Author's Notes: This story is a WIP, but chapters should be submitted regularly. Feedback is always appreciated in any form. Email me with suggestions, pleas, or criticism! The basic beginning premise of the story was vaguely borrowed, with permission, from the lovely Lady Feylene's story "Beautiful Stranger."

Taming the Beast

Part 6

By Lady Grey


The sun was just beginning to creep over the hills to shine through the window when Remus awoke. Now why was he awake so early? The sound of a growling stomach beside him answered that question. Ah yes, they had fallen asleep without dinner early last night. He rolled over to gaze at Charlie, who looked remarkably like a mischievous angel when he slept. Careful not to wake him up, Remus ran a gentle hand through the long red hair. He wondered what he had done to deserve such a wonderful, loving man. Reflecting on the previous evening’s conversation he didn’t regret anything he had said, even the final confession that he knew his lover hadn’t heard. Charlie loved him so much; it was only fair to let him see what he was getting into, for better or for worse. Only ten nights until the full moon, the werewolf reminded himself. Only ten more nights of nagging doubt, ten more nights of not knowing… With a feather light kiss to Charlie’s forehead, Remus rolled silently out of bed.


Charlie woke up to a large something sitting on his chest. He cracked his eyes and observed sandy brown hair and a blur of tempting skin. Oh, it’s Remus of course. Quite all right to go back to sleep then. Remus, however, was apparently feeling demanding that morning and bounced up and down slightly to wake him up.

“Grrrrrrrrrrr…” Charlie growled, hoping it conveyed ‘go away and let me sleep you damn werewolf’ in the lycanthropic tongue.

“Grrrrrrrrrr yourself.” Remus replied. Charlie grudgingly acknowledged that Remus’ growl sounded far more accurate. “I made you breakfast in bed,” the lycanthrope added.

“Oh?” Charlie became suddenly more interested in waking up. “What kind of breakfast?”

“Steak and eggs. I figured we’d be hungry, what with skipping dinner and all.”

“True,” Charlie answered. “Plus all that exercise…”

Remus swung off the redhead with a grin, plopping down cross-legged on the bed beside him. Charlie used the opportunity to sit up, propping himself up with pillows.

“Careful of the tray,” Remus cautioned. “Coffee’s on the nightstand.”

Charlie gratefully reached for a mug, handing Remus the one that said ‘Nice Broomstick, Wanna Fuck?’

“Wherever did you get this mug, by the way?” Remus asked, amused.

Charlie swallowed his gulp of coffee before answering. “My brother Bill gave it to me after I told him I was gay. He was the first I told, actually. Took it quite calmly and all, it gave me hope that the rest of the family wouldn’t lynch me or anything. We still have a running bet about whether that particular pickup line would ever work, but I don’t think either of us have ever had the guts to actually try it.”

Remus chuckled as he took another sip of coffee. “You and he are close?”

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “I haven’t seen him in a couple months, but we owl a good deal and try to visit when we can. We’re the oldest, you see, and with seven kids you tend to need to choose allies.” He grinned. “We definitely rivaled the twins’ pranks when we were younger. You are, I’m sure, familiar with Fred and George’s antics from Hogwarts?” Remus nodded, rolling his eyes. “We were almost as bad, we were complete terrors. Oh, it was such fun…”

“You miss him.”

“A lot,” Charlie admitted, glancing down at his coffee. He looked shyly back up at Remus. “Perhaps he could visit sometime, or we could floo to Egypt. I think you’d like him.”

His lover smiled warmly. “I’d love to meet him.”

Charlie smiled happily. “Then you will, soon, I hope. Now about those steak and eggs?”


“Are you ready?”

Remus nodded nervously, absently nibbling his bottom lip. He was standing outside the dragon pen, wearing only pants; shirt and shoes, he felt, would have annoyed the wolf. Charlie stood before him, fully decked out in dragon hide and wand in hand. “You have the tranquilizer gun?”

“As backup, yes, although I’m not planning on using it. I have tranquilizing and stunning spells at the top of my mind as well.” He leaned forward to plant a confident kiss on Remus’ cheek. “It will be all right, I promise.”

“I hope so,” Remus muttered before he started to remove the barrier in his mind. He felt the wolf envelope his consciousness, the human part of Remus buffered by the strong wolf. A growl formed in the back of his throat and he immediately crouched down, burying his hands in the dirt and arching his back.

“Remus?” he heard Charlie’s cautious voice. The wolf snapped his head up and growled at the intruder. Food? No, not food, a protected one. The wolf stood up slowly, becoming accustomed to the new body. He slinked over to the redhead and inhaled deeply. Mmm…he smelled…apprehension, but not fear. Interesting. And…he sniffed again…oh yes, lust.

“Charlie…” he purred, stepping closer to the redhead. “Mine,” he growled. Hesitantly, the redhead tilted his head, offering his neck as he had days before. The wolf made a pleased noise and stepped forward to nuzzle and lap at his neck. Slowly Charlie relaxed into the ministrations, passively accepting the possessive treatment.

The wolf pulled away, flashing his teeth in a smile before tackling the surprised redhead. “Play,” the werewolf ground out, finding the human words increasingly difficult.

“Oh.” Charlie said. “Umm… how about…” He rolled over, trapping the wolf beneath him and nipping gently at his ear. The wolf grinned and rolled them over again. Soon they were tussling all over the field in a primitive and playful game of dominance. Finally Charlie surrendered, sweating and panting, offering his throat again. The wolf growled, pleased with his victory. He pressed against Charlie, letting him feel his erection against his thigh and whimpering at finding an answering hardness. Ripping at the redhead’s shirt, he attacked the proffered neck with teeth and tongue, eliciting a lustful growl from his playmate. The pants were the next to go, followed by the wolf’s own inconvenient apparel. Effortlessly, the wolf flipped over his lover so he was on his stomach. Nudging the redhead’s knees apart, he settled between them when Charlie spread his legs for him. Grabbing his hips, he pulled the dragon trainer up on hands and knees, who arched his back in response. He growled in approval, but the primitive sound became garbled until it formed a distinctive, human “No!”

“Remus?” Charlie twisted around to look at his lover. “What is it?” he asked quickly, seeing a horrified look on the werewolf’s face.

“I…no…gods no, how could I…” Remus fell backward and scrambled away, looking terrified. Charlie was up in a minute, catching the man in his retreat and wrapping him in secure arms.

“What is it, love? What happened?” He tried to soothe the trembling werewolf. “You’re okay, we’re okay. Shh, it’s fine, it’s all fine. What’s wrong Remus?”

Remus shook his head violently and tried to curl into a ball. “It’s not okay, it’s not!” he cried. “I’m sorry Charlie, I’m so sorry, sorry sorry sorry.”

“Sorry for what, love?” Charlie asked gently, rubbing his shoulders tenderly.

“I almost…” Remus’ voice broke. “I almost took you unprepared, I almost hurt you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely.

“Shh, love, it’s okay, you weren’t going to hurt me,” murmured Charlie, wrapping himself around his upset lover. “If I had been worried, I would have used my wand or the gun. I wasn’t at all. It might have hurt a little bit, sure, but between last night and natural lubrication, it wouldn’t have mattered after a minute. You have nothing to be sorry about, really, I swear.” He kissed the top of Remus’ head. “It’s okay, it’s fine,” he repeated reassuringly until Remus relaxed a little in his arms.

“Charlie…” the werewolf whispered, turning his distressed face up to look at his lover. “I’m sorry…”

“Stop apologizing!” Charlie insisted. “I had fun today. I like the wolf, and he doesn’t want to hurt me. Remus, love, there’s no need to beat yourself up over this. Remember the second promise I asked of you when I agreed to work with the wolf?” Remus nodded numbly. “I made you swear to stop hating yourself for who you are. Don’t break that promise to me, Remus, please. I love you just the way you are, every part of you. Don’t you dare hate what I hold so dear.”

Remus blinked unbelievingly. “So you’re not angry?”

Charlie shook his head. “Of course not.”

“And you weren’t…frightened? Of the wolf?”

Charlie indicated no again.

“Not disgusted? Nothing?” Remus pressed.

“Well…” Charlie had the decency to blush a little. “I was impressed, mostly, and maybe, erm, a little bit of lust snuck in there somewhere.”

Remus smiled slightly, remembering the scent he had picked up earlier. “Really? Hmm…I think that’s a first.”

“What is?”

“Being turned on by a werewolf going, well, wolfy. That’s some kink you have there, Charlie.”

Charlie looked a bit embarrassed, but was just happy that Remus was back to his teasing self. He beamed, then leaned forward to bestow a passionate kiss on the waiting lips of his lover. He let a hand trail between Remus’ legs to find the quickly hardening erection. “Mmm…want to let the wolf have his way with me?” he proposed with a grin.

“Moony,” Remus murmured against his neck.

“Huh?” Charlie inquired.

“The wolf’s name is Moony,” Remus clarified.

“Moony?” Charlie repeated with a chuckle.

Remus pulled back and stuck out his tongue. “Blame Sirius, he started calling me by it.”

“It’s very…appropriate,” the redhead snickered.

“Oh shut up, you. Just because you have a normal name like Charles…”

“Hey, I like my name!” he protested.

“So do I, love.” A kiss on the nose and a slow movement of the hips.

“Besides, I like your name too. Remus. Rolls off the tongue quite nicely, especially when one is moaning it.” A gentle thrust back.

“Mmm…can’t say I’ve ever noticed that. I’d better pay better attention this time around.” A bite, a lick.

“Think you can make me moan your name?” Leaning back on the cool grass.

“I know I can.”

Remus settled between his legs and trailed kisses from his neck to his stomach, to the hard cock, to the tight ring. He prepared the squirming Charlie thoroughly before propping himself up over his lover. Charlie flashed him a flirtatious grin before rolling over onto his hands and knees again, legs spread. Remus growled at the sight of the redhead so ready and welcoming. Teasingly, Charlie wiggled his ass a little, prompting Remus to grab his hips and guide himself slowly in. When he was fully sheathed he paused to let them catch their breath before slowly pulling out and pushing back.

“Mmm,” Charlie murmured. It sounded as if he were biting his lip to keep from speaking. Remus grinned. Oh, he would make the redhead moan his name all right, just give him time.

Soon the rhythm had become faster and more rigorous, with both men coated in sweat. Remus licked a path up Charlie’s spine, never breaking the tempo, eliciting a strangled gasp and muffled cry.

“What was that, love?” Remus panted, punctuating his question with a particularly deep thrust.

“Remus,” Charlie groaned desperately.

“That wouldn’t be you moaning my name, would it?” Remus teased breathlessly.

“Gods, Remus, yes!” Charlie threw his head back, red hair raining onto his back.

Remus leaned forward to whisper in his ear, maintaining the pace of their lovemaking. “I love you like this, moaning my name, taking me all the way inside, pushing back, practically begging to be fucked.” Charlie moaned at the erotic words tumbling into his ear. “No one else gets to see you like this,” Remus continued huskily, “you’re mine right now, no one but mine. Gods I love it when you’re beneath me like this, you’re magnificent.”

“Fuck me, Remus,” Charlie begged hoarsely. “I’m yours, all yours, please fuck me.”

“Yes,” Remus hissed. “Mine.” He bit the redhead’s shoulder savagely, pushing Charlie over the edge. He moaned as he felt the muscles contract around his cock, pulling him to orgasm as well. They collapsed in a tangle of limbs, chests heaving.



“That was…mind-blowing.”

“For me as well, beloved.”

Charlie squirmed around until he was resting his head on Remus’s shoulder, their legs still intertwined. He sighed, temporarily sated.

“Okay, love?”

“Yes,” purred Charlie. “Better than okay. Basking in the afterglow.”

“Mmm, indeed.”

They lay in silence for a few minutes before Remus looked around. “Um, Charlie?”

“Mmhmm?” he answered sleepily.

“Your dragons are being creepy.”

“What?” Charlie opened his eyes and looked. The dragons were lined up on the side of the pen closest to the lovers, staring at the twosome. “Oh, that is creepy.”

Remus chuckled. “You have voyeuristic dragons, Charlie.”

Charlie poked his taut stomach with a finger. “Yeah, well they don’t get much action.”

“Unlike their keeper,” Remus teased.

“Hey, not until recently!” Charlie protested. “And,” he added, “it was never this good.”

Remus blushed. “Same,” he mumbled, leaning down to bestow a kiss on his lover’s sleepy lips.

He wanted to confess. He wanted to let the words tumble irresponsibly from his lips, to tell Charlie he loved him without regard for the consequences. Only two thoughts kept the phrase buried deep in his heart: he didn’t want Charlie to think it was only the result of the afterglow, and he was still afraid of losing his new lover with The Change. Wait until after you Change, his mind counseled cautiously. Wait and be sure he won’t leave you in horror and disgust. It will be hard enough without that complication; if you tell him you love him and he leaves you, your heart will certainly die.

He settled for pressing a burning kiss to the redhead’s forehead.


They had spent the next week alternately working and making love. Each was pleased to take time to learn every bit of his lover’s mind and body. Telling childhood stories, making love, sharing their fears, making love, telling jokes: it was blissful. Too soon it was the day they had both been anticipating, one with dread and one with curiosity.

Remus had been restless the night before, as he usually was. Charlie had coaxed him into an early afternoon nap, to conserve both of their energies for the long night, he claimed. Remus had gone along with the proposition readily, if only to spend an hour, perhaps the last, asleep in Charlie’s arms. They had worked out the plan days earlier: Remus would Change and stay in the dragon pen, fully contained by the magical wards. Charlie was under no circumstances to enter the pen until he had Changed back; Remus was adamant about this point and insisted Charlie promise repeatedly. The redhead had wanted to make plans for the morning, but Remus quietly dismissed the idea. “You’ll see,” he said grimly. “I’ll just need to rest and possibly clean a few wounds. Making post-Change plans is not a wise or practical idea right now.” Charlie knew the werewolf was still afraid he would be revolted by the event and reject him, but the redhead said nothing, preferring to let his actions speak for him the next day.

Remus remained high strung after the nap. They went for a walk to burn off some of his nervous energy, but Remus insisted they return before they had gone very far. He was unwilling to risk getting lost tonight, he argued. Charlie, although doubtful of the prospect of losing their way, acquiesced.

As the strolled back into the clearing, Remus, with his heightened senses, was the first to detect the presence of a foreign creature. “Charlie,” he hissed softly. “Stop, there’s something here.” Both men had their wands out immediately, scanning the area for danger.

Both of them heard the crunching behind the cottage and swung around to face the intruder. From behind the cottage slunk a large black beast on four legs with a glossy black coat of thick hair. The strange visitor barked a greeting, and Remus lowered his wand.

“Padfoot?” he said disbelievingly.

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