Summary: A look at the development of the relationship between Lucius and Draco, spanning 10 years in the process. It is Draco's sixth year at Hogwarts, and Lucius is finally freed from Azkaban. It's quite the passionate reunion... (AU from this chapter)
Warnings: Incest, light bondage, potential underage sex: Draco is 16 in this part.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
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Delectationis Draconigenae IV

By LdyBastet


Draco was sixteen years old, and he loved it when Daddy tied him up.

It didn't happen often that year, what with his father locked up in Azkaban for several months. It was all Potter's fault, and Draco hated the other boy for stealing his father away from him. When Lucius was finally freed, there seemed to be a new need, a new hunger in him, and their games were more frequent. Draco visited his home more often, sometimes over the weekends, and their special game developed, intensified.

The time together was cherished and well used... Just like Draco felt when his father's touches drove him to incoherent pleas for more.


The last class of the day seemed as if it would never end. Draco usually had to trouble concentrating on Arithmancy, but the closer to weekend the week had drawn, the more time had seemed to slow down.

Three days previously, two things had happened. The first was the front page of the Daily Prophet, delivered during breakfast. In bold letters it declared: 'Malfoy free. Ministry convinced of his innocence.'

The other thing was the letter from his mother that arrived at the same time. She had written to him to tell him about his father's release the evening before, and to ask him to come home over the weekend. His father had expressed a wish to see him.

Draco was ecstatic over the news and couldn't refrain from gloating and sneering at Potter.

"Made a fool of yourself in the eyes of the Ministry again, haven't you, Scarhead? My father is innocent, see?" He'd held up the front page of the newspaper to the Gryffindor, and the Slytherins around them snickered.

Whatever Potter was starting to say was cut off by the door to the classroom opening and their teacher entering. There were a few more confrontations, Draco insinuating that the Ministry still didn't believe all the nonsense Potter was spurting, but he was actually more focused on the imminent visit home.

The day was finally over and Draco swiftly made his way to Professor Snape's office. Draco's mother had sent a letter to his Head of House as well, explaining why she wanted Draco to come home, and Snape had granted him the use of his private Floo.

Draco arrived at his home and was almost immediately given a brief hug by his mother. She smiled at him and welcomed him home.

"Your father is in the library. We will eat within the hour."

He rushed to the library, not caring about Malfoy dignity and patience, and threw the doors open. Lucius sat on the large leather sofa, relaxed, reading a book. Draco paused and just drank in the sight; his beloved father was home, safe, his again.

When Lucius looked up, their gazes met and he smiled at his son, putting the book down. Draco crossed the room quickly and crawled up in his father's lap, straddling it, and wrapped his arms tightly around Lucius.

"You're back! Merlin! I've missed you, Father. I've been so worried."

Lucius held Draco close, stroking his back, and kissed his neck. "I'm home. No need to worry now." With a wave of his wand, Lucius closed and locked the doors.

Draco held him tightly, not wanting to let go. So many emotions rushed through him, and the feeling of being close to his father again was better than ever before, stronger, and his heart beat wildly, as if it wanted to tear itself free from his chest.

"I love you, Father."

"Father?" Lucius asked, sounding amused. "Have I stopped being your Daddy in private?"

"No..." Draco had to smile at that. He didn't know why he had kept the formal tone, when it was so clear in all other ways that they were incredibly informal. "No, you will always be my Daddy."

"Good. I quite enjoy having you in my lap, you know."

Draco leaned back a little and smiled at Lucius. The man looked tired, worn, but he was still strikingly handsome, and Draco felt that familiar stirring in his groin as he looked into his father's eyes. The tension between them grew until it couldn't be denied anymore.

"Daddy..." he whispered and then they kissed deeply, tongues battling, tasting and exploring... Draco grabbed at Lucius' robes and bunched the fabric in his fists, trying to pull him closer, while Lucius' fingers tightened in Draco's hair.

No more words were needed as the passion flared up between them, fuelled by deep longing and the memory of long days and nights without each other. The isolation had been horrible, thought Draco, but it made their reunion so much sweeter, so much more frantic. As hands tore at clothing, laying pale skin and hot flesh bare, their lust was similarly revealed in all its rawness, their need for each other openly displayed. There were no pleasantries, no conforming to old patterns of behaviour and ritual. Like drowning men, they reached for, and found, the air and sustenance, the life they craved from the other. The caresses were hurried and demanding, their mouths devouring, nipping, and laving to soothe the sting of bites.

One hand found its way between their bodies and took both erections within its grasp, and soon another, slighter hand joined it, closing the circle of stroking fingers.

It was fast and frenzied, and over quickly. Neither of them cared about prolonging the pleasure, and Draco was desperate to find bliss in his father's arms again. The sensation of Lucius' cock pressed flush against his own was exhilarating, and Draco moved eagerly into their hands. They came within moments of each other, and the semen made their hands glide more easily, slowly rubbing the combined fluids over their cocks.

Draco was breathing hard and leaned his forehead against Lucius' as they stilled their movements. "Merlin... I want you so much, Father. So much." He kissed Lucius and then drew back a little to look into his father's face. "I hate Potter for what he's done to you, to us. I hate him!"

"Shh, Draco." Lucius smirked and lifted his hand to Draco's face. He brushed a sticky wet finger over the boy's lower lip as if sealing their union, and his smile widened as Draco's tongue darted out to lick at it. "Taste it, my Dragon... it's us, together. We belong together, Draco."

"Don't leave me again, Daddy! Please?" Draco felt small all of a sudden - young and vulnerable. Potter had managed to separate them, no matter whether it had been by truth or by lies. He had separated them, and he would pay for it, Draco vowed.

"I'm not leaving you, Draco." Lucius kissed him. "I love you, you know that." Draco nodded and relaxed again.

They remained seated in the same position for a while longer, before Lucius reminded Draco that it was almost time for dinner. With a disappointed sigh, Draco slid off his father's lap and pulled his clothes back on.


During dinner, they all talked about what had been taking place since last they saw each other. Lucius was interested in hearing about the goings on at Hogwarts and asked about Dumbledore. Draco was only too happy to provide his father with details of the Headmaster's welcoming speech for this school year, as well as how he behaved, any more of the infuriating favouritism towards Gryffindor and, of course, Harry Potter.

It was during one of those long exchanges that Narcissa put her napkin down beside her pudding bowl and smiled at them. "I am sure that boy will have his comeuppance, sooner or later. I think sooner is preferable, but sometimes a little patience is necessary to find that golden opportunity." She took Lucius' hand on the table and gave it a light squeeze, then rose from the table.

"I think the two of you have much to talk about, so I will go to bed and leave you to it. It's nice to have you home again, Draco, if only for the weekend." Narcissa smiled at her son.

"Thank you, Mother. It is good to be together all of us again."

Lucius watched his wife as she left the room and then turned his gaze to Draco. "What do you say, shall we retire for drinks, or for bed as well?"

"That depends on if both of us will be in it." Draco tilted his head a little and gave his father an inviting smile, making Lucius chuckle.

"Were there ever any question about that?"

"Not really, no." Draco smirked and left the table. The desires that had both comforted and haunted him during his father's imprisonment came to life inside him again, slowly rising from the sea of calm that had settled over him after that first stormy orgasm. He looked at Lucius as they climbed the stairs, every glimpse feeding his lust, pulling up memories of seeing that long blond hair like a curtain around their faces while they drowned in the pleasures it seemed like they could only get from each other...

When they reached the upper floor, Draco made to turn toward the corridor where his room was located, but Lucius stopped him, putting his hand on Draco's shoulder.

"No, come with me, Draco," he said and led Draco to his own bedroom. Lucius held the door open and smiled as he watched his son readily step over the threshold.

Draco looked around the room before turning towards Lucius. He could barely believe that his father had actually taken him to his room, it made the situation feel slightly surreal, but also as if he had been given a great gift - he was allowed into the most private of Lucius' rooms, where he was the most open and relaxed. The bedroom was luxuriously furnished and the bed was truly magnificent: dark polished wood, elaborately carved bedposts and headboard, and thick bed curtains of burgundy velvet so dark that they looked almost black at first. It was a bed that seemed perfect for his father, Draco decided.

"It suits you..." He ran his hands over one of the Wyverns that held up the canopy.

"It suits you as well." Lucius pulled Draco to him and just held him close for a moment. Draco closed his eyes and relaxed, happy to be in his father's strong arms again.

"You sleep alone?" Draco asked softly.

"Yes, your mother sleeps in the north wing." Lucius opened Draco's robe.

"Oh, I didn't know that." Draco shrugged out of the garment and reached for the fastenings of his father's clothes. He hadn't given much thought to whether his parents slept together or not; he had just assumed that they did.

After they had undressed, Draco lay down in the middle of the bed and grinned impishly at Lucius. "Do I look good here?" The bed was soft and comfortable, and the canopy and Wyverns looked incredible from this angle. He raised his arms over his head, taking the position that he knew Lucius loved to see him in, his legs spread slightly, offering himself up to his father. "Tie me up, Daddy, please. I long for it so much."

He watched as Lucius procured the coveted silk cords and brought them to the bed. When Lucius tied the cords around Draco's wrists, the boy moaned softly. A calmness settled over him, and when the silk tightened and pulled his arms tauter as it was tied to the headboard, he felt freer than he had in a long time. There was not a worry in the world that could touch him. Draco looked up at his father, and his heart swelled with emotion - he felt as if he belonged to Daddy, this was so right, and he felt so proud that Daddy had taken him to his bed... had taken him to his side. Draco wanted to give his father everything that he could, anything that Lucius wanted from him, and he wanted everything that Lucius would give him.

Draco's breath sped up already before his father began caressing him. Just being in this position, rendered helpless and completely in Lucius' control, aroused him. Lucius smiled at him, and Draco understood that somehow Daddy knew how he felt. Draco pulled a little at his bonds, partly for show as Lucius was still studying him, admiring the sight of his son tied up in his bed. Draco loved to make Daddy desire him.

Lucius took his time to explore his son's lithe body and savoured every moan of pleasure, every sigh, every frustrated whine that he wrung from Draco, while escalating the desire in him. He used both his hands and his mouth to drive the boy to incoherent pleas for more and frustrated tugs at the black cords.

Draco thought that he must be close to exploding; one more touch from Daddy, and he would die from need. How could Daddy stand it? Draco made another frustrated sound when it didn't matter how much he tried to arch up, writhe and meet the teasing touches - Lucius pulled back, over and over, anytime that Draco got too close, proving who was in control.

"Beg for me, Draco," Lucius whispered hoarsely and lay down alongside his son, pressing his throbbing cock against Draco's leg. "Beg for me, and no one else."

"Yes..." Draco twisted around a bit and tried to reach close enough to kiss Lucius. "Please, Daddy... I need you."

"What do you need? Tell me... I want to hear you say it."

"Oh... fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard," Draco managed to say between moans. "I've longed to feel your cock inside me again." He almost whimpered when Lucius kissed him hungrily. His own cock gave a twitch at the thought; he was so hard that it almost ached, but still Lucius wouldn't allow him to come, withdrawing his hand whenever Draco tried to get more friction.

"Tell me how much you need it."

"Daddy!" Draco could barely think, let alone speak, but Lucius was relentless, even though he was clearly very aroused as well.

"No, Draco. Tell me." Lucius' grey eyes looked stormy, dark and dangerous, and Draco tried to focus on them to concentrate.

"Need you... please... I'll die! Merlin!" Draco tried to let Daddy know how horny he was, how badly he needed to be fucked, he really did, but it was almost impossible to form the words. He whimpered as he tried to pull himself together. "Need you... only you. Oh please!"

In his incoherent state, Draco wasn't sure how it happened, but he found himself rolled over onto his side, and he could feel Lucius' hard cock steadily gliding into him.

"Yes! Oh god, yes... please..." He tried to push back, tried to get that delicious cock inside him faster, but Lucius held him in a firm grip, a hand on his hip and Draco's leg draped back and over his own legs.

"More! Please Daddy... Want it!" Draco relished every slow inch.

Lucius moaned against his son's neck and placed a kiss there, a kiss that turned into a bite as the tight heat of Draco's body gripped more and more of him. He marked Draco as his own, as his lover, and groaned as he pushed balls deep into the boy.

Draco was overwhelmed by the different sensations - the pain from both neck and arse mingled with the pleasure of being fucked and together they rendered him speechless. He was glad that Lucius had stopped teasing him so mercilessly, because he didn't think he could have taken much more. Now instead, he was filled in a most delicious and satisfying way that he had been craving for far too long. The feeling of the stretch in his arse, the hand gripping him, the warmth from the body pressed against his back, the hot breath and soft, demanding lips against his neck... Wave after wave of glorious pleasure rolled over and through him as Lucius both took and gave everything that Draco desired.

The cords dug into Draco's wrists, making his fingers tingle, as he moved as much as he could. Draco pulled harder at them, finding a perverse delight in the feeling of truly belonging to his father in this way... He looked up, and for a moment, it looked as if the winged serpent above his head was moving, before he realised that it was the motions of Lucius driving into him, the bed bouncing slightly, that caused the illusion. And yet, he found it strangely comforting, and very fitting.

The intense pleasure was quickly pushing him towards orgasm, but Lucius skilfully kept him there for a long while, teetering on the edge, but denying him the fall. The increasing volume of Draco's moans and cries was fuelling Lucius' lust, and Draco twisted his upper body a little more towards his father.

"You are... oh god... cruel," he managed to get out and looked pleadingly into his father's eyes.

"No, dragon..." Lucius kissed him. "Not to you. I love you." He stroked Draco a little firmer, giving his son the friction he needed, and moaned loudly as he felt the throbbing pulse in Draco's arse tightening around his cock and hot spurts of semen flowed over his fingers to stain the bed. Lucius stilled his hand, but didn't let go of Draco's cock, and he thrust deeply into the pliant body in his arms, until he, too, reached climax, accompanied by Draco's continued moans.

Draco loved feeling his Daddy come inside him, loved feeling the satisfaction of knowing that he had given him that pleasure. It was almost as good as feeling him come in his mouth. He kissed Lucius again, as they both stopped moving, and enjoyed the lazy feeling of post-orgasmic bliss that spread like a warm blanket over him.

He pouted slightly when Lucius broke the kiss, but was actually too happy to put any real effort into it. He smiled instead as Lucius' gentle fingers touched his hands, checking on his blood circulation.

"Don't untie me yet?" he whispered.

Lucius nodded and wrapped his arms around Draco.

They were both relaxed and satisfied, sharing kisses and smiles, and it didn't take too long before they slipped into a light slumber, and after that... sleep. Draco never noticed his father releasing him from his bonds, but when he woke up the next morning, he was lying with his head resting on Lucius' shoulder and his arm draped over his chest.

Draco grinned, and the Wyverns around them seemed to grin back.

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