Author's Notes: For each chapter, it's going to be from another characters point of view, but still the same song. ^__^

Ex: C, then A, Suu, Gingetsu, and so on. Thanks for reading n.n

Disclaimer: Clover doesn't belong to me ;-; It belongs to CLAMP, whom I worship. And the song doesn't belong to me. It belongs to..uh...someone that's not me n.n;

The World that Never Came

Chapter 3 - Alone

By Lissa


Suu fic

[I am so high, I can hear heaven]

She has a beautiful voice.

[I am so high, I can hear heaven]

I wish I could talk to her.

[Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me]

But wouldn't it be dangerous for a four-leaf to talk to a one-leaf? So, I'm supposed to be alone...

[And they say that a hero can save us]


[I'm not gonna stand here and wait]

I saw a dream.

[I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles]

Her dream.

[Watch as we all fly away]

A beautiful dream...

[Someone told me that love would all save us]

Does she know I exist?

[But how can that be]

Probably's most likely that she doesn't remember...

[Look what love gave us]

...But what if she did? Would she talk to me then? Or forget about me...

[A world full of killing, and blood-spilling] everyone else.

[That world never came]

Please don't forget, Oruha.

[So make it come]

Please don't.

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