Warnings – This fic contains scenes of graphic sex of the m/m variety. It also contains obscene amounts of pink fluff.

Pairings – 1x2 3x4

Unbreakable, Unbeatable, Untouchable

Chapter 3

By Dannii Malfoy


Heero's POV

I remember the first time I met him. I was at an end of year party which I had been dragged to by someone in one of my classes. I was standing by myself, minding my own business, when I suddenly had my arms full of Duo. I didn't know that was his name at the time though. All I knew was that I was looking into the most beautiful pair of violet eyes, and that he was pressed tightly against me.

The next thing I knew my knees were growing weak and we were kissing. I remember thinking that he was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. We broke apart finally and my throat was dry with an emotion I hadn't felt before. I thought I was in love... I was right.

We dated. It took us months to reach the stage where we felt ready to take it further. I knew for a fact that he was a virgin, and I didn't want to take his innocence if it wasn't going to be a lasting thing. When we both came to the conclusion that we were going to last, we just had to wait for the right moment.

It came one afternoon early in my fourth year. It was August, and it was still warm weather, so Duo and I were lying on the makeshift balcony outside my living room window. It wasn't really a balcony, rather the sticky out bit where the house below us had an extension built, but it served a purpose. We could get ourselves stretched out on blankets or towels in the summer, and a coffee table could be dragged out in the cooler weather.

Right then we were lying curled up together on a pile of blankets enjoying the last of the nice weather. It was incredibly warm and Duo had to wear cream. Because of my darker skin I don't burn so easily, and it wasn't hot enough that day for me to do anything but tan.

I was stroking his hair peacefully. I have always loved his hair... it's so... different. Kawaii. It leads a direct path to his ass, which I had found very ironic – not to mention tempting - on several occasions, although I never mentioned it. We were facing each other, but Duo was fast asleep. My hands followed the familiar path down his braid to his ass, and I squeezed softly, which was something I hardly ever did. Duo opened his eyes and smiled at me sleepily.

I kissed him, before nibbling on his ear. He moaned, and I smirked, trailing, hot, wet open-mouthed kisses along his shoulders. He was making incoherent noises, which I took as a good sign. I made a small mark on his neck, before making my way back up to his lips. I ghosted my fingers along his jaw and down his throat, undoing the first button I reached. He arched up to my touch when I finally reached his nipples. I sucked on them while listening to Duo get hotter and hotter. His nipples were very sensitive.

Suddenly, Duo pulled away. Thinking I had gone too far and that other boy wasn't ready yet, I apologised. I was surprised when Duo smiled seductively.

‘Let's take this inside, ne?"

I grinned when Duo spoke in Japanese. He was picking up the language slowly from me. I stood and followed him into my bedroom where I lay him down on the bed. I shrugged out of my shirt and starting on my trousers. They pooled around my feet briefly before I stepped out of them. I toed off my socks and slid onto the bed, watching the other boy struggle out of his clothes. Mmm, all that tan, silky skin just for me. And Duo had such broad shoulders and a very trim stomach along with a pert arse. "You're gorgeous." I said unthinkingly, running his hand down one of Duo's lean thighs.

"Don't be stupid." Duo admonished me, tossing his clothes on the floor haphazardly and undoing his braid. I rolled so he was pressed against me. Duo's body warmth soaked into me, making me wiggle my toes in pleasure.

I scoffed. "You're the one who's being stupid if you haven't realized by now you're bloody handsome. You think I'd have anything to do with you if you weren't?"

I rolled his eyes, but finally relented. "I guess not." I pressed a sloppy kiss to his stomach, enjoying the play of my lips on Duo's salty skin. I traced my tongue over the ripples of Duo's abs, mouthing my way up to a nipple and biting firmly on it while I flicked at it with my tongue. "Mmmm..." Duo murmured, arching into him.

I abandoned the other boy's chest in favor of tilting his face upwards for a kiss and he took the hint, cupping my face and kissing me as if I was the only thing that mattered. With my hands tangled in Duo's messy mop of hair, I moved so I was lying half on top of Duo as our mouths stayed meshed together while we kissed. Duo's arms were loosely wrapped around me and he wiggled so we were rubbing our erections together in a way that was absolute perfection. Duo pulled back and though his lips were still parted from the kiss his eyes were smiling and I suddenly realized that Duo trusted me. And that I'd do anything to keep that trust. "Pretty, pretty Duo." I whispered, just because I could and Duo blushed a little and the compliment.

I felt a surge of emotion and pulled back to feather Duo's face with light kisses, just because I could. Feeling whimsical, I placed a little kiss right on the tip of the other boy's nose and smiled at Duo's bemusement. "Well, you're in a good mood."

I moved my hips in a little circle, bumping Duo's cock with my own in an oddly friendly manner. "Any reason why I shouldn't be? I'm about to make love to you." I laughed delightedly at the thought, nuzzling Duo's neck reverently.

"Does it... does it hurt?" Duo asked, trying for an offhand tone, but he ended up sounding a little hesitant.

I tamped down my elation, smiling at the other boy reassuringly. "No. I mean, at first it twinges a little, but as long as you're relaxed it's great." I rubbed Duo's back soothingly, stroking the soft skin. "I'll go slow, I promise."

"Yeah, okay." Duo nodded, taking a deep breath to fortify himself. "Can we just sort of get to it? I mean, foreplay's nice and all, but all this waiting is making me more nervous."

I rummaged in the bedside table and found the lube quickly. I pushed Duo down flat on the bed and slipped between the long haired boy's legs. Still smiling at Duo reassuringly, I poured a little out to coat my fingers with and set the bottle aside. "You know I usually do this when I jerk off. So it can't be too bad."

He seemed to relax a little and his smile was positively mischievous. "Maybe you're just a freak, hmm?"

I smirked and let my fingers brush against Duo's entrance, just letting them rub lightly without penetrating. "Maybe. But you're the one in a relationship with me, so what does that say about you?"

"That I've got bad taste?" Duo said, his voice going up an octave on the last syllable when I slipped a finger inside him.

"Some might agree, but in my opinion it means you've got exquisite taste." I snickered, adding another finger and gently probing Duo as I talked. The familiar banter seemed to relax him so I obliged, offering the other boy something to concentrate on beyond what I was doing to his arse. "Mmm. You feel nice. Warm and tight. Can't wait to be inside you."

Duo's breath hitched a little and he licked his lips. "You're such a pervert. Oh!" He said in surprise, lifting his hips. "Do that again!" I twisted my fingers, pressing firmly against Duo's prostate.

"Demanding, aren't you? And you call me a pervert."

"Just - oh. Don't stop!"

I was grinning from ear to ear, listening to the other boy's pleas as I prepared him. "Do you want me Duo?"

"God, yes." Duo panted out, his hair even more tousled than usual. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes bright with lust.

"Say it." I ordered him, slipping another finger inside him. He made a little choked noise and raised his hips even higher, almost begging for it with his body language.

"Please, I want you!"

My breathing was ragged and I had to force himself to stay in control when I coating his length in the lube. Then I was pushing Duo's legs open and wrapping them around my waist, pushing forward. It would have been easier to take him from behind, but I had no doubts that the other boy wanted to be able to look into my face while we had sex, as it was his first time. I had to go slowly, sliding inside in tiny increments until my erection was all the way inside. It was maddening forcing myself to be so patient, but at the same time utterly satisfying to be doing it at all.

"Alright, Duo?" I asked, almost overcome at the sensation of being inside Duo. I couldn't get any closer to the other boy than this and the thought was so enticing it took every bit of my self control not to start mindlessly thrusting inside him. God, he was perfect and he was all mine. It really didn't get any better than this, that I was sure of.

"Yeah. Just - wait a second." Duo's voice was strained and we stayed frozen for a long moment as the long haired boy adjusted to this new situation. "Okay. Okay, I'm good." I closed my eyes for a moment to savour the sensation and then I moved my hips experimentally, thrusting in and out of Duo slowly.

I lowered myself so I was supporting my weight on my hands and began to fuck in earnest, judging which angle, speed, and depth was best by Duo's reactions. He was beautifully responsive, arching up to meet my every thrust. It was intense and wonderful, being inside Duo like that and wringing moans from him with each movement. He had thrown his head back, exposing the vulnerable line of his neck and I dipped my head down to lap deftly at it. Duo's moan of delight vibrated against my lips and I couldn't help but smile at the sensation.

"Mmm. Like that? How about this?" I asked, thrusting inside the other boy a bit faster. The sound of skin slapping against skin as well as our mingled panting filled the room.

"Just - god. Harder!" I complied, pushing my hips forward with more force.

"Better?" I asked breathlessly.

Duo made a little sound of agreement and began to rub his erection against my taut stomach, smearing precum on me. I didn't mind and in fact found it quite arousing having proof that Duo wanted me too. "Okay?" I asked, fucking the other boy with long, hard strokes at a fairly fast pace. Duo's thighs were clamped around my hips and he kept digging his heels into the back of my thighs eagerly.

"God, yes!" I bit down lightly on Duo's throat and continued pumping myself in and out of the other boy. Duo made a choked sound and his muscles tightened up, even the internal ones. Having my cock gripped so tightly made me come almost immediately and we shuddered together, reaching orgasm simultaneously. I kept thrusting until my erection was almost completely gone and then I slid out of the other boy.

"I love you Heero Yuy," was all he managed to mumble in his post orgasmic haze.

"I love you too." I said, dropping down next to him. I gestured to Duo and he snuggled closer right away, resting his ear against my chest so he could presumably hear my heart beating rapidly. I sighed in satisfaction and ruffled the other boy's hair affectionately, which made him grin. "D'you like it?"

"I loved it," Duo finally admitted.

"So did I," I yawned before falling asleep, happy to have Duo in my arms.

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