Untitled 2: Jin x Hwoarang

By QueenYokozuna


At the mention of his name the Korean turned his listless, wandering gaze ahead, and then stopped dead in his tracks as he saw standing right in front of him a guy in a white shirt and sport pants, topped by an open, hooded blue jacket. It was Jin Kazama.


Wait a freaking minute.


Ah, but if Hwoarang was taken by surprise just as much as his Japanese arch-rival himself, his scowl quite effectively belied it.

"Hn," he barely retorted.

Jin fixed his gaze on him for a scrutinizing moment, then broke into a charmed smile as he finally appeared convinced the guy in the pressed black shirt and denim jeans before him was Hwoarang alright. "Hey, when did you get into town? You here for the tournament, too, aren't ya."

For an extended moment Hwoarang just stood there neither moving nor speaking, his glaring hazel eyes studying in return the friendly face half-obscured in the hood's shadow. Then, he jammed his fists deeper into his jeans' pockets, and shot back, "'Course I'm here for the tournament. I'm here to kick your dorky ass."

The dark-haired young man let out a chuckle, his own brown eyes sparkling in mirth. "Still on my case, huh."

"And you got a problem with that?" the Blood Talon spat, strands of red, chin-length veiling half his face as he cocked his head.

"Not at all," Jin shook his head briefly. "Competition's good, sure."

Amidst the rush-hour droves shuffling past them on that busy Tokyo sidewalk, the two 21-year-olds then shared a good few seconds of silence, and Hwoarang hated the fact that it made him feel uncomfortable. He was just about cussing to himself in irritation, when:

"Hey uh, you wanna come up to my place?" Jin offered, a smile once more shaping his lips. "It's just around that bend right there. I just got this pretty good sake besides," and raised the glass jug he'd been holding, "so I guess we could have a little drink, or something."

Hwoarang drew his hands out of his pockets, and crossed his lean arms before him. With a faint sneer across his face, he remarked, "Sounds dorky to me."

Clearly undaunted, Jin pressed on, "How 'bout we talk -- you know, catch up on things? I mean, it's been two years now after all."

A snort. "There's nothing to catch up on between us."

"Sure there's lots. Now c'mon."

"Lookere Kazama, I got way better things to do right now, so --"

"Don't be such an a-hole, okay?"

"Look who's talking!" Hwoarang flared up, his dark brows clashing.

Almost to himself, Jin sighed. Then, "Listen," he told him in earnest, "we haven't really... resolved things between us, you know, and, and I think now's as good a time as any to do it."

"Oh yeah? Screw off."

Despite his fervent opposition, Hwoarang did eventually come with Jin up to his place, though for the life of him the redhead couldn't recall how the hell he'd been talked into it.

At any rate, the matter was tossed out the window altogether the minute he stepped foot on Jin's room, and cast his wondering gaze over its apparent... bareness. Against the wall to the right was a couch (which probably doubled as a bed), in the upper left corner a tiny kitchen, at the center a small, low table, and... that was it.

"Make yourself comf'table, Hwoarang."

"So this where you're staying at?"

"Yeah," Jin replied, slipping off his jacket then tossing it down to the floor. "Nothing you probably expected, huh." He then strode on over to his kitchen, while the Korean now began to approach the table, wrinkling his nose and letting his eyes scan more of the modest flat.

When Jin finally came to the table, Hwoarang smirked, "What, rich old bastard decided to cut off your allowance?"

Jin put the jug and pair of sake cups down on the square wooden top, and then sat himself cross-legged across his now-seated guest. "No," he simply replied.

From the way the glow in Jin's eyes faded as the word left his lips, Hwoarang could tell there was more to his statement than the Japanese was letting on, but decided not to pursue it in any case. Or at least for the meantime, anyway.

Without further delay, nonetheless, Jin now uncorked the sake jug and poured some of the rice liquor into the small cup before Hwoarang. Then, he poured nearly the exact amount into his own cup, before he set the jug down anew and held his drink up for a toast.

"Kampai," he grinned.

Lacking his companion's show of enthusiasm, Hwoarang raised his cup to Jin likewise, and mumbled, "Whatever."

And with that, the two martial arts fighters proceeded to down the strong beverage.

"The military?" Jin blurted out, just managing not to cough on his second cup.

"Yeah, special operations division. But I broke base camp as you can see. I've been out three months now, to be exact."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me."

"Heh." Hwoarang smirked over his own second cup.

"This means you're AWOL."

"Technically, yeah. Well I quit, anyways, I ain't going back anymore."

"You can do that?"

"Damn sure I can. And the entire army can come get me for all I care."

"Well..." Jin put his cup down on the table, nodding, "good for you."

"Huh," Hwoarang put his own cup down, snorting, "since when did you become a punk."

"No, I mean, you've got the right to do what you really want. Why settle for something you're not cut out for anyway, you know?"

A shrug. "Right now, all I know's I can't wait to fight again in the tournament."

"Yeah. Same here."


Silently, almost intently, then, Hwoarang watched Jin pour him a third cup of sake. Several more silent and intent seconds elapsed, before the redhead's inquiring thoughts decided to make themselves heard at last.

"So what've you been up to, yourself, anyways?"

As soon as the question left him, Hwoarang cussed to himself in total regret. The last thing he wanted was to sound like he cared. Damn.

After wordlessly pouring himself a third cup, Jin raked a hand through the spikes of his short, raven hair almost self-consciously, then said, "I'm sorry if it seemed like, like I just walked off just as we were starting to... get close and all."

Hwoarang lifted his cup to his lips, choosing not to say anything back lest he'd sound once again like he cared.

"I had to get away and, and bide my time in Brisbane. And I didn't know where to reach you."

"Brisbane?" Hwoarang's brows furrowed. "Australia?"


"That's where you been at all this time?"

"It's a long story, actually. See...that night I won the last tournament? ...My grandfather tried to kill me."

Behind his cup, Hwoarang let out a low gasp.

"... Uh-huh, I tried to unlearn everything I've been taught. I'm not anymore the same fighter you know."

"Well...heh, this is very interesting news alright. So, right now, you despise the Mishima empire as much as I do."

"Yeah. You could say even more."

Hwoarang couldn't help but crack up. "Man, who'd've ever thought!"

The soft-spoken grandson of Heihachi Mishima gamely laughed with him, and the two arch-rivals shared a healthy moment of humor as they drank their sake cups to empty.

Then, as their laughter now gradually died down and silence once again began to spread through the small room, Jin put down his emptied cup, looked Hwoarang straight in the eye, and from out of nowhere declared, "I'm really glad to see you again."

The words were long out of Hwoarang's lips before he could know it. "Me too."

The Korean then spent the next few moments struggling to keep himself from glancing upward, feeling Jin's eyes fastened on him the whole while. It wouldn't probably be that big a deal, really, if only Jin's stare wasn't anything like the one he'd given him that day they last saw each other. It was a stare that intimated restrained, unexpressed feelings, the same stare that after two years Hwoarang still couldn't bring himself to give Jin back, unsure, and perhaps apprehensive, of what might happen afterwards if he did.


"Want another cup, Hwoarang?"

This time the Blood Talon looked up as he grinned, "Sure."

Hwoarang couldn't remember exactly who made the first move, but a couple minutes into their fourth cup, he just found himself laid back on the soft couch, caught in a fierce embrace and locked in his first-ever kiss with Jin, who was flopped down on top of him.

"Damn you taste good," Hwoarang moaned into the consuming kiss, or tried to anyway. Jin himself moaned something inaudible in reply, but whatever it was Hwoarang couldn't really care less, for he was too busy savoring the sake-spiked sweetness of the Japanese's tongue and lips stroking his own. It has been two years that he'd spent many restless nights dreaming about this moment, and it was already turning out far more gratifying than he had ever hoped it would be. He had never imagined Jin would feel this good this close.

Jin took the kiss even deeper now, causing Hwoarang's head to sink further into the big, soft pillow against the armrest.

With their moistened lips still locked in devouring passion, Hwoarang then hooked a leg over Jin's and began to grind his aching erection against the other's firm bulge. In an effort to relieve themselves partially of their shared ache, Jin ground his hips back against him.

The pair carried this on for a minute or two more, and by the time they finally decided to put an end to their first kiss, it seemed as though they barely had enough strength left to even catch their wind.

Jin buried his face then by Hwoarang's neck, and Hwoarang moaned and panted at the same time as his dark-haired partner heavily breathed warm air into the side of his throat, and rubbed himself slower, yet harder, against him.

It all just truly felt so good Hwoarang was sure he'd have come right in his suddenly-tight underpants, if only Jin hadn't ceased his grinding at that precise moment.

"It's hot," Jin half-murmured, half-licked in Hwoarang's ear, before he sat up straddling his supine partner, and began unbuttoning his white rayon shirt.

"Yeah, ain't it?" Hwoarang returned with a weak smile. He then sat up himself so he could peel his own black shirt off.

And then, with both their dampening torsos now free of their clothing, Jin gently pushed the redhead to lie back once again before him. Hwoarang slid a hand up to Jin's left deltoid and let his admiring fingers trace the black, distinctive mark of his Fatal Lightning, seemingly chiseled in that soft yet strong and unyielding flesh.

Smiling, Jin then bent over Hwoarang to pass his caressing lips firstly, over his smooth throat, then his lean shoulders, and then his firm chest.

In instinctive response, Hwoarang ran his caressing hands over the broad expanse of shoulders atop him, and then clawed at the silky skin of Jin's sinewy back as Jin now locked his suckling lips around a hardened left nipple.

With his mouth still busy moistening the Korean's left nub, Jin slid his rough fingers to that equally-rigid right nipple, and Hwoarang's own rough fingers glided their way through cool ebony hair as Jin kneaded and rolled that stiff nub between his thumb and forefinger.

Several chest-ravaging seconds flitted by, before Jin slowly let go of those caramel-hued nipples, and then slid his heavier frame down on Hwoarang's lean form.

Hwoarang took a deep breath as Jin's hands now worked their way down to his belt, and began to unbuckle his denims. Although it took him quite a while to get to it, what with the amount of space Hwoarang's arousal had taken around his pants, Jin now nevertheless zipped Hwoarang's fly open, and pulled down the waist of his jeans and briefs to reveal his swollen, madly-blushing erection.

Jin pulled more of the denim cloth down Hwoarang's thighs, and Hwoarang drew his knees up momentarily to his chest so as to help Jin pull the entire thing off.

Within a few more seconds, Hwoarang, except for his white cotton socks, was finally stark-naked before Jin's roving, indulged eyes. Promptly, Jin propped up Hwoarang's brawny legs over his shoulders, and crouched down to voraciously lick the entire length of his tempting, juicy cock.

"Oh shit, Jin!"

Propping himself up onto his elbows, the half-lidded Hwoarang let out weakened cries of satisfaction as Jin then took him into his hot, wet mouth and gave his throbbing shaft a tight, leisurely suck. As he did this, Jin let his hands roam all over Hwoarang's hard plane of torso muscles, and Hwoarang rubbed the back of his legs persistently over Jin's upper back.

After countless more moments of increased continuous sucking, the moaning Hwoarang sat up with his hips rocking, and took fistfuls of Jin's hair as his burning seminal fluid now surged all the way out to Jin's mouth.

The minute he'd swallowed all of the sultry release, Jin slid his satisfied lips off Hwoarang's softening member, then looked up to meet Hwoarang's pleasure-charged gaze. With an impish, lopsided grin, the redhead pulled Jin up by the arms, and then pushed him to lean back against the couch's backrest as he shifted to straddle him. And before Jin could even begin to react, Hwoarang engaged him in their second locking of lips.

Kissing with even more fervor this time, Jin slipped one hand from the side through Hwoarang's soft, flaming red locks, and the other under his bare buttocks, stroking the silky cheeks.

Feeling himself harden once again, Hwoarang now coiled his arms loosely around Jin's neck, and ground his nude self once more against the Japanese. His avid hands then sauntered their way downwards, and now began to unbutton Jin's pants.

Hwoarang suckled Jin's tongue for a little while more, before he broke the kiss up and lifted himself from his thick lap. He then pulled all of Jin's lower clothing down to his feet, leaving his own white cotton socks on as well.

And then, with Jin now slouched back on the couch erect and sensuous in his nakedness, Hwoarang sat down on his heels on the floor between Jin's spread legs, held his stiff, thickened member in his left grasp, then let his tongue lick the full length of its smooth underside. Jin let out a full moan, his quivering hands threading through Hwoarang's head of crimson strands.

Meanwhile, Hwoarang slithered his fondling tongue down to Jin's smooth, sensitive testicles, and as he rolled each sac over in his craving mouth and let his free hand caress the satiny inside of Jin's thigh, the Karate fighter threw his head back and let loose an even huskier moan of pleasure.

Hwoarang's busy lips formed a desirous grin as he lifted his eyes and saw Jin looking down at him with eyes half-shut and lips parted in helplessness. As if that was his cue, he then took a firmer grip of Jin's erection, grazed his teeth lightly about its moistened head, before taking the engorged cock deep in between his clamped lips.

"God, Hwoarang!"

His own full arousal now seeking relief, Hwoarang shifted slightly to his left and rubbed his throbbing cock against Jin's leg, his blow on him relentless the whole while, the ends of his scarlet mane grazing Jin's thighs.

Before Hwoarang could bring him to come, Jin cupped a caressing hand to the Taekwondo fighter's cheek, and as lustful brown eyes locked onto lustful brown eyes one more time, Jin mouthed out a soft, earnest plea of, "Let me take you?"

Pausing for just a half-second in hesitation, Hwoarang nevertheless now released Jin, and Jin shortly pulled him by under his arms up to him. The two young men engaged in a long, scorching kiss for the third time, before Jin laid Hwoarang back down on the couch, and placed Hwoarang's legs on his shoulders as he sat back on his hardy calves.

"Wait, uh, you got some lube?" Hwoarang voiced out his concern, trying to rest his head and upper back more comfortably against the pillow.

"Yeah," Jin smiled, almost playfully. "And here it is."

With that, Jin held the lean legs firmly on his shoulders, spread them out a little bit more, before he brought surprise to Hwoarang's eyes by letting his tongue dip and swirl in and around the tight, vulnerable ring of the Korean's rear hole.

"Jin!" Hwoarang gasped, feeling his cheeks burning as he watched Jin moistening and preparing him with his caressing tongue. He shut his eyes, partially from an odd sense of embarrassment, but mostly from an even odder yet overwhelming feeling of utmost affection. It was the first time anyone had done something so peculiarly, so sincerely intimate, with him.

In an attempt, perhaps, to put him more at ease, Jin slid a hand of his down to Hwoarang's, and wove his warm, reassuring fingers with his pale, trembling own. The Blood Talon squeezed Jin's hand in appreciation, his head tossing back involuntarily as he felt that moist, pliant tongue now delving deeper in circles inside his stretching muscles.

And then:

"... You ready, Hwoarang?"

He opened his eyes anew at Jin's tender words, and smiled nodding as he met Jin's tender gaze.

Hwoarang slid his legs then off Jin's shoulders, and was just about to turn and lie on his stomach when Jin held his hips in both hands and kept him from doing so.

The Japanese raised the narrow hips in his grasp, settling the buttocks just atop his spread thighs, and then began to slip the strained tip of his slick erection into Hwoarang's waiting crevice.

Slowly, as he felt the initial discomfort of Jin's length sinking into him, Hwoarang hooked his legs about Jin's waist, and raised himself slightly onto his elbows.

Jin shut his eyes tight, then leaned over Hwoarang, positioning his hands squarely on the armrest behind the redhead as he now worked his sliding cock in and out of that snug, burning pucker.

With a soundless cry, Hwoarang arched his back over the pillow. His hands jumped onto Jin's shoulders, at first wanting to push the guy off of him to stop the searing sensation of that hard, swollen shaft against his sensitive innermost walls, but then changing his mind altogether as Jin's unrelenting thrusts now began to hit a tender, excitable spot in him, causing him to sway his hips in untamed rhythm with Jin's own.

Slipping one hand behind Hwoarang's neck and running the other along his arched, sweaty back, Jin bent over to let his tongue play with the Korean's salty nipples, his thrusting not letting up for one second.

And then, Hwoarang quite nearly buried his nails into the soft flesh of Jin's collarbones as Jin now abandoned his chest and coiled his fingers around the aching hardness between their six-pack bellies.

Hwoarang could only shut his eyes now in complete ecstasy, and after a few more moan- and groan-filled seconds relishing in the motions of Jin's hand stroking him and Jin's sex driving deep inside of him, he opened his eyes anew as he reached another climax, and this time his vision was greeted by flashes of dazzling white light. Or something like it. He felt hot, thick fluid spill over his torso, and watched the look of utter bliss on Jin's handsome face as he himself now came inside of Hwoarang and filled his heat with his own liquid hotness.

As their rocking came to a gradual halt, Hwoarang reached out to brush away some of the thick black locks hanging over Jin's shut eyes. And it was only at that instant that Jin lifted his lids, and gave the hand by his cheek a wet, lazy kiss.

Shortly, Jin eased himself out of the redhead, while Hwoarang reached for the white shirt on the floor. He mopped the now-cooling wetness off his front torso, and handed the garment to Jin, who promptly wiped his own groin dry.

Tossing the shirt away now, Jin then lay down on the couch sideways facing Hwoarang, and made their naked, sweat-glazed bodies press together in a cuddly embrace.

"You okay?" Jin asked, still panting heavily.

"What a question," Hwoarang rolled his eyes, panting just as much. "Can't you tell by the way I'm rubbing my thigh on yours right now?"

A deep chuckle broke out of Jin then, and he snuggled closer to the lustrous body in his arms. Hwoarang closed his eyes for a moment, relishing in the musky, dizzying allure of Jin's scent, until he felt a strong clamp of teeth sinking into the firm, bare flesh of his shoulder.

"Ah!" the Korean cried, but Jin quickly soothed the sharp pain of his bite by showering its mark with plenty, gentle strokes of his tongue.

"Sorry," murmured Jin, "just couldn't help it."

"'Sokay," Hwoarang smirked, and after a few moments, added, "Hey, don't think that just 'cause o'this I'm gonna go easy on you in the tournament."

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind," Jin smirked back, "Lieutenant."

"Don't patronize me, Kazama!"

"Gee, was I?"

"Screw you."

"Hmm...okay, but only if you beat me in the tournament."

"It's a deal," Hwoarang grinned, ever so wide. "Man now I really can't wait to fight you again 'n finally beat the shit outta ya."

"Let's see you try, soldier boy," Jin chortled, stroking the redhead's posterior. "I would love to lick this ass again, too."

And with that, Jin flashed Hwoarang a provoking, devilish grin, before he muffled his lover's cursing retort by letting his lips make wild love to the redhead's own.

The irked yet aroused Hwoarang succumbed to the kiss nonetheless, and skittered a hand down to sheathe Jin's hardening member by his thigh. Likewise, Jin let his hand enclose Hwoarang's own nascent erection, and for the next few minutes, the two young men lay together on that couch kissing and stroking and fondling each other without pause. Until:

"Up for another one, Hwoarang?..."



For the life of him, Hwoarang just couldn't explain how the hell he had managed to walk the next day.



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