Pairing: Draco/Seamus, Snape/Seamus (a hint of Lucius/?)
Summary: When Seamus and Harry stop being friends in the beginning of their fifth year, Draco takes an interest and sees a way to take advantage of the situation. Through manipulation and pleasurable rewards, Draco soon has Seamus doing everything he wants...
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JK Rowling, no copyright infringement is intended. I play with them, without permission, in my head and for fun; not earning money from sharing it. No real people were harmed in the writing of this story.
Warning: BDSM, PonyPlay, voyeurism, some coercion, underage characters (15), teen/teen and adult/teen sex
Notes: Takes place during OotP. I'm grateful for the beta efforts of calixta9 and viverras; the latter also acted as my ponyplay consultant.

A New Toy for Draco

Chapter 3

By LdyBastet


Seamus protested as Draco tied the dark scarf over the top half of his face. At first he'd been relieved to hear that he wouldn't have to suffer the bit that day, but he thought that it would have been preferable to the unsettling darkness.

"Draco?" Seamus hadn't heard a sound from him for a while -- a minute perhaps, but it felt longer.

"I'm here, Seamus."

"Okay." Seamus tried not to sound as insecure as he felt, but he wasn't comfortable with this development. "I don't like it."

"You'll get used to it. I have plans for you." Draco sounded smug, and Seamus was reminded that he was in the hands of a Slytherin. A scheming, cunning and selfish person, if one should believe the opinion on Slytherins in general. The Gryffindor opinion. Personally, he got a lot out of it as well, and perhaps he was the selfish one -- leaving his friends behind, spending more time away from the dorm than in it?

"I don't want to get used to it," Seamus complained, but stood perfectly still. He didn't dare move for fear of tripping and falling.

"Don't be silly. It's no different than before, except that you can't see anything..."

"Really? Thanks for pointing that out to me, Malfoy!"

"Finnigan," said Draco, in his haughtiest voice. "You do realise that there is a reward for you at the end of this, don't you? It didn't occur to you that the reward would be bigger or nicer than usual when I make you do something that makes you feel uncomfortable?" Draco knew that the reward would have to be proportionate to the task demanded of the boy he had started seeing as his pet, and wasn't a stranger to goading and promising to get his way.

"Oh... yes. I mean, no. I didn't think of that." Seamus flashed a smile at the surrounding darkness. He liked the thought of Draco's rewards, they were always certain to have him moaning and coming. "I'll do it." How bad could it be anyway?

"Good." Seamus could hear how Draco moved around him, the shoes making sounds against the stone floor. "Now walk straight ahead."

Seamus carefully stepped forward, guided by Draco's voice and the reins now attached directly to the headgear. It felt as if he was going to bump into something, even though he knew that the room was almost empty; the darkness that surrounded him made him think he was moving into a wall. Nothing happened though, and slowly, he began to trust Draco again, obeying his commands with less hesitation. His balance was a little off though, and to his relief, Draco didn't demand that he walk with those high steps.

"Draco?" Seamus turned his head in the direction of where he thought Draco was. "What's the purpose of this?" It was the first thing he'd said in a long time.

"You'll see." Draco said and sounded very satisfied with himself. "Actually, you won't see..." He snickered. "But you'll notice."

"You're not going to tell me, are you?"

"No. Turn right."

"Why do you have to be such a prat all the time?" Seamus turned right.

"Because that's who I am, and you'd be disappointed if I changed, I'm sure. It's part of my irresistible charm." But Draco had changed, thought Seamus. He wasn't teasing, annoying, and contemptuous the way he had been when they had first started meeting. There were even times, as they kissed or just touched after sex, when Seamus felt as if Draco cared about him. He had felt Draco's fingers slowly stroking his arm or his back, holding him close as they regained their breath, and it had felt good. Seamus knew that even though Draco acted as a prat sometimes, he didn't actually intend to be mean to him.

"You're always nasty to Harry and the others..."

"So? As if they're nice to me? Potter was the one being stuck-up from the beginning."

It was the usual conflict. Draco had his view of what it was all about, and Seamus had to admit that Harry could be rather single-minded, and the fame seemed to make him think that the rules of the school didn't apply to him as they did to others. Seamus let it drop, it wasn't worth arguing over, especially not when his own friendship with Harry was rather strained, his relationship with Draco was developing, and he needed to concentrate on prancing around like a circus horse.


"Sea? You're not listening."

"Hm, what?" Seamus felt as if he woke up into a different world as he turned to look at Dean. He'd been busy, busy thinking. "What did you say?"

"You've been acting a bit weird for some time now, Sea. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, of course I am. Just not been much interested in hearing all about Harry, you know."

Dean sighed and looked away, and Seamus felt a stab of guilt. Not for the comment about Harry, but for making Dean feel bad. Seamus thought it was a good thing that he hadn't been caught staring at Draco. That would have been awkward. It wasn't as if it had become a habit; it was just that he was very impatient. He hadn't heard anything from the Slytherin about when to meet next time, and he couldn't walk up to him openly and ask. Seamus was trying to be patient, he really was. But it was difficult when his thoughts kept going back to what they had done last time, and thoughts about what they would do the next time... thoughts about the feeling of leather against his skin, having his hands restrained behind his back... Seamus stifled a groan and discreetly adjusted his growing erection.


"Professor, may I have a word with you?" Draco asked as the last of the students filed out of the class room.

Snape looked up from the parchment in his hand and raised an eyebrow at Draco. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy?"

"I have a birthday present that I would like to give you, Professor. But it requires that you go to it, rather than me bringing it to you."

"A large or unusual present then?"

"Highly unusual, yes Sir." Draco nodded vigorously. Oh yes, it was quite the unexpected gift, he hoped.

"Very well, Mr. Malfoy. When and where?" Snape's eyes were fixed on Draco, perhaps a touch of curiosity in them. Draco smiled at him; this was going to be so good.

"Tomorrow, one hour after classes? Would that be convenient for you, Professor?" That should be enough time to get Seamus ready, Draco thought. "Second door in the west third floor corridor," he continued when Snape silently waited for him to go on.

Snape nodded. "It shall be interesting to see what you have thought of this year. Thank you, Mr. Malfoy, I will see you then."

Draco smiled as he turned. Just as he was about to leave the classroom, he couldn't resist looking over his shoulder. Snape had returned his attention to the parchment.

"You'll like it, Professor. I know you will." He left before Snape could tell him off for presuming to know about his tastes, even if he did. Five years with Snape as a teacher and Head of his house, and longer as a friend of his father, had given Draco many clues about the preferences of the man. Conversations that he wasn't supposed to have overheard had added some interesting information as well.


Draco waited with the gear laid out on the table. It had only been a few minutes so far, but it wouldn't do if Seamus were late. Draco wanted everything to be perfect and he didn't like the feeling of not being completely in control of all aspects of that perfection. He really couldn't give away a flawed gift, and he would never forgive Seamus if he messed up his plan. He looked up from his slightly nervous fiddling of a leather strap as the door opened and the Gryffindor hurried inside.

"Ah, Finnigan. Good of you to find your way finally," Draco said with a voice laced with sarcasm, and Seamus blushed slightly. "Undress."

Seamus did so, a bit embarrassed about the fact that he was already aroused. It wasn't his fault, he thought as he saw the lazy smile on Draco's face. If the note from yesterday hadn't specified 'no touching yourself', his body wouldn't be pointing obscenely at the Slytherin.

"Happy to see me, I can tell. I'm flattered, really." Draco's drawl was enough for Seamus to want to smack him for making him feel embarrassed. But he knew that the boy wasn't above withholding sex, or at least draw it out long enough for Seamus to get desperate, as a punishment, so he just made a face.

"You usually get rather happy around me too."

"Don't build any illusions, Finnigan. I'm not about to woo you." Draco smirked and held out a pair of white stockings. "Time to dress you properly."

Seamus stared at them and then at Draco. "Are you insane? The effect of pureblood inbreeding has finally caught up with you, right? I'm not putting those on!"

"Yes, you are." Draco said, ignoring the insult because he didn't have time for an argument. His smirk grew and he took up a matching pair of white opera gloves. "Along with these."

"I'm not!" Seamus set his jaw and crossed his arms over his chest, not making a very dignified figure, naked as he was.

"Of course you are. You enjoy the playing as much as I do," Draco said casually.

"Why did I ever agree to this in the first place?"

"Because you think the sex is good, Finnigan, and you can't wait to feel my prick inside you again."

Grudgingly, Seamus had to admit, at least to himself, that Draco was right. The sex was rather good. Awesome, in fact, and not having to lie in his bed alone and wank made almost anything worth it.

"You're evil."

"Thank you. One has to live up to one's reputation." Draco held out the offending articles again. "Now, put these on. I'm sure I won't have to explain what goes where?"

"Shut up, Malfoy." But Draco just laughed, looking rather pleased with himself.

When Seamus was finally all dressed, complete with tail protruding from his arse, white plume bobbing proudly with every movement of his head, and blindfold and bit secured, Draco took a step back to admire his work. It really was his work, because the other boy could never have attained this on his own. Draco let his gaze wander over Seamus, appreciative of the look of white-clad limbs contrasting with the black leather, but matching the plume of ostrich feathers. Seamus stood straight, his hands tied behind his back, each wrist fastened to the opposite elbow.

Draco felt slightly nervous though; he hoped that Professor Snape would enjoy having the Gryffindor boy in his power. He reached out and moved a hand over pale skin. Seamus wasn't stunning, but he was well proportioned and was in rather good shape now, after all the time spent in pony gear. Draco liked what he saw, and he knew that the boy was good.

Suddenly, the door opened and Seamus jumped. Someone was coming, and there he was all decked out in that ridiculous costume. In his moment of panic, he lost all sense of direction and therefore didn't dare move. Perhaps whoever it was hadn't looked into the room yet, hadn't seen them, would close the door and leave if he was really silent?

"Welcome!" Seamus could hear Draco walk across the room, probably in the direction of the door, and he wanted to yell at him to free him, to get rid of the intruder. What was this? Had the Slytherin actually invited someone else to take part in their playing? Seamus was mortified, and the erection that had grown while he got into the gear disappeared completely. Word would spread through the houses; there wasn't a student alive who would be able to keep from whispering to a friend... and then another friend...

Draco smiled at Snape as he crossed the room. The man had stopped just inside the door, hand still resting on the handle. There had been a fleeting look of surprise on his face, and then he studied the boy that stood abandoned at the other end of the room.

Snape threw a questioning look at Draco, but remained silent.

"Please, come in. Close the door." Then Draco leaned close, raising on his toes and whispered in Snape's ear. "Happy birthday, Professor. He's yours for the afternoon and evening. I've trained him especially for this occasion." It wasn't a lie; Draco had worked hard to make Seamus able to move around somewhat gracefully while blindfolded.

There was a faint smirk, bordering on a leer, on Professor Snape's face as he nodded and closed the door behind him.

"Pony!" Draco turned to look at Seamus too. "Turn this way, and bow to our guest." He smiled proudly as the boy obeyed. The move was a bit hesitant, but not at all displeasing. He was sure that Seamus' heart was hammering in his chest.

"I will give you the reins, so you can guide him to where you want him to go. He's trained both on the reins and on verbal commands," Draco told Snape, fairly certain that Snape would prefer his identity not to be revealed to Seamus.

Seamus straightened up and began walking toward Draco's voice when he was ordered to do so. He realised that this also meant that he was getting closer to the unknown person. Then again, he hadn't heard many sounds other than those that Draco had made. The door could, theoretically, have been opened by a charm and Draco could have set this up just to scare him, Seamus reasoned as he lifted his knees high with each step.

His hopes disappeared shortly after he was told to stop. A rustle of fabric, and then a hand moved over the exposed side of his body in a slow caress. It wasn't one of Draco's hands; Seamus recognised them by now. No, this was a larger hand, rougher against his skin. Seamus swallowed hard.

Draco could see that Seamus was really nervous, a slight flinching at the touches, shorter and faster breaths. He watched as Snape's hand moved slowly over the boy, following the muscles of arms and shoulders... Snape circled Seamus, looking him over and touching whatever part of his body that he wanted to feel. Draco frowned slightly as Seamus flinched even more as Snape's hand moved over the curve of his arse, but Snape looked more amused than annoyed, and took the horsetail into his hand, lifting it up.

Seamus made a sound of surprise and discomfort as he felt a light tug on the tail. It had been quite enough with the lifting of it, he thought, getting it tugged as well was a bit too much. What scared him also, was that if he had felt more secure, he might even have liked the feeling of the plug shifting inside him. Hands continued to examine him, and he realised that he was on display. Would his teeth be checked as well? Strangely enough, a part of him was beginning to find the situation exciting; it surprised Seamus, but the odd arousal-fear made him feel less afraid. He just wished that Draco had warned him about what he had planned.

The hands were soon finished with touching him, and it was with a mixture of loss and relief that he felt the reins being taken up from where they rested on his back. He was directed to turn and then walk forward... The reins were his security now, giving him the directions and orders he needed. On the whole Seamus thought that he was doing rather well. He remembered every little move, and didn't make any of the mistakes that had annoyed Draco while he was training him. He moved in a circle around the room, stopped, bowed, turned, took a few steps forward, pranced around, and after a few minutes, if there had been no reins, he wouldn't have had any idea of his position in the room. They were the only guidance he had then, and the reins and the moves felt familiar, made him more comfortable... But still, this mystery person hadn't said anything. Who was it?

Draco felt rather pleased with himself. Snape looked content as well, and there was even a touch of colour on the man's cheeks. No wonder, Draco thought, Seamus showing himself off as if he was a real animal on display was quite a sight. There was a hint of a smile on Snape's lips, and his eyes were riveted on Seamus' body. Draco had never seen Snape aroused before, but if this wasn't it, he should probably give all the equipment back to his father.

Snape stopped Seamus as the boy was in front of the table at the side of the room again. Draco looked at Snape, wondering what he wanted Seamus to do next, but the man started walking toward the blindfolded boy. He crossed the room slowly, almost as if he was a predator and had caught sight of a helpless prey... Draco smirked. It was pretty close to the truth. Seamus was absolutely helpless now, and Snape was obviously going to take advantage of that.

He followed Snape at a little distance, just in case he needed to give Seamus instructions... It was absolutely not to watch, oh no. Draco wetted his lips with the tip of his tongue.

Seamus could hear the light steps coming closer to him. Two sets of them... then he felt a hand slide over his chest, down over his stomach and brushing over his prick. He swallowed and tried to stand still. Draco had planned this, he told himself, and Seamus didn't have much choice but to live through it; Draco wouldn't do anything to hurt him. The hand moved to the small of his back and pushed him forward one small step, then it moved up between the shoulder blades and applied pressure there, forcing him to bend forward.

The familiar, smooth surface of the table met his chest, chilly enough to send a shiver through him, and Seamus felt frighteningly exposed as he was bent over it. The hands kneaded his buttocks, fingers digging harshly into the flesh. They were firm, demanding, experienced in a way that was different from Draco's hands, and Seamus found that he enjoyed the touch. A whimpering moan left him as the tail was slowly pulled out of him. It felt good, and Seamus couldn't help reacting to the sensation. The whole situation was weird and surreal, but it was also turning him on immensely, something that was reflected in his breathing.

Not long after, the blunt head of a cock pressed against his arse, and Seamus made another whimpering sound. He was used to this. Draco had done it often enough, but this felt different. Seamus drew a sharp breath as he felt stretched beyond anything he'd felt before. It was too much, he knew it was, he couldn't possibly take this... then he moaned loudly as the cock slid home, the discomfort turning into pleasure.

Snape grabbed Seamus' folded and bound arms with one hand, and placed the other hand on the boy's hip. He turned slightly to look at Draco and his dark eyes glittered with something Draco couldn't quite interpret. Lust? Triumph? Draco let his eyes be drawn back to the really interesting thing: Seamus' arse, with Snape's cock inside it. He watched as Snape began moving, thrusting deeply into the boy. It was fascinating. That big cock gliding so effortlessly in and out, glistening with oil in the candle light. Draco noticed that Snape's breathing was heavier, faster, and that the thrusts became rougher and harder after a while.

It looked so good, and Draco just had to touch himself - he quickly undid the fastenings on his clothes and began stroking his own hard prick. He didn't care that Snape was watching him; he was beyond feeling any shame, besides, they were accomplices in this situation. If Seamus' moans were anything to go by, he wasn't unhappy with it either, Draco thought and looked the boy over as he slid the foreskin over the head of his cock.

It looked so hot, so depraved. A boy bound in black leather and with white-covered legs and arms, leaning forward over the worn table, being fucked by his own teacher... Draco moaned as he felt the tension build up inside; there was no way he could keep from coming while watching this. Snape took his time though, obviously enjoying himself immensely, so with some considerable effort, Draco let go of his prick. But even grown men have their limits; after a while, Snape thrust cruelly into the boy and came, with closed eyes and a low hiss, his lanky, black hair hiding his face as he leaned forward over Seamus.

Seamus whimpered as the cock withdrew. He felt sweaty and warm, his arse was slightly sore after the rough treatment, but he wanted more. Whoever it was that had fucked him hadn't even once touched him, hadn't given him any help in coming and his prick was aching to get some attention. If he had been able to, he would have begged, but the bit prohibited that. So, he whimpered again, but to no avail. Rustle of fabric again, and then footfalls moving away from him, leaving him behind... throbbing, shivering, needing. Oh, how Seamus wanted him to come back and fuck him some more.

Draco cleared his throat as he went with Snape to the door, temporarily tucking himself back inside his clothes. "I hope you enjoyed the gift?"

Snape nodded and smiled slightly at Draco. He checked to make certain his robes were in order before he opened the door.

"Indeed. 100 points to Slytherin for the nice surprise." Snape said and smirked at Draco's expression of surprise over the fact that he spoke aloud. With that, he left the room and strode through the corridor, robes billowing around his legs.

Draco closed the door and looked at Seamus. From the way the boy held himself and the strange, short whimpers, he guessed that Seamus had recognised the voice of Professor Snape, realising who it was that had just fucked him. Draco went back to him, and put his hand on slightly damp skin, the trembling clearly visible to the eye.

"Easy, Seamus..." he said softly and stroked the skin soothingly. "You've been a good boy, a good pony." Oh yes, a very good pony, and the fun hadn't ended with Snape leaving. Now it was Draco's turn, and he would make sure that Seamus got the reward he had earned, the biggest reward so far.

Seamus slowly relaxed again under Draco's hand; the quivering of tense muscles let up a little, and Draco leaned forward to lick along Seamus' spine. "Were you afraid?" he asked softly, and Seamus nodded, the plume bobbing. "I wouldn't have let him hurt you, you know that don't you?"

Seamus nodded again. Yes, he did know that, he realised. It had been more exciting than frightening when thinking back... and he was still so horny. Even though he now knew who it was that had fucked him. How would he be able to look at Professor Snape again after this? Seamus whined slightly and tried to get closer to Draco, to safety.

"You took his cock so well, I'm proud of you," Draco whispered and pulled out his own cock, rubbing it against Seamus' thigh. "I will let you come now... You have earned it."

Seamus let out a sigh of relief as Draco pushed inside him and he felt a hand close around his throbbing and neglected prick. Draco was proud of him.

~*~ Fin ~*~

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