Pairing: Draco/Seamus, Snape/Seamus (a hint of Lucius/?)
Summary: When Seamus and Harry stop being friends in the beginning of their fifth year, Draco takes an interest and sees a way to take advantage of the situation. Through manipulation and pleasurable rewards, Draco soon has Seamus doing everything he wants...
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
Warning: BDSM, PonyPlay, voyeurism, some coercion, underage characters (15), teen/teen and adult/teen sex
Notes: Takes place during OotP. I'm grateful for the beta efforts of calixta9 and viverras; the latter also acted as my ponyplay consultant.

A New Toy for Draco

Chapter 2

By LdyBastet



Privately, after classes, today.'

Seamus folded the note and managed to not look in Draco's direction, something that he felt rather proud of. The tone of the note was bossy, and very much in line with Draco's usual mannerisms. Seamus, however, had learnt to look past that. Sure, the Slytherin was still an annoying prat and quite disrespectful of other people, unless they held some kind of authority over him, but he did have some qualities that made up for that. For one, he liked boys, and it also seemed as if he liked Seamus for some odd reason, or at least Draco enjoyed using Seamus. Either way, it worked fine as long as they ignored everything that annoyed them about the other (such as the fact that they came from rivalling houses), and in the end it seemed as if they both got what they wanted.

The note had reached him at lunchtime, and since then his prick had been quite eager to get things started. It held absolutely no regard for the fact that Seamus had classes all afternoon, instead it insisted upon his attention. Knowing Draco penchant for teasing and being a general arse, Seamus thought that had been Draco's intention, using the anticipation and his imaginative mind against him.

After classes were over for the day, Seamus began lagging behind his class mates on the way back to the Gryffindor tower, and veered off down a side corridor when no one noticed. When Seamus opened the door to the room he used to meet Draco in, a hand shot out and pulled him in by a tight grip on his robes. The door slammed shut almost at the same time as Seamus' back met the wall hard.

"You're late." Draco's voice purred almost menacingly in his ear.

"I was held up. It's not that easy to sneak away from your mates." Seamus wondered why it was perfectly fine whenever Draco was late, but not when he was. His heart was thumping hard after the shock, but at the same time, he experienced an odd thrill from it.

"I'm important, remember that, Finnigan." Draco moved one of his legs so that his thigh pressed against Seamus' crotch. "And you want this." The menacing tone was still present, and Seamus didn't resist much when his wrists were grabbed and his arms restrained against the wall. He didn't quite understand what it was he was feeling, but he knew that he liked it, and the feeling of being caught like this made him even harder. There were times when Draco could be unpleasant as a person, but when it came to sex, he'd never done anything that Seamus didn't like, and he didn't think Draco would do so this time either.

Seamus moaned softly as Draco continued to press his leg against him, the small movements of the thigh causing some teasing friction. His prick throbbed at the sensation, pulling all his attention to it, and his breathing deepened as excitement rose in response. Seamus had already accepted the fate of being turned into putty as soon as Draco touched him, and he enjoyed it. There was something about the Slytherin that made Seamus feel that it was all right to be horny and want satisfaction, it was all right to get what he longed for.

"I need a new toy," Draco said with a slightly petulant tone.

"Wha..?" Seamus opened his eyes, his enjoyment interrupted momentarily. Here he was, nailed to the wall, getting all hot and bothered, and Draco started talking about toys? What was wrong with him? And, toys? Wasn't Draco too old for toys anyway, Seamus wondered.

Draco smirked, obviously pleased with the effect his words had had.

"You heard me." He pulled Seamus' arms up higher on the wall. "I need a new toy, and you would do nicely. Will you play with me?" The childish phrase had a distinctly non-childish note -- seductive, insinuating.

"I thought we already did?" Seamus realised it was this kind of playing that Draco meant, something that he hoped would continue for a long time.

"Hah! This is nothing. I haven't even begun playing with you, Finnigan."

"Erm... okay." Seamus didn't know quite what to say, and couldn't be bothered to care, partly because Draco was rubbing against him again.

"Let's play. Regularly." Draco leaned close to Seamus' ear. "And I promise to show you a lot of enjoyable things."

"All right." Seamus moaned at the whispered promise. Perhaps Draco meant to... fuck him soon? Draco had teased his arse before, but only using a finger, and Seamus felt both scared and excited at the prospect of getting Draco's prick inside him. For one, a prick was definitely bigger than a finger... but since that had felt so good, wouldn't more feel even better? And also, that was having real sex. He wouldn't be a virgin anymore!

"Good." Draco smirked again. It had been easier than he'd thought. Then again, he hadn't told Seamus exactly what he had in mind. The Gryffindor was so eager to experience and try things out; promise him pleasure and he agreed. Draco was amused at how easily he could control him.

Draco released Seamus' wrists and leaned close to nibble teasingly on his neck. "Touch me," he whispered and began opening Seamus' robe to slide his hand inside. He smiled against the warm skin as he felt fingers trembling from excitement work on the fastenings of his clothes, and then the eager hand that reached inside his underwear and pulled his hard cock out, stroking it, sliding the foreskin up and down over the sensitive head... Draco did not regret his decision to teach the Gryffindor a few tricks.

Draco's own hand moved in a similar fashion on Seamus, and he found a perverse pleasure in feeling the boy losing control, giving in to the pleasure and pant against Draco's neck. He pulled back a little to watch Seamus' face as the boy moaned and trembled, obviously getting close now. Yes, he would do nicely -- a half-blood Wizard... Draco wouldn't touch a Muggle-born; it was simply unthinkable to let a mudblood touch him intimately. And a pureblood? Purebloods weren't meant for that kind of play. They were meant to own the pony, to train it. Yes, Finnigan was the right choice.

"You're close, aren't you Finnigan?" Draco asked and moved the pad of his thumb over the slit of Seamus' cock, rubbing the pre-come over the head.

Seamus gasped loudly and nodded, trying to mimic the movements on Draco's cock. He found it difficult to concentrate though, and could no longer keep still; his hips and thighs moved of their own will into Draco's hand, his body seeking release. "Please..."

"Come then. Come, and then suck me off." Draco had barely finished the sentence before Seamus gave a strangled moan and shuddered against him, coming in hot gushes over his hand.

Draco let Seamus relax and draw a few shuddering breaths before he gently pushed him down onto his knees. He felt the tension in his balls and knew that he was rather close himself, but he wanted to feel Seamus' lips around his prick first. Draco leaned against the wall with one hand as the tip of his cock disappeared into Seamus' mouth, and he moaned loudly as he enjoyed the hot wetness and flicking tongue.

The tension increased, and Draco whispered hoarsely, "Open your mouth wide." He pulled almost all the way back as he moved his hand over his prick, and then he came, wet strings of come landing on Seamus' outstretched and eager tongue. Draco loved watching that; it was almost enough to make him horny again.


"Be still!"

"It pinched me!"

"Wouldn't have happened if you'd held still, Finnigan." Draco fumbled with the buckle again and managed to get it closed, but not too tightly.

"You probably did it on purpose, you sadist," Seamus muttered, but didn't move. He'd noticed that Draco enjoyed making him squirm; it never failed to make the Slytherin hard.

"What was that?" Draco took a step back and looked at Seamus.


"I certainly hope not, or I could forget to let you come."

"No! Please, Draco... It's nothing, really." A part of Seamus was actually enjoying the situation, and he didn't at all like the idea of not being allowed to come, since he had no way of seeing to that himself. He was restrained, leather straps all over him and his hands tied behind his back. That was the worst thing; if Draco decided that he didn't want him to come, what could he do? It wasn't as if he could wank or anything, at least not until Draco freed him from all this kinky gear.

Draco studied Seamus closely for a moment and then shrugged, faintly triumphant. "All right then." He really had no intention of being cruel, but it would do well for Seamus to remember that Draco was the one in charge. Seeing how the boy's cockiness ran off him, leaving him pliant and docile, was also quite enjoyable and gave Draco a feeling of delicious control. That was how he wanted Seamus -- obedient.

When all the straps were in place, Draco took a few steps back to admire his handiwork. There were broad leather straps over Seamus' torso, forming an X both on his chest and on his back, each wrist was tied to the opposite elbow with leather cuffs and then attached to the lower parts of the X at the back. A broad collar was fastened around Seamus' neck, and around his head, mussing up his dark-blond hair, were thin straps designed to hold a plume upright and to have a bit attached. Seamus was silent now, and his eyes were downcast instead of alertly darting around. Draco didn't miss that the Gryffindor boy was getting aroused by being put into the restraints, that was quite evident from his erection.

The display was nice, but it did need that final touch to be perfect, Draco decided. He took the anal plug with the horsetail out from his bag, and holding the plug end in his hand, he approached Seamus again.

"What's that?" Seamus asked carefully.

"Your tail. What do you think it looks like?" Draco smirked and stepped around Seamus to stand behind him, but the boy turned around as well.

"How are you going to put that on me?" Seamus eyed the tail suspiciously. There were no straps below his waist at all, and horses had tails on their butts, of that Seamus was sure. It couldn't be much different in this kind of weird play?

"Turn around," Draco said and waited until Seamus reluctantly turned his back toward him again. "I'm not going to put it on you." He smeared some oil over the plug and put the vial back in his pocket. "I'm going to put it in you. Bend over!"

Seamus swallowed hard, but did as he was told. He jumped a little as the cold and wet plug touched his bare skin. A slap to his arse made him keep still though, and Draco began to slowly push the plug into him, teasing him with it even by moving it in and out a bit.

"Is this really necessary?" he asked, gritting his teeth. It felt strange with this object entering him, not at all like Draco's fingers, or his prick; that had been warm, this was cold and strangely unyielding, and Seamus thought he preferred Draco's cock even if the plug had looked slightly smaller.

"Ever seen a pony without a tail?" Draco grinned and pushed the plug in past the widest part, watching in fascination as the last bit seemed to be pulled inside by Seamus' body. The tail looked slightly lopsided though, and he had to twist the plug around a little to get the horsehair in the right position, rising up from Seamus' body. From the light whimper that drew from the boy, Draco guessed that it had not gone unnoticed and decided to play with the plug some more another time.

"Now straighten up." Draco smirked again as he saw how hesitant Seamus was. "Come on, it won't bite you. Just stand up straight, so I can finish with the gear and we can begin."

Draco attached a bit to the headgear, and put it in Seamus' mouth. After also fastening reins to the bit, Draco crowned his masterpiece by putting a tall white plume in the headgear. He liked how it quivered and moved with every little movement of Seamus' head. Draco moved his fingers lightly over Seamus' stomach and down one of his thighs, and smiled softly, looking into the Gryffindor's eyes. He saw apprehension in them, doubt, and Draco felt something similar as he gathered his thoughts. He was happy that he was finally there, at this point, but at the same time, he was a bit nervous.

"All right. I'll hold the reins here, and walk beside you for now. Remember that you're not a boy anymore, you're a pony," he ignored the unintelligible mumble from Seamus, "and you should move like one too. Straight back and head held high." Draco let his gaze stray to the plume on Seamus' head.

Standing there, in all the strange equipment, being helpless and unable to even speak properly, Seamus was a little scared. Not so much for what Draco would do to him, because the Slytherin would want him to come back for more of course, but what if Seamus wasn't good enough? What if Draco decided he didn't want to play with him anymore? The Slytherin was behaving a bit differently now, and Seamus wondered for a short moment if he was seeing the real Draco Malfoy; there was almost none of his usual prattish behaviour left. He seemed confident and relaxed, and perhaps Draco had done this before, but Seamus hadn't, and he felt very exposed and powerless... and it was a little scary to realise just how completely at Draco's mercy he was in this situation. Frightening, but also exciting.

Seamus moved awkwardly at first as Draco instructed him and pulled at the reins -- prancing, turning, standing. His concentration was broken over and over as the plug shifted inside him, or a certain movement made him aware of it again. The sensation had changed from uncomfortable to quite pleasant though, even if he wouldn't let Draco know that. It was bad enough to have an object shoved up his arse, no need to admit that he had begun enjoying it. Even a pony had some pride, Seamus thought.

A sharp pain over his backside interrupted Seamus' musings, and there was an annoyed sigh from Draco.

"High knees. Lift your knees higher when you walk. What you're doing now is not high steps; it looks sloppy, and I won't tolerate that."

Seamus glared at Draco and the riding crop, wanting to tell him that he should try it himself, but the bit in his mouth made talking rather difficult. He was tired, he wanted to rub that sting on his arse, his legs ached from the exertion of moving in ways he'd never done before, and his bare feet were cold. He was sure that Draco had no idea how exhausting it was. He did his best though, but soon stumbled, and if Draco hadn't caught him, steadying him with a grip on his shoulder, he would have fallen with no chance of breaking his fall or catching himself.

As Draco moved his hands gently over Seamus' body, he could feel the muscles tremble. The boy was hot despite the slight chill in the room, sweaty and clammy under his palms. He noticed the heavy breathing now as well, and decided that it was probably time to end the first training session. It had been a bit of a disappointment, being awkward and clumsy at times and the reins getting tangled up, but it had been the first time for them both. Watching his father doing this hadn't really prepared Draco for the task, he realised, but he refused to give up now. He wanted his own pony boy, and if he had to show patience to get it, he would try. A little.

His hands continued to caress the body in front of him... He quite liked feeling Seamus like this, trusting, and dependent upon him. Perhaps a little reward was what they needed? Draco didn't want to end the evening on a sour note; he always found it more difficult to fall asleep when he was annoyed about something.

Seamus sighed with relief as Draco began unbuckling straps, removing the bit from his mouth, freeing his arms, and he rolled his shoulders to loosen the muscles up again. He leaned tiredly against the lithe boy as he felt arms wrapping around him, hands caressing his body, arousing him and taking his mind off the aching limbs and the slight frustration.

"You did well, Seamus," Draco said softly and placed a kiss on Seamus' neck.

"I stumbled. It was bloody difficult."

"It'll be easier next time." Seamus responded with a small nod, hoping that Draco was right, and unconsciously agreeing to there being a next time as well. "Did you know you looked good in the leather?" Draco asked.

Seamus smiled and felt a bit better about the whole thing. He'd felt rather silly at first, especially with the bobbing plume, but then he'd been too busy to think about it. It was nice to know, though, that Draco had found him attractive like that, as odd as it had been. Perhaps it's perfectly normal in Pureblood families, he thought and almost giggled at the mental image of carriages pulled by humans instead of horses. Seamus was sure that Draco would love something like that, but soon forgot it as Draco kissed him and pressed a growing bulge against his hip.


Two weeks had gone by, and still Draco had had no word from his father. Narcissa had sent him the regular packets of candy and assorted delicacies and trinkets, but Lucius hadn't even sent a note. Not that he usually did, but Draco had been expecting something by this time. Surely, he must have discovered that several items were missing from his collection? It worried Draco, and he couldn't help wondering what was in store for him next time he returned home. Or would it be completely ignored?

At the end of the third week, Draco received not one packet with the daily mail, but two. The larger one carried his name written in the elegant handwriting of his father. Draco didn't open it. Instead, he carried both packets back to the dormitory, and left them lying on his bed until he had some privacy. He was itching to see what his father had sent him, but feigned indifference when Blaise and Pansy asked what he had been sent.

In the gloom of evening, sitting on his bed with the curtains drawn tightly and with a silencing charm set up around him, Draco looked at the package from his father. He carefully turned it over before setting it down again. There were no clues to its content on the outside, but if his father had been angry with him, he would have sent a letter instead, Draco reasoned. Hands that trembled slightly broke the seals and pulled the wrapping paper off the box. Nothing had happened yet, no punishing ward had gone off, smarting his fingers. Slowly, Draco opened the box and the breath caught in his throat.

This was what his father had sent him? This was a gift from Lucius? A shiny, new harness, a proper armbinding device to replace the simple handcuffs he had taken, and a pair of those boots resembling hooves... Draco stared at the items, touching them and smelling them as he picked them up, pressing his nose against them. The leather smelled of sex and pleasure, of secrecy and control, and he liked it; the heady scent arousing him on its own.

There was a note at the bottom of the box, and Draco opened it, a smile spreading over his face as he read it. 'All items are charmed to fit the person they are placed on. I have replaced the items you took. Enjoy.' It was signed: 'Your Father'.

So Lucius hadn't been surprised over this turn of events? Draco wasn't exactly shocked to learn this. Depravity seemed to run in the family, he thought with a smirk. It didn't matter if his father had expected that he would take this up, or if he had planned it, given that he had arranged the opportunity for watching his own play, what mattered to Draco was the feeling that after all was said and done, they did have something in common, something that no one else could touch. Perhaps he could even ask his father for advice about the training?


Seamus moved with some grace across the room, raising his knees high with every step. It had taken quite some time before he had been able to walk at all in those strange-looking boots that Draco had forced upon him. They were anything but comfortable, but Seamus had noted with some pride actually, when Draco had arranged for a large mirror, that they made his arse look great, even with that tail sticking out of it.

And the tail... the steps he took made it swish a little, the movements travelling into him. It felt nice, now that he had become used to the plug, and in a way, it was a reward in itself, an incentive to move properly, the way Draco had taught him. Seamus felt proud whenever Draco gave him praise; it gave him a kind of satisfaction to be able to pull it off, and it felt as if they were doing this together.

"Bow," Draco ordered, and Seamus did, one foot in front of the other, his weight on the back leg. "Bend the front knee a bit more."

Was Draco ever satisfied? The reason for the bit in his mouth had become clear for Seamus, and it wasn't only to steer him around with the reins. No, it also stopped him from talking. He could, of course, still make sounds, but what was the point when it came out garbled anyway? Frustrating as it was, Seamus had given up on trying to complain, and he'd learned that refusing to obey only lead to Draco using the riding crop on his backside.

Any complaints he might have were instantly forgotten though, as Draco ordered him to lean over the old and worn table that stood along one wall. This had quickly become Seamus' favourite part of the training sessions, and it made all the rest worth it.

He moaned softly as he felt the fabric of Draco's riding trousers against the back of his thighs, and prepared for the sensation of being relieved of the tail-plug. It left him feeling slightly empty, so the slide of Draco's cock into him was very welcome. Seamus didn't care what Draco thought of him as he squirmed, and then pushed back with a groan. It felt almost too good, the sensations still rather new to him, and he wanted more.

It was different from that first time that Draco had fucked him, just before he had started training him. That time they had been lying on the floor, on cloaks transfigured into thick blankets; it was the only time Seamus had not been in restraints, and the leather straps and metal buckles had become a part of the overall experience. They held his arms in place, made him unable to move much, to even pretend not to want what Draco gave him. All Seamus could do was to submit to the sensations and enjoy.

The best times were when Draco fucked him vigorously, and Seamus could enjoy the feeling of a slightly sore arse in the morning. It never failed to inspire a morning meeting of great importance between his hand and his hard prick.

So with moans and sighs, and as much movements and meeting of thrusts that Seamus could manage he urged Draco on. He was Irish, he was sturdy, he could take it, he thought. He wanted to take it. The edges of the straps chafed against his skin, and his shoulders were sore from the unnatural position of his arms, but Seamus didn't care. The bit pushed painfully against his cheek as he rested the side of his face against the table, while Draco thrust faster and harder into him.

Through repeated practice, they had both learned how to time their movements, and Draco's slender fingers brought their own pleasure to the bound boy. Before too long, both Draco and Seamus were panting after their orgasms.

Oh, how Draco loved seeing Seamus like this. He enjoyed the incredible feeling of power that having this boy so completely in his control gave him. Like his father, Draco had a pony of his own now, to do with as he pleased.

Watching Seamus' bound arms, Draco realised that here, before him, was the solution to the problem he had been facing the last few days. It was Professor Snape's birthday soon, and Draco wanted to give him something special, something better and more memorable than previous years. Perhaps even a gift to top the one he knew Lucius would give his old friend.

The solution was as simple as it was brilliant, to Draco's mind. He just needed to train Seamus a little more... and give the use of him for an evening to Professor Snape.

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