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- brief history/facts -

Launched June 2002 with 17 authors and 63 fics.

Took two tries before a image template could be made - first one was screwing up for technical reasons on the 'graphics' computer (Old computer in K-chan's room; only computer that has Photoshop at the moment).

We chose Snape as the 'cover boy' because he's the one character everyone on staff agrees is god. Feel free to argue against this view in our forum.

You do not want to know how much debate went into choosing a name for the archive. Or what colours to use. Dee still argues the Lexicon was our best bet.

Gramarye is a sub-site of the main site, Noire Sensus, and a sub-archive of the main fanfiction archive, Sensus Fanfiction Archive a.k.a. the Bookshelf. The primary maintainer of gramarye is Necromage. Yes, she is insane.

- contact information -

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General inquiries can be sent to noiresensus @

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- disclaimers/acknowledgements -

All characters depicted on this site belong to their copyrighted authors; Noire Sensus does not claim any ownership, or receive any money for the running of this site.

Harry Potter characters and names are the property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, and AOL Time Warner. And all other legal peoples I keep forgetting.

- linking & affiliating -

::heheh:: I managed to convince K-chan that we needed banners for this section - so the few fruits of my labour are below. I wanted to make more Draco ones, and some Snape ones, but I coudn't find any appropriate pics... If they aren't to your liking, all our current banners are available in the banner section of Noire Sensus. As far as my understanding of the term 'link-free', that's what we are ^_^ So if you want to link to us -- which would be really cool! -- you can link to the main site, Noire Sensus, and tell people to head to the Harry Potter section (if that's what caught your attention). We don't encourage linking straight to Gramarye, because we hand out 'kiribans' (gift fics tailor made for the recipient) to people who get particular counter hits, but only through the main site counter.

Harry Potter - CoS Draco Malfoy - CoS

Harry in CoS Severus Snape

It's based on a HP pic, but it's more of a general banner than anything This pic was *so* hard to find - but it turned out okay, huh? Can you tell I got lazy half way through these? ^_^ the Potions master

Still learning the Western banner-size conventions o.O

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- the name -

For those who were wondering what gramarye meant, here are two definitions:

From "The Word Museum" by Jeffrey Kacirk:

gramarye: Magic. This is evidently from French grammaire, grammar, as the vulgar formerly believed that the black art was scientifically taught, and indeed ascribed a considerabe degree of knowledge, especially in [medicine] and almost everything pertaining to experimental philosophy, to magic.

From the "Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary":

gramarye: [gramaire grammar, grammar book, book of sorcery] MAGIC

So, yeah, magic. What? We thought it was applicable.

- copyright notice -

All site design layouts are Noire Sensus. All fics hosted in this archive belong to their respective authors - no outside linking/archiving without their express premission and credit.

Noire Sensus | Harry Potter characters, names and logos are all J. K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Studios.