The Prince and the Slave

Part 7

By Shinri


Harry watched Draco eat. After he was done Draco leaned back in the chair and rubbed his stomach. Harry decided that now was the time to broach the next subject. “Draco we need to apply some ointment on your bruises.”

It took a moment for the meaning to sink into Draco’s mind. Harry saw how Draco looked down to his lap with stained cheeks. Harry had a feeling that Draco would have a problem with this since he would have to take off his shirt. Harry got up from the table and walked around to Draco. Once there he knelled down in front of Draco. “Look Draco, this ointment will help the bruises heal faster. You can lie down on the bed and pull a sheet over you’re ah… well you know.” Now Harry was turning a little red.

Draco looked up once more to Harry before nodding. “Ok.”

Harry watched as Draco got up and walked towards the bed. When he got there Draco looked back over at Harry, and Harry turned around to give him a little privacy. He heard some shuffling of covers before he heard Draco’s voice. “I’m ready.”

Harry turned to face the bed. He bit back a groan. There was Draco laying on his stomach on the bed with nothing but a blanket covering his arse. He put the blanket where Harry could see his legs and back only. Harry took one long glance at Draco’s pale legs. He noticed a blush on Draco’s cheeks and figured he must have been caught watching. “Sorry.”

Draco nodded. “It’s ok.” He then buried his face in his hands.

Harry walked over to the nightstand and picked up the container of lotion. He opened the lid and put some on his hand. “This may be a little cold.” At Draco’s nod he placed his hand on Draco’s back right below his right shoulder. He then started to apply the ointment in circles. He savored the feel of Draco’s soft skin below him. He also noticed the tattoo again. He traced the outline of it. “Draco what does this tattoo stand for?”

He knew he should have kept his mouth shut. As soon as he asked the question Draco became extremely tense. “I don’t want to talk about.”

Harry sighed, but continued to apply the ointment. “Ok Draco, you don‘t have to tell me.” Hopefully when Draco was ready he would tell Harry about himself and his past. But for now it was ok. He decided to continue with what he was doing. He kept applying the lotion all over Draco’s back. Every now and then he would come across a sensitive one and he would feel Draco flinch below his touch, but was always quick to apologize. He didn’t want to cause him any unnecessary pain.

Harry knew that he was taking longer then was necessary and he hoped Draco did not catch on. “Draco, I finished your back. I’m going to do your legs now ok.” At Draco’s nod he moved down on the bed so he was in easy reach of Draco’s legs. Since he had curled into a ball when they had started hitting him there was hardly any damage to his front. Besides he didn’t think he would be able to control himself if he saw his front.

He was brought out of his thoughts by Draco’s next words. “Do I have to call you Master?” It was said with a resigned town. A tone that Harry wanted much to change to a happy one.

Harry gave it some thought for a moment. He knew that it would be unacceptable for Draco to call him Harry, but maybe he could reach mid ground with this one. “How about only when we are around others. When we are alone just call me Harry. How does that sound.”

Draco knew that Harry was trying to meet him halfway on the issue and did not want to push his luck. “Ok, that’s fine.”

“Good.” Harry was glad the Draco was willing to meet him on this issue. But the next question stumped him.

“What is it that I am supposed to do?”

This question stumped Harry for a moment. The hand that was on Draco’s leg stopped where it was. What all did he want Draco to do. Of course he knew what he really wanted Draco to do, but he knew that it was something he would never force Draco into. He thought on it a few moments before answering. “Your main duty will be to keep my room clean and help me dress in the morning. Maybe run small chores that I give you. Mostly it will do just to be in my presence in case I need you.”

Draco was glad it was only things like that. He knew the prince had said earlier that he would not take advantage of him in anyway but a small part of him still feared it. He felt the prince start again on his legs and caused his breath to catch. It felt good having the prince’s hands on him. He knew it was most likely something that he would never admit out loud though. He decided to answer the prince. “It seems fair.”

Harry stopped for a moment to reflect. “Draco, you do know that I would never harm you on purpose right?”

Draco thought on this a moment. Deep down he did know that Harry was telling the truth. “Yes, I know.”

Harry was glad that Draco said that. After a moment he was finished with Draco’s legs and stepped back. He was still sitting on the bed beside Draco when he heard his door open. He heard a gasp and then looked up to see who it was that had come in. “Ron.”

Ron stood at the door and took in the site of a naked Draco lying on his stomach on the bed and a flustered Harry sitting beside him. He stepped in and grinned at Harry. “I see you are putting your new slave to use Harry.”

Harry flushed red at the thought. “No Ron. It’s not what it looks like.”

Ron grinned. “Oh of course not Harry. Is that why you are dressed in such a huge T-shirt” But his face showed that he doubted it. But seeing how red Harry was getting he decided not to push it. He stepped over to the bed and looked down at the figure that was lying down on the Harry’s bed. He saw that the slave had his face buried in his hands. “I see you still haven’t learned any manners. You should rise when someone of importance such as myself walks in the room.” His temper flared when he noticed that the slave did nothing. He reached forward and grabbed Draco’s leg and yanked him to the floor. “You need to learn some manners.”

Harry who had gotten up when Ron had started addressing Draco leapt at Ron when he saw Ron yank Draco off the bed. He heard Draco hit the floor hard and saw that Draco was laying on his side facing away from him panting for breath. Ron must have knocked the breath out of him. Harry quickly grabbed Ron and dragged him to the other side of the room. “Ron what do you think you are doing.”

Ron wrenched his hand out of Harry’s grip. “HARRY THAT SLAVE NEEDS TO LEARN HIS PLACE.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. He did not know what was coming of Ron. Whatever it was it was going to stop now. “Listen Ron, if Draco does something wrong I will deal with any punishment. You are not to touch him. Do you understand?”

“Fine Harry. He’s probably nothing but a whore anyway.” That was the final straw for Harry and he grabbed Ron again and led him out of the door. Ron stomped off. This was not how Ron usually acted. He was shocked. He knew once Ron cooled down everything would be alright. For some reason Draco was just on Ron’s bad side. But be as it may, that was no reason for Ron to treat him like that. Harry turned around trying to figure out what to do about Draco. He had already broken one of his promises. He had already promised Draco that no one would hurt him like that. Sighing he walked towards the blond lying on the floor.





Now for the dreaded teaser:

Sighing to himself he looked once again at Harry before falling asleep. Had he known what dream awaited him, he would never have fallen asleep.

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