Author's Notes: For each chapter, it's going to be from another characters point of view, but still the same song. ^__^

Ex: C, then A, Suu, Gingetsu, and so on. Thanks for reading n.n

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The World that Never Came

Chapter 1 - Hollow

By Lissa


C fic (Ran)

[I am so high, I can hear heaven]

[I am so high, I can hear heaven]

[Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me]

It's A's turn to see the doctor. As usual, he won't go, and they have to drug his food and carry him out afterwards.

But not me.

I go quietly; I try to pretend I'm going someplace fun. Like a normal child. But then, what normal child lives in a place where you are surrounded by bars, like a prison, except you didn't do anything wrong? Where people in white lab coats are watching you, always watching you until you become numb and realize that there really is no escape. It's burned into you.

[And they say that a hero can save us]

[I'm not gonna stand here and wait]

[I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles]

[Watch as we all fly away]

A stares into the styrofoam cup the lady gave him. Supposedly, it is filled with water. Just in case he gets thirsty. Just in case. He throws the cup onto the floor, and it spills everywhere, and then I see it too.

Water doesn't fizz.

[Someone told me that love would all save us]

The lady jumps back and I hear her call for more researchers.

A, however, remains indifferent, the same scowl plastered on his face.

"Leave me alone."

[But how can that be?]

A few more people come in. They act nice towards A, and that confuses me. Until I see the needles. And I know that A already knows. I can do nothing but watch as the pupils become smaller, smaller, gone. I can tell that the scientists can't move either. They just stand there, watching in horror.

[Look what love gave us]

And then A smiles.

[A world full of killing, and blood-spilling]

He walks over the lifeless bodies and through the puddles of thick crimson, as though they were never there to begin with. As he wraps his arms around me, gripping me tight and silently threatening anyone who nears, I know it won't be too soon.

[That world never came]

No, it won't be too soon.

[It never came.]

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