Author's Notes: shota-con, disturbing content, language, non-con, violence

Last Army Standing

Chapter One

By dented-sky and ledracodormiens


It was like the War was put on hold. Everyone seemed so happy.

But when Harry glanced at the ceiling in the Great Hall, the sky was cloudy; rain trickled down the windows. It was foreshadowing, he decided. This was going to be a bad year, he knew it; he could feel it from the chill of his skin. Why the hell is it so cold in here?

"...And then he said 'I don't want to touch your dirty knickers! And I'm like, 'Well you shouldn't have petted the purple monkey then!' and then he fell over!" There was a large roar as the Griffindors burst into laughter.

"Seamus, that story made absolutely no sense!"

"Well bugger you, Dean!"

"No thank you."

"It was an awesome story, but you're too -"

Ron interrupted the argument with his usual start-of-term grumbling. "I'm so hungry! Wish the firsties would finally arrive so we can eat." Fifteen minutes later and the last first year was Sorted into Slytherin. Dumbledore gave his usual announcements. And then it came: the War Talk.

"While Hogwarts is perfectly safe, I am afraid, outside it is not so. I will have to have stricter rules -" He named them; curfew rules, do not walk outside by yourself, etc. "Seventh years, as you know, are encouraged to join Clubs, and there is a new Club this year, that I encourage you to consider. It is a Combat Club, much like dueling only it involves physical combat." Dumbledore continued with his War Talk with soothing words of wisdom, and Harry looked over at the Slytherin table to see Crabbe, Goyle and Bulstrode crack their knuckles and exchange smirks.

The last thing I want to do is join a Combat Club with those three, he thought. Then he caught a glimpse of Malfoy, who was staring, bored, at the ceiling. But then again, I'd give anything to pound Malfoy into the floor with my -

Ron interrupted his thoughts. "Oh finally! FOOD!"

- fist. And that was all it took for Harry to sign his name on the Combat Club sheet the next morning.

Harry walked into the Great Hall with Hermione and Ron hissing in his ear. "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing signing up for the Combat Club?!" said Ron, walking fast to keep up with Harry. "Really Harry! You can get really hurt! You have to think this through!"

Harry sighed as he looked up at the ceiling and saw that the sky was grey and dull. Fits my mood, he thought. "Look!" he nearly yelled as he stopped and turned to face his friends.  "I don't see what the big deal is! I'm going to learn to defend myself incase I'm unable to do magic! That's all it is and that's all it will be! Now really, piss off. You're getting on my last nerve!" And with that he walked to sit down next to Seamus and Dean as Ron and Hermione stood there, paralyzed with shock.

The first meeting was that afternoon, and Harry's day was going excruciatingly slow. Firstly, due to his outburst that morning, Ron and Hermione were not talking to him, then in Potions, Malfoy threw something in Harry's cauldron that made it explode. Blue gunk littered the walls, and Harry was given a whole week of detention and fifty points from Griffindor. Just wait 'till after school, Malfoy, he thought as he wiped blue slim from his hair, I'll have you.

Finally, Harry arrived at the large lecture hall on the fourth floor that was converted into a temporary gym. Seamus had joined along with Pavarti and surprisingly, Neville. "You know how weak I am," Neville explained. "So I thought I could learn something."

Everyone else was already in the room when they went in, and Professor Podmore, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, winked at Harry as he entered. "I'm glad," said the Professor, "That everyone remembered to wear casual clothes." Harry observed his own brown corduroys and black T-shirt, which was a bit too tight on him because it was old.

Professor Podmore explained to rules, "Do not push yourself too far, disarm only, nothing below the waist for now..."

"Hey Harry," Seamus whispered. "Nice shirt."


"Terry Boot," smirked Seamus, nodding is head before the sandy haired Ravenclaw across the room. "Is checking you out."


Harry jerked his head towards the group of Ravenclaws and Seamus and Dean doubled up with laughter.  Terry was standing next to Padma Patil. She was obviously trying to carry a conversation with Terry, but he was staring intently at Harry. When Harry caught Terry's eye, he quickly looked back at Padma and nodded as though he had been agreeing with what she was saying.

"Oh come off it!" said Seamus resting his arm on Harry's shoulder and looking at his petrified face. "Don't give me that! I was only kidding." He then gave a wink at Dean who was on the other side of Harry. The both of them laughed silently and walked over to Ernie Macmillan, who was talking about the upcoming Quidditch season.

Harry was still fixated on Terry. Every once in a while, Terry would slightly look out of the corner of his eye, then would quickly retreat back to Padma.



Neville was looking at Harry with a worried expression. "I heard what they said, but don't believe it. They're just probably trying give you a hard time. Come on, the lessons about to start."

Harry and Neville walked passed Seamus and Dean, still laughing, and Harry stopped dead in his tracks. Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, and Millicent Bulstrode all walked in side by side, but Draco a little further ahead. Draco smirked at the sight of his nemesis.

Malfoy flicked a blonde lock of hair out of his eyes. "Ready to try and hit something with those girly little fits, Potter?"

"The only thing girly and little around here, Malfoy, is you. And I'm not talking about your height, either." The others students, save the Slytherins, laughed.

But Malfoy was unfazed; his smirk widened. "I beg to differ, Scarhead."

Harry was momentarily stunned; an image had flashed itself inside his head that made him flush slightly. He mentally shook the image away. "Well you would beg wouldn't you Malfoy? Bet that's your style..."

Malfoy let out a bark of laughter. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Another voice cut in. "Shut the fuck up, Malfoy." Terry Boot growled.

Malfoy was about to retort when the Professor's voice cut in. "OK everyone pick a partner and find a mat, and we shall begin." Professor Podmore turned on his heel and gave Harry an expression that plainly said, "I know what happened, don't let it happen again."

Harry returned a look that said he understood. Podmore vaugely smiled and walked to the head of the room as Harry turned to Malfoy and saw his very familiar malicious smirk appear. Harry tried hard to scowl a him and not blink, Don't lose eye contact with him he told himself. From the corner of his eye he saw Crabbe and Goyles muscles flexing and heard cracking of Bulstrodes knuckles. On the other hand, Pansy was fuming. Her fists were clenched and her face was red and her heavy breathing was very clearly heard.

She made for Terry with her hands out. "YOU!" Draco broke his eye contact with Harry and ran to hold her back. "How dare you-GET OFF ME!" Draco had her by her shoulders and was struggling to keep her restrained. "EXCUSE ME!" Pansy stopped struggling and Draco took his hands off her shoulders and put them behind his back, trying to declare him innocence in any event.

Neville put a hand on Harry's shoulder and steered him to a mat close to the back of the room. "I swear," said Neville, "They get weirder and weirder every year."

Forty-five minutes later and Professor Podmore had directed all the basic starting positions, blocking and of course, basic attack. "You are all fast learners," he nodded approvingly. "Now, I want you to all safely demonstrate for me."

The students got into their starting positions. Malfoy caught Harry's eye and smirked, eyes glinting. His partner was the blonde Ravenclaw boy, Orla Quirke, who was looking rather confident.

Harry struck first. He threw a punch at Neville who blocked, but he did not see Harry's second punch aimed for his stomach. It went on like that for a minute. Neville mostly defending, which was starting to annoy Harry. He was getting the hang of it, until he heard the whisper.

It was like a soft voice on the wind, a barely audible word. Malfoy, Harry thought immediately, before the spell hit him, throwing him backwards into someone else, sending the two of them flying into a small cleaning cupboard. The door slammed behind them.

It was pitch black inside, and Harry could hear the muffled gasping and exclaiming from the students outside. The person pressed against his back in the small cupboard was warm, their breath shallow. "Lumos," the person said breathlessly, and Harry turned his head slightly to see this is was Terry Boot he was stuck in a small, dark cupboard with. They both blushed in the dim light. "Is ah... the door locked?"

Harry blushed further. oh yeah... the door... he fumbled for a handle, but there was none. Then he tried to give it a big push, but it was jammed and would not budge. Harry could hear the Professor try a number of spells to get them out. "You may be there for a while, kids," he said.

Harry could hear Seamus and Dean's muffled snickering.

He shifted slightly, but stopped immediately when his buttocks brushed against Terry's front and Terry sucked in a breath of air. Harry thought he should say something. "so, ah, how are you?" he blurted. Harry mentally kicked himself. Smooth Potter, real smooth.

"Do you even know my name?" Terry asked, slightly suspicious.

"Er, uh-well, yeah...You're Terry Boot, Ravenclaw, right?" Harry asked, not daring to look at his face. God, when will this door open? he asked, looking around anxiously.

"Yeah, and I know who you are...of course.  'Famous Harry Potter,'" Terry forced a laugh. Harry was slightly annoyed and gave him a look to go with it.
Terrys laugh was cut short by it and all that could be heard was their heartbeats and some murmuring from outside. Terry gulped his hands were shaking in his pockets. Harry looked at his forehead, and it was drenched with sweat. "I-uh...I...," Terry stammered. Harry didn't know what made him do it, but he walked up to Terry until they were about and inch apart from each others face. They both were breathing heavily.

"What are you - " Harry put his finger on Terry's lips. Terry shuddered and Harry ran his tongue over Terry's bottom lip. Terry groaned as if he had been waiting for that for a long time. Harry backed away, in shock as what he had just done. So was everyone else who was watching through the open door.


What seemed to Harry like the longest moment stretched on, thick with silence. It was broken by Pavarti who couldn't keep her happy giggles in any longer.

"Ehehehe... Omigod, I have to tell Lavender!" and at that she ran out of the old lecture hall.

"Well," said Professor Podmore after a small moment. "People like that sort of thing, I suppose..." He seemed to shake himself. "I guess that concludes our lesson, so could you all please pack up your-"

An angry voice interrupted. "Always knew you were a fag, Potter," Malfoy sneered. His silver eyes were glinting icily, and there were two angry pink smudges of colour on his cheeks. "Maybe it's about time you come out of the closet. Wouldn't want you and your little boyfriend getting ideas about the brooms in there..."

Seamus, who had been grinning foolishly, changed expression so quickly it made Harry blink. He was clenching his fists, ready for a fight. "Now see here you bastard - "

"He's not my boyfriend," came the soft voice from behind Harry. Everyone's eyes were on Terry as he passed Harry out of the closet and walked out of the lecture hall without even a glance in Harry's direction.

Harry flinched when Terry slammed the door behind him.

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