Summary: A look at the development of the relationship between Lucius and Draco, spanning 10 years in the process. Draco has finished school, the War goes on, and he and Lucius need some relaxation.
Warnings: Incest, bondage. AU.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
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Delectationis Draconigenae V

By LdyBastet


Draco was eighteen years old, and he was wondering how Daddy felt when tying him up.

School was over and they were free to seek out each other's company whenever they wanted it. The games had become a natural part of life, a constant source of pleasure and inspiration. Sometimes it was Draco who suggested they play, motivated by his own lusts, or by seeing a hint of stress on his father's face.

The game gave them a chance to express their love and devotion for each other, something they both needed as the war escalated around them.


Draco looked up from the book he was reading when yet another owl flew in through the open window. He was comfortably lounging in one of the armchairs in his father's study, and tried to ignore the lingering sting in his arm after the burning summons from the Dark Lord the previous evening.

"Any good news yet, Father?"

Lucius took the note from the owl and read it. "Yes, we now have control over one important strategic area, and support from another two families."

"Empty words sent out of fear?"

"No, they request to take the Mark to show their allegiance."

Draco made a face and then smiled. "Well, once they're in, there's no turning back."

"It's a good incentive to be on the winning side." Lucius smiled back and put the note on the top of a small stack of correspondence.

"It's also stressful and puts a lot of pressure on you."

"Draco," Lucius said warningly. "I don't want you to think like that, and especially not when you're near the Dark Lord."

Draco sighed and cast his eyes down. "Yes, Father."

He supported the cause, whole-heartedly, but he didn't like the way that the Lord gave orders, Lucius obeying them and doing most of the work, and then Voldemort taking the credit for it. It was Lucius who had won the last few battles for them, it was Lucius who had planned the raid last month... Draco secretly believed that if the Dark Lord hadn't decided to make another grand appearance at the scene, they would have been even more successful. Perhaps his thoughts were less of a secret than he would have wanted, Draco thought as Lucius continued.

"If you persist in this, you'll have to become better at shielding your mind and masking your thoughts. The Dark Lord is a gifted Legillimens."

"I know, Father. I'm sorry." Draco put the book down and sat up more properly. "I just... He takes the credit for everything you do."

"We fight for him, Draco." Lucius pinched the bridge of his nose. "We will recommence your Occlumency training tomorrow."

Draco nodded and got to his feet. He didn't want to add worry for his safety to the pressure of everything else, and felt a twinge of guilt for doing so. If Voldemort decided that he couldn't trust Draco, it was probably Lucius who would get the order to kill him. Draco went over to his father and gave him a light hug from behind; he was determined that those orders would never be issued.

"I am sorry, and I will work hard at Occlumency, I promise." He straightened up and began massaging Lucius' tense shoulders. Lucius had been working hard from early morning, sending letters and gathering information, and Draco thought that he looked tired. The muscles under his fingers relaxed slowly as he worked on them, and he smiled at the sigh of contentment from his father.

"Why don't you take a break and continue with work after you have rested?"

Lucius nodded slightly, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the talented hands of his son.

"That is an appealing idea."

"It's a splendid idea, and you know it." Draco laughed softly. "Really, Father, you need to do something inspiring and creative, something that will lighten your thoughts when you sit here suffering the drudgery of yet another boring guest."

"And you know exactly what that would be, I presume?" Lucius sounded amused.

"Oh yes." Draco stopped massaging and leaned forward to whisper in Lucius' ear. "Fuck me, Daddy... Tie me down and fuck me on your desk."

Draco knew from the shiver that ran through Lucius that his father appreciated the image that had just been planted in his mind, and smiled as he brushed Lucius' long hair back to place small kisses under his ear and down his neck.

"I know you want it. Having me all helpless and unable to move... Yours to do with as you wish." Draco slid a hand over Lucius' chest, then further down and was nearly caressing the hard cock he knew was hidden under his father's robes, when Lucius suddenly got up from the chair and turned around, pulling Draco to him for a passionate kiss.

Draco moaned and shoved away the chair that separated them and stepped close; he wanted to feel his father's body against his own. Then Lucius grabbed his hair and pulled his head back a little roughly, and Draco began breathing harder, sinking into that comfortable, calm, exciting mindset.

"You think you can manipulate me?" Lucius growled at him. "I should punish you by not fucking you at all."

"No! Please, Daddy." Draco pressed his body against Lucius', pressed his already hard cock against his father's similarly excited groin. "I only want to please you... make you happy." Draco's voice lowered as Lucius' grip on his hair tightened and he was bent backwards a little more. "Oh Merlin... please fuck me..."

"Fuck you, hm? And what makes you so certain that I'm in the mood?"

Lucius' smooth voice brushed over Draco's senses like a velvet touch, and he shivered at the emotions it evoked. It reminded him of dark nights and heated touches, candlelight casting golden highlights on blond hair, and a pleasure so intense as to make him dizzy... Draco wanted it, his whole being cried out for it, but how could Draco convince Daddy that he wanted it as well? He knew that Lucius would not be pushed into anything, so he had to resort to begging.

"I don't... I can only hope that you want me, Daddy," Draco whispered. His neck was hurting from the uncomfortable angle, and he felt as if he would lose his balance if he wasn't held in such a firm grip. "I want you so much... Please? I ache to feel your cock inside me." He whimpered and closed his eyes as Lucius tore open his robe and pinched one of his nipples.

"You do, do you?"

Draco felt frustration mingle with the arousal that had built in his body. How could his father sound so calm, when Draco felt as if he was missing a huge part of himself, the hunger inside him raging, and Lucius was the only one who could temper and soothe it? Why did Daddy doubt him, couldn't he see the need in his mind?

"Yes! Oh yes... please Daddy, please... By Salazar, fuck me, use me... anything!" Draco squirmed against Lucius to get some friction, to feel the cool fingers brush against his chest... he simply had to move, his hips couldn't resist rubbing against Lucius' body.

Draco didn't see the smile on Lucius' face, didn't know that his display of desperate need and lust pleased his father greatly. But he heard the flutter of parchment falling, the crash of what could well be the inkpot, and a few other things that fell to the floor, then Lucius turned them both around and forced him to lie back on the desk. Draco opened his eyes and moaned as his gaze locked with Lucius'. There was so much desire in those stormy grey eyes, usually so pale, but now darkened with arousal - desire for him.

When Lucius tore the rest of the robe open to reveal his body, Draco shivered. He loved feeling that his father wanted him, that he could even be impatient and a little forceful; the possessiveness excited him. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves so that he was only lying on the remains of his expensive clothes, and reached up to touch Lucius.

"Want you..." Draco felt a little calmer now that Lucius had taken command of the situation and had shown him that he did want him. He suspected that Daddy had held off like that only to hear him beg. Lucius pinched his nipple again, and Draco moaned as he arched up into the touch.

"Pull your legs up and spread them."

Draco did so, holding his knees apart, and the excitement grew almost intolerable again as his father looked him over. Lucius moved his index finger lightly over Draco's skin, following the curve of a hip, the inside of a thigh, along the underside of Draco's cock, then down between his cheeks to rub teasingly over his entrance. With a smile, Lucius stepped back and took up his wand.

"Arms straight down and between your legs, Draco." Lucius' voice was slightly hoarse now, and Draco knew that Daddy was as horny as he was. He had heard his father's voice in so many situations, and this one was no exception; he could hear the longing.

When Draco had taken the position, there was a small crack and ropes shot out through the end of the wand. He found his hands quickly encircled by the material and then they were tied, each to one end of the desk, his legs being spread wider by his arms in the process. He moaned as he realised the efficiency of the position. Lucius didn't need to tie his legs at all, they were actually trapped like this, hooked over his arms and exposing him completely to his father.

Lucius gave Draco a smug smile as he watched him squirm in the bonds. Draco was, of course, not trying to get out of them, but merely trying them out, making sure that he really was helpless. Lucius relished the sight, enjoying the movements of sleek muscle pulling at the ropes and then relaxing, while he opened his robe. He didn't bother getting undressed this time - he wanted it fast and hard, and it would suffice to just open his breeches.

His pleading gave him the desired result, Draco thought. Daddy looked about ready to devour him, a dangerous look in his eyes that made Draco feel all warm inside. He belonged here, tied up for Daddy, being his... only his, and he wanted to feel it even more.

"Please Daddy... Fuck me before I go crazy!" Draco whined as his cock throbbed.

There was no preparation this time, only a quick coating of oil over Lucius' cock, and then he pressed the blunt head against the tight muscle of Draco's arse. Draco moaned again as his body was invaded little by little, agonizingly slow in a way, but also deliciously so. It was more painful than usual, but Draco didn't care; he knew it would be heavenly once he was filled completely and his father started fucking him in earnest.

"Yes... oh Daddy, feels so good."

"Mmm, I'll give you something to inspire you all day, Dragon." Lucius intended to make Draco wince when walking and sitting for the rest of the day. He pulled out slowly when he felt Draco relax around him, and then slammed back inside him hard, grabbing Draco's shoulders to keep him in place.

"Yes! Merlin!" Draco cried out, enjoying the intense pleasure. There was pain as well, but a pain so sweet as to be only a different kind of pleasure, and as the thrusts continued, he could no longer tell one from the other.

The pace was punishing for them both. Lucius had to forcibly hold back the orgasm that threatened to overcome him, too quickly for his tastes, and all because of the wonderful friction. The longer he fucked Draco, the less coherent the words that spilled over Draco's lips were. Lucius enjoyed reducing his son to these incoherent pleas for more - more satisfaction, more vulnerability, more cock, more of his beloved Daddy - and Draco was only too eager to play along.

Lucius leaned down and captured his son's full lips in a heated kiss, and then kissed and bit at Draco's neck while pounding into his welcoming body.

"You're mine," he growled and bit down hard at the pale skin.

"Yours. Oh fuck, Daddy... I'm ... so close." Draco's head was swimming with all the different sensations, his mind almost overwhelmed, and foremost among them was the feeling of being totally in his father's power, subject to anything the man wanted to inflict upon him: pleasure, pain, teasing, abstinence... didn't matter as long as Daddy owned him.

"Come for me, Draco." Lucius changed the angle slightly and his thrusts now brushed a little more insistently over Draco's prostate.

Draco's moans got louder and he tensed up, pulling hard at the ropes, as icy heat built up in his thighs and stomach. The world exploded to him, in a rush of ecstasy - fire and ice and lightning sped through his limbs and out through his pulsing cock, and he could feel his father's cock glide in and out of him even more clearly as his arse clenched tightly around it.

Lucius grinned at him when next he looked up, eyes ablaze with the same kind of fiery passion that Draco had just experienced. The thrusts continued, and Draco enjoyed it, relaxed again and able to relish every nuance of his father's pleasure, pleasure that he received from his body.

"Want to see you come, Daddy," he panted. "It's so beautiful."

Lucius moaned and after a little while longer, he pulled out of Draco and rubbed his cock against Draco's now flaccid one. He groaned loudly as he climaxed, and sticky threads of come were spread over Draco's stomach and groin.

After a few moments, when they had caught their breath, Lucius laughed softly and kissed Draco again.

"That was, indeed, relaxing."

"Very much so... and I think I'll feel as if your cock's up my arse all day now." Draco winked. He felt a bit sore, and knew that he would enjoy that feeling for as long as he could.

"Good. Otherwise, I'll just have to fuck you harder and longer and rougher next time."

"Oh god, Daddy..." Draco said breathlessly. He found that a very delicious thought, even though this had been very satisfying.

"There are, of course, also engorgement charms." Lucius continued to tease.

"Ow! No thanks." Draco winced at the thought. "You're big enough as it is, thank you. I don't think I could take anything larger."

Lucius turned his head a little and whispered in Draco's ear. "But you were smaller the first time I fucked you..."

Draco closed his eyes and groaned. Daddy was right, he had been smaller then, slimmer... Perhaps it would be nice to feel that incredible fullness again?

"I like you just the way you are, Draco." Lucius slowly licked down the side of his neck.

"It was perfect then, and it's perfect now as well," Draco mumbled and longed to hold his father close. Lucius was always the one in control (and Draco loved it), he was always the one with the responsibility - in work, in battle, in the family, in sex... When was the last time he had fallen asleep being held, safe, in someone's arms? When was the last time that Draco's father had been relieved of duty, free from being in control of everything?

Azkaban? Not a very good way to relax, thought Draco and decided that very soon, Lucius Malfoy would relax. Lucius Malfoy was going to give up control, if only for a little while, and enjoy life without any cares.

Draco just had to keep it secret from his father until then. It would be a good exercise in shielding his thoughts.

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