Summary: A look at the development of the relationship between Lucius and Draco, spanning 10 years in the process. Draco is home for the holidays, and has longed for his father and all the nice things they do together... Lucius decided to take things one step further.
Warnings: Incest. Chan! Shota! Also, light bondage, anal sex.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
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Delectationis Draconigenae III

By LdyBastet


Draco was thirteen years old, and he quite liked it whenever Daddy tied him up.

It didn't happen often, because he was at school most of the time, but during the holidays, when he was at home, the two of them played their games. He knew it was special to do so, that no one else did these things... He hadn't asked anyone, but from studying their reactions to things like seeing the older students kiss told him what he needed to know. Father had told him that this was their secret, and Draco could see why.

The games were for them, something that only they shared, and Draco felt proud to be so special to his father.


It was the first day of the holiday. Draco had arrived by train the previous day and Lucius had picked him up and then taken him straight home to the Manor.

Draco had been happy to see his father again; tall, handsome, and radiating that particular air of power that Draco admired so. But he was even happier this evening. They had spent some hours together during the day, when Lucius didn't have business to take care of... and then Draco's father had smiled at him at the dinner table and said that he would come by his room to hear everything Draco had to say about school.

As Draco went upstairs, the anticipation grew inside him. He closed the door to his room and leaned against it for a moment, before picking up a book to sit down to read while waiting. However, it was almost impossible to focus on the text. All Draco could think about was that soon... soon... his father would step through that door, walk into his bedroom. Draco knew what Daddy wanted now. He knew that there would be kisses, perhaps hungry and demanding, perhaps soft and gentle, and he hoped, was almost certain, that there would be restraints, tying him to the bed.

It had been so long since they had had the chance to be together and share pleasure. So long that Draco was looking forward to being tied up, the sole focus of his father's affections. The more Draco thought about it, the less interesting the book was, and he threw to the floor. What was taking Daddy so long, he wondered? Didn't he realise how much Draco wanted him, needed him?

He pulled his robes up to expose his legs and reached inside his underwear to tease his hard prick. Draco moved his fingers slowly, turning his thoughts to memories of other times. It was difficult to keep it slow, to not fist his straining flesh and stroke it to completion, but he really wanted to wait for his father.

Draco imagined that the light touches were by Lucius' hand and a low moan tore itself from him along with whispered words of longing.

"Oh, Daddy..."

In that moment, the door swung open and Lucius entered. He took in the scene at a glance and smiled as he came closer.

"Ah, you couldn't wait for me, I see? So eager to feel my touches?"

Draco's eyes opened and he smiled back, not hiding his lust, not ashamed of it at all. "Always, Father."

Lucius laughed softly and motioned for Draco to come to him. "I gather you have missed me while at school?"

Draco rose to his feet and shed his clothes as he walked across the room. "I've missed you, and this. I've lain in bed, thinking of you while I touch myself."

He stopped in front of his father and the enticing smile turned to a small pout as he wrapped his arms around Lucius. "I get lonely..."

"Aren't there any pretty girls to keep you company then?" Lucius held Draco close, one hand moving over the naked skin of his back.

"I don't want any of them." Draco looked up at his father, a serious look on his face. "I want you."

Draco pressed his hard prick against Lucius' leg, enjoying the closeness that school had robbed him of for so long, and smiled invitingly. "I want all the things you do to me, all the games, Daddy," he whispered. "No one makes me feel like you do."

"No one?" There was a hint of a smug smile on Lucius' face and he moved his leg slightly against Draco, drawing a low moan from the boy.

"No one. They're fumbling and afraid... They don't know anything!" Draco said, feeling a touch of the impatience he'd felt when he realised there was no release, no pleasures, to be found among his peers.

Draco had no interest in teaching any of his Slytherin followers how to please him. It took too much effort and coaxing, and was infuriatingly exasperating; even when they tried following his directions, they got it wrong.

He wanted to enjoy, wanted to be given pleasure, share it even, but how could he share it with someone who wasn't worthy of it, who had nothing to give him? Draco hadn't persisted, seeing it as a lost cause, and sent Pansy away with a sneer and a comment on how educating that had been. She still thought herself special though, and liked to act as if she was his girlfriend. Not that Draco minded; it served his purposes, so he was nice enough to her.

It was nothing but an act though, because this was what he wanted, Draco thought and began undressing his father. He could barely wait until he could feel the warm skin of Lucius' body under his hands.

With a firm grip around his father's waist and a looser, teasing one on his cock, Draco took a few steps backwards, in the direction of his bed. He stopped when he felt the edge of it against his legs and slowly moved his hand over the shaft.

As Lucius pushed Draco down onto his back, Draco felt elated. His heart was pounding and there was a distinct flutter in his stomach. At first he wondered if he was nervous, but quickly dismissed the idea. Draco had nothing to be nervous about; this was his beloved Daddy, and they were playing their games again. No, he was excited and expectant, and it felt so good to be in bed with his father again.

Draco moved into the middle of the bed, his gaze moving over his father's body as he got into the bed as well. He admired the muscular chest, the rather flat stomach, the strong limbs, and, most of all, the thick cock that rose proudly from a nest of blond curls. He licked his lips as he looked back into Lucius' eyes, and with a wanton smile, Draco lifted his arms up over his head and arched his back.

Draco knew what that look in his father's eyes meant. It meant that Daddy wanted him, wanted to take things painfully slow and tease Draco until he couldn't take any more and was begging him for release. He had realised that his father found a special pleasure in seeing him writhe in his bonds. Draco moaned as the familiar softness of the silken restraints were placed around his wrists, as his arms were pulled straighter and fastened to the headboard.

There was a strange feeling that grew inside him, a feeling that Draco couldn't quite put words to. It had grown larger and stronger every time that his father had been tying him up. He wondered if it was because he had to spend so much time away from his father that the times they did have together were so much more precious to him. The kisses and light caresses that Lucius gave him fed this feeling, and Draco shivered and arched up into them, wanting more.

"Daddy... please." Draco kissed Lucius back, making a frustrated sound when his father pulled away too far for him to reach his lips. "I've longed for you."

"And I've longed for you, Draco," Lucius said and kissed him passionately, letting Draco feel just how much, as he pressed his body against his son's.

"Please, hurry Daddy... need you." Draco tried to rub his aching prick against Lucius' body, but Lucius would have none of that and moved just a bit so that he couldn't get the friction. Draco pulled at the cords that tied his hands, but there was no give in them.

Lucius smoothed Draco's hair out of his eyes and smiled gently. "No, my Dragon. No hurry; I will never hurry when I have you like this."

"Daddy!" Draco thought he'd never been so frustrated, so aroused, in his entire life. It felt as if he was going mad from the need and want, or even die, if his father didn't touch him soon. If only he wasn't tied up! He would stroke himself, bring himself the much-needed relief. Draco opened his eyes again and met his father's gaze. Lucius knew, he realised. He knew that Draco was impatient and quick to action, and that was perhaps why he'd tied him up.

"Don't worry, Draco. I will not abandon you," Lucius whispered before he kissed his son again. He moved one arm in under Draco's body to hold him close, and with his free hand he gave Draco the pleasure he needed. Light touches, gentle brushing of fingers over sensitive nipples and soft stomach, and combing through the sparse pubic hair on his way to stroke the boy to completion. It took no more than a few moves of his hand before Draco went rigid against him and came.

Lucius smiled at the whimpering sounds that came from the now limp body in his arms. He kissed away the moisture that clung to Draco's eyelashes; tiny tears forced by the intensity of the boy's orgasm.

Draco's head was swimming and he felt so relaxed. He wanted to hold his father, hug him, but it was all right as long as Lucius was close. He could feel his Daddy's love for him, could feel Daddy's hard cock pressed against his leg, and Draco knew that he was safe and that Daddy would never let him down. He also knew that the lovely game wasn't over yet; it would not be over until his father had come as well. Lucius' hands skated over his limbs, the pads of his fingers lightly tickling the insides of his thighs, making Draco spread his legs so that he could tease him more.

Daddy's hands felt so good, Draco thought, as his arousal was renewed. Every touch and gentle kiss woke up a thirst in him, a thirst that only his father could satisfy. It wasn't only his own pleasure that Draco wanted to feel; it was his father's as well. What he needed to feel now, after too long away from home, was that Lucius enjoyed him just as much, if not more, as Draco enjoyed him.

Draco moaned and pushed his hips up when he felt the light pressure of a finger against his hole. In his blissful state he hadn't noticed Lucius reaching for oil or casting a charm, but he realised one or the other must have taken place, because the finger was gliding effortlessly into him.

They had done this before - Lucius moving his finger inside Draco, making him moan and writhe and come - but this was the first time that Draco felt this after he had already climaxed. It was good, even better than previously, perhaps because he had time to really experience it, thought Draco. He wasn't desperate to come, only to get more of the delicious feeling.

Lucius kissed Draco tenderly as he prepared him, mumbling between kisses how good Draco felt around his finger, how hot and tight, how much he loved him.

Draco's breath hitched slightly as Lucius carefully pushed another finger into him. It felt a little strange, but that feeling soon turned to pleasure when the fingers moved in a slow, steady rhythm. Draco bucked up against Lucius' hand, his body relaxing and inviting him to continue, to give him more. Draco was breathing faster and his eyes were closed, concentrating on the sensations that spread through him.

The smooth voice of his father made Draco look up though. Lucius had asked him if he trusted him, but the warm tingle that rushed through him over and over made it almost impossible to think. Why would Daddy think that Draco did not? Lucius' eyes were dark and hooded as he regarded his son, but there was no hint of being displeasured that Draco could detect in his frazzled state.

"Yes, yes I trust you..." He moaned loudly again as another spark of pleasure stole all his attention.

"It might hurt at first, but it will be worth it... I promise that you will enjoy this, Draco." Lucius smiled softly as Draco nodded. Of course he would enjoy it; anything that Daddy did to him was good.

"Daddy," he whispered, as Lucius spread his legs wider and moved to sit between them, his gaze travelling between Lucius' cock and his face. Lucius was moving closer and draped Draco's legs over his thighs, one slender limb stretching to each side of his hips. "Are you going to put your cock inside me now?" Draco felt strangely empty after his father had withdrawn his fingers, and the prospect was very alluring.

Lucius nodded and reached for the oil that Draco hadn't noticed earlier. Draco writhed and squirmed a little as Lucius coated his cock with the slick substance.

"Oh, yes... please!" Draco said breathlessly. "I've spied on people at school when they've sneaked off to meet with someone. It looks so good." He smiled as Lucius chuckled. "Please, do it to me, I want to feel it."

Lucius moved one hand slowly over Draco's side, soothing him, as he entered his tight body. Draco's eyes widened as the muscle was breached and his father's cock slowly filled him. It burned and hurt a little, but at the same time, it felt so good, so perfect. Lucius' fingers had felt wonderful inside him, but this was even more intense.

"Relax, Draco." Lucius moaned loudly and leaned down to kiss him gently. "Relax, and it will stop hurting." He didn't move at first, buried to the hilt inside his son, except to caress the thin body under his own.

"Doesn't hurt," Draco whispered. "Not really. But it's so much..." He felt as if he would burst, stretched beyond anything he'd felt before. It was almost impossible to his mind, that his father's cock could fit inside him, and yet... it did, and it was a sensation he found enjoyable. He moaned softly as Lucius began moving carefully, a pleasure he'd never felt before spreading through him, making him feel hot and needy. He relaxed more and more as the slight burn was drowned out by the other sensations, and squirmed under Lucius, instinctively trying to meet the slow thrusts. It was difficult though, as the restraints held him down.

Draco enjoyed feeling his father's body over him, enjoyed the way their bodies seemed to work together, much like when they just rubbed against each other. He closed his eyes again and just let the pleasure his father gave him carry him away. It was a fantastic feeling, and it filled him completely.

After a while, Lucius sat up again, enjoying the sight of Draco's body stretched out before him, enjoying the sight of his cock moving in and out of him. His sounds of pleasure mingled with Draco's, and with his hands on Draco's hips, he pulled the boy towards him with every thrust into him.

Draco felt his arms stretch tauter, the silk tighten around his wrists, and opened his eyes. Lucius was watching him intently, and Draco gasped as their gazes locked. There were no coherent thoughts in his mind, but a deep love welled up in him and mingled with everything else that he experienced. Daddy was so beautiful to Draco, and it was a wonderful feeling to know that he could give his father so much pleasure and enjoyment.

Lucius moved a hand to stroke Draco's prick again and Draco's entire world exploded in a flurry of intense mixture of physical and emotional, and with a cry, he bucked wildly under Lucius, coming so hard that he saw sparks before his eyes.

The movements and utter abandon of Draco's pleasure pulled Lucius into his climax as well, and after he had spent himself inside his son - the first time he did so, but certainly not the last - he whispered a word and the bonds fell off Draco, leaving his arms free once again. He pulled out carefully and gathered Draco to him as he rolled over onto his back, gently caressing the sweat-dampened body in his arms.

Slowly, Draco got his breath back and the haze that had settled like a blanket over his mind lifted a little. He snuggled closer to his father, moving one heavy arm to hug him.

"Mmm... so good," Draco mumbled. "If it feels like this every time, I like being tied up."

Lucius smiled and placed a kiss on Draco's temple. "It feels good every time, Draco. Different positions give different sensations, but it will always be wonderful." He held Draco closer and inhaled his scent. "You're lovely."

"So you're happy with me?"

"Ah, my little Dragon, I am. You are perfect, and I love sharing this pleasure with you."

"I love this too." Draco's smile was interrupted by a yawn. He thought that this was going to be the best holiday so far; it was just such a pity that he'd have to go back to school.

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