly at Draco. Harry thought back for a moment. He had never asked Draco that question. What was the harm in saying his last name? He reached over and grabbed Draco’s hand. “Why not Draco?”

Draco looked down at his hand that was in Harry’s. “I’m sorry but I can’t answer that. I really wish I could but I can’t take the chance.”

That last comment only made James and Harry more confused. They looked at each other a moment until the queen spoke. “You ran away. Didn’t you.”

Harry looked at his mother. It was the only thing that made sense. He looked back at Draco and saw him nod his head. Harry was shocked. Why would anyone want to run away? He squeezed Draco’s hand until Draco looked up at him. “Why Draco?”

Draco looked back down at his hands. “Please don’t ask me that.” A tear rolled down Draco’s cheek. Harry brought his hand up to wipe the tear away.

“Ok Draco, you don’t have to say anything.” It was obvious that whatever caused Draco to run away caused him a lot of pain. Maybe even more then what happened in the cell. Harry pondered it for a moment. He could see the pain in Draco’s eyes and so did his parents it seemed. They didn’t press the issue any farther. After a moment Draco composed himself and nodded at Harry.

Harry released his hand and looked at his father. James clapped his hand and the servants walked in carrying breakfast. James turned to one of the servants. “Please bring another plate.”

The servant bowed to James and hurried off to grab another plate. He returned moments later with a plate and silverware and placed them in front of Draco. After a few moments the servants had placed all the food on the table and had left the room. The only ones that had remained were Draco, Harry and his parents. James looked at everyone and bowed his head. Draco did the same as he saw everyone else follow suite. James proceeded to say a blessing after witch the all stated amen.

Harry started to fill his plate then noticed that Draco had not touched anything yet. “Draco you can go ahead and eat now.”

Draco nodded and started to fill his plate. After filling his plate he sat back and started to eat. He cut each piece into equal pieces and ate them slowly making sure to chew each piece. James and Harry for their part were wolfing down their breakfast but stopped at Lilly clearing her throat. They looked up at her and watched as she pointed towards Draco. “He has more manners then both of you.”

They looked at Lilly and noticed her pointed glare at them. James and Harry had the decency to look shamed and slowed down and tried to mimic Draco’s moves to please her. Wife or mother Lilly was not someone to make mad. They all continued to eat until they were full. After that there was a knock on the door. James looked up. “Come in.”

The door opened and Ron walked in. He bowed down to the royal family. “Your highness it is time for-” He stopped upon seeing Draco. He gave Draco a glare that surprised Harry’s parents. But before they could say anything Ron recovered and continued. “It’s time for Harry’s fencing lessons.”

Harry stood up and nodded towards his parents. “Mother… Father.” He started to walk out but stopped at Ron’s next words. “Slave you should bow down to the king and queen before leaving.” Harry sighed. Here we go again.





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Draco gave him a small smile before glancing at Ron. “Don’t worry Harry. It’s him that will learn a lesson here not me.”

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