Author's Note: WARNING: This is a YAOI Tekken fic. This fic contains situations of a VERY sexual nature (Lemon, hellloooo?) and rather coarse language at some parts.

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You Look So Fine

By Stefi

Hwoarang stood outside the school, just like he did everyday at this time. He brushed his bangs away from his face and let out a small sigh. He hadn’t come out of the school yet. "He" as in Jin Kazama. Hwoarang couldn’t understand his attraction to the Japanese youth. He just knew it was there and he had to do something about it. But what? Getting caught up in his thoughts, he didn’t even notice Jin leave the building. So when he came face to face with the other boy, it proved to leave Hwoarang rather surprised.

Jin was dressed in his regular school uniform. A navy blue sweater with a white dress shirt underneath it. Green and navy blue plaid pants and black shoes completed his look, along with a bookbag. He looked Hwoarang over for a minute before realizing that he should probably be ready to fight, rather than stare. Jin dropped his bookbag and fell into a fighting stance, locking gazes with the Korean.

Hwoarang didn’t follow Jin’s example. He simply folded his arms across his chest and looked the Japanese over. With a subtle smirk, he narrowed his almond eyes and said "Come with me somewhere else if you wanna fight."

Jin relaxed and picked up his bookbag, then followed the Korean to where his motorcycle was parked. Hwoarang swung one leg over the large machine gracefully, then curled his long fingers around the handlebars. He glanced over his shoulder back to Jin, who was just standing there. "You coming or what?"

Jin nodded and walked over. Placing his bookbag on the ground, he climbed onto the powerful motorcycle and sat behind Hwoarang. Sitting back, he held onto the back of the seat with both hands.

"You’ll fall off if you sit like that, Jin. I go fast."

"How fast are we talking here?"

Hwoarang smirked and adjusted his mirror so he could see Jin’s face. "Real fast."

The Japanese boy blinked. "Oh." With that, he placed his hands on each side of Hwoarang’s waist. Jin suddenly felt very nervous and he blushed.

Smiling inwardly at Jin’s blushing, Hwoarang asked "You ready?"

Jin nodded. "Yeah, I think so."

" ‘kay." Hwoarang replied and started the bike. The machine came to life with a loud roar and vibrated violently between the boys’ legs. Hwoarang moved the kickstand up with his foot, and soon, the motorcycle took off down the street.

As the bike went faster, Jin found himself holding onto Hwoarang tighter. "How much longer is it?" Jin shouted over the motorcycle’s roaring engine. "It’s been 20 minutes."

"Not much longer." Hwoarang spoke.

"What?" Jin shouted, pulling himself closer and resting his chin on the other boy’s shoulder.

Hwoarang’s eyes went wide at this. Then, getting an idea, he turned his head slightly in Jin’s direction so his mouth was just above the boy’s ear. He breathed warmly into it before simply saying "Almost there."

The hairs on the back of Jin’s neck stood up and he tingled a bit after Hwoarang did that. He was a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Not at all.

Not long after the fact, Hwoarang brought the motorcycle to a stop in front of a rather run-down motel. He shut the engine off and brought the kickstand down. "We can hang out here for a little while... unless you wanna fight now?"

Jin shrugged, his arms still around Hwoarang’s waist. "Whatever’s good for you."

Hwoarang smiled evilly and slid back a little bit on the bike’s seat, pressing himself into Jin. "Are you sure you wanna know what I wanna do?"

Jin’s hands roamed across Hwoarang’s abdomen muscles in a teasing manner before he breathed into his ear "Yeah."

The Korean leaned back against the Japanese and moved his large hands up and down the boy’s thighs. Moving some of Hwoarang’s fiery hair away from his neck, Jin nuzzled into the boy’s neck while his hands roamed over Hwoarang’s chest and stomach.

"God damn, Jin..." Hwoarang breathed. "Let’s go in before I fuck you right out here in public."

Jin gently bit at Hwoarang’s neck before letting him go.

"Okay... I have some of my gang staying here too, so just kinda play along, ‘k?"

"Play along with what?" Jin asked.

"Just trust me." Hwoarang said with a smile. Not a smirk, but a smile.

Jin nodded.

Hwoarang got up off the bike and waited for Jin to get off it as well. Once they neared the motel’s entrance, Hwoarang grabbed Jin by his collar and dragged him to one of the rooms. He opened the door with his free hand and dragged Jin inside. Once in the room, Jin saw what had to amount to at least 8 kids, all his age.

"Finally gonna get your fight in, boss?" One of the punks asked.

"Yeah." Hwoarang answered. "You guys get outta here, this could get ugly."

" ‘kay, boss." Was the reply, then soon the room was empty except for Jin and Hwoarang.

Jin massaged the back of his neck. "Geez, you didn’t need to drag me so hard."

"Well, I doubt they would have bought it if I had my hand on your ass."

Jin shrugged. "Guess you’re right."

Hwoarang grinned and moved to stand in front of Jin. "You know..." The Korean pulled his boots off. "... You turned me on pretty bad back there."

"Oh, I’m sorry." Jin remarked, feigning innocence. He sat down on the bed and pulled of his shoes as well. "I didn’t mean to." He added, coyly.

Hwoarang knelt down in front of where Jin was sitting on the bed and moved the boy’s legs apart. With one hand, he worked on slowly undoing Jin’s pants. With his other hand, Hwoarang massaged the boy’s inner thigh. "I must really be in for it then, kid." He tugged on Jin’s now too-tight pants and pulled them down. Smiling wildly, Hwoarang noticed Jin wasn’t wearing anything beneath them, much like himself. He brushed his fingertips along Jin’s length, exciting the boy further, then he pulled away.

Jin made a disappointed noise. "Why’d you stop?"

Hwoarang stood up and removed his shirt, then his own pants, tossing the two articles of clothing to total opposite sides of the room. He then pulled Jin up off the bed and pulled his shirt off quickly. Smiling, Hwoarang said "Much better." He stepped forward, gently pushing the other boy backward, in the direction of the bed. Jin swept his hand up under Hwoarang’s chin and over to hold the side of the Korean’s face. He then drew Hwoarang’s mouth to his own in a crushing, needy, sloppy kiss.

Hwoarang’s mouth opened, allowing Jin’s tongue access to its warm depths. He found his own tongue doing the same to Jin’s mouth. Jin moved backwards, pulling Hwoarang onto the bed with him. Jin made some kind of feral growling noise before rolling Hwoarang onto his back, assuming control. He remained kissing the red head while his free hand roamed the porcelain flesh. He paused when it reached Hwoarang’s straining erection. "Hwoarang... you’d think you were enjoying this." Jin teased.

Hwoarang looked up into Jin’s exquisite black eyes and pulled his face back down to meet his. "Don’t tease me..." He said before kissing him. It wasn’t a desperate kiss. It wasn’t rushed. It was soft and well thought out. Jin clung to that kiss as long as he could before he needed to breathe again. Then, they just stared at each other for a moment. Hwoarang’s clouded eyes pleaded Jin to go further.

In an affectionate gesture, Jin placed his hands on either side of Hwoarang’s face before gently kissing him. "Just so you know, I’ve never done this with anyone before."

Hwoarang nodded. "Me neither..." He stroked the side of Jin’s face and reveled in the feeling of having someone to touch like that. "... But if I don’t have you right now, I think I might explode." He added with a soft laugh.

"Okay." Jin agreed and moved his body down so that he could please Hwoarang. He moved the boy’s legs apart and took his length into his hand. He stroked Hwoarang a few times before moving his head over and closing his mouth over the top. Jin then removed his hand and let his mouth take over.

Hwoarang groaned while his fingers threaded through Jin’s thick black hair. He couldn’t remember anything feeling quite this good before. He arched his back slightly, allowing Jin to take more of his member into his mouth. Everything was Jin’s mouth and tongue at the moment and Hwoarang got lost in it until he felt himself shudder, then release into Jin’s waiting mouth. Jin swallowed all of Hwoarang’s essence and soon rejoined him. He wiped the sweat from Hwoarang’s forehead as he shyly asked "Did I do okay?"

"Uh-huh" Hwoarang answered weakly as he rolled onto his side and curled his body next to Jin’s. "That was so fuckin’ good." He whispered harshly, still trying to catch his breath.

Jin smiled, proud of a job well done. He stroked Hwoarang’s hair away from his face and tucked some of the fiery strands behind his ear. This was a side of his rival he was growing rather fond of. But were they even rivals anymore? If not, then what exactly were they?



"Ain’t you gonna make love to me now?"

"I was waiting for you to recover." Jin said quietly, rubbing Hwoarang’s arm tenderly. He didn’t use ‘fuck’ this time or ‘screw’. He said ‘make love’, Jin noticed with a smile.

"Go ahead. There’s some stuff in the drawer in that dresser over there." Hwoarang pointed to a small dresser beside the bed.

Jin leaned over and opened the drawer, pulling out some hand lotion. He squirted the stuff into his hand and coated a finger with it. Kissing Hwoarang, Jin’s finger made it’s way to the Korean’s entrance. With a slight push, he entered. He noticed the stressed look on the boy’s face and pulled his face away. "If you don’t want to, it’s okay, Hwoarang."

Hwoarang shook his head. "Do it" he said softly, then adding "please."

"Okay." Jin continued to move his finger around, trying to stretch Hwoarang as much as he could before adding another finger. When the red head wasn’t squirming as much as he was previously, Jin decided to add a second finger. Hwoarang grunted, but nodded, letting Jin know it was perfectly fine to continue. Jin slowly began to spread his fingers apart in the tight hole, stretching the boy a little more. He tried his best to be as gentle as he could, but Hwoarang still had the pained expression on his face. Jin didn’t know how much longer he could keep this up. He then began to thrust his fingers in and out of the boy next to him.

After a few minutes of this, Hwoarang found himself moving his hips upward to match Jin’s fingers’ motions. He looked up at the Japanese. "Jin, go ahead."

Taking the hand lotion, Jin squirted some more onto his hand. He first coated his fingers again, then pushed them inside of Hwoarang, then added more lotion onto his hand and coated his throbbing erection with it. Positioning himself over the boy, Jin grabbed Hwoarang’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. He then guided his penis with his hand into Hwoarang.

Hwoarang shut his eyes as tightly as he could, trying to ignore the initial pain. A few tears streaked his face before Jin was all the way inside of him. Still adjusting to Jin being inside of him, Hwoarang clutched to the other boy as tightly as he could. The pain was almost too much. "Don’t move or anything yet..." The Korean said weakly.

"I won’t." Jin promised, kissing him softly. "Hey..."

"What?" Hwoarang asked, his eyes still tightly shut in pain.

"Look at me, Hwoarang." Jin said.

The Korean opened his eyes and looked at Jin. The black haired boy smiled and kissed Hwoarang again. "Try not to think about it, just focus on me. Maybe then it won’t hurt as much." Hwoarang nodded and focused on Jin while the Japanese thrust his hips back slightly. He then slowly moved forward and Hwoarang gasped. "If I hurt you too much, I’ll stop."

Hwoarang shook his head. "No, it’s okay. I’m fine now. Go ahead."

"You sure?"

Hwoarang pulled Jin’s face down to met his own and kissed him soundly to emphasize his point. Convinced, Jin resumed his motions, moving slowly in and out of Hwoarang. Soon, the Korean was matching Jin’s movements and meeting every thrust. He hadn’t even noticed that he was hard again. It soon ended all too quickly. With a satisfied groan, Jin emptied himself into Hwoarang. Moments later, Hwoarang spilled onto his own stomach.

Jin carefully removed himself and drew Hwoarang as close as he could to his naked, sweaty body. The Korean sighed in content and rested his head on Jin’s chest.

"I get to do that to YOU next time." Hwoarang said, stifling a yawn.

Jin chuckled and ruffled Hwoarang’s hair. "Okay."

Jin pulled his shoes onto his feet and stood up, stretching. He watched Hwoarang pull his shirt over his head and smooth his hair back. The Korean looked over at the black haired boy and smiled. "What are you lookin’ at?" He walked over and wrapped his arms around him.

"I’m not sure what to call him." Jin played with a stray lock of Hwoarang's hair. "Besides his name anyway."

Hwoarang looked up and met Jin’s gaze, smiling.

"And what are you looking at?" Jin asked.

"Jin Kazama." Hwoarang said before kissing the Japanese. "Watashi no koibito."




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