The Prince and the Slave

Part 8

By Shinri


Harry walked over to the figure that was lying on the floor. He kneeled down and noticed that Draco was trying to catch his breath. He reached up onto the bed and grabbed the sheet so he could give Draco some modesty. Once he placed his hand on Draco’s shoulder he felt Draco flinch, and his heart fell. “I’m really sorry about that Draco. I won’t let them do that again.”

The only response he got was a nod of Draco’s head. With a sigh he picked Draco off the floor and placed him back on the bed. “Are you ok Draco?”

Draco gave a quick answer. “Yes.”

Harry sighed and sat down on the bed again. Draco was currently lying on his side facing away from him. He was just about to say something else when there was a knock at his door. He stood up and faced the door. “Come in.”

Madam Rose walked in the room carrying a pair of cloths with her. “I have a pair of clothes ready your highness. It didn’t take me as long as I thought to do this one.”

Harry walked over to her and took the cloths out of her hands. “Thank you Madam Rose.”

“Your welcome your highness.” She took a quick look at the figure in his bed before giving him a slight bow. “I will have the rest of his cloths ready tomorrow.” With that said she left the room.

Harry turned around to face his bed again. “Draco.” He waited for a moment but heard nothing. Confused he walked over to the bed to make sure that Draco was ok. He noticed that Draco’s eyes where closed. Panic gripped him for a moment. He leant down but his panic eased when he saw Draco’s chest rise and fall. He placed his head near Draco’s mouth and heard a soft snore coming out. Harry was a little flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe Draco fell asleep after all that.

He sighed to himself. He placed the Draco’s new cloths on the bedside table. He walked over to the bookcase that was in his room and pulled out one of his favorite books. Deciding that he wanted to be there when Draco woke up he pulled a chair over to the side of the bed and took a seat. This way he could watch over the blond while he slept. He knew it was not necessary but part of him wanted to.


Draco yawned and stretched. He hadn’t known that he had fallen asleep. He looked over at his surrounds and was disappointed when he noticed that it all was not a dream. He really was a slave. Was this actually better then what would have happened if he had stayed. Deciding to take his mind off it he looked at the other occupant in the room. Harry… no his master he reminded himself in disappointment was asleep in the chair next to the bed.

Had Harry sat there the entire time that he was asleep? He quickly looked at the clock on the wall to get a feel for what time it was. It was 9 PM. No wonder he felt like he could go back to sleep. He was exhausted. But before he went back asleep he took a few moments to study Harry while he slept. Harry sure was gorgeous. One of the most gorgeous men he had ever seen. Even though he had not seen that many men in his life, he knew that very few could top Harry. It ached him to know that he was only a slave to Harry.

Harry could have him tortured or killed or worse. He remembered the men who caught him when he escaped from the border. He was afraid of them. They took him to a cell and locked him up. He had then spent three days waiting to be sold as a slave. The shame of it all still burned deep inside of him. He remembered what the men did to him. The thoughts of any other man touching him scared him. He was only glad that they never tried to take him. They wanted to keep his virginity intact. Sighing to himself he looked once again at Harry before falling asleep. Had he known what dream awaited him, he would never have fallen asleep.

~~~ Dream ~~~

Draco was sitting on the floor in a dark room with his back against the wall and his hands chained above his head. It had been two days since he was intercepted coming across the border. Whoever had captured him had locked him up in a cage in a wagon. He had spent the last two days traveling. He refused to talk to them. From what he was told he was to be sold to the slave auctioneers. He knew that there was nothing that he could do at the time but wait for a chance to escape. Today was his third day in captivity. Most people would have gone insane at being held captive but it was something that he was used to.

This morning they had dragged him out of the back of the wagon and hauled him down into this cell that he was in now. He had been sitting here for the past three hours now. He was brought out of his thoughts when the cell door opened and two guards and an old man walked into the room. The old man stepped in front of him and unlocked the chains holding him to the wall.

”Get up” Draco refused to get up. The man gestured to one of the guards and he grabbed Draco by his hair and hauled him into a standing position. The old man chuckled. “You are going to learn to obey when you are told something.” Draco continued to ignore the man but could not ignore the touch that was placed on his cheek. His eyes shot to look at the man.

The man rubbed his hand on Draco’s cheek. “So pretty. You are going to make me a lot of money you know that.” Over the next few minutes the man ran his hands all over Draco’s body looking for any scars and checking out his skin. He felt the touch on his member and tears poured down his face. All of sudden he felt hands on his shoulder shaking him and he tried to fight them off. Then the picture around him faded and he opened his eyes to see a pair of eyes.

~~~ End Dream~~~

Draco saw someone sitting on the bed right in front of him. Fear gripped his heart and he quickly backed as far away as possible until his back hit the headboard. He brought his knees up and rocked himself. He was scared. Was this man going to touch him like the others? He felt the tears coming running down his cheek. He was brought out of his thoughts when the person spoke.

“Draco, it’s just me.”

Draco froze for a moment and willed his vision to clear. He looked closer at the figure that was sitting in front of him. “Harry?”

“Yes Draco, it’s just me. No one is going to hurt you.” Draco knew that voice. It was Harry. He had an immediate urge to feel safe and he through himself at Harry. He knew that Harry would not touch him like the others had. He could trust Harry. Part of him was saying how do you know, but he quickly shut that part up. He knew that Harry wouldn’t hurt him.


Harry was roused from his sleep by a whimpering sound. He looked around his surroundings trying to find where the sound was coming from. He noticed the book he was reading in his lap. He glanced at the bed and noticed that Draco was writhing and whimpering in his sleep. Tears where falling down his face and it looked like he was deep into a nightmare of some kind. Harry looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 11PM.

Hearing another cry come from Draco he quickly got out of the chair and sat on the bed by Draco. He called Draco’s name a few times but getting now answer he leaned over and started to shake his shoulders. Draco immediately brought his hands up to fight him off. Harry held on firm and after a few more shakes Draco’s eyes popped open. Harry could see the fear in the silver depths. Draco immediately let out a chocked scream and crawled back against the headboard. Once there he brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them.

Harry knew that he had to be careful. It was obvious that the nightmare was affecting Draco. He did not approach him. He sat there for a few moments with his hands in the air. “Draco, it’s just me.”

At his voice Draco seemed to snap out of whatever state he was in. Draco looked at him closely for a moment, making sure that it was indeed Harry in front of him. “Harry?”

The prince could hear the fear in the voice. “Yes Draco, it’s just me. No one is going to hurt you.” He was expecting for Draco to acknowledge him, but was shocked to find Draco shoot towards him. Before he could respond he had a crying blond in his arms. He rocked Draco for a few moments in his lap, murmuring calming phrases to him. After a few minutes when Draco seemed to calm down he laid him back down on the bed. Harry lay down beside him and pulled him into his arms. He felt Draco curl into his embrace. Together the slept the rest of the night and Draco’s nightmare did not return.





Now for the dreaded teaser:

Draco looked up at Harry again, and noticed that Harry was staring at him. He saw Harry start to lean towards him and...

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