Author's Notes: For each chapter, it's going to be from another characters point of view, but still the same song. ^__^

Ex: C, then A, Suu, Gingetsu, and so on. Thanks for reading n.n

Disclaimer: Clover doesn't belong to me ;-; It belongs to CLAMP, whom I worship. And the song doesn't belong to me. It belongs to..uh...someone that's not me n.n;

The World that Never Came

Chapter 2 - Forgotten

By Lissa


A fic

[ I am so high, I can hear heaven]

You don't know what it's like.

[ I am so high, I can hear heaven]

You have someone. I can tell what you're thinking, C. Every single thought.

[Oh, but heaven, no heaven, don't hear me]

Ever since you left, ever since you've been with *him*,

[And they say that a hero can save us]

You don't care about me anymore. You don't need me. But I need you.

[I'm not gonna stand here and wait]

...So why don't you answer me?

[I hold on to the wings of the eagles]

You don't talk to me. I talk to you. But you ignore me. You pretend you can't hear.

But you can. And I know it.

[Watch as we all fly away]

Nothing's been the same. First her, then you, then the four-leaf...

[Someone told me, love will now save us]

So what if we're not outside? What's so great about it there?

[But how can that be]

How can you be happy without me?

[Look what love gave us]

There's nothing for us out there, C. There never was, and I doubt there ever will be. The woman and the four-leaf were foolish. They should've known better.

[A world full of killing]

If there was nothing for the one-leaf, and nothing for the four-leaf, then what makes you think there's something for you?

[And blood spilling]

Only here, this is where you belong, C. Here, you'll be safe, and we'll be together.

[That world never came]

There is no true elsewhere.

[Was it never there...?]

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