The Prince and the Slave

Part 1

By Shinri


The Gryffindor royal carriage rode down the dirt rode that separated the royal castle from the city of Hogsmeade. Prince Harry James Potter rode with his personal advisor Ronald Weasley. Harry was the son of James and Lilly Potter and was the immediate successor to the throne of Gryffindor. His personal advisor, also his best friend, was Ronald Weasley… Ron for short. Ron’s mother was the sister of Lily.

Harry looked out the window of his carriage watching the land roll by. He let out a sigh before turning back to Ron. “Ron are you sure about this. I don’t feel very comfortable about this.”

Ron sighed to himself. He had been having the same argument with Harry since this morning. “Harry come on… everyone owns a slave. “

“I know Ron, but I don’t feel comfortable owning another person.”

“Harry come on, even your parents think it would be good for you. Show them that you are responsible.”

Harry stopped arguing. He knew he was licked. His parents were siding with Ron on this one. They thought that Harry needed someone else beside Ron around him all the time. They figured that if Harry had a personal slave, he wouldn’t feel so lonely. It would also make Harry learn some responsibility if he was in charge of someone’s health and condition.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts when the carriage jerked to a stop. He looked out the carriage again and found that they had finally reached the middle of the city. The guard came to the door and opened it for them. Harry, as customary, was the first to step out of the carriage. He watched as the population that had seen him immediately bowed. Ron walked out after him. Harry waved his hand at the citizens letting them know to continue on with there business.

He nodded towards Ron and they started to walk towards the auction block. The slave auction block was located in the center of Hogsmeade. It consisted of a large wooden stage for slaves to be brought on and was surrounded by benches were the bidders sat. Harry himself did not believe in slavery. He had made it a point to try and get rid of when he became king. But, until then there wasn’t much he could do.

They finally arrived at the auction and Ron got himself and Harry a seat in the middle of the front row. The head slave auctioneer walked out to address the crowd. His gaze immediately went to Harry. He raised his hand to quiet the crowd. “Good afternoon lady’s and gentleman. We have brought a great batch of slaves for you to bid on today. But I also see that our great prince Harry Potter is among us today in the front row.”

Everyone who was behind him stood up to try and get a better look. The slave auctioneer quieted the crowd. “I have decided to let the prince come up and pick a slave for free.” The crowd went wild. Though to Ron and Harry it was no shock. By giving the prince a free slave he would be seen as a very good businessman. It would be great publicity and will most likely bring the man more money in the end. But what the hell. Ron looked at Harry for a moment before nodding his head.

He then stood with Harry and walked up on the stage. The slave auctioneer, after telling the crowd that they will continue after the prince chose, returned to talk to Harry and Ron. He bowed before the prince before speaking. “My name is Alex your highness. I am honored that you would want to get a slave from me.”

Ron stepped a little but closer to the man. “The prince is looking for a personal slave. Not much older then himself and not to young. Also, we want the slave to be male.”

Alex nodded at Ron. “One moment and I will bring the slaves that fit that category.”

Ron and Harry waited for a few minutes before Alex returned with about 12 slaves and had them line up in front of the prince. Each slave wore a loincloth for there clothing and each had a collar around there neck with a loop were a leash could be attached. Behind the slaves were three more slave handlers holding small wooden poles. Most likely to keep the slaves from running.

Alex went back to Ron and Harry and stood facing the slaves. “Bow down to your prince.” Harry watched as the slaves bowed and stayed bow. When he looked closer he saw that the slave on the end was not bowing. Raising an eyebrow he turned towards Alex. He could tell by the sweat on the man’s face that he was embarrassed by this embarrassment.

Before Alex could say anything Ron was off going down to the slave. He stopped before the slave. Harry walked towards Ron and stood behind him taking a look at the slave. His breath caught when he got his first look at the slave. He had blond hair and silver gray eyes. He was lean… almost feminine. His skin was a ghostly pale. He came up to Harry’s chin. The slave’s lips were a pinkish red and look soft. He was brought out of his thoughts at Ron's yelling.

“HOW DARE YOU NOT BOW DOWN TO THE PRINCE, SLAVE! I COULD HAVE YOU KILLED FOR THIS.” Ron’s face could go no redder in Harry’s opinion. But Harry was wrong. Right after Ron had finished his tirade, the blond slave turned to look at Harry. He hesitated a moment before spitting at the princes feet.

The reaction was immediate. Yells of outrage came from all directions. Ron reached out and slapped the slave in the face causing the slave to fall to the ground. The slave handlers immediately jumped the slave. They proceeded to beat the blond senseless. Once the blond was knocked out they dragged him off the stage towards the holding cells.

Alex immediately turned to the prince begging for forgiveness. “Please forgive me, my prince. I will see to it at once that the slave is put down.” Ron was nodding right along with him. They were both shocked by the prince’s next statement.

“I’ll take him.”

Ron was shocked and at once tried to dissuade the prince. “Harry no… that slave is to dangerous. Your parents will kill me if you get him. He could kill you in your sleep.”

Harry straightened himself to his top height. “I want that slave.”

Ron knew he was licked. Against his better judgment he nodded before walking off to talk to the slave auctioneer in private to seal the deal. This left Harry to his thoughts. He really didn’t know why he spared the blond. When the blond looked at him before spitting he saw life and fire in the blonds eyes. This slave had not been broken like the others. Harry didn’t want a mindless slave. He hoped that in the long run he could be a friend with the slave.





Teaser for next chapter: “According to this, the slave hasn’t spoken since he was captured. The auctioneers believe that he is mute.”

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