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To Feel Again

Part Three

By Chlover

"Haa... Kazuya... "

The morning light flooded into the room. Normally the blinds would be closed in the evening to prevent such a thing, but with all the confusion, such a minor task had slipped his mind. Cursing the sun, Kazuya grudgingly opened his eyes, the lingering remnants of his dream dissipating slowly. He didn't dream of Jun often, and his dreams of her having erotic twists was an even more rare event.

Kazuya noticed the one thing that he hadn't awakened to since adolescence. He looked down to find his sheets tented, but rather than being embarrassed or annoyed, he was almost amused, and very interested, for he wasn't one to be easily aroused. But as he slowly became more aware of the situation, the more the pain became apparent.

Without feeling bitter or awkward, he slipped his hand beneath the covers and down his white satin sleeping pants. Kazuya began to tease his erection almost dutifully, as if it were just another task that had to be completed. Though as he closed his eyes and allowed visions of his beloved dance around his mind, the ecstasy found its way forth and soon he was pumping away furiously as he pictured Jun's beautiful body against his. He could still feel her writhing and panting delicately beneath him, as she gasped his name.

As he opened his eyes, the face before him was nothing like Jun's. It was older, and belonged to a man. A certain Chinese man. Not even slightly alerted by this, he continued to work his arousal, gazing at Wulong through half-slit eyes. The friction being created heightened as he grunted and could almost feel the Officer's hand's guiding his up the shaft. Squeezing his eyes shut as the sensation of his whole body heating up overwhelmed him, he uttered one very important word, "Lei... "

Waking with a start, Kazuya Mishima immediately grasped his groin, defensively. He lay there a moment, breathing heavily as he came to realize that it was only a dream. There was no tent in the blankets, and there wasn't even any sunlight, for he had fallen asleep on the white leather couch of his dark office, under a loosely knitted afghan blanket. He groaned, pushing the matter aside through reasoning that it was said that a dream could mean something completely different than what it portrayed. After all, he had far more important things to do than fret over some insignificant happening that never even took place.

"Are you alright? ... Wulong? ... Lei!"

Nearly falling out of his chair, Wulong jumped, and choked on his coffee. "Mao Lian! ... Sorry... I was just thinking."

"We've been working together for how long now, and you still won't call me by my given name!" Lian smiled good-naturedly as he took a seat across from Wulong. "Now where were you last night? What happened to your arm?"

Wulong stared into his coffee thoughtfully. The events of the previous evening still troubled him to some extent. He hadn't been able to sleep afterwards, and all he could think about was what the Mishima had said. Had it been a threat or a warning.

"What is it you want from me, because this little exchange is wearing on my nerves?"

"I... I want to make you happy... I mean... I want to see... just... a smile... "

Kazuya quirked a brow, assessing Wulong's face carefully. Still holding the officer's wrist, he grabs the back of the man's head, grasping the long black hair and yanking his head back. "I think I see this situation all too clearly now, Lei-san. You are not just trying to annoy me like I had originally thought, are you? You are genuinely concerned about me?" He smirked and leaned over, whispering almost seductively into Lei's ear, "Soon, you will come to regret these silly delusions of yours."

The words were startling, and even as Lei sat there, drinking his coffee, he couldn't help but shiver. Though, thinking about it, it was possible that Kazuya had been trying to sound threatening, when he was just trying to scare people away. It was common sense that nothing good could come from befriending a Mishima, and it was likely that the man knew it quite well, but that didn't mean he liked it. Maybe Kazuya didn't want Wulong to get hurt, and in order to prevent such a thing, he was purposely trying to scare him.

Wulong's eyes widened with realization as he thought, ‘Or maybe, he's afraid that I'll hurt him... ' As he rose from his seat, he slammed his hands, palm-down on the table's surface, wincing as pain shot through his bad arm. Though, he remained determined. "I have to see him!" He declared, aloud, before spinning on his heals and heading for the door.

Lian watched his partner in bewilderment. "See who? Wulong! ... We're supposed to be investigating Madame Bourdouis! ... And you're forgetting something... Like... ME!" He pouted, and looked at the discarded coffee. "It'd be wise of me to request a new partner... Hopefully someone who will actually clue me in once in awhile!!!!"


The staff was even more chipper than the day before, despite the very few that were left. Most were already beginning their long weekend. One lady even asked Lei if she could help him when she saw him enter, and cheerfully directed him to Kazuya's office. Though, he had been there just the previous evening, it was a large place, and he had forgotten the route. However, the personal secretary wasn't so easy to get along with.

It was a young attractive man. Maybe in his late 20's, early 30's. It wasn't that he was bitter, or anything, he was just stressed, and swamped with paperwork. It looked as if that man hadn't gotten much sleep in months. Flippantly, he had instructed Wulong to sit down and wait as he brought a huge stack of bulging folders into a storage room behind his desk, and then used the intercom to inform Kazuya of the guest. Not a sound came in reply, but the secretary went back to his work as if it were completely normal.

Within a few minutes, a group of grumpy-looking foreign businessmen emerged from the office. They muttered to each other in what Wulong guessed was Spanish, and they shot everyone they passed, a disgusted glare. They obviously weren't too happy about whatever had happened. Shortly afterward, the intercom beeped. The secretary pressed a button on an earpiece that Wulong hadn't even noticed he was wearing. That would explain why he hadn't heard a response from the CEO.

After muttering a quiet, submissive response into the intercom, the secretary bowed his head politely at the Officer. "You may see him now, sir."

The interior of the office was quite comfortably put together, yet it was very impersonal. It was a little brighter than he would have imagined, since the majority of the outer wall was one large window. But large blinds at the top suggested that the brightness wasn't the only option, and judging by the man's fondness of the dark, it wasn't the most frequent option either.

Kazuya sat at his large, dark-stained oak desk. His posture couldn't be more perfect as he typed some things into his flat, large-screened computer. This time there was something different about the way the man acted. There was tension, and it was coming from the cold, arrogant man, who seemed to be concentrating so hard on something.

"Is this a bad time?" Wulong frowned down at the barren desk. "I can come back later... "

"Don't be ridiculous. Take a seat."

Remaining silent for awhile, Wulong just glanced around the room as he sat down in one of theexpensive office chairs. He was unsure of what exactly he wanted to say to the intimidating Mishima, but he just wanted to say something. It couldn't go on like that. That man needed him, he was sure of it. So how would he go about getting the Japanese to open up without making him angry?

Without looking away from the computer screen, Kazuya spoke. "You seem to have an awful lot of free time on your hands, Lei-san. Were you fired, or am I the main suspect in another one of your investigations?"

"Neither, actually... " He answered honestly, fiddling with his hair which he had forgotten to tie back that morning. "I'm supposed to be on duty, but... I just had to talk to you."

"Oh? Well, with the world's safety in the hands of people like you, I can't imagine why there's still crime." Kazuya stopped typing, but continued to watch the screen. "Now what's so important that you'd skip out on work for? I do hope you have more to say to me than you did last night, because honestly, that had been a bit disappointing."

Wulong, trying to work out what the tension was about, narrowed his eyes with concern. "Why won't you look at me?"

Surprised by this confrontation, Kazuya appeared alarmed. But that display of shock was next to unnoticeable, and any normal person would have remained oblivious. Fortunately, Wulong had been trained for many years to catch such things, and it fed his curiosity even more. So what was behind this eye contact avoidance? It couldn't have been hate, because Mishima's weren't known to be afraid to express their hatred for another. No. It had to be something else, but what?

Kazuya responded coldly, glancing in Wulong's direction. "You're annoying me. I don't make a habit of gawking at people who annoy me," He stated, as if it were simply common sense. However, he still did not meet the Officer's eyes. Instead, he seemed to be watching the movements of the Chinese man's mouth, as if he were reading lips. "Now what do you want? I have a meeting in an hour that I must prepare for, so please make it quick."

"What did you mean by what you said last night?"

"What I said?" The Japanese looked back to his screen, trying to recall the dialogue of the previous night. "Perhaps my memory isn't as good as it used to be, but from my perspective, I had said quite a few things last night. You're going to have to be more specific."

Wulong lowered his head, feeling immature, and foolish. "When you said that I'd regret my silly delusions... "

"Oh that." Kazuya sighed as he turned his chair slightly to give himself view of the window. "I was hoping you'd take that as a threat and leave me alone, but I see that you are reasonably more stubborn than I had thought. I suppose I'll just have to put more effort into my next attempt at being rid of you... How much do you think assassins are going for these days?"

"Mishima... Are you afraid of me?"

With a straight face, Kazuya replied, "Even after years of living with a father who was constantly trying to kill me, and being faced with countless other people who have decided they'd also like to see me die a horrible death, I have never been more terrified than I am at this moment."

Rolling his eyes, Wulong got back to his feet and turned toward the door, "If you're just going to make fun of me, I'll leave."

"Frankly, It's about goddamn time. Goodbye, Lei-san."

"Aren't you going to stop me?" Wulong frowned back at the older man. "That was your cue to surrender and tell me everything."

Kazuya laughed, and shook his head. "I'm sorry. I hadn't realized that we were in the midst of a cliché love story. Alright, so what's next? I open up, confess my undying love for you, stare into your eyes dramatically as tears stream down my face, and then we have hot animal sex right here on my desk. Does that sound about right, or am I missing something?"

The officer glared at the other man, completely insulted.

"Well, I'm sorry, Lei-san, but if you want me to take part in your little fairytale, than you're going to have to play the female role. More of my talent lays within the villains role anyway."

Wulong began to grow red as he slammed his good fist on the desk. "I'm not playing! This isn't a game to me! Could you at least have the decency to take me seriously? Why don't you like me? What have I done? Sure there was a time when I hated you. When I blamed you for my partner's death... But... I never did anything beyond a few investigations. So why? And now you won't even look me in the eye. Am I that repulsive?"

After a moment of silence, Kazuya rose from his seat and walked around his desk. Standing right before the officer, he gently touched the pale cheek. Just as the younger man thought he had won the CEO over, the hand recoiled and back-handed him. Completely shocked, Wulong staggered back a few steps, holding his stinging jaw as he stared up fearfully at the other man. Never before had he witnessed the Mishima resort to violence directly unless if it was in a professional fight, or self-defense. Especially in a situation like that, it wasn't like him to lash out.

"How dare you try to manipulate me, you doltish worm." Kazuya had his teeth bared in anger as he loomed over the cowering officer. "You can say any pitiable things you want, but you won't succeed at dragging a confession out of me! My happiness is my business alone, and you're stupid to think that you forcing your way into my life with this pathetic melancholic attitude will improve my nature. You are not repulsive and you know it, but you are incredibly moronic, and weak. Now get out of my sight before I hit you again."

Unsure whether he was reading too much into that, the Chinese officer didn't move to leave. Instead, he went over it in his head. Dragging a confession out? Did that mean there was actually something to confess? That would explain why the man was so defensive. ‘With this Melancholic attitude'? that was said almost as if the only thing about Wulong's presence that Kazuya didn't like was the attitude. Did that mean he wanted the company? Wulong blinked as his eyes widened. He realized that despite all the insults in that outburst, it had been said that Kazuya didn't think he was repulsive.

Maybe it was about time for a little recklessness. Feeling unusually spontaneous, Lei Wulong straightened up, and leveled himself with the other man. His eyes flashed fearfully for a second, but before he could have any second thoughts, he forced himself to grab Kazuya by the front of his suit's collar, with both fists, the bad arm, slightly looser than the other, and pulled the perplexed man into a kiss.

The kiss lasted a whole of 10 seconds before one of the parties realized what had happened, and broke away. Strangely enough, he didn't react angrily or cruelly, in fact he didn't react at all. Instead, Kazuya silently assessed Wulong's face before walking over to the window, and gazing out at the cars, and people running around below.

"Every night, and every day this street is filled with activity. The one night I finally had some serenity to look out upon, I saw you, and you've been tormenting me with your presence ever since." He sat down on the window seat, his face still emotionless. "I knew you were stupid before but I had no idea that it was this bad. I know your intentions are good, and that's exactlywhat I hate about you. If she had been more selfish, she would still be alive. Now, Lei-san, I want you to forget about your little community service project here, and get out. If I see your face again, I will crush it. Is that understood?"


Kazuya looked at Lei, a hint of sadness in his eyes that he was struggling to mask with an illusion ofindifference. "I wish to be left alone. Was I wrong to think that even an idiot like you would be able to comprehend that much?"

Wulong walked over to stand beside where the other man was sitting, and join in on the people watching. "The only reason you want to be left alone is because every time you've cared about someone, they've betrayed you, or worse. I'm not going to leave, I'm not going to betray you, and I'm not going to die. If I was doing this because I saw you as a charity case, I'd have given up by now."

"Oh please!" Kazuya laughed bitterly. "I had no idea you were a psychiatrist! If you expect me to be reassured by that, you are even more pathetic than I thought. If anything, that was a bit creepy. The last thing I need is an idiot cop stalking me."

"... Mishima-san... "

Kazuya glared up at Wulong. "What do you want?"

"I want to kiss you again... "

"Maybe tomorrow." The Japanese got up, and walked across the room. He opened the door, and turned to his guest. "If you need help getting out of the building, any of my employees will be happy to help. Goodbye Lei-san."

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