The Prince and the Slave

Part 5

By Shinri


Harry was on his way to find his father. He had already checked the throne room and did not see his father there. He was now on the way to the library to see if maybe his dad was in there. When he reached the library he nodded towards the librarian that bowed to him. He did indeed find his father there. He was setting at one of the tables towards the back. He looked up at Harry as he approached.

“Ah son, how are you today?”

Harry took a seat across from his father. “I’m fine father.”

James looked at his son and could tell that there was something else. He placed the book down on the table. “Harry, is there something wrong?”

Harry looked at his father. “Well, you could say that. Father I wanted to ask you something.”

James sat back in the chair. Harry rarely asked him personally for anything. “Go on.”

“You see it’s about Draco.”

“Draco?” James looked at Harry with confusion. Who was Draco?

Harry had forgot that his dad didn’t know the slaves name yet. “Draco is the name of my slave dad.” At his dad’s nod he continued. “Anyway, as you know Ron wants Draco kept on a leash. I really don’t like this idea. I know that he has to be restricted for awhile to make sure he doesn’t cause harm to others, but I think I might have a solution.”

James was listing intently to his son. Harry rarely showed such enthusiasm in his ideas. “What do you propose?”

Harry rung his hands. “Will I was wondering if maybe you could post a few guards in the hallway outside of my room so that I can let him off the leash while he is in my room.” He prayed that his father would say yes.

James sat and thought on this for a moment. He knew his son’s thought on slavery. He had the same, but with so much of the population for it, it wasn’t something that he could repel at this time, even if he was king. He had wanted Harry to get a slave to teach him responsibility. He couldn’t very well say no to Harry now even if he wanted to. After all if Harry were wrong he would need to learn from his mistakes himself. “Very well Harry, you may instruct the captain to assign two guards to your hall way. Let the slave know that he is not to pass them without you with him for the time being.”

Harry let out a big smile and ran over to his father and gave him a hug. “Thanks father.” He didn’t wait for a response. He bolted out of the library on his way to the barracks that was outside the main castle on the grounds. He approached the captain’s door and knocked. The door opened to reveal a tall muscular man in his thirties. He had dark hair and brown eyes. “Captain Franks, I need you to assign some troops in the hall way outside of my room.”

The captain bowed to Harry. “Of course your highness. May I ask as to the reason?”

Harry nodded. “Yes you may. I have recently purchased a new slave. I am restricting him to my quarters for the time being and need guards posted to make sure that he does not leave the room.”

“Of course your highness. And if he shall what action would you like my men to take?”

Harry thought on this for a moment. He knew some of the punishments for runaways. He didn’t want anyone else touching Draco. “If he is caught outside of my room he is to be escorted back. Under no circumstances is he to be harmed. I will deal with anything personally. Is that understood captain?”

The captain bowed. “Of course your highness. I will have two troops sent up immediately, and will set up a schedule to have at least two troops there at all times.”

Harry nodded. “Very well captain. I will take my leave of you then.” Harry walked back to the castle. He had two stops to make yet. He raced off to the royal tailor. His next step was to get her up to his room as soon as possible to get Draco’s measurements. He knocked on the door before entering. “Madam Rose are you here?” He was looking for the royal seamstress.

“I’m right here your highness. What can I do for you?” Harry turned to his left as he saw Madam Rose entering the room from the door to the left.

“Madam Rose, I have a new slave.”

“So I have heard.”

This confused Harry. “How did you find out?”

She smiled at him. “Ron was down here a little while ago going on how you bought a slave, and he didn’t agree with your decision. He said a few other choice words but it is not my place to repeat them.”

Harry shook his head. Ron and his antics. “Ah, well anyway I need new cloths for my slave. Can you come up as soon as possible to take his measurements?”

“Of course your highness. I shall be up within the hour.”

“Thank you Madam Rose.” Harry exited the room and ran towards his last stop. Since Draco had been out for a while and was in a slave cell before that he figured he might be hungry. He quickly ran to the kitchen to get Draco some food. He asked that a meal for two be brought to his room in an hour. With everything now settled he started back towards his room. He just hoped that Draco would accept this as a peace offering. He didn’t want someone who had no will, and he also didn’t want someone who was always miserable.

On his way back up to his room he saw that the guards had already taken station in the hallway outside of his room. He noticed that one of them was private Peter Pettigrew. Personally Harry did not like him. He walked past him and entered his room. There he saw that Draco was still sitting on the floor with his head in his hands. Harry could see when he looked closer that his shoulders were shaking. A small sob escaped Draco’s lips. It caused a pain to rip through Harry. To think that he was in some small part responsible for the slave’s anguish caused him no little shame. He knew that Draco would have been put to death otherwise but still he felt a little guilty.

He walked over to the bed on the other side of Draco and took the key out of his pocket. He unlocked the leash from the bedpost. With it unhooked he proceeded to untangle the leash from the other bedpost. He looped it in his hand as he went until he was standing in front of Draco himself. He saw the blond tense and his hands come away from his head to brace himself on the floor. Even though Harry could not see his face he was sure that he was going to put up a fight if Harry tried to lead him anywhere on the leash.

This was the perfect time to earn some trust from him. He through the leash down onto the ground in front of Draco. He saw him raise his head from where the leash had landed and looked into Harry’s eyes with shocked ones of his own. Harry could tell that Draco had been crying. Harry wanted nothing more then to gather Draco into his arms and comfort him. But he knew that with the state of mind Draco was in now it would only cause more harm then good.

He kneeled down to where he was looking eye to eye with Draco. Harry showed him the key that was in his hands. “Draco, I don’t wish to force you in to anything. You are my slave though and there will be certain duties that you will need to perform. I would like nothing better then in time for us to be friends. As to the leash I would like to offer a compromise. Will you listen?”

He saw Draco was thinking it over before nodding. “Yes.”

Harry gave a smile to the slave. “I will take you off the leash as long as you promises that you will not leave this room unless I am with you. I have guards stationed in the hallway outside of this room to keep you from running. Is it a deal?”

Draco bit his lip, while looking at Harry closely. It seemed that Draco was looking for any deception. Harry wondered what Draco’s life was like, to make it so the blond did not trust anyone. After a few moments he got his response. “I promise.”

“Good.” Harry reached out and took a hold of Draco’s collar. He saw how Draco watched all of the movements of his hand that he could see. Harry used his other hand to unhook the leash from the collar. “Lower your head.” He was pleased when Draco immediately complied. It looks like he may have earned a little trust all ready. With Draco’s head bowed Harry had access to the back of the collar. He used this to unlatch the collar. It was put on in a way that the slave would not be able to take it off himself.

Once the collar was off he grabbed onto Draco’s arm and helped him to stand. Draco used one hand to clutch the sheet to make sure it didn’t fall and the other was rubbing his neck were a welt was from where the collar had been. He was brought out of his actions by Harry’s voice. “Draco, why don’t you go into the bathroom and take a bath. It might make you feel better. It’s through the door by the bed. I promises that I won’t go in there while you are bathing.”

Draco nodded. His emotions were in turmoil. He decided a bath would do him good. He started to walk towards the door. When he reached it he turned to look once more at Harry. “Thank you.” He then went thru the door to the bathroom. Harry stood there looking at the closed door. Draco had thanked him. A smile lit up Harry’s face at the thought that it might all work out after all.





Teaser: Harry sensed that this was going to be a problem and he found out that his senses were indeed correct.  As soon as those words left her mouth Draco immediately tensed and strengthened his grip on the towel.

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