Author's Notes: This story is a WIP, but chapters should be submitted regularly. Feedback is always appreciated in any form. Email me with suggestions, pleas, or criticism! The basic beginning premise of the story was vaguely borrowed, with permission, from the lovely Lady Feylene's story "Beautiful Stranger."

Taming the Beast

Part 5

By Lady Grey


“Charlie?” was the first thing Remus said when he woke up. Charlie was unable to answer as his mouth was otherwise occupied, but instead rubbed Remus’ hip reassuringly with his thumb.

“Mmm,” Remus purred as he settled his hands in the silky red hair. He certainly wouldn’t object to this kind of morning greeting. Charlie’s tongue swept worshipfully up and down the hard shaft, now and again swirling around the sensitive head. Remus felt the pressure building quickly and knew he wouldn’t last long against the passionate onslaught. He sighed his lover’s name as he came, stroking the soft mane of hair as Charlie swallowed readily. When he was finished cleaning Remus’ now soft cock he scampered up the werewolf’s body into the welcoming arms, snuggling close and bestowing a tender kiss on the sleepy sandy blonde.

Remus could taste himself in Charlie’s mouth as he deepened the kiss, squirming impishly to rub against the other man’s eager hard-on. He smiled inwardly at the moan his actions caused and pulled back from the kiss.

“Good morning,” he chuckled as he rolled them over. He licked a path down Charlie’s body until he reached the impatient erection. He paused to admire it, knowing his light breathing was practically torture for the other man.

“Remus!” gasped Charlie.

“Yes?” he teased in an innocent tone.


“Charlie?” laughed Remus, sending waves of warm air to the sensitive skin in front of him.


“Well since you asked so nicely…” Remus’ mouth dove onto Charlie’s waiting cock, taking it smoothly down his throat and burying his nose in the auburn curls. Charlie gasped, then moaned at the abrupt pleasure that had descended without warning. Remus flexed the muscles in his throat and swirled his tongue around the intrusion, eliciting more incoherent noises from the redhead. He reached between Charlie’s legs to lightly stroke his balls and felt them tighten under the touch. Pulling his mouth back slightly he sucked determinedly on the head as Charlie exploded in his mouth. He swallowed easily and gave the shrinking cock an affectionate kiss before abandoning it in favor of the redhead’s soft lips.

Finally Remus pulled away from the gentle kiss to rest his head and arm on Charlie’s chest. He sighed contentedly as he reveled in the feeling of strong limbs wrapped around him, the sensation of soft skin covering muscle under his idle fingers.

“You’re so wonderful Charlie,” he whispered dreamily. “How did I get so lucky?”

“I think I’m the lucky one,” the redhead’s chest rumbled and Remus smiled at the vibrations on his cheek.

“I suppose we’re both lucky then,” the blonde concluded, propping himself up for another quick kiss. “And alarmingly sweet and sappy,” he added.

Charlie made a face. “Only around you, love.”

Remus poked a finger into his ribcage. “There you go again!” he teased. “Now we should get up; it’s feeding day, yes? We should take care of that before the dragons get impatient and eat us instead.”

“Oh, all right, all right,” Charlie grumbled, sitting up and ejecting Remus from his lap. “But not without breakfast,” he said firmly.


Remus surveyed the redhead exhaustedly. Charlie was covered in blood splatters from the animal carcasses; the werewolf imagined that his appearance was similar. The dragons had proved to be messy eaters.

Earlier that morning a witch had flown in by broomstick with a small sack over her shoulder. Upon landing, she greeted Charlie in a friendly manner. The dragon tamer had in turn introduced Remus to the woman, who was apparently worked in the Ministry’s Magical Creatures division. She looked surprised when she heard his name, but said nothing and shook his hand with a smile.

The sack contained the animal carcasses, which she quickly restored to their original size before turning down an offer for tea, explaining that she had several more stops to make that day. With another knowing smile at Remus and Charlie, she took off on her broom, leaving the two wizards with a pile of various carcasses and quite a bit of work ahead of them.

But now they were done; after an energetic effort, the dragons were fed for another two weeks and they had the rest of the evening free. Remus eyed the weary-looking redhead mischievously. “I think I need a shower,” he declared with a predatory grin.

“Oh?” Charlie arched an eyebrow as curiosity restored his energy. “What a coincidence, so do I!”

“Well then, it would make sense to shower together then, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely,” the dragon trainer replied gamely. “You know, conserve water and all that.”

“When did we get so ridiculously cheesy?” Remus mused out loud as he wandered back to the cottage, casually peeling off his shirt as he walked.

“Uh, I think it was about the time you fucked my brains out,” the redhead commented as he trailed behind the werewolf to fully appreciate his leather-clad rear. “Really, without any brains I am reduced to witless and clichéd banter.”

Remus threw an amused glance over his shoulder. “Charlie, such language!” he chided without a hint of sincerity. He threw his shirt at the cheeky redhead, turning around to face him and walking backward. With a seductive smirk, he slowly unbuttoned his pants, allowing them to settle low on his hips and reveal a peak of curly light brown hair.

Without hesitating Charlie dove forward and tackled the surprised werewolf, who fell with an soft ‘oof.’ “So you decided to tempt me by foregoing undergarments today?” he growled from above Remus, leaning down to give his neck a gentle nip and kiss.

“Actually,” gasped Remus, arching up against Charlie’s body, “I just need to do laundry. Tempting you is merely a side benefit.”

“In that case,” Charlie managed between small bites and licks, “we won’t be doing laundry for a while yet.”

Remus grinned and reached up to divest the redhead of his shirt, tossing it carelessly away. He struggled impatiently with the buttons of Charlie’s pants, but his attacker refused to relent in his assault long enough to provide Remus with an opening. “Damn it Charlie,” he protested breathlessly, “stop with the teasing. I want you now!”

“Now, now, didn’t you learn any patience?” his lover answered, chuckling as he caught a nipple between his teeth.

“No!” With that announcement Remus reached between them and tossed Charlie off with ease. He stood up rapidly and, before the redhead had time to voice his confusion, easily picked him up and slung his lover over his shoulder. He made a dash for the cottage, slamming the door shut behind them and striding purposefully to the bedroom. Kicking off his boots, he dumped Charlie unceremoniously on the bed. Shimmying out of his own pants with remarkable agility, he practically ripped the remaining clothing from the awed redhead. Satisfied now, Remus threw himself on top of Charlie and launched his own offensive of lips, tongue, teeth, and hands. Beneath the onslaught, Charlie returned the aggressive passion, evoking several pleasured groans even as he writhed in delight himself.

“Remus, please…in me…” he managed to gasp finally. His hand fumbled around the nightstand, finally yanking the drawer open and pulling out a slim tube. He unscrewed it with one hand, sending the cap flying off somewhere. Hands shaking slightly, he tried to ignore the lips and teeth on his neck long enough to squeeze some lube into one hand. Reaching between them, he lightly stroked Remus’ hard cock, coating it in the gel. The werewolf growled and snatched the tube away from Charlie, covering three of his own fingers with lube. Staring lustily into Charlie’s blue eyes with his own golden gaze, he slipped one finger into the puckered opening. Charlie’s eyes practically glazed over as he thrust against the finger.

“Another,” he demanded hoarsely.

Remus slid another in, scissoring and thrusting gently as Charlie bit his lip.

“Another,” the redhead repeated, the word practically unintelligible now.

Remus slipped in the third slick finger, hypnotized by Charlie’s trembling muscles, the sheet-clenching fists, the barely controlled lust. As he pressed carefully against the small gland inside Charlie, the redhead’s hips bucked against the fingers and he yelped.

“Now, please Remus, now!”

The sandy haired man removed his fingers and braced himself over his lover. Charlie’s trembling thighs were open in invitation, his breath coming in irregular gasps, his eyes squeezed shut in heady anticipation. “Charlie,” he whispered, his own voice thickened by lust. “Charlie, open your eyes for me,” he coaxed.

The redhead’s eyes snapped open, his eager gaze latching onto Remus’ own. Looking deeply into the blue pools, Remus slammed into his lover, burying himself to the hilt. He stilled his movement at Charlie’s gasp and arched back, not wanting to hurt his lover. After a moment, Charlie whimpered, moving against the werewolf insistently. Remus began a slow pace of long, deep strokes, which Charlie answered with eager hip thrusts. The pace gradually began to increase until Remus was fairly pounding into his lover, the redhead’s hands braced against the headboard above him. Soon Charlie orgasmed with a cry, trembling as his muscle spasms pulled his lover after him. Remus pulled out of the redhead and collapsed to the side, gathering the still-shaking Charlie in his arms.

“You okay?” Remus whispered against the silky red hair.

Charlie nodded, unable to say anything, and burrowed into his lover’s shoulder. They lay there for quite a while, catching their breath.

“Remus?” Charlie managed finally.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Remus blurted out, worried.

“Gods no, that was incredible,” the redhead assured him. “It was perfect.” He punctuated the assertion with a soft kiss on the werewolf’s neck. “Thank you,” he said softly.

Remus didn’t answer, just tightened his embrace.



Charlie hesitated. “I’m a bit confused.”

“About what?”

“Well, today you seemed, um, completely the, er, dominant type, but yesterday you let me…” he paused, unsure how to continue.

“Ah,” Remus said, understanding what his lover was trying to ask. “It’s having a wolf live in my body, you see,” he explained quietly. “My human nature is rather submissive, and has gotten more so with time, but my wolf is an alpha wolf and craves dominance. It has made controlling the wolf quite a challenge, by the way. Anyway as a result of this duel identity, I have two very different bed attitudes, as you’ve, ah, noticed. As the full moon approaches, I tend to be more dominant and afterward I am very submissive. It’s not a firm rule, however, and either side can make an appearance at any time depending on my mood.” He stopped. “Is this…a problem?” he asked softly, trying to keep the fear from his tone.

“No!” Charlie replied quickly, hearing the apprehension in his lover’s question. “Absolutely not. As you’ve seen, I’m pretty versatile when it comes to that, so…” He grinned. “Whatever we want to do works for me.” He snuggled closer to the relieved man. “Speaking of the wolf, the next full moon is in eleven days, right?”

“Mmhmm,” Remus replied sleepily.

“Perhaps we should work on learning the wolf a little bit before that, if you’re willing.”

Remus opened his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve seen a bit of the wolf already,” Charlie explained, trying to make Remus comfortable with the idea, “and I’d like to see more before The Change. I know you can give it control if you want…would you like to try it? I think it would be helpful.”

Silence greeted the proposition. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea,” Remus replied finally.

“Why not?”

A pause. “Because I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve never let go completely before.”

“Are you afraid of hurting yourself or me?”

Remus shook his head slightly. “No, I don’t think I would do that, although I suppose it’s always a possibility.”

“What then?”

A longer pause. Remus closed his eyes as if in pain. “Because I don’t know if you’ll like me once you see the wolf, and I’m not sure I can stand that.”

“Remus…” Charlie began, but the werewolf interrupted.

“No, listen to me Charlie. Almost everyone who has seen the wolf has turned away from me. Some of them even loved me, my parents included, but they couldn’t love me after seeing…that. My friends in school, the ones who knew, were the only ones who didn’t turn against me.” He bit his lip, as if to keep the words from tumbling out, but he kept talking. “Of those, two are dead, one is a minion of the Dark Lord, and one an escaped convict, so you can see how well that turned out. Since we met…has it only been four days? It seems like so much longer… But since we met I’ve been terrified that when I change you’ll turn away like all the others. I would understand, of course, but until then I wanted to savor this…whatever we have. If I let you see the wolf any more before The Change and that is enough to push you away, even while I’m in my human form…well, I’m not sure what I would do. Do you see?” he pleaded. “Do you see that I want to relish this time while I know I’ll have it?”

Charlie raised his head from his lover’s shoulder to look into the beseeching golden eyes. Silent tears stained the redhead’s cheeks and he reached a trembling hand to caress the werewolf’s cheek. “Remus,” he choked, “I love you. I don’t care that you’re a werewolf; I embrace it because it makes you who you are. I love you no matter what. I know I can’t prove that to you until the full moon, but I want you to believe me. Please Remus, let yourself believe for once, let yourself trust.”

Tears shimmered in the golden eyes as Remus struggled against the prevailing emotion. “Charlie…” he whispered. “Oh Charlie, I want to. I’ll try, I will. I want to love you, so much, but I’m afraid…”

The redhead covered Remus’ body with his own and buried his face in his neck. “I’ll never hurt you,” he mumbled. “And I’ll never let anyone else hurt you if I can help it. I love you. Unconditionally, absolutely, hopelessly.”

Remus wound his arms around the strong body on top of him. “I believe you,” he whispered. “I’ll try.”

Charlie raised his head a little to look the werewolf in the eye. “So do you want to let out the wolf tomorrow?” he asked carefully, softly.

Remus swallowed nervously and nodded. Charlie kissed him tenderly before curling around him. “Tomorrow then. Goodnight Remus.”

“Goodnight Charlie.”

“I love you,” Charlie added quietly, just before he drifted off.

He was asleep when Remus eventually replied. “I love you too,” he whispered.

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