Summary: A look at the development of the relationship between Lucius and Draco, spanning 10 years in the process. Lucius and Draco has the house to themselves, and Draco puts his plan into motion. Lucius *will* have to just relax and enjoy, Draco is determined.
Warnings: Incest, light bondage. AU.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
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Delectationis Draconigenae VI

By LdyBastet


Lucius was forty-four years old, and he didn't know what to feel at first when his son tied him up.

Over the years, the game had developed. It was beautiful and surreal, tempting and delicious, and Lucius had thoroughly explored and enjoyed it with his son. Whenever Draco had asked questions, he had answered them, educating the boy in the practices and the delights of hedonistic pleasures. It seemed as if the wish to experience the whole range of the spectrum had grown as the knowledge and understanding of their game did. Lucius couldn't deny Draco anything, even if it made him feel uncomfortable; this was his son, and they trusted each other implicitly.

The game gave Draco the possibility of offering his father a moment of peace and deep relaxation, a place where he was safe enough to relinquish control... and it became more than just a game to them.


"But what does it feel like?" Draco took another bite of roast potatoes before looking at Lucius. "What does it feel like to have someone in your power?"

Lucius arched an eyebrow and looked back at Draco over the rim of his wineglass. Draco's questions had become more specific over the last few days, and he wondered what drove the boy to ask him these things. Was it simple curiosity, or were there other motivations?

"It feels good, as if being given a precious gift and then enhancing it. Exhilarating and arousing." Lucius set the glass down and picked up knife and fork again. "Why? Do you want a submissive to play with?"

Draco smiled. "No, Father. I have no interest in submissives, I'm happy with you."

Lucius smiled back and nodded. They were having a private dinner that evening; Narcissa had travelled to London for some extended shopping and an evening or two with her friends. Lucius and Draco had the whole house to themselves, so they could speak openly.

Lucius studied his son for a moment. The boy had grown up to be a young man, as striking and attractive as he had been beautiful and angelic as a child. Draco had let his hair grow, just like he had said he would when he was a boy, awestruck by his father, and it reached well beyond his shoulders. Lucius smiled faintly at the memory of how it felt to tangle his fingers in those blond tresses, and his mind took the next step as well, remembering gripping the hair to pull Draco's head back while fucking him hard from behind...

He had never been able to resist the charms of his son, had been driven as if by an inner force to taste of his loveliness, his innocence, and of course, his increasing expertise. No casual lover could ever give Lucius the depth of sensations and experience that Draco did.


Draco's voice broke through the line of thought, bringing Lucius back to the present moment. He smiled as his hardening cock gave a small twitch. Having dinner while aroused was pleasurable in its own teasing way, and had been happening more than once in Draco's company.

"Yes, Draco?"

"You were lost in memories, I think. Why not tell me what you were thinking of so I can enjoy them as well?"

"Perhaps I should show you after dinner instead?"

"Mm, I like the sound of that. Here?"

Lucius laughed at the eager note in Draco's voice. He should have known that Draco would want him to take him over the table. Not an ounce of shame in the boy, something that Lucius greatly enjoyed.

"No, the image in my mind did not include the dining room table."

"Shame." Draco looked disappointed for a moment. "Still, I do love it wherever you fuck me."

After a few seconds, Draco pushed his plate away.

"I don't think I want any dessert..."

"Oh?" Lucius hid his smirk; he knew exactly what Draco was impatient for. "Then you can watch me eat, because I do."

Lucius enjoyed seeing the light flush on Draco's cheeks, as he relished the taste of a most excellent chocolate soufflŽ. Finally, Draco gave in and had some of the dessert as well, and Lucius wondered if not the obvious contentment on his face as the chocolate seduced his taste buds had something to do with that decision. Draco didn't like to feel that he was cheated of any kind of gratification.


The next evening, Lucius found himself in a sticky situation.

Draco had kissed him and caressed him, and Lucius had returned the touches. It had been slow and sensual, and then Draco had looked up at him, kneeling between Lucius' legs and his lips pulling away from the cock in his hand.

"Let me tie you up," he had whispered, holding Lucius' gaze.


"Why not?" Draco had looked disappointed.

"I don't want to be tied up, Draco. It's not appropriate."

"Don't you trust me?"

And that had been that. Now, Lucius lay on his back, pulling at the strong silk cords that tied his arms to the bedposts, but they were securely fastened. He had to admit that he had taught Draco well, perhaps too well... although he appreciated that Draco hadn't tied him in the same position that he most often tied Draco in.

It was an unfamiliar situation for Lucius, being helpless, laid out for another person's pleasure, but not entirely unpleasant, and that was what made it alarming. He should not be weak! He should be in control! He should...

Draco swirled his tongue around the head of Lucius' cock, and Lucius moaned. Gradually, the tension in his muscles disappeared; the insistent and building arousal didn't give much room for anything else but the throbbing of heated blood that kept rushing down to his groin. Draco worked slowly but diligently, using every single trick that Lucius had shown him, and Lucius could not withstand the onslaught of sensory delights.

He felt Draco kiss his way over his body and then his mouth was claimed by a passionate kiss. Once more, Lucius pulled at the bonds, wanting to move his hand through Draco's hair, tug at it and hold him close, and felt frustrated as he was restrained from doing so. Instead, Draco threaded his fingers in Lucius' hair and pulled lightly at it while their tongues battled for dominance.

"Relax, Father," Draco whispered when he broke the kiss. "Trust me; let go. I love you... Lucius..."

Lucius moaned into the kiss as Draco resumed it. Lucius? Did Draco see him as more than his father, his 'Daddy', now? Lucius realised in a flash that the boy had indeed become a man, a young man who loved him and thought of him as a lover. So many emotions washed over him that it was difficult to separate and analyse them, but he felt a kind of relief and the deep love that he held for his son made his heart beat faster.

Draco was his. Even though Lucius lay tied up, Draco was his - his son, his lover - there to please him and give him anything he needed, just like he wanted to give Draco everything, including a brand new world. He had made Draco his through years of careful grooming...

Lucius moaned and writhed under Draco's touches; soft caresses contrasted by little nips from teeth took his breath away. He had taught Draco well, had revealed to him exactly how to arouse and tease him in the most delicious but also frustrating way... and the young man used it all against him. His whole body tingled with need as Draco continued to lavish it with sensations, every new touch sending another shiver, another wave of pleasure through him.

He looked up at Draco as he leaned over him, smiling softly, and returned the smile.

"You are beautiful like this... I have always found you beautiful," Draco said and moved his fingers lightly along one of Lucius' outstretched arms, and Lucius sighed softly. "I know you like to think of me as yours, you've said so yourself. But... you're mine as well, Father." He moved closer, and his hair fell down around their faces. "My Lucius."


"Shh... I will marry; I will wed a woman we think is suitable and carry the name on... but it will be only for that reason." Draco brushed his lips over Lucius'. "I belong here with you."

"Yes." Lucius raised his head to kiss Draco; he wanted to taste those lips again. There were no other words necessary, just a simple acknowledgement of the truth that Draco stated. He did belong there, with Lucius.

Draco moved to straddle Lucius' body, but didn't break the kiss, and Lucius moved his hips to rub his aching cock against Draco. He felt his arousal much more intensely like this, being unable to actually do something about it and having to rely on Draco's willingness to cater to his needs. Being used to having the other position in this type of situation, Lucius knew that Draco would not drive him too far; he would know when Lucius had enough. The boy had always been a very attentive lover.

But as the moments passed, Draco only fuelled the passion that coursed through Lucius' body, until his blood was boiling with a fiery heat. Lucius felt frustration mingle with his arousal, and, growling, he pulled hard on the ropes. If he had had his will, he would have been buried inside Draco already, enjoying the tight heat that he knew was waiting for him.

"Oh yes, show me how much you need me..." Draco placed his hand on Lucius' throbbing cock and stroked it so slowly, so lightly that Lucius held his breath, not wanting to miss a single sensation. When Draco pulled his hand back again, Lucius groaned; it wasn't enough and he wanted more. His entire body was quivering with barely controlled lust, and he sought Draco's gaze, hoping that he would see the same passion reflected in his eyes.

Then Draco leaned forward and moaned lustfully as he reached behind him. There was not a single doubt in Lucius' mind about where Draco's fingers were; the rocking movements of the boy's body were proof enough, and Lucius studied his son's face as he was preparing his own body for him. The thought of sinking into Draco's body sent tingles down his thighs, and Lucius wondered briefly for how long Draco would keep him waiting. He was impatient, but at the same time, he wanted everything that Draco was doing to him... all the pleasure that he wanted to give him.

Another deep moan tore itself from Lucius' throat as Draco took his cock in a firm grip and guided it into his arse while sitting down slowly, and after that his world was limited to the glorious sensation of tightness, of friction, of deep kisses and light caresses, of small bites and gentle licks, and the mingling of breaths and moans and sighs. Draco rocked his body, making Lucius glide in and out of him at a slow, sensual pace, then he was riding him, hard and fast, driving him to the brink of orgasm and holding him there for the moment it took Draco to stroke himself to completion.

Lucius bucked up into the tight channel as it squeezed him, the sounds of intense pleasure that Draco made encouraging him. He was so close... too close, and then Lucius joined Draco in the whirlwind of orgasm and ecstasy.

Draco lay on top of him for a long while, holding him close, while their hearts stopped racing and gained a natural rhythm again. There were still no words between them as they enjoyed the closeness and relaxation. Lucius' shoulders ached from the unnatural position and from having pulled at the bonds, but it was a nice, dull ache that he didn't mind at all.

"You planned this." Lucius was amused by the thought and also strangely moved.

"Yes, I did." Draco raised his to look at him. "Forgive me?"

"Of course." Lucius smiled. "I should have known, with all your questions lately."

Draco grinned. "Perhaps you wanted to be surprised?" He moved away from Lucius and released his wrists from the cords that had dug into his flesh. "Are you all right?" Draco asked as he gently rubbed the abraded skin.

"Yes, Dragon... I'm fine." Lucius chuckled as he wrapped his arms around his son. "We will both be fine."

He had not realised it earlier, during all the years that he had spent time with Draco, taught him, shared pleasure with him, but he had slowly, gradually let Draco come closer to him than anyone ever had. He had always known that the boy was perfect for him, and now it seemed as if Draco had thought much the same. They filled a need and a vacancy in each other's hearts that no one else could ever aspire to do. Parts of the same soul? Lucius didn't know, but he felt whole with Draco, with his lover.

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