The Prince and the Slave

Part 2

By Shinri


After Ron had finished talking to Alex he walked back over to Harry. Harry could tell just by looking at Ron that his personal advisor was not happy. But Harry was not to be deterred. He knew deep down that he had made the right choice. Regardless of what Ron or anyone else thought, he was going to keep this slave. He glanced at Ron again and saw that he was still pissed.

“Oh, come on Ron, why are you being like this?”

“Harry, I do not agree with this choice.”

Harry was starting to get a little aggravated now. “Well just get over it Ron. I made a decision and that is just how it’s going to be.”

Ron crossed his arms. “Fine”

Harry let out a sigh, bringing his hands up to message his temples. Ron could be stubborn at times. “Look Ron, I’m sorry for snapping at you. I promise that I will be careful.”

Ron uncrossed his arms and looked at Harry. He knew that Harry was not stupid, and could take care of himself. He just worried about him. He also knew that once Harry made up his mind there was no changing it. Might as well support Harry a little. He looked into Harry’s eyes before speaking. “Well, come on then. We better get you over there to sign the papers so we can get your new slave back to the castle.” He prayed that he would not regret this.

Harry smiled at Ron. “Thanks”


After the prince had signed the papers he told them to take the slave to the carriage to wait for them. Him and Ron had a few last things to get. Ron dragged Harry to a slave accessory shop and would not relent until Harry had bought a few leashes. This irked Harry. He did not like the fact of having a person on a leash. But this was one argument he feared he would loose. Ron wanted the slave kept on a leash until he warmed up to his new surroundings. Ron feared that the slave might run and end up killing someone in the castle.

Compromising with Ron, it was decide they would get a few leashes. That away they could get a long one that would allow the slave more space. Each leash had two locks on them. One for the collar and one for where ever they decided to tie the other end up at. After paying they went and had a light lunch. Once done, and figuring that the slave handlers would have had enough time by now to get the slave to the carriage they, started towards it.

Once they arrived at the royal carriage the guard went and opened the door. Harry was appalled by what he saw inside. There was the slave still knocked out lying on the floor in a position that to anyone awake would be totally uncomfortable. Harry stepped into the carriage and took a seat while Ron sat opposite. He then looked down at the slave once they started moving.

Making a decision he reached down and picked up the slave and cradled him in his lap. The slave did not weigh that much. The slaves head rested on Harry’s chest and he got an up close look at him. He was very beautiful. Upon closer inspection he noticed a dusting of freckles pasted along the blonds nose and also on his shoulders. He looked so fragile. Harry felt a feeling of protectiveness go through him.

Holding the slave a little tighter he looked up to see what it was Ron was doing. It appeared that Ron was totally ignoring Harry. He had his head into a folder. Harry spoke to break the silence. “What are you reading Ron?”

Ron put the folder down far enough to look at Harry. He took notice of the way Harry was holding the slave, but did not say anything. “It’s the slave’s chart.”

This perked Harry’s interest. Now he could learn some information on the blond in his arms. “What’s his name?”

Ron looked at the beginning of the forms. “It says here that he is a john doe. They never got a name out of him. They decide to wait and let the new owner name him.”

Harry thought on this for a moment. He decided that he would worry about names later. He heard a slight groan from his arms but he could tell by the loose posture of the slave that he was still out. He looked back at Ron. “What else is in there?”

Ron skimmed through the material looking for any important parts. “It says here that he was originally captured illegally crossing the border from Slytherin. Damn Harry, you have got a Slytherin in your arms.”

Harry looked back down at the blond. He had never met anyone from that kingdom before. “Does it have any information about what he did there?”

Ron shook his head. “According to this, the slave hasn’t spoken since he was captured. The auctioneers believe that he is mute.”

Harry looked down at the slave with a look of sadness. What a horrible life to live if the slave was indeed mute. He hoped that it was not the case. Maybe the slave was too scared to speak. He looked back at Ron. “Anything else?”

Ron scratched the top of his head. “Nothing much. He was checked out by doctors and found to be in very good shape. His hands show no sign of labor and there were no scars anywhere on his body. Hmm… wait a moment… it says here that he has a tattoo behind his left shoulder.”

Harry carefully lifted the blond till there chest met. This way he could see the tattoo. It was the letter M. It had two snakes on it. Their two tails made up the middle of the M and the rest looped around to form the arcs of the M. He could see that Ron was also looking at it. “Ron, do you know what it means?”

“No… They think he may have been a runaway slave. The believed that was the mark of his previous owner.”

“I don’t know Ron. You said so yourself that he showed no sign of labor. Maybe he wasn’t a slave before.”

Ron cleared his throat a little and Harry could see that he was turning a little red. “Umm… Harry, there are other types of slaves beside laborers.”

Harry was shocked. “You don’t mean-“

He was cut off by Ron nodding his head. “He could have been a pleasure slave.”

This disgusted Harry. Just thinking of someone taking the person in his arms without consent made him sick. He vowed to himself that as long as the blond was with him nothing like that would ever happen. And he prayed that it never happened before.





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Teaser: During the whole time the slave did not wake once. It in fact was starting to worry Harry that he was so unresponsive.

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