Author's Notes: shota-con, disturbing content, language, non-con, violence

Last Army Standing

Chapter Two

By dented-sky and ledracodormiens


"Alright, as I was saying, ladies and gentlemen. Please pack all you belongings. A note will be posted up in your common rooms tomorrow about our next meeting."

Everyone stared at the Professor as he walked silently out of the room. After a while the students walked to all that they had brought and whispered to each other. Harry stood there looking at the floor. He caught an "I can't believe-" and a couple "What the hell-"'s here and there. He clenched his jaw as he still stared at the floor. After a moment of calming himself down, he braced himself and looked up, prepared for any odd glances or looks. He didn't receive in any, but he did receive a look from Malfoy, who was rooted on the spot, his fists clenched.

"You fucking faggot, Potter. I always knew you were a queer." he attempted a smirk, but he was so full of rage, which made Harry confused, that he now looked disgusted.

"Fuck off Malfoy. I don't need your attitude right now," Harry said as calmly as he could, trying with all his might not to attract any attention.

"So you admit it then?" Now he looked pleased with himself, in a sadistic way, and Harry didn't like it.  "So...'The Boy Who Lived' likes it up the ass does he?" he taunted walking a few paces back and forth. A couple of Gryffindors looked their way and attempted to walk to Harry, but he gave them a very discreet nod and they went back to resuming their own business.

"I said fuck off Malfoy," he really didn't know where he was getting at, but he didn't care. "Now my questions. Why were you so angry when I licked his lip, huh? What's the matter? Did I sense little spot of jealousy on your face, Malfoy? Tell me..." he walked slowly up to Malfoy, who stopped pacing back and forth. He bent forward and whispered soflty in his ear, "Do you like it up the ass too? Do you want me to lick you up and down?"

He seemed to have struck a nerve.  Malfoy flushed and he yelled, "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SICK FUCK!" and seeing Harry's satisfied face he ran out of the room, breathing very quickly.

Harry stood for a moment, before turning his head towards his Griffindor friends. Behind them, the rest of the Club members were leaving.

He thought Seamus and Dean would be laughing, but in actual fact, they just looked tired. Dean shook his head sadly. "Well Harry, you never cease to amaze me."

Harry was startled. "What do you mean?"

"Let's just get out of here," said Neville quietly.

It's strange, Harry thought as he leant against a tree next to Hermione one afternoon. I should feel bad about Terry... But all I can think about is bloody Malfoy.

"...I should go talk to Terry," Harry said quietly.

Hermione did not look up from her book. "I suppose."

"I mean, that was really stupid thing to do." Hermione did not reply. Harry looked at her, frowning. "Hermione, you're a girl, right?"

Hermione finally looked up and gave him a mock-scowl. "I thought we established that in fourth year."

Harry laughed. "It's just that... Girls like boys, right?"

Now it was Hermione's turn to chuckle. "Not necessarily. I mean, you're a boy and you like boys."

"Yeah but - you like boys, too right?"

She smirked. "Did I say that?" Harry gaped and Hermione laughed. "I go both ways, Harry."

Whaaaaat? "Since when?"

"Does it matter?"

"Guess not, just thought you would have told me," he grumbled. She returned to her book. "I think - I think I might like someone..."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Let me guess," she pretended to think really hard. "Ohhh I know! Terry!"

"Very funny." Inside, Harry was wondering if it was really Terry he was interested in.

That dinner, Harry sat on Hermione's right side because apparently Ron was still angry with him. He also felt close to Hermione because he now knew he wasn't the only one with a desire for the same sex.

Every once in a while Harry would turn his head around to get a look at the other tables. Many heads would quickly turn away and Harry knew they were talking about him. One of those heads was Terry's at the Ravenclaw table. Before Terry's head could turn, Harry swore that he saw a quick, small smile. Maybe I do like Terry?.....No, look, you just kissed him and liked it a little. I mean, I can't be gay... can I? I did like Cho Chang, didn't I? So I can't... Harry just now realized that while he was thinking about this he was looking straight at Malfoy. Malfoy actually looked scared. Harry's calm facial expression quickly turned surprised, and so did Malloy's, then it turned into his infamous sneering face. He mouthed the words "you sick fuck" and resumed his eating. Harry would have felt mad, but he was actually ok with that. He HAS to be a homophobe, he thought to himself. Well, I could have a lot of fun with this then. Harry finished his meal in peace and when it was time for them to return to their common rooms Harry had an idea.

"Hey Malfoy! Over here!" Harry waved his hand while many Slytherins passed him, all with a look of disgust on their faces. Malfoy put on his sneer and came over, with Goyle and Crabbe right behind him.

"What the hell do you want, Potter?"

Harry flirtatiously fluttered his eyelashes. "Well isn't it obvious? You."

Malfoy raised an eyebrow. "And why do you all of a sudden want me? Shouldn't I just go and 'fuck off' like you said?"

Harry gave him a sheepish smile. "Well...that was before I 'came out of the closet', you know"

Malfoy looked down-right scared. For moments he just stood there on the spot, staring in disbelief. Harry gave him the most feminine smile he could muster.

Draco's face emptied of all fear.

"Nice try you queer. Think I'm that stupid do you?" There was something uneasy about him, and a slight quaver in his voice.

He walked away with his two thugs trailing behind him. "Damn," Harry said, with fake disappointment in his voice. "I could have had a lot of fun with that."

He turned and Hermione was standing there, scowling at him. Harry scowled back and Hermione laughed. "C'mon, Harry!" And the two of them walked arm-in-arm to their common room.

It was times like these, walking back to the Common Room arm-in-arm with Harry, that she felt like the good older-sister, who had to look after Harry in ways no one else could. He could fight basilisks, banish Voldemort in several times in just a few years and fly circles around any profession Quidditch player... But he was bad at everything else. He had so much emotion, and nothing to filter it. She was his sponge, sometimes, soaking all that raw energy from his and sifting it into her own heart. It was dangerous these days to be so close to someone. But she loved him, she really did.

Malfoy these days, looked so agitated and thoughtful. Hermione, being Hermione, wanted to find out what the hell was wrong with him. His cold silver eyes shone with something else these days... it was like fear, but inward, as if we was peering helplessly inside himself and he was scared of what he was seeing.

Hermione did not have time to ponder further, however, because they had gotten to the Portrait of the Fat Lady, and three people were waiting for them.

Pavarti and Padma Patil, who were having a conversation in soft tones, stopped abruptly and stared at Harry. The other person was the shy Terry Boot, who was standing a little behind the twins.

"About bloody time," Pavarti huffed. She turned to Harry. "Terry wants to talk to you."

Terry seemed to be staring intently at the floor. Harry said, "Er- alright."

"He's been an absolute wanker all day," added Padma unhelpfully. "Kept moping and day dreaming-"

"Quiet," said Pavarti. Padma looked annoyed, but did not talk back. "Come on you two," Pavarti said to the two girls. "Let's go in the Commons."

Hermione stood her ground. "Actually, I want to stay and wait for Harry."

"I'll stay with her," said Padma a little too quickly. Pavarti gave them both a strange look, then left through the portrait hole.

For a moment, all four looked awkwardly at each other, then Harry cleared his throat and gave Hermione a meaningful look. "Oh!" said Hermione, "We'll leave you two alone then." They all nodded at each other, and Hermione walked away with Padma silent beside her.

They both walked for a while, not looking at each other and not talking. Then, silently, Hermione found herself following Padma into an empty classroom. "I want to show you something cool," said Padma in a low voice that was almost a whisper, as she sat down in a desk. She still had her book bag with her, and she rummaged through it.

Finally she brought out something long and beige. She moved her hand, and Hermione saw that it was not completely solid, and that it 'flopped' a bit as if it were made of rubber or soft plastic. "What is that?" she gasped. Immediately, she was fascinated.

Padma grinned a little evilly. "I don't want to tell you," she said in that sexy and husky voice. "I want to show you." She got up from the desk and stood in front of Hermione. "Turn around," she commanded, "And lean over the desk."

Hermione did.

Padma ran a slender finger down Hermione's spine, slowly.

"Just relax now," she said in a barley audible whisper.

A great shiver ran through Hermione and Padma's finger now found itself pulling her knickers down. Hermione let out a soft, low moan, urging for her to hurry up.

Padma was now slowly removing Hermione's shirt, revealing a very sexy black lace bra. She bent over, unhooked her bra and kissed her exposed back.

Hermione let a groan out.



Padma had a very soothing voice, and it was making Hermione hornier than ever. She whipped around and grabbed Padma by her hair hard and kissed her; tasting blood. Padma quickly began to remove her own clothing. When they both were naked they sat on the desk, Padma on the bottom and Hermione on her lap.

"Are you ready?" Padma asked after a few minutes of kissing and feeling.

Hermione couldn't talk, it was impossible. So she nodded her head very quickly, closing her eyes.

Hermione would have died at the sensation. She floated through time and space, disbelieving what Padma was doing to her. She let out very loud moans and groans, rocking in Padma's lap, enjoying every moment of what was inside her.

Padma let out a laugh after Hermione bit her lip to prevent her from screaming. "You'd better be quiet! someone will hear us," she said, kissing her collar bone.

"You're too late, ladies; someone did hear you."

Professor Snape was standing in the door way, looking very pleased with himself. Hermione stopped her rocking and all the red in Padma's face washed out. The both of them were very pale and they looked at the Professor, who had a very large erection.

"Please, Miss Granger, don't stop..."

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