The Prince and the Slave

Part 6

By Shinri


Harry walked around his room picking things up that had fallen when Draco had moved around the room.  He took a quick glance towards the door that lead to the bathroom.  Just the thought that Draco was naked on the other side caused tightness in Harry’s chest.  He shook off those thoughts.  This was not something that would be good to feel, especially at this time.  Maybe someday they could be more than friends, but right now, it was not possible.  Of course any relationship couldn’t last since Harry was a prince and Draco a slave.  One day Harry would have to marry and produce an heir to the throne. Even though Harry knew that he was gay, there was really nothing that he could do about it. He let out a sigh.  Being a prince was not all that it was cracked up to be. 

He had just finished picking up the mess when there was a knock at the door.  The prince opened it to find Madam Rose outside.  He saw that she was carrying her sewing kit so that she could take Draco’s measurements. "Thank you for coming Madam Rose."

Madam Rose gave Harry a bow before replying.  "It's my pleasure my prince. Where is my patient today?"

"Oh, he is taking a bath.  He should be out any moment now." It seemed that Harry was correct for as soon as he said that, the door to the bathroom opened.  Harry looked over and noticed a flushed Draco wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.  With all the dirt washed off of him Harry could see that he was even paler then he first thought.  But most of the pale skin was covered in bruises from his earlier beating.

Draco had tensed up and stood rigidly once he noticed that Madam Rose was in the room.  Harry stepped towards him to gain his attention.  "Draco, this is Madam Rose."  He gestured to the Semitist.  "She is the royal Semitist and has come up to get your measurements." 

Draco gave him a quick nod and his eyes locked onto Madam Rose when she started to walk towards him.  She stepped up to him and led him to the center of the room next to a table that Harry had placed in his room so he could eat meals in his room if needed. She put her kit on the table and turned to address Draco.  "Hello.  I’m Madam Rose.  I am going to take your measurements to get you some new clothes."  She took her tape and began taking measurements of Draco’s above the waist starting with his neck.  She then measured the length of his arms and his shoulder width.

After she finished with his arms she turned to him again.  "I need you to drop the towel so I can get your waist and leg measurements."  Harry sensed that this was going to be a problem and he found out that he was indeed correct.  As soon as those words left her mouth Draco immediately tensed and strengthened his grip on the towel.  Harry wondered what had happened to Draco before he came under Harry’s ownership.  He knew what type of things happened to slaves and he could see the fear in Draco’s eyes.  Madam Rose also saw this.  She gave Draco a small smile to try and calm him down. "It’s alright.  I promise that I will only take your measurements.  I won’t even touch you."

Draco looked at her then looked at Harry. Harry also gave him a smile to try and encourage him.  Draco turned so that the front of his body was facing away from Harry before he bowed his head down and dropped the towel.  This only allowed Harry to see Draco’s arse.  Even that view caused Harry to tighten up and blood to rush to his lower regions.  Harry quickly averted his eyes away from him.  If he continued to look at Draco without his clothes on, he was going to have a very hard problem,  literally.  He didn’t think it would help the trust issue with Draco if he saw him in such a state.

He kept his eye on the other side of the room until he heard Madam Rose start to put her items back in the kit.  He turned around only to meet with the site of a naked Draco bending over to grab his towel.  Harry bit down hard on his inner cheek to keep from letting out a moan.  He was sad but very thankful when Draco accomplished his task and had the towel back around his waist.  He turned to Madam Rose.  “How long before they are done?”

“They should be done by tomorrow your Highness , although once I get the first set done I will send them up so he has something to wear.  That should only take a few hours until then.”

Harry nodded. “Very good, thank you Madam Rose.”

Madam Rose gave a slight bow before leaving the room.  Harry turned towards Draco after she left only to see a tear run down the left side of the face.  Harry could only imagine how embarrassing it must have been just now for Draco.  He silently cursed himself.  He should have left the room or sent them to the bathroom or something. Before he could say anything else there was another knock on the door.  Harry turned towards it. “Enter.”

Two waiters came in.  The tallest one addressed Harry. “Your highness, I have brought the meals you have ordered.”

“Very well, please place them over there.”  He pointed towards the table that was next to Draco.  The two waiters went over and placed the covered dishes on the table, before bowing to the prince and leaving the room.  Harry turned back to the table and Draco.  He saw Draco’s eyes locked onto the covered dishes.  Draco had his mouth slightly open as if trying to suck in the smell.  The blond probably hadn’t eaten very much in a long time. Harry quickly walked into his closet and got one of his big tee shirts that went down to his knees.  Since Draco was a lot shorter then him it would cover him nicely.  At least, until they got him some decent clothes.

Walking out of the closet he noticed Draco still had not moved.  Harry walked up to him.  As soon as Harry started moving towards him Draco’s eyes immediately locked onto him.  Harry held up the tee shirt. “Here, I thought you might want to wear something else besides that towel while we ate.”  Although Harry would prefer he ate naked.  A blush started creping up Harry’s face after that last thought.   He tossed the shirt to Draco and turned around to face the other direction.  “Umm… go ahead and change.  Then we can eat.”

“Ok.” Draco answered softly.  Harry heard as the towel was dropped and fought of the urge to turn and look.  After another rustle of clothing he heard Draco speaking to him. “I’m done.”

Harry turned around and looked at Draco.  Harry bit back a chuckle.  The shirt went to Draco’s ankles.  He looked up and noticed that Draco was looking down at the floor with a slight blush. “It looks good on you Draco.”  He was trying to put Draco’s mind at ease but he noticed that his comment could be taken the wrong way.  He himself blushed.  “I meant that it fits you nicely as in you know… it umm… it just fits ok.”  God Harry felt like an idiot.

Draco looked up at Harry.  He then brought his hands down to his sides and took a hold of the shirt pulling it out a little.  “I look like I am wearing a dress.”

This time Harry could not hold it back.  He let out a chuckle.  Draco just looked so cute sitting there in an extremely oversized shirt glaring holes into the offending garment. Draco, after hearing Harry laugh at him, crossed his arms and sat down at the table facing away from the food.  Harry stopped laughing when he noticed this and sighed to himself.  Looks like he had lost points in the trust issue. Still he figured that he could get Draco to come around by tempting him with food.  He walked over and lifted up the covers on his dish and Draco’s.  He saw Draco eye the food from the corner of his eyes before looking away again.

“Hey Draco, looks like the cook made an excellent meal, steak and potatoes.  Smells real good.  Why don’t you have some?”  He took a seat at one side of the table and took a bite of his mashed potatoes. He noticed that Draco still had not started eating.  Gods was he stubborn.  Harry had a thought.  He cut a piece of stake and picked it up with his fork.  He walked over to Draco and placed the piece of stake to his lips.

“It’s really good Draco taste it.”  He rubbed the piece on Draco’s lip for a moment before removing the piece.  Draco’s tongue peeked out and licked his lips.  The blond's stomach let out a growl.  When Harry put the piece of steak to Draco’s lips again, the only response he got was for him to turn his head in a different direction.  Harry was starting to get frustrated.  He stalked back over to his plate fully intending to just ignore Draco.  If he didn’t want to eat, then fine.

Harry's resolve only lasted until Draco’s stomach growled again. Harry could no longer ignore him not eating when it was obvious his body needed it. He slammed his fork down and leaned back in his chair.  He massaged his temples with his hands.  And he had thought owning a slave wouldn’t be a problem.  What was he going to do with the current situation? Then it hit him.  With a smirk he got up and walked into the closet.

Moment later Draco felt a tap on his shoulder.  He turned to look and a smile broke across his face.  Harry had now changed to only a tee shirt as well.  Draco let out a chuckle before nodding his head at Harry.  He turned to his food and started eating at a fast pace.  Harry also took a seat and started eating.  Every now and then he would hear a chuckle coming from Draco’s direction and would look up to meet amused silver eyes.  After a moment he couldn’t take it anymore.  He looked up at Draco.  “Just what do you find so funny.”

Draco took one look at Harry’s serious face and burst out laughing.  It warmed Harry’s heart.  The sounds of Draco laughing was even more heavenly then his voice.  After Draco got himself under control he addressed Harry.  “You look ridicules wearing nothing but that.”  The blond slave started to chuckle again.

Harry just sat back and crossed his arms.  “If you haven’t forgotten, I am not the only one wearing nothing but a long tee shirt.”

Draco just turned amused eyes onto him.  “True, but at least I make it look good.” Draco struck a pose.  Harry chuckled.  But this time Draco didn’t care.  He felt that he should call a truce, after all Harry was trying to be nice.  Draco looked up at Harry.  “I-I want to thank you for saving my life.” 

Harry stopped chuckling when he heard this.  He gave a quick nod to Draco.  “Your welcome.”

The rest of dinner was eaten in silence but Harry knew that a truce had been reached.  He looked over at Draco and watched as the blond ate his entire dinner.  Harry picked up his plate and gave Draco some of his steak.  Normally Draco wouldn’t have accepted for fear that it was given out of pity, but in this case his stomach did not give a damn, so neither did he.  Harry took a seat back at his spot.  It looked like things might just work out after all.





Teaser: Ron stood at the door and took in the site of a naked Draco lying on his stomach on the bed and a flustered Harry sitting beside him. He stepped in and grinned at Harry. “I see you are putting your new slave to use Harry.”

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