Warnings – This fic contains scenes of graphic sex of the m/m variety. It also contains obscene amounts of pink fluff.

Pairings – 1x2 3x4

Unbreakable, Unbeatable, Untouchable

Chapter 4

By Dannii Malfoy


Wufei's POV

I skipped dinner tonight. I just couldn't face it, having to sit at the table across from Heero and Maxwell and knowing that all my hopes were dashed. It would break my heart to be forced to watch them make eyes at each other as if they think nobody's watching.

Now that I think on it, I've seen it before. The looks, I mean. They're always making eye contact, but I never thought anything of it before. Shimatta! Why didn't I see it before! It has been staring me in the face for ages and I was too love struck to see it.

I can't believe Heero and Maxwell are together. Heero deserves so much better. Maxwell is nothing but a filthy slut. I won't let him hurt Heero. My Heero. I'll get them separated, don't you worry.

Even if it means I have to hurt Maxwell...


Duo's POV

Wufei wasn't at dinner tonight. I wonder what's wrong. He can't still be upset from this morning, surely? I mean, he might be a little big melancholy, but not enough to miss dinner. I think I will go up later and see what's wrong with him.

Heero has been in a brilliant mood all day. I have no idea why. He grabbed me after dinner hauled me into the bedroom, pushing me down onto the bed. His eyes were filled with happiness, and as he took me, again and again, he whispered how much he loved me into my ear, before catching my lips in a soul-searing kiss.

My heart swelled. Tears came to my eyes. I never cry, so it proved how much what he had said had affected me. I can't believe that me, a street kid from the ghetto, has the love of someone like Heero.

I don't think I deserve him, and sometimes I think about leaving him so he can find someone who does. I know Wufei is in love with him, and I can't imagine how he must be feeling knowing that he will never have a chance with the one he loves.

I definitely have to talk to him.


Wufei's POV

I'm numb. That's the only was that I can describe how I feel. I was angry, at first, but the anger changed into something else... something dangerous. I want revenge, but I'm willing to wait until the right moment to get it. I will make Maxwell hurt for making Heero believe that he loves him. Maxwell loves nothing.

Ever since he moved into the flat he has been cold towards me. I have done nothing to deserve it, at least not that I know of. When we first met him, I disliked him on sight. He seemed false... like every move he made and every word he said was all one big act.

He was just starting Uni, and decided to rent a flat instead of getting a room in the Halls of Res. Why? I don't' know. I never asked. I thought it was because he felt he was above living in a poky room like you usually get in The Halls, but apparently he just had enough money to live somewhere else. Lucky for some!

Trowa and Quatre loved him. Still do. He can never do anything wrong in their eyes, always perfect.

Perfect Maxwell. Humph.

I saw through his façade though. He didn't care about Trowa and Q, he was just using them. He would borrow large amounts of money from his so-called ‘friends', and I never once heard of it being paid back. I know Q's loaded, but it isn't right for Maxwell to take advantage of his generosity like that.

Quatre is too gullible. Too trusting. He trusted his ex-boyfriend Kieran with his life; and Kieran took advantage of that as well. Quatre had thought himself in love with the 25-year-old model, and was convinced Kieran felt the same way.

They met in the same way as we met Maxwell. Kieran applied for a room we had available, and Quatre immediately fell for him. Kieran got the room, and he and Q got into a relationship.

They were happy together... for a while. Kieran was a lot older, and had no interest in the student life that his boyfriend led. He tried to make Quatre grow up when he wasn't ready to. Unfortunately, Quatre was so head over heels that he did anything Kieran told him to.

One night they had been at a business dinner of Kierans', which the older man seemed to have frequently and enjoy immensely. Quatre wanted to refuse going that night, because it was his sisters wedding. I knew for a fact that he hated those ‘business dinners', but we thought it was just because they were incredibly boring. It wasn't until later that we found out the truth.

Kieran had forced Quatre to go, despite the fact that his sister was getting married. Quatre had tried to refuse, but he had ended up relenting and gone anyway.

It was the worst night of Quatre's life...

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