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Warnings – This fic contains scenes of graphic sex of the m/m variety. It also contains obscene amounts of pink fluff.

Pairings – 2x1 3x4

Unbreakable, Unbeatable, Untouchable

Chapter 2

By Dannii Malfoy


Wufei's POV

I entered the shower room that morning in a good mood. I left in tears.

I had been in a reasonably good mood for a few days previously... before... I found them. My progress with Heero was going well. I was sure that he was starting to notice me as more than a noise in the background. If only I had known the truth.

I found him on the floor of one of the showers, fast asleep. I smiled at first, amused beyond belief, before I saw who he was with... and that they were naked.

I froze. I couldn't believe my eyes. Here was my Heero... MY HEERO... in the arms of that filthy slut Maxwell! Confusion gave way to rage as I noticed the smiles on their faces. Losing all common sense, I stormed over to them and booted Maxwell in the back. Hard.

He woke, immediately onto his feet and into a fighting stance. Despite his nakedness, he managed to look threatening. I still have no idea how he did it. I did nothing but glare at him as Heero made his way to his feet.

"What the fuck was that for Chang?!"

My eyes widened when I looked away from Maxwell to Heero. There he was, standing in all his glory, not even looking the slightest bit embarrassed. My eyes raked up and down his athletic body, lingering on his cock. I closed my eyes as I imagined the things I'd like do to his cock... to him. I broke myself out of my daze, and brought my gaze back up to his eyes. The anger I found there... the resentment... was too much for me to take.

I choked when I saw him make his way over to Maxwell and examine his back, stroking it lovingly. Tears came to my eyes, and I let out a sob before hightailing it. I heard Maxwell's murmur of ‘baka', but was too upset to care.

I felt betrayed. Alone. Trowa and Quatre had each other, and now Heero and Maxwell were together too. I broke down once I reached my room and cried until I fell asleep. I never noticed someone enter my room.


Heero's POV

I don't know what the fuck has gotten into Wufei. This morning he came into the shower room and kicked Duo... for no reason! It wasn't like he wanted to wake him up or anything, because he kicked him really hard. I was really angry. I mean, wouldn't you have been? Guys just coming in here and booting your boyfriend, thinking they can get away with it... not while I have anything to do with it!

Grrr... Stupid baka.

So, I went to his room to see what his problem was... only what I saw wasn't what I was expecting. He was lying on his bed, with his face in his arms... crying. I was stupefied. I mean, come on! The guy took a fit this morning for no reason and then comes here to howl for equally no reason! I'm starting to think he needs help.

I left soon after, when I realised that he had fallen asleep. I had other things to do, and Chang wasn't one of them.


Duo's POV

I'm going to kill Wufei. He came into the shower room this morning and tried to beat me up! If it wasn't for my sharp reflexes I'd be dog food. Chewed dog food.

I know why he did it though, and I can't say I blame the guy. He's had a major crush or Hee-Chan for ages, and now all his hopes have been shattered. I feel for the guy, but I'm still gonna kill him. He didn't have to kick me! I have a big ugly bruise on my back now... hmph.

Heero left after we got dressed. No idea where he went... I went back to sleep. Staying up all night isn't good for you... no matter how fun it is. I have my exams in a few months and I have to keep on top of my work if I don't want to fall behind.

Heero makes it look so easy. He's two years older than us, but we all share a flat. I never thought University would be so hard, but it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I could just slack off and be here for the social life... but I put too much effort into getting here, and I refuse to give it up.

Growing up on the streets wasn't easy, but I had always promised myself I would get myself out of there... make a life for myself. I tried so hard in High School, and made it into the university I wanted... Edinburgh. My parents wanted me to go to a school back home in the states, but I wanted to travel, and I had always wanted to see Scotland.

It was beautiful. Although we went to school in the capital, we travelled as much as we could. Glasgow was nice, as was Aberdeen and Inverness. We went camping in Ayr, and on sunny days for picnics on the beach in North Berrick. The weather was nowhere near as nice as it was in Cali, but the scenery made up for it.

I met Trowa, Quatre and Wufei when I applied for a flat. They were already staying there, and had a spare room. They took a liking to me and gave me the room. I didn't meet Heero until the end of my first year. We were at one of the end of term parties, which were the only ones I ever went to, when I saw him standing in the corner, looking out of place.

I saw immediately that he was gorgeous, but that wasn't the reason I approached him. We were thrown together. Literally. Some drunken guy with dreadlocks started a fight behind me and was pushed into my back while I was staring at the Japanese beauty. I went flying and, as cliché as it sounds, I landed in Heero's arms.

We just stared at each other as we both took in the situation. His Prussian eyes drew me in, and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing. It wasn't a real kiss to start with; it was just a touch of the lips, but it was filled with an emotion I had never felt before. My skin tingled where he touched me, and when I closed my eyes, I was in a place filled with love hearts and pink candy.

I reached my arms up behind his neck, and the kiss changed. The tenderness turned into passion as we explored each others mouths with a hunger I was sure neither of us had felt before. His hands followed the path of my braid to my ass, but he didn't go any further. We pulled away eventually and stared into each others eyes, shock clear to see. We had just met, but what we had just shared was... unbelievable.

We met up again the next night and went for a meal, skipping any parties that might have been happening. We knew then that something special was happening, and we wanted to explore it. Apart from a few more kisses, it didn't go any further. He wanted to wait for the right moment, and I was a virgin at the time. It took a while, but the perfect moment finally came...

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