The Prince and the Slave

Part 4

By Shinri


The prince was walking down the hall with his personal advisor, Ron Weasley. He was catching Ron up on all that happened with Draco. Harry had spent the last 12 hours rubbing the ointment on the blond and making sure everything was all right. “According to Madam Pomfery, he should be waking up any time.”

Ron nodded. “Is that so. You did put on his leash right.”

“Yes Ron. I put him on a damn leash okay.” He was growing aggravated by the fact he had to keep Draco on a leash.

Ron sensing a sore subject quickly changed it. “So your slave has a name huh?”

“Yeah, Draco.”

“Hard to believe that he hasn’t said a single thing since he was captured.”

Harry thought on this. “I agree, it’s not something I could do.”

Ron snorted. “You couldn’t be quiet during a music recital let alone all the time.”

Harry made a punch at Ron’s arm. “Be serious Ron.”

“Fine. So what are you going to do now? If he hasn’t talked all this time it only proves my original view. He is stubborn. Are you sure you are going to be able to control him. We can always send him to a slave trainer.”

“NO” Harry felt his cheeks turn red at Ron’s surprised face. Just the thought of anyone else trying to put there hands on Draco made him feel sick. “I am sure I can manage.”

Ron let out a huff. “Yeah right. Well just see about that.”

Harry arrived at his door. He looked back at Ron as he was opening the door. “How hard could it be?” He saw Ron’s eyes widen. “What?”

Ron looked like he was chocking on a laugh. “How hard could it be? Why don’t you take a look in your room right now.”

“Why?” Harry turned and looked in his room. “My god.”

Ron let out a laugh before patting Harry on the back. “Looks like your slave is awake.”

Harry couldn’t believe his eyes. Draco was awake all right. He currently had a sheet wrapped around his waste and had his leash wrapped around one of the bedpost. He was currently tugging on then leash with his hands, trying to get it to snap. Harry knew for a fact that the blond would not be able to snap it. Ron had insisted that they buy the most durable material.

So far Draco had not noticed their presence. Even Ron’s laugh was not enough to break thru the noise that he was making right now. Harry backed them both out of the door and shut it. He then turned to Ron. “Ron can you leave me. This is something I need to handle on my own.”

Ron look skeptical. “I don’t know if that is such a good idea. That slave could hurt you.”

“Ron you know as well as I do that I can take care of myself. Please.”

Ron sighed. “Fine Harry. Call for me if you need me.”

“Thanks Ron.” With a nod Ron was off down the hallway. Harry slumped against the door and ran a hand through his hair. How was he going to get through this? He had one heck of a mess on his hand. Steeling himself he opened the door and stepped thru. The blond was now trying to chew his way thru the leash. Harry cleared his throat to get the slave’s attention. With him not banging around he should be able to hear him.

Apparently that was the case. The slave spat out the leash he was chewing on a wrenched himself back. Unfortunately with the leash wrapped around, as it was he didn’t get very far. Once he got to the end he was slammed forward. He fell and landed on all fours making choking noises. Harry ran forward and put his hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright?” Draco slammed his head up to look at Harry. He then pushed the prince with enough force that it sent him on the ground on his arse. After Harry hit the ground Draco scrambled away. He crawled over the bed to the other side. He couldn’t go far since the leash was wrapped around the post on the other side.

Harry was caught off guard when Draco pushed him to the ground. He watched as the blond scrambled over the bed to the other side. He picked himself up from the floor and stood. He could tell just by looking at Draco’s face that he was terrified. He needed to find a way to calm him down before he aggravated his wounds anymore. Harry put both of his hands in the air in a gesture to show he meant no harm.

He waited till he caught his eyes with those of Draco. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Harry stepped forward till his knees were resting against the bed opposite from the blond. “My name is Harry. I promise that no one here will hurt you.” This didn’t seem to be working. The slave was way to tense. If Harry didn’t calm him down he was going to hyperventilate. “Your names Draco, right.”

This caught the blond’s attention. He stiffened and looked at Harry closely. He was deciding weather or not to answer. He had to find out how he knew his name though. “Yes. How do you know though?”

Harry smiled. That was the first step. Getting the blond to talk. He had to suppress a shiver when Draco spoke though. His voice was as beautiful as his body. “I was the one who took care of your injury’s.” He motioned towards Draco’s bruises. Draco took a quick look at his body, as if he hadn’t noticed them. He also noticed Harry’s gaze looking at his body as well.

He flushed with rage. “I won’t let you fuck me.”

Harry chocked on his breath. “Wh-What.”

Draco let out a small growl. “You heard me you four eyed perverted fuck face.”

Harry tried to pick his jaw off the ground. No one had spoken like that to him before. Thank god Ron was not here. But where did the blond get the thought that Harry was going to fuck him. “I’m not going to do that to you.”

Draco looked at him with skepticism. “Right. Am I to believe that when I woke up naked and leashed to a bed?”

Harry flushed red. He could see how that could be taken wrong. “I… umm… You got this all wrong Draco.”

Draco quirked an eyebrow. “Oh, is that so.”

Harry was still red. “Yeah that’s so. You were naked so our nurse could check you out. I mean so she could check your injuries. Yeah... that’s it.”

Draco felt all of the feelings of fear leave him. He even had to suppress a smile when he saw Harry stumbling over his words. He reached down and lifted the leash. “And this?”

Harry looked at the ground. “That wasn’t my decision. I have to keep you on a leash until you are warmed up to your new surroundings.”

Draco tugged the leash a little. His eyes sparked. “Is that so. Well if I am going to be chained like an animal, then I will start acting like one. And animals don’t talk.”

Harry felt what ground he had made slip from him as Draco walked over and sat down on the floor with his head in his hands. Harry didn’t know what to do or say. He just stood there for a moment watching Draco. Then he thought what it would be like if he was chained on a leash. Then a thought struck him. He quickly left the room. Maybe… Just maybe he might have though up a solution to this problem. All he had to do was go talk to his dad.





Teaser: On his way back up to his room he saw that the guards had already taken station in the hallway outside of his room. He noticed that one of them was private Peter Pettigrew.

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