The Prince and the Slave

Part 3

By Shinri


Harry and Ron made it to the castle within an hour. During the whole time the slave did not wake once. It in fact was starting to worry Harry that he was so unresponsive. Once he got to the castle he stepped out with him still in his arms. “Ron, I am going to take him to my room. Will you please go and get Madam Pomfrey? I want her to take a look at him.”

“Very well” Ron walked into the castle and headed to the medical wing. Madam Pomfrey was the resident healer. She took care of the royal family and the residents of the castle. She was a very pushy person, she was even known to tell the king off herself when he didn’t take care of himself.

Once Harry saw that Ron had left he headed up the grand staircase towards his chambers. He felt the slave in his arms start to shiver due to the damp air in the castle. He tightened his hold on the blond trying to give him as much warmth as possible from his own body. Once he reached his room he sat the limp body onto a sofa next to his bed. Then he pulled back the blankets on his bed and went back towards him. Once he had him back in his arms he walked towards the bed and placed the slave upon it.

When he had pulled the covers back up to his chin he heard footsteps behind them. He turned to address who be believed was Madam Pomfrey, but it turned out to be someone else. “Father” he acknowledged.

James Potter, the king of Griffindor, stood in front of Harry. “Good afternoon son. I heard that you have purchased a slave. I thought I would stop by to meet him.”

Harry looked from his father to the slave in his bed before answering. “Actually father, My slave was hurt in town. I put him in my bed while Ron went to get Madam Pomfrey.”

“Ah” James walked over to Harry’s bed and took a look at the young blond in the bed. Once he took in the person’s condition he snapped back around to Harry. “What happened to him?”

Harry looked down at his feet for a moment. He knew that his father hated people mistreating slaves. “He was beat by the slave handlers.”

James looked once more at the slave. “And what did he due to deserve such a beating?”

Harry looked from the ground to his father. “When they brought the slaves onto the stage for me to pick one he refused to bow.” At his fathers raised brow he continued. “When we confronted him the slave looked at me and spit at my feet. The crowd did not like it, as you can imagine.”

James let out a laugh. “Sounds like you bought yourself a feisty one, huh?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah, but it was either that or they would have killed him.”

The king nodded and was stopped by saying anything else when Madam Pomfrey came bustling in. She gave a short bow to the king and prince before rushing off to the person lying in the bed. James turned one last time to Harry saying goodbye as he walked out of the door.

Once he was gone Harry walked over to where Madam Pomfrey was checking on Draco. “Thank you for coming on such notice.”

She glanced up a moment before returning her to lift the slave’s eyelids to take a look at his pupils. “Your welcome your highness. I would always come when I am needed.” She pulled back the covers so she could get a look at the rest of the blond. “Someone sure did a number on him.” She reached down and started to remove the loincloth that was the only source of clothing for the slave.

Harry tried to look anywhere but at the blond when this was done. He could feel his face flushing. His eyes betrayed him and his gaze swept over the now naked body of the slave. His breath caught. He was more beautiful then he had originally thought. He couldn’t help comparing his size with him. He was a little larger then the slave. Realizing what he just thought only caused him to blush harder.

Madam Pomfrey having checked the front was now ready to check the back. She looked up at the prince and was surprised to see the usual graceful prince beat red. She followed the prince’s eyes to her patient. Raising an amused eyebrow she cleared her throat to gain his attention. “I am going to need help turning him over on his stomach. Will you give me a hand?”

Harry nodded. He jumped at the chance to feel that skin beneath his hands. He placed one hand on the shoulder and the other on the small of the back. While she pulled he pushed and in no time they had him lying on his stomach. The blond’s skin was soft to the touch. It felt like rose pedals. He stepped back as Madam Pomfrey finished checking his back.

After she finished she went to her bag and took out some ointment. She proceeded to rub the ointment into the bruises that marred the blond’s skin. After a few moments she got Harry to help her role him on his back again and she proceeded to rub the ointment onto the front. After a few moments she sat back and looked at the prince.

“The ointment I gave him will need to be rubbed into the bruises ever 4 hours to help them heal. He has a good size bump on the back of the head, which is the reason that he is unconscious. Once he wakes he will most likely be incoherent for about twelve to twenty four hours. Other then that I would just say to let him sleep.”

Harry nodded at this. “So he will be alright.”

“Yes, was there anything else?”

“No, that should be all. Thank you again Madam Pomfrey.”

“Your welcome your highness.” She gave a quick bow before leaving the room.

Once she had left he walked back over to the blond and took a seat on the bed next to him. He took a moment to just sit there and watch him. The covers were pulled back up to his chin again. Harry looked at the face of the blond. He brought his hand up to push some of the blond locks away from out of the blond’s face.

When his hand made contact with the slave’s skin he heard a moan. He looked down to the blond. He saw the slave’s eyes open a fraction before shutting. Harry went to the corner and poured a glass of water. When he made it back to the bed he helped the blond into a sitting position and placed the glass at his lips. He took a few sips before leaning back down.

Harry could tell by the look in the blond’s eyes that he was not coherent. This could be a good chance to get some information from him. He tapped the blond’s shoulder to get his attention. “Can you hear me?”

The blond scrunched his face up a little. “Yes, I can’t see very good Granger”

That shot the auctioneer’s thoughts that the blond was mute. “What’s your name?”

“Granger, you know my name idiot. What type of question is that? And what’s wrong with your voice?”

Harry wondered for a moment who Granger was. Maybe a sibling or something. He decided not to let the slave know just yet. He was worried he might stop talking if he remembered where he indeed was. As to the fact of his voice not sounding right, he had a plan to that as well. ”I just want to make sure you didn’t get any memory loss. And my throat is sore.”

Then slave nodded. “My name’s Draco.”


“Of course moron.”

Harry thought on this for a moment. “What’s your last name Draco?”

Draco let out a groan. “I’m not playing this game anymore. I don’t feel good and I am tired.”

“Ok Draco. Get some sleep.” Harry watched as Draco laid back and closed his eyes. He was glad to know the blonds name now. Draco… What an interesting name.





Now for the dreaded teaser:

Ron looked like he was chocking on a laugh. “How hard could it be? Why don’t you take a look in your room right now.”

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