Author's Notes: This story is a WIP, but chapters should be submitted regularly. Feedback is always appreciated in any form. Email me with suggestions, pleas, or criticism! The basic beginning premise of the story was vaguely borrowed, with permission, from the lovely Lady Feylene's story "Beautiful Stranger."

Taming the Beast

Part 4

By Lady Grey


As Remus wandered slowly toward consciousness, he became aware of something vaguely furry pressing against his chest, accompanied by warm skin resting on his abdomen. Hmm. He cracked one eye, seeing a mess of coppery red hair. Ah yes, lovely. He breathed deeply, reveling in the smell of Charlie.

Said redhead stirred slightly, turning onto his other cheek to look at Remus.

“’Morning,” Remus rumbled quietly.

Charlie smiled at the sound and tightened his grip on Remus’ waist. “Morning,” he answered sleepily, rubbing his scratchy face against the werewolf’s chest endearingly.

Quietly stretching his lanky limbs, Remus casually dropped his arms around Charlie, pulling him closer. They lay like that, simply enjoying the physical contact, until the alarm startled them both into movement.

“Ngrrrrrrr…” protested Charlie incoherently as Remus began to get up. He strengthened his hold on his bedmate. Remus patted him affectionately on the head but disentangled himself from the covetous arms.

“Must use the loo love, sorry,” he apologized as he rolled out of bed and padded to the bathroom.

“Shnerrrrrrrrr…” acknowledged the redhead. He rolled into the warm space that Remus had occupied and buried his face in the pillow, inhaling the scent the werewolf had imprinted in the fabric. “Mmmm…” he murmured, inclined toward the unintelligible commentary that had marked the day already.

“What was that?” asked Remus as he returned to the bedroom.

“Mmmnothing,” Charlie replied, although the word was for the most part swallowed by the pillow.

“Hmm?” Remus asked again as he headed toward the kitchen, intent on making breakfast.

The sound of the werewolf leaving the room finally elicited a reaction from the sluggish redhead. “No good morning kiss?” he protested, raising himself up on his arms and doing his best to look pitiable. Remus poked his head back in.

“You’ll have to get up if you want one,” he replied, teasing.

Charlie cursed, but obediently dragged himself upright. Shuffling first to the bathroom, he then entered the kitchen, where Remus was beating some eggs into submission.

“Omelets,” he said in response to Charlie’s questioning look.

“Have I mentioned that I love that you cook?” the redhead commented as he sidled up behind the chef, wrapping his arms around his waist and leaning his chin on his shoulder.

“I don’t believe you have, no,” he smiled, adding cheese to the mixture.

“Well I do. It’s so…cute. You’re quite the little homemaker,” Charlie teased.

Remus turned his head and stuck his tongue out. “How about you help out the ‘homemaker’ and set the table, hmm?”

“Only if I get my morning kiss,” insisted Charlie petulantly.

Remus sighed dramatically but twisted to face the redhead with a large smile. Grabbing his upper arms, the werewolf pulled the younger man closer to him and kissed him hard. Sliding his hands up to rest behind Charlie’s neck, he deepened the kiss, tongue swirling gently into his mouth. Finally he pulled back, giving the redhead one last peck before turning back around to finish the omelets.

“Happy now?” he smiled, reaching for the whisk.

“Yes indeed,” grinned Charlie, who leaned forward to brush his lips against the older man’s cheek before grabbing two plates.

Breakfast followed shortly, which the two men gulped down, eager to start the day.

The entire morning was devoted to reinforcing the charms on the dragon pen, and after a quick lunch they found themselves with very little to do.

“This sure goes faster with two people,” Charlie commented after he tried in vain to think of something to do. “Feeding day isn’t until tomorrow, so I suppose we have the afternoon off.” He smiled broadly, stretching. “Wow, I haven’t had a day off in just about forever. Want to go for a walk?”

“Sure,” answered Remus readily, standing up. With exaggerated politeness, he opened the door to the cottage and gestured for Charlie to precede him. The redhead stuck his tongue out at the mocking doorman but stepped gracefully outside. Remus followed, closing the door behind him, before stepping to Charlie’s side. “Shall we?”

Charlie nodded and reached for Remus’ hand. Shyly, the werewolf took it, smiling and squeezing gently. The twosome strolled along, leaving the clearing in favor of a battered forest path. They walked in silence, listening to the sounds of the forest and enjoying each other’s company. After about twenty minutes of idle ambling they came to a fork in the road. They paused.

“Which way?” asked Remus.

“Well, both are beautiful, but…” Charlie mused. He tugged on Remus hand. “This way,” he said finally, leading him to the right.

The path began a slight uphill climb, and by the time they reached what appeared to be the apex, both men had broken a sweat. Giving Remus a reassuring smile, Charlie pulled him to the other side of the top.

Remus gaped. Spread out below them was a beautiful lake, calm and dark blue, shimmering in the sunlight. Surrounded by hills on all sides, it was obviously invisible to anyone outside the valley.

“Charlie, this is…breathtaking.”

The redhead nodded happily at his reaction. “I found it shortly after I started working here. It’s so peaceful: great for a swim or a solitary moment.” He flashed a grin at Remus. “Or a little romance.”

Remus couldn’t help but smile back, shaking his head. “You’re adorable, really.”

Charlie batted his eyelashes playfully. “Oh, I know, I know.”

Remus hit him lightly in the arm before starting down toward the shore. The younger man followed, smiling to himself.

When he reached the bottom of the hill, Remus flopped down on the green stretch of grass. Charlie installed himself next to him and both men kicked off their clumsy boots. Not speaking, they just stared out over the expanse of water, lost in their own thoughts.

“So,” Charlie finally broke the silence. “When did you figure out you were gay?”

Remus blinked, then looked at him. “Huh?”

The redhead blushed. “Sorry, that was out of nowhere…I was just thinking about my own experiences and wondering…” he trailed off. “You don’t have to answer, you know, I don’t mean to pry.”

Remus shook his head, smiling. “No, it’s fine, you just surprised me.” He stretched his legs out and gathered Charlie toward him. Taking advantage of the situation, the younger man lay down and rested his head in Remus’ lap, looking up with a playful grin as he got comfortable.

“Settled?” Remus asked with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Quite,” sniffed Charlie, imperiously waving a hand. “Do begin.”

Remus cleared his throat somewhat dramatically. “Erm,” he started, unsure of himself. “Well, I suppose I figured out that I found men far more attractive than women in school. All of my friends started to have feelings for girls, while I found myself having more feelings for my, er, friends.” He colored a little at this and absentmindedly reached down to run fingers through the long autumn hair on his lap. Charlie practically purred at this and leaned into his touch.

“Any one friend in particular?” the redhead asked when Remus paused.

“Well, yes, I suppose. It was…Sirius, Sirius Black.”

Charlie’s eyes widened slightly at that. “Really?”

Remus chuckled. “He’s not the crazed murderer everyone thinks he is.” His expression became more sober. “He’s innocent, you know. It’s not proven yet, but it will be. But until then…oh, Sirius…” He tried to shake off the mood settling over him. “But before all that, when we were still in school…” he returned to the original subject. “Sirius was my first crush. And, I suppose, my first…lover.”

Charlie made an interested noise, clearly engrossed in the story.

Remus bit his lip as he stared at the lake, idly stroking his companion’s hair. “He isn’t gay, and probably isn’t all that bisexual. Sirius is just…sexual. Period. Gods, when we were back in school, he had a different date every night. When I told him, and James and Peter, that I was gay in our fifth year he was rather intrigued, I think. Wanted to ‘give it a go’ and see what all the fuss was about.” The tawny-haired man smiled at the memories. “So we had an on-again off-again relationship. We were never more than friends, just friends who had oodles of great sex. Whenever he wasn’t getting any or I was rather frustrated, or perhaps one of us had come up with something, er, interesting we wanted to try out, we met up in the Astronomy Tower for a couple of hours. It was great fun, really. Neither of us got too attached; he was too straight and I couldn’t take my flirtatious friend seriously, no pun intended.” Charlie chuckled. “I, of course, couldn’t afford to be attached to anyone else with my condition, and Sirius already knew. It was the best of all worlds, those years. And he was a wonderful lover…” Charlie watched Remus’ eyes fog a little at that thought. No one ever really gets over his first lover, the redhead told himself. It’s not like you don’t harbor a few of those feelings yourself, no need to be jealous.

“Anyway,” Remus continued. “Toward the end of seventh year we finally decided that we couldn’t continue any more. We had to move on with our lives, or some such nonsense like that. We were such kids, convinced maturity immediately crystalized upon receipt of our diplomas. It was for the best, however, considering what happened later.” Charlie felt a small shudder go through Remus. “I don’t think I would have survived if he had been sent to Azkaban while we were physically involved. We stayed close friends, of course, up until that point when Lily and James…” He drew a trembling breath, unaccustomed to reliving those memories. “And all that happened. I actually believed he was guilty, Charlie, I did, until recently. I can’t believe that I did, how could I…”

Charlie sat up and pulled the shaking man into his arms, rubbing reassuring circles on his back.

Remus buried his face in the redhead’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around Charlie’s waist. “Poor Padfoot, Gods, how could I let them do that to him? He was always so good, so loyal. My friend…how…”

“Shh, shh,” Charlie said comfortingly, rocking them slowly back and forth. “It’s not your fault, you couldn’t have known.”

Remus melted into the embrace, the tremors gradually disappearing. He nuzzled Charlie’s neck. “Sorry,” he said, voice muffled. “I’ve tried so hard not to think about it that I never really dealt with it.”

“It’s okay, that’s why I’m here. You can talk to me, do whatever you need.” Charlie moved one hand up to caress the silky sandy blonde hair. He placed a light kiss on the top of the werewolf’s head. “Whatever you need,” he repeated.

Remus raised his head, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. “I’m afraid. Everything I’ve loved has been destroyed somehow, and I’m scared that the same will happen to you. But I can’t help myself, I want you anyway,” he whispered, his voice painfully needy.

“You already have me,” Charlie managed to murmur before Remus’ lips attacked his own, frantically demanding. The redhead’s hand grabbed purchase in the Remus’ hair as he tried to pour the love, desire, and acceptance that flowed through him.

Remus pulled finally pulled back, leaving them both gasping for air. “I think I’m falling in love with you,” he declared recklessly before again claiming the ready lips as his own.

This time Charlie was the one to break the kiss. “I already am,” another quick kiss, “in love with you,” he said huskily.

Remus paused, looked surprised. “You are?” he asked, looking down from his vantage point straddling the redhead.

Charlie flushed, looking as if he might have regretted the avowal. “Yeah, I am,” he mumbled reaching down to twist some grass nervously between his fingers and looked steadfastly at a point somewhere over the werewolf’s shoulder.

Remus reached out to grasp his chin, turning Charlie’s face to look at his own. “Don’t ever regret something so wonderful,” he said firmly, looking him in the eye. “You don’t know what you’ve given me. No one’s ever said that to me and meant it before.”

Charlie’s eyes opened wide. “Okay,” he whispered.

Remus smiled at him with a little sadness. “I can’t…” he hesitated. “You know I can’t say it yet, right? I want to, but I need…I need to be sure.”

Charlie returned his smile without a hint of dejection. “I know,” he replied. “You don’t have to. Take your time, take what you need. I’ll be here. And I’ll still love you.”

Remus looked overwhelmed by the consideration and love being laid at his feet. “You’re wonderful, you know that? Positively, absolutely, without a doubt, wonderful.” He leaned forward to place a worshipful kiss on Charlie’s expectant lips. He pulled back and let himself drown in the deep green of his eyes for a moment. “Make love to me, Charlie,” he whispered.

Charlie blinked in surprise. “Are you sure? I thought we were taking this slowly.”

“I know, but I can’t help myself. I want you to be part of me. I want to be with you. I want you.” Remus worried his lower lip between his teeth, hoping he wouldn’t be refused.

Charlie smoothed the irritated lip with his thumb before leaning in to kiss it lightly. “I want you too,” he murmured. “I just didn’t want to move too fast for you.” Another soft kiss. “But if you’re sure.” One more kiss, and after it Remus nodded. “Then I want to make love to you too.”

Remus grinned, allowing a little predatory leer, and Charlie felt a little tingle run up his spine. Now that, he thought, was sexy.

Almost immediately Remus found himself on his back, looking up at the blue sky. Then red hair and a smiling face filled his field of vision as Charlie stole another kiss.

“Mmm,” Remus slipped his arms around the man braced above him, content to let Charlie be in control of this encounter. Soon, Charlie’s lips, teeth, and tongue found their way to his neck and shoulder. Remus gasped as he found a particular sensitive area, arching his hips up and pressing the hardness already present in his trousers against Charlie’s thigh. Charlie moaned quietly and reached down to divest Remus of his shirt. Hastily removing his own at the same time, he quickly dropped his head to Remus’ chest, puckishly exploring his torso with both hands and tongue. Remus whimpered in delight, burying his anxious hands in the tumble of red hair. When Charlie’s tongue started to dip into his bellybutton and trail down the path of hair leading down his trousers, however, Remus growled and flipped them both over.

“My turn,” he rumbled mischievously before launching an oral attack on Charlie’s neck. Charlie nibbled his bottom lip, trying not to cry out at the delicious sensations coursing through his body, flowing to his already hard cock. Remus moved down to lavish a nipple, rolling the other one lightly between his fingers. Charlie dug his hands into the grass on either side of him, but couldn’t avoid crying out as Remus rubbed his erection against Charlie’s.

“Want you now!” he declared, voice thick with lust, as he reversed their positions again. Without further delay he unbuttoned Remus’ trousers and pulled them off. He paused to admire the werewolf, laying back in the grass, hair tousled and lips parted, eyes full of lust, body begging to be touched. “Beautiful,” he murmured, leaning down to nuzzle Remus’ firm stomach. “You’re so beautiful.” He stretched up to kiss the eager mouth, smiling as he felt strong hands tugging at his own trousers. He helped the impatient hands guide them down his hips before kicking them off and pressing his body against the one beneath him. A growl deep in Remus’ throat signaled the werewolf’s approval, even as the same impetuous hands pushed down Charlie’s boxers. Charlie let out a low “mmm” as he shimmied those off as well, his erection finally free and pressing again Remus’ stomach.

The lycanthrope muttered something between kisses. “Hmm?” Charlie inquired as he licked Remus’ collarbone.

“Please,” murmured Remus huskily. “Please, now, please, I need you.”

Charlie’s eyelids fluttered in lust as the demand. “Getting there, getting there,” he mumbled against Remus’ skin.

“Now!” Remus cried, tone caught between begging and demanding. He effortlessly rolled over, caging the redhead under him with his limbs. With a lustful glance at Charlie’s face, Remus’ mouth dove down to surround the redhead’s hard cock.

“Remus!” Charlie cried involuntarily, marveling in the wet warmth surrounding him. Remus’ tongue laved his erection, spending extra time around the sensitive head. As his tongue darted down to lick from root to tip, Charlie’s hands found their way to the sandy hair, pulling him back. “Stop,” he panted. “I can’t take any more without coming.” Remus leaned up to share a kiss with the highly aroused object of his affections, tongue swirling around Charlie’s mouth, sharing the taste of pre-cum with him. Breaking off the kiss the werewolf rolled off the redhead, lowering himself to the ground, legs spread in invitation, never disrupting his eye contact with his lover. Charlie was hypnotized by the trust and submission in Remus’ gaze. He couldn’t resist another kiss before finally removing the lycanthrope’s underwear.

Again Charlie traced a wandering path down Remus’ body, this time finally reaching his erection. He gave the hard cock an affectionate few licks before continuing down. He quickly arrived at the tight ring of muscle, on which he bestowed several tentative licks. Taking Remus’ pleasured moan and further spreading of his legs as an invitation, his tongue dove into the werewolf aggressively. Remus’ hips bucked and Charlie settled a strong hand on each hip to steady him. Ignoring Remus’ incoherent pleading, he prepared the werewolf carefully, not wanting to hurt him. Finally satisfied, the redhead relented his attack and reached up a hand. Remus immediately grabbed it in his own, licking the three middle fingers one at a time. When he was done, Charlie reached down, gently pushing one finger in. Remus gasped and squirmed against it. Charlie inserted a second finger, slowly thrusting them in and out, eliciting a pleased groan from Remus. Soon he cautiously added a third finger, pausing when Remus stiffened slightly.

“You okay?” he asked, concerned.

Remus nodded, licking his lips. “It’s just been a while. I’m ready, just…please go slowly.”

“Of course love,” Charlie answered, pulling out his fingers and leaning up for a tender kiss. Kneeling between Remus parted thighs, he braced himself above the other man. Staring intently into his new lover’s eyes, he pushed carefully against the bud of flesh, feeling it opening willingly to him. He paused when the head of his cock was inside. Remus gave him an encouraging smile, pushing back against the welcome intrusion. Slowly Charlie pushed until he was completely buried in Remus. Then he stopped, not moving, just looking at the man below him. Remus’ eyes, those gorgeous focal points, were glowing an amber color. He looked wild, possessed, and unbelievably sexy.

“Gods,” Charlie gasped. “It’s too wonderful being inside of you, it feels so good; you feel so good.”

Remus lips parted in lust at these words. “And you feel amazing in me.” He moved a little against Charlie, staring back into Charlie’s green eyes. Charlie began a slow, steady rhythm and Remus whimpered at the pleasure shooting through him. He reached up to wrap his arms around the redhead, lips begging for a kiss, which they soon received. Slowly the twosome rocked against each other, pleasure and pressure building until Remus could barely stand it any more.

“Charlie,” he rasped, almost unable to form a coherent plea. “Faster, please.”

The redhead obeyed, increasing the speed and force of his thrusts. Charlie reached between them, lightly stroking Remus’ erection. Remus growled at the contact, bucking hard against Charlie. Charlie responded with another growl, thrusting harder and tightening his grip on Remus. One particularly brutal thrust sent Remus over the edge, back arching as he came on himself and his lover. As Remus cried out Charlie’s name, the accompanying muscle spasms around his cock triggered the redhead’s own orgasm. He buried himself deeply in Remus, letting the intense feelings wash over him.

He collapsed onto the man below him, both of them trying to catch their breath. Charlie was the first to move; he slid off Remus’ body, leaving his head on the werewolf’s shoulder, an arm wrapped around his waist, and legs tangled together.

“Mmmm,” Remus commented, reaching down to weave his fingers with Charlie’s. “That was amazing.”

“Gods yes,” Charlie answered nuzzling Remus’ shoulder.

“There should definitely be more of this sort of activity in the future.”

“I might have had to kill you if you had said otherwise.”

They both laughed, then stilled, letting a warm breeze wash over their naked intertwined bodies. Eventually the silence was interrupted by a growl from Charlie’s stomach. He blushed and Remus chuckled.

“Your appetite is demanding appeasement, I think. Shall we go home and make dinner?”

Home, Charlie thought with a smile. He called it home. The redhead felt like dancing, but managed to restrict himself to a grin. “Sure thing,” he said happily, reluctantly sitting up. “Perhaps a quick swim first, to clean off?”

Remus also sat up and tossed Charlie a challenging look. “Race you,” he teased. Jumping up, he bounded toward the water, followed by a beaming redhead. Charlie tackled him from behind and they both fell into the water with a large splash. Remus surfaced sputtering, sticking his tongue out at the pleased redhead before jumping on top of him. They played in the water like rowdy boys for a while until Charlie’s hunger got the better of him and he surrendered.

“You win!” he joked. “Let’s go make dinner.”

They got dressed and hiked back, hand in hand. After a satisfying dinner they curled up together in bed, spending the rest of the evening exploring every inch of each other’s bodies before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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