Author's Notes: shota-con, disturbing content, language, non-con, violence

Last Army Standing

Chapter Three

By dented-sky and ledracodormiens


"Professor!" Hermione exclaimed as she grabbed her cloak off the floor. She wrapped it tightly around Padma's still naked form.

"Oh..." He soothed. "Don't stop on my account." He gave a very creepy smirk, his eyes glinting lustfully in the darkness.

Padma had not moved, and she was shivering from the coldness in Snape's voice. Hermione conjured up her courage. I'm a Griffindor. What would Harry do? I know Ron would probably rip his balls off and make him eat them... "Sir, please, just let us go, or - "

"Or what, Miss Granger?" His voice was silky, and Hermione felt sick.

"Or I'll tell Dumbledore. Don't think I won't!" She tried to subtlety look around the room for a weapon, only to see something glittering in the darkness, on the other end of the room. A knife?

Snape was gliding closer. He slowly undid the buttons on his robe. "Now this won't take long..." The door! He moved away from the door!

Hermione had a plan. "Oh yessss, Professor," she tried to coo in her sexiest voice. "You looked so... um, sexy tonight..." Padma let out a scared shriek as Hermione let her own hands move over the Ravenclaw's body. "Come closer..."

Snape seemed surprised, but it left as he was once more taken over by lust. Padma was shaking. Where is it...? Where...? Hermione was starting to panic now; she moved her hands over Padma's body a little faster. Wait... yes, found it!

Hermione whipped out her wand from her robe pocket. "STUPEFY!" There was a 'thud' as Snape fell to the floor.

For a few seconds, the girls held each other, frozen on the desk, staring at Snape's unmoving form. "Let's get the hell out of here," said Hermione shakily.

Padma started to cry.

"Shh..." said Hermione, peering sadly into the crying girl's face. "We have to go before he wakes up."

Padma choked on tears. "I'm... so, so, sorry..."

Hermione kissed her softly and sweetly. Please don't cry...  A pause, and, "Padma, come on!" Hermione said a loud whisper, tugging at Padma's frozen arm.

Hermione had her robes pulled on hastily and Padma still had the cloak Hermione had put wrapped around her. She sat frozen in the chair staring at the dead-like Snape on the ground. His eyes looked empty and Padma was mumbling disbelieving words. "I cant... how... I don't... what?"

"Padma we have to go before he wakes up!"

Padma slowly slid off the chair and Hermione grabbed all their clothes and bags and they both ran out of the room, holding hands. They reached the end of a hall that was unknown to them.

"Where are we?" Hermione asked panting. She looked at Padma who seemed to stop have worrying about Snape and was now worried about their whereabouts.

"I don't know... should we ask the portrait?" Padma asked nodding her head toward a painting with a sinister looking man, glaring at them with suspiciousness.

Hermione cautiously stepped forward and asked, "Excuse me... but where are we? We got lost?"

The portrait said nothing and a mischievous smile appeared as it looked from Hermione to a barely clothed Padma.

"Hello my dearies. Someone will be pleased to see you."

With that the man ran out of the portrait and out of sight.

"You don't think he went to get Filch did he?" Padma said very quickly.

Hermione opened her mouth to answer when a noise happened a few feet away from the portrait. A wall under a large arc slid away and Pansy Parkinson walked out with her arms crossed and a humored smirk on her face.

"Well... what do we have here?" Pansy said, licking her lips seductively.


Harry and Terry stared at each other for what seemed like a very, very long time.

Eventually Terry gave Harry a general smile. "Harry, I, um, need help with something."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "Oh?"

"Yeah." Terry started to walk and Harry followed. "It's Snape. He knows something... about me..." He trailed off and blushed under Harry's stare. "I know your good at sneaking around the school, and I was wondering if... um..."

Harry reluctantly nodded. "I see; you want me to help you get rid of some records?"

Terry smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. "Yeah. So could you? Please?"

Harry smiled back. "Sure. What do you want me to do?" He tried to lighten the tension by making a joke. "Let's hope we don't get stuck in any more cupboards."

Big mistake. Harry had a bad sense of humour. Argh, stupid Harry, stupid! Terry blushed and took on a scandalized look, while he stuttered incoherently. "Sorry.. I er, you know... sorry..."

Harry kept confident and waved a hand, dismissing the matter. "Forget it. My fault. Lighten up."

They walked to the dungeons; it was late at night, and Harry was tired.

"It's here."

Harry blinked. "Snape's office?"




"Oh well. We need to make a distraction..." Harry thought hard, but he need not have because voices were coming from around the corner. "Damn, let's hide...." Harry grabbed a scared Terry behind a large dungeon Suit of Armour. They were draped in shadows, and Harry could just see past the Armour.

They were surprised to see Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy turn the corner and head down the corridor they were hiding in. Harry felt Terry tense next to him, so he grabbed his hand and held tight.

"...about power," Pansy was saying, "You should know that, Draco, Power is Desire, and Desire is Power. Have your victim Desire, and you have Control."

Malfoy's face was blank. "Father always told me Fear was ultimate Power."

"Well your father is an old fashioned bastard," came the answer from the Slytherin girl, and Harry could not help but agree. "And you have a lot of Sex Appeal, but you never use it to your advantage!" she stopped and looked him in the face. The next statement was murmured to an almost whisper, and Harry held his breath. "You could have him in the palm of your hand, Draco."

Malfoy said nothing. He looked away and knocked on Snape's door. The door flew open almost immediately. "What do you want?" snapped the irritated Potions Master, "I'm busy and I'm about to leave for important business..."

Harry could not see the two students faces, as they had their backs to him, but he saw Pansy do something to the front of her robe, then she opened it, showing Snape what was underneath.

Snape tried to keep his face impassive, but something akin to desire flickered across his face. "Wait in my office, both of you," he snapped. "And don't touch anything until I get back!"

On the way in, Malfoy gave Snape a questioning glace, and Snape answered. "One of my Wards went off. There's a couple of students out of bed..." He grimaced. "In an empty classroom." He pivoted and stalked away, and the two Slytherins shut the door behind them.

Harry exhaled. "Looks like we'll have to wait, or do it tomorrow," he said sadly.

"Can we go now?" Terry asked, looking around cautiously.

"Hold on.." Harry answered, walking towards the office door. His curiosity got the best of him and he put his ear to the wall.

"All I'm saying is use what you've got."

"But what have I got?!" Draco nearly yelled. Cleary he didn't understand what Pansy was saying, and neither did Harry.

"Honestly Draco, I thought you were a criminal mastermind. Are you that thickheaded?"

Harry looked down and saw that the door wasn't completely closed. Harry gave it the lightest push holding his breath. He heard Terry whisper "no..." behind him, but Harry was determined to hear what the two were talking about. The door opened about an inch or two more and Harry could see the two of them standing in front of Snape's desk facing each other. Pansy's arms were crossed and Draco was rubbing the back of his head, as if thinking hard about what Pansy just said.

"You know what? Ill give you the whole damn night to think about it, fucking dumbass."

Pansy started to walk away but Draco grabbed her arm suddenly. "What the hell did you say to me?"

She jerked her arm back.  "Get the fuck off me!"  He grabbed her by her neck as if to strangle her, but he just held her neck. She made no struggle except to breathe, but she was smiling. "Oh come on... do it," she barely said in a whisper, looking at his soft lips.

He held her neck closer to him and he opened his mouth slightly. Then he threw her away and she fell on her back on the cold dungeon floor.  "You're not worth it."

"You're a fucking pussy, you know that?" Pansy said, staying on the floor. She brushed her hair back and laid back on her elbows and spread her legs a little.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch," Draco said striding forward and grabbing her by the wrists and pulling her up. Harry saw the tight grip he had on her. Her wrists were turning a visible red even from far away. But Pansy merely bit her lip, smiling.

"Or what?" she said in ear, and then she licked his neck.

"Fucking slut,'' he said to himself as he threw her into a wall. "Go back to the Common room and leave me the fuck alone," and Draco went and sat down in one of the lofty chairs.

She scowled and made made a "humph" noise and made for the door. Harry and Terry ran behind a suit of armour just in time before Pansy left to the Slytherin common room.

"What the hell is wrong with them?" Harry asked himself.

"C'mon," Terry said taking Harry's hand and leading him away from the office.  "We have to go and fine Hermione and Padma before Snape does."

They walked in silence for a moment or two, before Harry stopped and turned a puzzled gaze to Terry. "Why would Snape have Wards on an empty classroom?"

Terry shrugged, but Harry noticed that his grip on his hand did not slacken. "Maybe it was a Potions classroom?"

"No," said Harry, "There is only one Potions classroom, and Snape was heading in the other direction."

Terry mumbled something to himself, and Harry asked him what he had said. Terry sighed. "Today I was talking to Padma and..." he flushed slightly. "Well, she said, if I was to have a, uh, um," he paused, "a relationship with you, we would have to hide in plain sight."

"Plain sight?"

"Yeah, you know, because we're both boys."

"But what does that mean?"

"Um," Terry paused. "It means, pretending in front of people; showing affection, but hiding it as something else."

Harry thought. "Like friendship or something?" Terry nodded. "But isn't that like faking something that isn't real?"

Terry's grip on Harry's hand got tighter, and he stepped in front so they were facing each other squarely. Harry was momentarily mesmerized by Terry's innocent and playful light green eyes. So unlike my own dark, sad ones, Harry thought. Terry smiled. "It can have its benefits. But what I mean is, Snape might be hiding something."

Terry's other hand was dangling by his side, so Harry took it in his own. "What are you saying?"

Terry's smile widened. "Snape is hiding something in an empty classroom, and he has disguised it as something else, but he also put up wards to tell him if anyone enters during the night!"

Harry mimicked Terry's smile. "Oh, I see. Do you think the girls have found it?"

Terry's smiled seemed to flicker for a moment, and his eyes reflected a calm sadness. "Unfortunately, they may have." He sighed. "Look, Snape and I have this... history," he looked away and took a big breath. "He has a lot of secrets and... so do I. And he knows things about me he shouldn't, Harry, and... do you have any idea how scary that is?"

Harry did not, but he thought it must be a very scary thing to have someone like Snape knowing your deepest, darkest secrets. Harry looked up into Terry's face, and suddenly he wished he knew the boy standing in front of him, and felt sad that he did not know his secrets, or understand his sadness.

Before he knew what he was doing, he had let go of Terry's hand, snaked it around his waist and pulled the Ravenclaw towards him, and kissed him.

Terry's lips were so soft, Harry thought, and as Harry was thinking that he might try to push his tongue into the other boy's mouth...

....Hermione was pressed against the wall, under a hot female body...

....Harry let himself coax Terry's lips open with a wet tongue...

....She felt fingers between her legs...

....Terry gasped as their tongues collided...

....A whimper was heard as Pansy Parkinson pushed two fingers inside of her...

....Harry felt Terry touch his cheek, and his hips pushed forward, and the kiss was deepened...

....Pansy bit her lip and drew blood. It tasted metallic and salty in Hermione's mouth, and a chuckle was heard...

....Harry pushed a hand through the other boys robes...

"That's enough, Pansy," snapped Padma from beside the two girls. "You've had your fun, now go."

"But oh," Pansy purred, "We're just getting started..." she turned to Hermione. "Aren't we, Mudblood?"

Padma scowled. "I've had a enough dirty Slytherins for tonight, thanks. Now go!"

Pansy pulled away from the violated Griffindor and gave Padma a very angry look. "And what are you going to do, Ravenclaw?"

"I'm going to threaten to break up with you."

Padma's tone was harsh, and it left no room for argument. Pansy just stared. Finally she said softly, "You're no fun when you're tired." Then she pivoted and left.

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